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Visual components of Queensland tape Identical to that of bogus Kiwi threats - excluding the very crude cut and pasted logo to left.

Visual components of Queensland’s purported “Anonymous” YouTube tape identical to that of bogus Kiwi threats – excluding the very crude attempt at a cut and pasted logo top left.

In a breaking ABC Australia story this evening (CET) Queensland police are looking at alleged threats made against Campbell Newman stemming from his controversial new anti freedom of association laws. A similar hoax “Anonymous” threat was launched on Youtube following New Zealands introduction of that countries equally controversial GCSB spying laws and the subsequent public outcry.

At the time of the New Zealand attack the LF team concluded that the video was unsophisticated, unpolished and likely bogus and arguably an attempt by the country’s National party Govt supporters or misguided right leaning groups to grow community support for the GCSB laws or worse a crude smoke screen thrown up by Govt agencies. With that in mind LF have found extraordinary similarities between the bogus Anonymous New Zealand anti GCSB law youtube video and that of todays right wing Queensland Govt anti freedom of association law YouTube video.

In fact when the two videos are viewed together it becomes obvious that the Anti Campbell Newman laws video is nothing more that a crude cut and pasted version of the earlier New Zealand YouTube tape – complete with an obvious cut and pasted logo in the top left hand corner and very crude voice-over – all well below the technical abilities of any genuine “Anonymous” YouTube video production LF have seen.

In addition to our knowledge Anonymous have never issued threats preempting the collectives cyber attacks, this video is so badly throw together that it is obviously the work of a technologically challenged individual and or a group aligned to the Queensland Governments agenda.

Don’t believe us?  Take a look at the two videos in question side by side for your self – What a fucking joke, obviously thrown together by some idiot who thinks that by discrediting Anonymous by issuing bogus threats they can justifying Newmans draconian anti freedom of association laws. An even bigger joke is the fact that Australasia’s ostensibly naive mainstream media always buy into these politically inspired attempted snow-jobs:

Queensland Threat – Version Two:

New Zealand Threat – Version One:

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