The Stephen Dudley Case; LF gets it right yet again.

Kelsto Boys Hih School - Rugby Heaven or a meek, now dead, school boys hell on earth?

Auckland New Zealand’s Kelston Boys High School – twisted fuck Andrew Hore’s “Rugby Heaven” or a meek schoolboys living hell that was ultimately responsible for his death?

Update: see comments section

Regular readers will recall an investigative story we ran back in June this year “The murder of Stephen Dudley at Kelston High Auckland New Zealand – an LF investigation”.

It would seem that following LF’s investigation and the subsequent story the New Zealand police have had a change of heart and quickly reviewed their June decision not to appropriately charge the two youths LF believe were responsible for the death of Steven Dudley at Kelston Boys High School and let a jury decide.

15 year old Stephen Dudley, a victim of circumstance or a schools perverse culture of condoned Rugby violence?

15 year old Stephen Dudley, a victim of circumstance or foul play and a schools perverse culture of condoned Rugby violence?

Now normally LF would have brought our readers an update on this story much sooner but we’ve quietly been investigating further, just waiting and in this case it appears that most of New Zealands mainstream media, despite the story originally being the days headline grabber, have failed to report on the police’s upgrading of the charges to the far more appropriate and serious charge of manslaughter – Vested interests in the NZ Rugby Unions media licences and handouts perhaps? Or was it political intervention?

Smacks of a cover-up?

Smacks of a cover-up?

Sponsored Kiwi "All Black" Andrew Hore suddnely has a view, exclusively for fairfaxNZ, on what actually went down at Kelson Boys High School?

Sponsored Kiwi “All Black” Andrew Hore suddenely has a view, exclusively for fairfaxNZ, on what actually went down at Kelson Boys High School – just who paid him for his somewhat belated opinion?

Not a peep, no headlines just a few mentions tucked away in some very very obscure places – including the very small piece by Radio New Zealand (below).

Granted for some reason the judge hearing the various applications by the boys defence counsel had granted name suppression and somewhat strangely suppression of the school name. This is a decision that given the schools known history of bullying, harassment and extraordinary rugby violence, we believe, was not at all in the public interest.

Interestingly soon after our piece one amongst New Zealand’s bull-shiting mainstream media and New Zealand’s Rugby Union went into damage control attempting to pour cold water on the schools record of violence on and off the “rugby field” – yet more exculpating spin

Violent rugby brawling members of the Kelston Boys 1st XV leave Eden Park after the rugby union hearing.

Violent rugby brawling members of the Kelston Boys 1st XV leave Eden Park after the rugby union hearing. (note: most of the original mainstream media’s online stories covering this gratuitous Rugby violence have suddenly disappeared)

In LF’s view the judges decision, not to name this school, yet again calls into question the judgement of New Zealand’s judiciary and in this case the behaviour of New Zealand Police in and around a very news worthy case that should be reported in the public interest – especially in the interest of the parents of Stephen Dudley’s fellow students.

We can perhaps understand that the boys identities should remain undisclosed in the interests of a fair trial ( the media, LF included, having already of their own cognisance obliged) but we are at a loss to understand why the judge would, in all good conscience, want to conceal the identity of a school that clearly has major issues with bullying, violence and discipline. All of which are clearly systemic and continue to pose a serious threat to other vulnerable students.

Whilst the Radio New Zealand piece (below) makes no mention of whether it was the prosecution or the defence that had made the applications for suppression it could, given the circumstance and the polices earlier behaviour, be deduced that both sides were symbiotically complicit in obtaining the three gag orders.

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 10.16.52 AM

Manslaughter charges over schoolboy’s death

By: Natasha Jojoa Burling, | Latest Crime News | Tuesday July 2 2013 11:38

Two teenagers have been charged with manslaughter following the death of an Auckland schoolboy.

The boy died following a fight after rugby practice last month.

The 17-year-old and 15-year-old were supported by a full court of family members as initial charges of assault were replaced with those of manslaughter.

The Waitakere Youth Court has suppressed other details including the name of school attended by the all three boys.

They’ve both been remanded till later this month.

Photo: Edward Swift


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  • thetruth says:

    I think as current student of Kelston Boys High School that some of your comments you have made far off the mark. I am replying to this years later but I still would like to give my opinion. I thin that calling the Kelston area killing fields is quiet a powerful word to use as this is the first time somthing of this nature has ever happened so saying something like that is jumping to conclusions way to soon. Secondly you calling the rugby we play neanderthal is neanderthal on your part because we are regarded as one of the rugby schools in New Zealand,are results on the the national and international stage can prove that.And lastly calling something like this the schools fault is very wrong because from the few terms i have spent at Kelston Boys I have been welcomed well looked after and never been put in a situation of fighting because the boys are some of the most respectful,caring, and unselfish boys you will ever met.A big thing we pride of ourselves in is the way the boys connect and communicate or as Kelstonians refer to it ‘Brotherhood’ which mean looking after one and other being able to talk to one another like they are family and thats what Kelston all about.

  • Franklin junior says:

    Ma’am this is very disrespectful of you and to be quite honest I am sick of reading your bullshit ,the information you have provided is all inferred and it would be better if you kept your opinion to yourself until you have concrete evidence as to what happened on that day .As one of a very proud and loyal supporters of the school I am ashamed that you would infer such appauling things

    • Hi Franklin Junior,

      Dad would’nt be Franklin senior by any chance? Thanks for your opinion son. We’re firm believers in freedom of speech and have published it despite its abject failure to critique, beyond using the term ‘Bullshit’, with a cohesive argument supporting your opinion. We won’t comment further, other than to say, you’ve got an awfull lot yet to learn from life lad and the school you so passionately support has obviously failed you in that regard as well – to much knuckle-head Rugby and not enough Shakespeare perhaps, or is it just that English is a second language in your family?

      Just as an aside, the term ‘Ma’am’ normally denotes a specific gender, which in this context is incorrect, its also one of those archaic words thats long been relegated to Empirial British history along with other words the likes of Saab and Bwana, but you’re probably unaware of that fact, we suspect, given your cultural background.

      Fanklin Juniors email address is, in itself, somewhat revealing, as is their IP address:, IP

  • Sonja de friez says:

    Tena koe,
    You are wrong to claim that the Judge has erred in suppressing the name of the school.
    The suppression is automatic, and set down in law, by parliament, in s.438(3)(c) where it requires any school to be automatically suppressed – not by a Judge but by statute. In fact a Judge can never approve publication of the details listed in s 438(3).
    This is easily found online at
    Please retract your and correct your inaccurate comments.
    May I also suggest that would be wise to remove the elements which are breaching the statutory suppression.
    Feel free to contact me at anytime should you wish to check facts prior to publishing them, I’m always happy to help.
    Nga mihi,

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