Pieter “scum bucket” Roozendaal – but his bucket is overflowing with corruption.

Ex police thug heads New Zealand’s IPCA complaints investigation Unit

LF wants ex cop Pieter Roozendaal brought to account for another serious bout of corruption.

Pieter “scum bucket” Roozendaal – but his bucket is overflowing with corruption.

Disposed to violence and corruption – The discredited ex cop Pieter Roozendaal now charged with “handling” IPCA police corruption and abuse cases.

LF has been well aware of Pieter Roozendaal’s corrupt past.  We have also been collecting the numerous ridiculous responses he has written in connection to a whole raft of complaints against the police made to the IPCA.  Of course those complaints had and still have genuine merit and would undoubtedly have seen a completely different outcome if they had only been investigated by an honest cop.

But Pieter Roozendaal makes even ex cop and former police coverup specialist, the now convicted criminal, John Dewar look good. Of course Pieter first came to fame when allegations surfaced, dating back to 1988, that whilst a detective sergeant at Counties Manukau he thoroughly enjoyed bullying and harassing people.  In one particular case Roozendaal had allegedly threatened a “person of interest” who had been stripped naked and confined to a cell. At the time of the 2005 scandal Roozendaal stood down from the investigation, admitting that he had indeed threatened the prisoner with the words:

“Have you had your beating yet”

The IPCA;s chief investigator Pieter Roozendaal was linked to the attempted cover-up of what judge Bruce Davidson termed the New Zealand polices "sick" culture.

The IPCA’s chief investigator Pieter Roozendaal – inextricably linked to the 2005 attempted cover-up of what judge Bruce Davidson later termed a “sick” culture within New Zealands police force.

Whilst like fellow bent Auckland cop Lewis Proctor Pieter Roozendaal obviously thoroughly enjoyed intimidating Kiwi’s in his custody all those years ago what now disturbs us all here at LF is the fact that this slimy prick seems to have quietly slipped into another cosy position of power through one of those now infamous police backdoors.

As a result Roozendaal now heads the Independent Police “Coverup” Authority’s investigations unit – quietly ensuring that his fellow corrupt and violent patched gang members in the New Zealand Police force are able to retain their jobs, left to rape innocents, and we employ the word rape in the context of its numerous definitions, and peddle drugs.

Prior to this outrageous appointment to the IPCA Roozendaal headed up the Police Professional Standards unit a position in which he was responsible for most of Auckland. Our readers will of course recall yet another now disgraced corrupt cop, Jonathan Moss, also held the position of national manager for that same Police division – later caught again using the police back-door to obtain a position as “chief investigator”with New Zealand Real Estate Agents Authority (REAA).

Roozendaal whilst at the IPCA was subject to further allegations of corruption when he repeatedly, and with out explanation, refused to investigate allegations against former Detective Senior Sergeant Nick Thompson and two connected firms of private investigators,  Thompson & Clark Investigations Ltd and Provision Security Ltd. Of course one of those firms was also linked to New Zealand’s spy agencies and police sculduggery by New Zealand’s Sunday Star Time’s and investigative journo Nicki Hagar – but thats another story.

LF needs to make public the corrupt tactics Roozendaal is apt to employ at the IPCA so that justice is not only seen to be done but that it can actually be done. Key to that of course is the removal of Roozendal from the position of chief investigator.  After all if we don’t expose him who will and with blokes like Roozendaal running the shop at the IPCA who really believes that the #RoastBusters case will get any genuine scrutiny and the public airing it so desperately deserves; for the sake of both the alleged victims and all New Zealanders who have been the victims of police corruption and abuse.

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  • Teinuwai says:

    Rich elite pedophiles who control our country. Cyps doing their job of isolating chidren from theif fathers so they are easier pickingss. Too scary to comprehend. Brokeass Maori street/ghetto gangs are a more convenient for the public to identify as the criminal element in this country. We can pretend we are majking a brave stand against scary brown tatooed indigenous criminal race who are the cause of all nzs woes and voting for the pedophile who promises the most harm to maori.

  • Teinuwai says:

    These pigs are dishing this treatment out to non-maori now too? Whats this country coming to?

  • Darren Hosking says:

    Hello -my name is Darren Hosking – we all need to stand up together -on our own we nothing – please contact me on 0278325829 – hoskingdarren1967@gmail.com -if you have been wrongfully convicted – abused by the new Zealand justice – I’ve been stitched up -beaten by the police -they nearly killed me – the judge denied my right to a fear trial – the hospital medical report was refused in court.I’ve been forced to paye for fines and do time for alleged crimes that never even happened -the government -attorney general -ministers all act in denial – all the authorities I’ve contacted including the IPCA Pieter Roozendaal – you find yourself arguing -they say file remains closed – it’s been handled by the courts – they use condoned coordinated corruption – these crooked members of the justice system are simply criminals that operate above the law and are protected by the law – even the lawyers work in the interest of the courts – together they use judicial tyranny -leaving defendants no rights – breaking up our family’s -raping the new Zealand tax payers financially in the interest of their own financial gain.

  • In 2012 Roozendaal “investigated” a complaint about the police lying to a judicial hearing by stating they had supplied all of the documents, including a signed statement. He was told that the documents did not exist but the police told him they did. He refused to investigate the complaint that the police had lied and Mr Carruthers has also failed to investigate it. In November 2014 the police had to finally admit to the Ombudsman that the 190 documents that they had previously stated to having disclosed, weren’t disclosed, because they have never existed. Roozendaal and Carrurthers have known since November 2014 that the police lied to the IPCA AND A COURT but are reusing to investigate because it will show how dishonest Roozendaal is.

  • Ian Besley says:

    Hello, i have a problem with the IPCA. A firearms Vettor (police staff member) Rung the Police and said I was yelling at a 19 year old pregnant girl with an axe in my hand. proven false in court. I have the transcript as part of court disclosure documents. Then at court the same person said I didn’t do anything. Surely this is false complaint material. I tried to lay a complaint at the local cop shop and was told the complainant did so in good faith. Surely good faith isn’t the same as making something up. ANYWAY this Pieter Roozendaal wouldnt acknolegde the complainant as a police staffer: firstly and ( when made to), told me that the complainant and local police acted in good faith. IT is like he asked the cops i complained about what to say. HOW DOES ONE COMPLAIN AGAINST THE I.P.C.A.
    P L E A S E.

  • Harry Stottle says:

    Right on Jayne Salisbury. I have a letter from the IPCA signed by the putrid Roozendaal confirming that it’s OK for a Gisborne cop to enter your home and harass and intimidate you because of false allegations made by individuals with whom you are engaged in an employment dispute. It’s also OK if, when you go to Gisborne police station, point out the background to the allegations and try to register a complaint that the bent cops of Gisborne refuse to accept your complaint – not even record it. The rank Roozendaal also included in his letter that I and my wife are, naturally, guilty of the conduct alleged because he says so. With the depth and breadth of corruption in a country with such a small population New Zealand is a truly scary shithole.

  • jayne Salisbury says:

    with corrupt cops and cyps workers none of us stand a chance at any kind of decent life, chch cop to blame for wrongful decision on young mother that just asked for help and was convicted of assault on child because the cop didn’t think the young mother was going to do her courses fast enough for him or cyps. now nearly 3 years later the children have been exposed to sexulised behavior in the foster home which would NEVER have happened if the kids were at home with their mum. i feel the police should do more than just look at paper work for foster carers they should ALL be interviewed by police including any and all children in the foster carers home NOT just the adults.

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