Top NZ bridge player, Malcolm Mayer looking at a layout where he can only go down.



Breaking: 50 Million Dollar Swindler Malcolm Duncan Mayer Convicted

Update [8:58 AM, Wednesday, December 18, 2013 (CET)]: Judgement in the Malcolm Mayer fraud trial, which was scheduled for today, has been delayed by 48 hours and will now be handed down by Auckland’s District Court, Albert Street Auckland, New Zealand, commencing at approx 9:30am (NZDST) on Friday the 20th December 2013.

The District  Court trial of Malcolm Duncan Ingerman Mayer closed this week as the SFO finalized its submissions on why the little man should go down for the biggest mortgage fraud in New Zealands history. Noticeably absent on the final day of the trial was Mayers close associate, confidant and senior member of Mayer’s corporate cabal, Warren Arthur Wilson. Wilson was at the Salvo’s haggling for a weeks worth of grub.

Top NZ bridge player, Malcolm Mayer looking at a layout where he can only go down.

Malcolm Mayer, the 50 million dollar swindler who obviously preferred flannel but who has now turned to silk. Mayer, a top NZ bridge player, now looking at a layout where he can only go down.

Wilson one of Mayers corporate rapists (liquidator) staved off his own personal bankruptcy ( his second) long enough to hoover up what remained of the assets of an insolvent Sage Corp Limited for the benefit of his own bank account. It is bemusing as to why Mayer would have appointed Wilson a man with a list of serious criminal convictions and a serial bankrupt….. oh wait, its obvious when you think about it, just a little. Also noticeably absent was original defence counsel Garry “Mr Aquit” Gotlieb who withdrew when the “Mulla” ran dry.

Money is not the only thing that has run dry for Malcolm, so has his credibility and rather short list of associates. The verdict is reserved and set down to be delivered on the 18th December 2013 in the District Court at Auckland.

With the recent increasing in sentence lengths for white collar crim’s such as occurred in the Ross ponzi scheme trial, 10 years 10 months we here at LF would hope to see Mayer get a serious amount of prison shower therapy. Mayer however does not fit easily into the description of a white collar criminal. No pin stipe suits, silk shirts or leather brogues. No, Mayer definitely fits more comfortably into the greasy grey flannelette collared crim (pardon the pun) with a ‘Len Brown’ like addiction to no frills pan faced cuckoldresses and eight dollar bottles of Pinot Noir.

Warren Wilson in discussion with Dr Grobler, Auckland, photo supplied by Dr Grobler

Malcolm Mayer’s mate and co-conspirator Warren Arthur Wilson – A man who not only dresses to impress but is apparently a dab hand with the old abacus, liquidator extraordinaire

So why do we at LF think this little reprobate, with a serious narcissistic disorder, deserves the displeasure of the court. There are serious aggravating features in the Mayer case that make the probable sentencing indication deserved of lots of jail time. Firstly, setting to one side the obvious personal aggravating features such as looks, personality , associates, pass times (he plays bridge) and choice of libation. We would suggest the magnitude of Mr Mayer’s frauds is colossal and the cost to the tax payer, in running two trials, outrageous – all on the basis that Mayer admitted on tape to committing the the frauds, only to later plead not guilty, should all weigh heavily against Mayer when a sentence is considered.

On the other side of the ledger Mayer is a National Party supporter, associate of Doug Graham and contributor to the John Key re-election fund that much is obvious – why we hear our readers ask? Well, Mayers into sailing, baking, bridge, antique clothing, Flannel, hush puppies, Asian pussy and porn – all of which are generally prerequisite for National party membership. With those qualifications perhaps Mayer would have been better off running for public office.

LF attempted to contact Mayer’s ex-wife but she was to busy dealing with family concerns in the Phillipine’s following the recent typhoon. His cuckoldress Ms Chu was also unfortunately unavailable for comment, or coitus. According to Chu she was far to busy – probably fronting another unsuspecting institution with a few more dodgy mortgage applications….…go figure.

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  • Samantha Hays says:

    I have been following all of your stories about the Mayer/Wilson/TEL thing and it will be fitting that Mayer gets a very long custodial sentence from Santa. WELL DONE GUYS. I mean pleading guilty to the media:- who could be that stupid – Malcolm I-diot Mayer did; and then to plead innocent [wasting taxpayers money] means that he is going to prison for a very long time if justice is done.

    As for Wilson he’s just a loser. Well I am not quite right there. Warren A-rsewipe Wilson is more of a bad loser and a crooked liquidator. You guys clowned Wilson so bad he’s now promoting himself as a one man circus called Wally Wanker Wilsons Litigious Clown Liquidator Circus with the catchphrase “not all clowns are useless cunts, but Wally is. Come down with the kids and watch this drunkfuck stumble from one embarrassing debacle to another and then get liquidated by LF”

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