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ACCForum: a message for LF supporters.

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In the past few days Team Lauda have been inundated with emails from supporters, and a few very unfortunate victims, who have been appalled, some in fact seriously harmed, by the behaviour of members and the owners/administrators of the online hate site Whilst we appreciate the

Marl Davis, aka "Mark" and "Easyrider"

Mark Davis web master of, aka accforums “Mark”

support and your obvious desire to supply us with more incriminating information we have, unfortunately, had to implement a policy of not opening email attachments. The reason for this policy is that some of the nastier IT savvy members of the aforementioned online blight have also been firing off emails with attachments; containing all sorts of nasty code, virus’s and trojans. Of course this has only reinforced our resolve to continue outing the identities of this small but very nasty cabal of cyber-bullies, shit heads and ACC fraudsters but caution is obviously required when dealing with loons [3] and nut-jobs [1].

So with the aforementioned in mind if you still wish to take your valuable time sending us information and or evidence on these clowns please ensure that its in a form that can be clearly seen or read in the body of the email. If its a webpage that you want us to look at please include the entire URL address in text only; hyperlinks are not acceptable. If the material you have poses problems in its transmission in the form as described above simply email us and we’ll try to work around the security issues, but please remember in this process, whilst we will undertake to maintain your anonymity, you will need to use a genuine verifiable email address and identity.

Kind Regards

Team Lauda

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  • We wait with baited breath/

  • ui26549 says:

    Yes. I have incriminating emails obtained under Official Information Act and other documents obtained the same way that map the breadth and depth of the conspiracy to destroy this nurse plus my affidavit to the Nursing Council which has not been made public yet because the leaden arsed Council haven’t finished investigation 6 months on. Google “expat exposed” The site is now closed but articles readable. Search for articles by “rottweiler” titled “What Skills Shortage” Part 1, 2 etc. Total 6 parts + penultimate part. When the corrupt and snail like Nursing Council eventually get back with their “verdict” I shall be putting that out in the public domain. In the meantime am dealing with the Westcrap Bank that deliberately failed to honour written instructions for remittance of funds to UK after we had left that shithole Gisborne (we are currently in Malaysia) thus causing immense inconvenience and embarrassment to us. (Mr Ashworthless is Manager of Westcrap Gisborne – corrupt or what?)

  • ui26549 says:

    Surprised you haven’t picked up on the story of the treatment meted out to an Asian nurse by the corrupt, deceitful and lying Tairawhiti District Health Board, Gisborne, that forced her out of the country and is still ongoing with harassment from estate agent and bank and dilatory Nursing Council of New Zealand. Corrupt or what? For part of the story see NZ Herald of 7 April 2013 “Traumatised NUrse Flees New Zealand” and related article of same date “Medic service flops”.

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