Whats with the Hari Kishna Beads Greg?


Whats with the Hari Kishna Beads Greg?

Whats with the Hari Khrishna Beads Greg?

Greg O’Connor, lush, fucktard and head of the New Zealand Association of corrupt coppers remains as allways unavailable for comment on the latest arrest of a sworn corrupt copper and drug dealer. Our regular readers will remember our recent stories on the old filth and corrupt police prosecutors who have been sent to the big house this month. Well its been a bad month for Greg O’Connor and a good one for us Joe citizens. Citizens can sleep safely in their beds knowing that another member of the thick blue line will hopefully be spending the next few years in serious shower therapy with bubba and the boys.

Greg O'Connor NZPA, no where to be seen in this case, WHY?

Greg O’Connor NZPA, nowhere to be seen in this case, WHY? Is it because this bloke is black? Or perhaps an innocent that may have threatened to out other corrupt cops; WHO KNOWS anymore!

Another sworn serving policeman has been arrested because he got caught with just too much evidence against him forcing the dodgy senior filth to arrest him. Buggery bollocks….just how many of these recidivist bully boys in blue are just stupid enough to get caught involved in serious criminal offending, defeating the course of justice…..drug dealing and who knows what nefarious naughtiness.

The arrested police officer Peter Pakau 36, was awarded the Police Association prize for the greatest contribution to his student group. Just who gave Peter Pakau this award we here at Lauda finem think it must have been Greg O’Connor. What exactly was Pakau’s contribution? We at Lauda finem think it must have been the chemistry and computer skills Police Academy Award. Also arrested was Pikau’s wife and friends from the head hunters motor cycle club.

Just weeks ago Greg was warning about rivial gang infiltration into the boys in blue gang….we think Greg was tipped off by his buddies, Senior Sgt Fucktard, deputy commissioner “Retard” and Commissioner “Moron” Marshall. Greg is probably very embarrassed by the nabbing of Pakau his “laureate” law enforcer. Meanwhile Pakau was packing shit and blubbing like a bitch at his arraignment….. You have to feel for the guy until you think about the culture of bashings, fitups and defeating the course of justice that the boys and girls at the Henderson police station have been up to.

Three cheers however to the police officers that had the cahones to arrest this scumbag….remember they are not all bad…its not as if they are members of the National party….or in fact the left over losers from Labor. John Banks…..and Roger Douglas the fucktards from Act. Anyone heard from Grandad Winstone Peters. Who cares. Kiwis care…not the fucktard humans the flightless birds being decimated by rats and stoats and feral cats. 40% of NZ’s native species decimated by imported mamals….it makes us at LF sick. You Nz’ers should vote Green after all Norman is from the right side of the sewer.

We here here at LF want to remind our regular readers of Greg O’Connor’s history, his many coverups, which could well explain his current absence from the public debate on police corruption, the poor cunts been inundated with complaints from www.laudafinem.org followers; and yes folks that includes New Zealand’s very own pre-eminent justice campaigner Mr Dermot Nottingham. The only person in a very sorry country that thought to take on the  New Zealand police force well over a decade ago:

Now on a lighter side lets all listen to a little Peter Paul and Mary and prey that the Seekers Judith Durham gets well soon:

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  • What did I say ? With every rat you catch there is always more.
    Another dirty cop at Henderson police station. There are lots more. Seek and you will find.

  • Jules says:

    Hope all the nasty coppers read and weep . With every rat you catch there are always more
    Hiding. Lets have drug testing of the filth. Some of you are just plain evil. You know who you are. I am surprised the bully boys have not covered up this one.

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