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Sir Paul Holmes, National Party suck-hole (hence the knighthood), sickened to death by Greg O’Connors alcohol fuelled spin.

Readers of our last post involving Greg O’Connor may have viewed the Holmes interview come spat between Greg O’Connor and Dermot Nottingham over the Constable Keith “The chief” Abbot killer of Steven Wallace. Lauda Finem just wants to clear up a few things that Mr O’Connor got oh so wrong yet again.

O’Connor when confronted with the facts of the Wallace shooting sought refuge in his old mantra “how many of the private prosecutions you and your brother have laid wha de wha wha. Well Greg, Nottingham laid private information’s against car dealers  Robert “Bob” Couzins Andrew John Gummer and Sunil Bansal.

Andrew John Gummer, convicted fraudster and latter-day pimp

Andrew John Gummer, convicted fraudster, Nipponaphile and latter-day pimp

Nottingham prosecuted Gummer himself over three weeks in the Auckland district court. Gummer was clearly guilty but DCJ Gittos who was at the time seen having lunch (having been given the National Party nod?) chatting with DCJ Phillip Cooper an old Gisborne nemesis of Nottingham’s and criminal conspirator with the Gisborne filth and local banjo players.  Needless to say although Nottingham proved to the criminal standard that all the cars imported by Gummer that were indicated on the Nikki lists as wound back were in fact wound back.

Greg O'Connor NZPA, no where to be seen in this case, WHY?

Greg O’Connor NZPA, no where to be seen in the latest case of alleged police corruption, WHY?

Nottingham sick of the Seriously flawed office (SFO) and National government trying to cover up the offending issued criminal proceedings against Doug Graham, Jenny Shipley, and David Bradshaw (head of the SFO). The Solicitor General stayed those proceedings but ten days later the SFO issued criminal prosecutions against the very same car dealers. Sunil Bansal pleaded guilty immediately with Andrew John Gummer and Bob Couzins being convicted of odometer fraud. Douglas Graham the then Justice minister was also subsequently convicted of fraud.

So hands up Greg the majority of these guys including the Justice Minister are now convicted fraudsters. Maybe someone should have a close look at Greg O’Connor and his associations. Just maybe this bespectacled lush has a few questions to answer himself. As to Greg being a lush and having a drinking problem our informant has advised us that Sir Paul Holmes was the person that in fact outed Greg as a lush that regularly turned up late at night uninvited to Sir Pauls home pissed and whining about the unfortunate intellectual state of his child. Sir Paul wasn’t as understanding as Greg thought however as he  chatted with every man and his dog about Gregs unfortunate propensities.

So lets be clear Greg most of them were ultimately convicted including the pipe smoking uncle Tom Sir Doug “my own Grave” Graham.

Cheers Greg and be happy; regards from (join the dots) Team Lauda !

Now when it comes to Greg O’Connor and his attempted “on air” ridicule of Nottingham and his private prosecutions we would like our readers to compere two historic Television New Zealand news items that we here at LF have managed to obtain:

Lauda Finem would also recomend that our readers obtain a copy of a recently televised documentary “Shadows of Liberty” (for our Australian readers its available on SBS),  the story of how and why our mainstream media are letting us all down in pursuit of profit and political favours!

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    O’Connor still wears a dress but at least Mr Moody is a man.

  • Stephen Vanderberg says:

    This guy O’Connor is a serial tosser, didn’t he used to wear a dress around or was that the previous fellow Moody? Cheers Greg, it looks like Sir Paul wasn’t your mate after all. Good on you Paulie.

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