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Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 7.06.50 AMNational party spin doctors have launched another masterful Macchiavellian piece of spin in an attempt and have career criminal Douglas Arthur Montrose Graham exonerated, in a palatable way that the public might just swallow with out realising it.  The prime Minister John Key has masterminded a campaign to bully the Supreme Court into granting the Lombard Finance crew (5) an appeal. Seems John-boy has enlisted retired judge-fucker, Sir Tanty Ted Thomas, who went on live television with a host of criticisms levelled at the judges responsible for convicting the Lombard Cabal:

 “I regard this as the worst miscarriage of justice that I have struck in a very very long career in the law”

– Sir Ted Thomas

Really the worst miscarriage of justice Ted? These clowns haven’t been locked up, surely there are cases far more deserving of that title, for example: Peter Ellis, Scott Watson and Teina Pora – all of whom rotted or continue to rot in Kiwi gaols for decades. But then again we’re just talking about “tanty” Ted’s twisted fucking reality.

“I don’t think its appropriate for ex court of appeal judges to be bagging there colleagues” – More smoke and mirrors from sly prick Chris Findlayson? Thomas has made a career out of bagging fellow judges and he’s obvious not about to change his stripes.

Lauda finem are onto this rather brutish and inept attempt to exonerate these clowns.  John Key and his office have jumped on the opportunity to sanitize their conduct by repeating the mantra that “they acted honestly at all times” followed up by the bullshit that the law will be changing so their actions will in any event no longer be a criminal offence.  Well not under the Crimes Act 1961 boys and girls.

The trouble was that the New Zealand Police Service would never have charged these Clowns because of their political masters, in the National Government would never allowed would never have condoned it.

The first gambit in this farce was letting the Knighthood stay with Graham, “spinning the speil” on the honesty of the convicts and now the spin on the law change followed by the introduction of National Party apologist and clown in a gown retired fucktard Sir Teddy  “ tanty” Thomas. Thomas is well known as an inarticulate judicial thug and bully boy, a bit to well known we would have said. Readers are referred to his rap sheet on the Kiwi first Blog. As Ted Thomas once famously committed to paper in a 2007 email to the president of the New Zealand Bar:

 “I am not a keeper of the court’s conscience and am of the view that my primary obligation is to Alan, not just as a matter of professional obligation but by virtue of my deep friendship for him. There is a limit to how far I will go to uphold the integrity of the court if the judges themselves won’t.” 

So just why is it that “tanty” Ted, by all accounts, seems now to have recanted his previous stance, well perhaps he hasn’t. After all one really only needs to replace the name “Alan” with “Douglas” to see Teds “angle” and why he may well have been persuaded to assist John Key and the naughty Nat’s with the heavy lifting when cranking up the party’s shit-sling and spin machines.

Sir Tanty Teds Bossom buddy: Sir Douglas Graham (Dock, left) et al,

Sir Tanty Teds Bossom buddy: Sir Douglas Graham (Dock, short-arse right) et al,

Unlike the mainstream media morons we are identifying for our readers edification and information the Prime Minister John Keys latest hackneyed plan. Watch and worry readers as the naughty Nat political think tank and black ops brigade gets down and dirty on the victims of Sir Doug and the Lombard crews maniacal malevolence. Wheeling out Teddy Thomas was really scrapping the bottom of the barrel. Readers will hopefully remember LF’s previous story on  Ted Thomas’s child like back room bullying:

The real face of NZ Justice: David Bain to Receive Compensation – Yeah right. (Part I)

The real face of NZ Justice: David Bain to Receive Compensation – Yeah right. (Part II)

We are sure Dodgy Doug would have walked round to John Keys Parnell pad and helped hatch the plan….. over a brandy or two. Good one Johnny.


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