Henk van Helond, yet another ACC forum member convicted of serious criminal blackmail/bullying offending

Updated: Open letter – Acclaim Otago – Warning Fran Van Helmond sets up yet another website!


Kiwi website bully-boy and blackmailer Henk Van Helmond

Dear Denise,

As our editor Tony Armstrong has made the commitment, we are advising that we have just now managed to locate yet another of the Van Helmond brotherwebsites. This the most recently established of this duos attempts’s is clearly designed to diminish and or defuse the limelight and publicity that these two brothers, their associates, and their various websites are currently receiving, and the somewhat nefarious attempts to fraudulently associate themselves with “Acclaim Otago”;  amongst many other legitimate charities and or registered associations such as New Zealands brain injury association: http://www.brain-injury.org.nz we again feel in nessasary to speak up………

Henk's brother and fellow shit slinger Franciscus slings even more muck

Franciscus Van Helmond at the helm of a digger when he’s supposed to be an invalid, Henk’s brother slings even more shit using big boys toy’s  (and also using the world wide web until LF exposed both brothers and their known associates) defrauding New Zealand”s Accident Compensation Corporation a few years back (incidentally LF managed to grab the full YouTube channel before this numb-nuts fraudster, unsurprisingly, rushed to take it down)

…..In this case the first thing that caught our eye was the extremely amateurish attempt by those involved to shift the very public debate, subsequent to our published open letter/email warning, to a more private section of www.accforum.org so as to diminish the facts in our various reports of criminal activity that we have presented on www.laudafinem.org. Clearly they are attempting to achieve this by employing the use of the now hackneyed term “cyber-bully” and “troll”, which of course both Van Helmond brothers, Henk and Franciscus have historically employed, one of whom has already been convicted of, under the New Zealand Crimes Act: http://acc-claimants.info/. Of course, in this case, the sites owner (Henks brother), Franciscus Van Helmond provides absolutely no links to the alledgedly offensive “trolling” and “Cyber-bullying” material or any evidence of his or his associates accusations, but he did however attempt to provide yet another a hyperlink to the “Acclaim Otago” website (note: which has only now been removed leading us to believe that he is one of the many subscribers to www.laudafinem.org).

You will note that we have copied in Justice campaigner Dermot Nottingham as it seems to us that he to has been greatly affected by these sham websites and their so called members

Kind Regards

Sharon McBride

The Team @ Lauda Finem

Acclaim Otago’s response:

From: xxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxx.xxx
To: laudafinem@bigpond.com <laudafinem@bigpond.com
Re: Van Helmonds
Thank you for that information.

Acclaim Otago (Inc) C/o Community House PO Box 5222 Dunedin
ph 03 455 HURT


When are you going to wake up and smell the rose’s Van Helmond? The opponents and victims of your “Charles Manson” like  family’s online behaviour are on to you and your various other web forum/site  nom de guerres  and the various other “natural persons” who are, and have been, supporting you over the past three years.
Charles Manson - Doesn't this wacko bare a very close resemblance to the psychopathic Van Helmond brothers?

Charles Manson – Doesn’t this wacko bear a very close resemblance to the psychopathic Van Helmond brothers?

Your times up Fran, aka “Blurb” (who selected that fucking name anyway, not at all well thought through), and your very angry brother Henk Van Helmond (a man who lost his very angry anonymity when the infamous blogger “whale oil” outed the cyberstalking cunt and extortionist for what he really is).

As an aside “Blurb” we’ll say it again just for your benefit – consider yourself special: Lauda Finem is not and has never been owned or operated by civil rights campaigner Dermot Nottingham, David Butler (super grass), Alan Gordon Thomas (the Takapuna Bomber) or for that matter any other natural person’s that you and your shyster mates have falsely named so as to further systematically conceal your own behaviour and continue to defame your many victims – As an aside Fran that Term “systematically” is very important adjective and will play an important role in what we here at LF and the victims of your decade long abuse have in mind for your future and that of your online “mates“!

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 7.11.11 PM

Now that you’ve been outed for the cyber-stalking wanker that you really are Van Helmond, just how is it that you’re going to dispose of all those dead bodies on www.accforum.org?

Here’s a suggestion dip shit, and we are pretty sure that you’d have most of these ingredients/items laying around the house – even the inflatable life size doll:

If not why not ask your psycho mates Janice Karaka Clarke,  “Rosie” & “Campy, aka Moeroa Percy and Marakita Mehmet how they feel perhaps they’ll assist you with the baking – after-all they have been so far Fran – we’re pretty sure that you’ll all be getting our drift?

Your fucked up little games are over – there’s always been one fatal flaw with you all continuing your online assault – everyone now knows who you all really are – more importantly what you all look like and the exact location of the various rocks that each of you have crawled from under over the years!

We will “flush” you Van Helmond,  its only a matter of time – and we have all the time in the world; especially for you and your fuckbuddy mates!

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