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Updated: TVNZ, Sky City Casino, John Key and the naughty Nats perverse idea of a “Fair Go”: Kevin always liked the limelight, so lets let him have it!

TVNZ Fair Go’s Kevin Milne (right) and “Friend”

Following on from our last two posts in this series:  TVNZ, Fairgo 30 years on and ACC, Lazy-boy Chair decision instrumental in setting up black ops unit:

May 30th, 2012 at 20:13

In response to Dr Edwards blog post/article, TVNZ Fair Go journo Kevin (Milne) wrote:

Sad to read your comments, Brian. I think in the nearly 30 years since you left (we think Kev might be having a little trouble with his Math, or is he simply trying to hog the limelight), you’ve forgotten what arseholes we mainly dealt with. No system is perfect, but Fair Go was as good as we had – and it probably still is.

BE: I don’t want to debate this with you, Kevin. My comments are about the structure of Fair Go, which is inherently unfair. You may recall that the producer invited me some years ago to talk to the team about my reservations about the show. You were at that meeting. The things I said then are precisely the things I am saying now. Nothing has changed since then. In my view things have got worse. Fair Go is a quasi court. But without the basic legal protections of a court. Let’s agree to differ old friend. Nothing I had to say referred to you.

Source: A Kafkaesque story that should horrify you. And it’s set in New Zealand! (

For a little background read Kevin Milne’s TVNZ tribute below: Dr Edwards must have missed this? In thirty years, apparently, Kevin had only been deeply affected by a handful of adversaries:

A tribute to Kevin Milne

During three decades on Fair Go, Kevin has helped out some wonderful people, and confronted some extraordinary characters.

Tonight it’s his last regular Fair Go episode, though he will be back for the annual Ad Awards next week.

We’ve gone back through the archives to bring you some of the many, many memorable Kev moments, and we hear from some of his closest colleagues over the years – including Brian Edwards, Philip Alpers, and Kev’s former “on screen wife”, Anna Thomas.

You’ll see some of Kev’s finest moments:

The $100,000 payout, live on air, to widow Maria te Whiu in 1993. She’d lost her husband, but the insurance company wouldn’t pay out till Kev got on the case (1993)

The death bed confession and cheque from the agent who hadn’t paid kids he’d hired (2007)

The case of the missing hokey pokey (1985)

A story that changed the way you eat ice cream cones – Kev campaigns for dairies to use tissues when they handle cones (1995)

The boundary that cuts right through a house. Kev paints a line over the house, but unfortunately the paint wouldn’t come off! (1985)

Kev simulates a fierce storm in a wind tunnel

And you’ll also see some of the mad, bad or sad characters Kev has chased over the years:

Rev Kawana Morehu appeared three times in the 90s, peddling property schemes, and providing some extraordinary confrontations with Kevin

“Charity” telemarketer Shaune Malloch accused Kevin of assaulting him during a quite bizarre confrontation, during which he followed Kevin out of a building and a long way down the road

Sparks fly in the studio when Kevin interviews “advocate” Dermot Nottingham 

Concrete contractor Heneli Saafi (AKA Henry Finau) whom Fair Go pursued for years – all the way to Tonga.

Source: A tribute to Kevin Milne (TVNZ)

Sparks also flew on TVNZ’s Paul Holmes show (2000): Dermot Nottingham goes head to head with Greg O’Connor (N Z Police association) and Paul Holmes over the Police slaying of Waitara teenager Steven Wallace.

Video still above: As an aside, from our viewing of the TVNZ footage, Nottingham was clearly challenging the police’s white-wash investigation of the Killing of the 19 year old Master Wallace.

New Zealands Chief Justice at the time, Dame Sean Elias commented in her judgement following a substantial depositions hearing (now, perhaps regrettably, an obsolete process under N Z Law) supported Nottingham’s concerns with the case and the police’s investigation, whilst not naming him she clearly eludes to “one man” and his efforts to bring the police officer involved to trial (which of course really pissed off the Government and the Police unions Mr Greg O’Connor.

To paraphrase Nottingham and his rare insight; the poor boy took “a golf club to a gun fight” (that’s right readers we have, with some effort, managed to obtain all the archival TVNZ footage of Nottingham’s interviews and the doco’s chronicling his campaigns over almost two decades. efforts which righted some very serious wrongs. TVNZ’s Fair Go’s misbehavior and Milne’s highly edited perversion of the truth is but the tip of the iceberg, so to speak)

Anyway back to Kevin Milnes comment on Dr Brian Edwards “Fair Go” story Dermot Nottingham responded with his own comment. Dr Edwards edited Nottinghams comment stating:

BE: I’ve removed one offensive and potentially defamatory comment about Kevin. I can’t of course vouch for the factuality of what you’ve said, since I wasn’t party to any of these events. With the exception of the clearly defamatory, we trust people to tell the truth. I can only observe that some of this sounds rather intemperate.

We also received, via email,  Justice and consumer rights campaigner Dermot Nottingham”s comment, we have however not edited it, after all it is his story and his personal opinion of Milne and has undoubtedly been formed as a result of his own personal experiences of him, Fair Go, TVNZ and its so-called “staffers”:

Hi Brian

I can attest to the behaviour that you speak of and I have encountered first hand.  I represented two guys alleged to have ripped of a “family man” over a mortgage related fraud.

The details are not important other than to say that I met Simon Mercep for the first time and was not impressed with his “open mind”.  In essence my clients were “thieves and robbers” and the shows “client” was the victim.  At our first meeting I  warned Mercep as to defamation and his response was that the show had never been successfully sued.

They started running promo’s the earliest ever in day and time slot and Mercep stated unequivocally that the show would run that week as they had the paper trail from Adam and Eve.  I spoke of an injunction and they, including Milne, laughed raucously. I laughed even louder back, thinking that it was a laughing contest not a pissing contest.

ACC Evonne Puru Dermot Nottingham

Fair Go’s alleged victim, ACC fraudster Evonne Puru attempted to inveigle Nottingham in her bold as brass second attempt at defrauding ACC

The ads kept running and I waited till 5pm on the night of the show before I dropped a bomb.  The show had to begin by Milne apologising for the lead not being able to run, and it was replaced with a story about “skin coloured bandages not being skin coloured as advertised”. Not to say the least Milne was real anti.  The same thing happened the following week when I dropped another “information packet”.

On the third week when the show went to air, the story contained an admission that I had obtained a complete confession from the shows “client” that he unreservedly withdrew every allegation against my clients. What Milne did not tell viewers was that I had proved that the alleged offending was actual offending committed by the shows “client”.

The story went from one of their biggest ever to a complete whimp, but Milne and Mercep misled the viewers.  But Fairgo were not finished with me yet.  I also represented ACC claimants (for no fee) but a fee was paid to a Union that I was involved with.  A client asked me to be involved in promoting perjury about her pain levels and the amount of medication that she was on.  I refused outright and then found out that she had been convicted of ACC fraud over similar issues involving a large amount of money.

She had been claiming home help when she and her husband were labouring on building a new home. The union offered a refund of the majority of the fee.  The show came at “me” like you wouldn’t know.  Mercep came around to my house without warning with a camera crew in tow.  My partner was home with our one year old daughter.

I subsequently did a studio interview with Milne, but before the interview things got ‘really hot” out the back with some of the production management.  It was such a laugh as I put them off their game, and they attempted to make it real personal.  Milne was waiting for me in the Studio “all prettied up” and offered his handshake, which i laughed at and said “lets do this Kevin, just you me, and New Zealand.

They showed three minutes of this woman being interviewed in Australia (yes they had travelled overseas to interview her at home on the Goldcoast and on ACC) when she went out to the mail box she dropped a letter; and had to get Mercep to pick it up because “OF THE PAIN”.

Anyway back to TVNZ studio’s Milne gave me a minute, and as I had appeared on Holmes (the news, breakfast, 60 mins and 20/20 relating to my many campaigns), I waited until there was 20 seconds to go and the resultant exchanges made Milne look like a complete idiot.

He started shouting at me as he was being fed dribble through his earpeice when I was winning the exchanges and in the end I used the word “factual matrix” and Kevin jumped on these words asking “what does that mean”.  I answered that if he “did not know the meaning he should not be fronting the iconic show”.

The ear piece hummed again and Milne started yelling “are you going to dob her in Dermot” and I answered, “so Kevin you think she is guilty as well“.

The shot of his face was priceless.   At the end of the show Milne misled the viewers by saying that “the victim” had had a misunderstanding with ACC but that she had since paid the money back.

A fraud conviction a misunderstanding? The show got great numbers and allegedly 100’s of emails.  IN BALANCE, THEY READ OUT ONE THAT THOUGHT I WAS AN IDIOT’ and another that stated that IN TWENTY OR SO YEARS OF MILNE BEING THE PRESENTER MILNE HAD NEVER BEEN TAKEN APART LIKE THAT BEFORE”.

The next week they ran still further comment about the meaning of the words “factual matrix”.  The interview was shown again in the “summer series” as lead story, and Milne was so badly damaged that he included the interview in his retirement show as one of the best three stories he had been involved in. But Milne “edited it” removing all of the exchanges where he was made to look a complete fool.

Milne is a complete narcissist and is a malicious, disingenuous bully.  I find it funny that so many kiwis (New Zealander’s) have caught on to how the show has now run its course.  I feel that it should never again, if it is left on air, become a 30 year “fiefdom” of the likes of a journeyman reporter like Milne.

It should be about great topic, and if there is not enough left to talk about, cut the shows throat.  Surely in thirty years every topic has been done to death.

BE: I’ve removed one offensive and potentially defamatory comment about Kevin. I can’t of course vouch for the factuality of what you’ve said, since I wasn’t party to any of these events. With the exception of the clearly defamatory, we trust people to tell the truth. I can only observe that some of this sounds rather intemperate.

The edited version of Nottingham’s comment can be read at the very bottom of Dr Brian Edwards blog post:

A Kafkaesque story that should horrify you. And it’s set in New Zealand!

Milne, Mercep and the girls and boy’s who play in the TVNZ sandbox “FAIR GO” have taken any opportunity to impugn Nottingham, why?

One reason is that he is one of the few people who has fronted up to the cameras and successfully challenged the programs agenda and Milne et al hated it.

There is, however, another far more nefarious reason for Fair Go’s Treatment of Nottingham. The program was under instructions, from the top, to harm Nottingham’s reputation as an advocate. We’ll be discusing TVNZ’s criminal activities, its culture, motives and behaviour in upcoming posts.

We’ll leave you with some of Kevin Milne’s own recollections of how TVNZ played a very dangerous game with the truth:

Milne said that when he left at the end of 2010 he told management there needed to be a much stronger firewall between editorial aspects of TVNZ, marketing and senior management.

“I was surprised that was not taken a little more seriously.”

He knew of situations where the producers of current affairs programmes had been rung by TVNZ corporate managers.

In one case he was aware of a corporate executive who had rung Fair Go saying: “You’re doing a story about a mate of mine – I’m just ringing up to see how things are going.”

“I just think those sort of phone calls are off limits,” he said.

“I am not saying there was any attempt to change something we were doing – but there should not even be phone calls like that.”


We think that the only “mad, bad or sad character” is Kevin himself and that he might, yet again, be bending the truth….. just a smidgen. Just one example of how Milne’s mates, TVNZ executive management who were beholden to certain National party players (who we will not name at the moment), helped out their wealthy pals is to be found in this post:

Colin Giltrap, motor vehicles are not the only things Giltrap has bought

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