Peter Dunne, "I'm not the leaker"


Peter Dunne, "I'm not the leaker"

Peter Dunne, “I’m not the leaker”

Ex NZ labor party pollie, and current national government stoolie Peter “Dumb fuck” Dunne has finally been done like a baked dinner. This one man party political prostitute had his comeuppance this week when he was forced to resign by NZ prime minister John Key.

Seems to us here at LF that the wheels are falling off the National parties trolly. Not that would necessarily spell disaster for this government given the historical overt corruption, raging self interest and incompetence of the NZ labor party and the general low rent fucktards that adhear to its dogma.

It’s been a particularly bad week for Dunne which saw his one man band, irrelevant party, de registered for lack of registered members and stupidity.

Dunne a minister of the crown, well, given the number of recent ministers of the crown that have been convicted of fraud ( Sir Doug Graham and Bill Jeffries) let alone those that have been charged by the SFO( Tuareki John Delemare).

Dunne was elected to Ohariu in the labor landslide of 1984 as part of the diabolical David Lange led Labor government. Labors landslide took the scalp of National party stalwart Hugh Templeton. Dunne, politically is just right of Genghis Kahn and was one of the extreme right wing labor politicians who snuck into power under the pretense of being a left wing politician and man of the people.

What in fact happened was that Dunne was a political opportunist and survivor and decided to transmogrify to meet the political leanings of his constituency, the traditionally National seat. No personal integrity was his mantra. He also was all about the perks of the job and ego.

Dunne with the likes of Roger Douglas, Richard Prebble and David Lange mislead and played with the electorate finally governing over the economy as it plummeted into financial disaster in 1987. These clowns promoting the hubris and excesses of the late 1980’s selling off the nations silver, railroads and  the electorates inheritance to their mates for peanuts.

Peter Dunne has always been about Peter Dunne and he has squirmed and shape shifted becoming a member of which ever government was in power at the time. The reality of this most massive of errors is that it might have been the only well intended act of this political slut. Maybe as men age the reality of their mortality and conscience come a knocking. Maybe just maybe Peter Dunne did not want to be part of the coverups back room deals and blatant criminal offending of the naughty nats. Maybe and we are all hoping Peter Dunne had good intentions. Maybe Dunne was sickened to his gut over the smiling loss of memory Key and his government betray as they lie conspire and do the dirty on the New Zealand voters. Turning as they have always done to the National parties shit slingers, bullshit artists and spin doctors like Lusk and co. The only problem for Mr Dunne is he hasn’t got the cahones to stand up face to face with John Key. So history will not be kind to Peter Dunne and his career. Fall on your blunt little sword Mr Dunne or is that the knife that you have so often used behind peoples backs as you slithered your way through the back passages and dark rooms of the Beehive.

Peter Dunne has  finally been caught out in releasing confidential and embarrassing government report into the illegal spying of the GCSB. ( The electronic surveillance spy agency of the New Zealand government. John Key will not tolerate this level of disloyalty and NZ’s two dollar dictator will be after Peter Dunne every chance he gets.

Theres a police investigation afoot but they will do a John Banks dotcom investigation and file it under corruption or a “moment of madness”

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