Mr Matthew John Blomfield will be waiting until Hell freezes over.

Unstable ‘Hellboy’ Matt Blomfield takes on LF

Mr Matthew John Blomfield will be waiting until Hell freezes over.

Mr Matthew John Blomfield will be waiting in Hell, at least until it freezes over…..could be a long wait Matt!

At approx 1:03 PM Wednesday, December 4, 2013 (CET) we here at LF received one of those “Blomails” from the one and only Mr Matthew Blomfield himself, the man thats been using New Zealands half-arsed District Courts to attack bloggers rights and those of their sources and whistle-blowers.

Blomfield, like so many others in New Zealand, has managed to convince himself that Lauda Finem is run by New Zealand’s “Nottingham Boys”.

The tedium of that constantly repeated falsehood is starting to wear a little thin and get on our nerves but hey what more can we say or do.

We do however suspect that if Blomfield wants to continue with that particular spurious claim he might just find out the hard way that he’s in fact the “Boy”; a nasty little bastard that just might be on the receiving end of a fucking good hiding in court.

With that outcome in mind LF have emailed Nottingham and advised him of Blomfield’s email, no doubt he’ll be reading our email at the same time Blomfield’s munching on his morning cereal and reading this piece.

As regular readers will know we her at LF are not particularly fond of Cameron Slaters opinions.

As our regular readers will know Team LF are not particularly fond of Cameron Slaters opinions.

This deluded fucktard, Blomfield, has also managed to convince himself that LF have been chatting to Cameron Slater (of all people) and that Slater, a man that probably has good reason to hate Team LFs guts, has now, according to Blomfield, suddenly become an LF informant and sent LF the 15000 emails referred to in the court proceedings. Unfortunately Blowhard Blomfield is wrong on all counts and a few more to boot. Blomfields email states:

From: Mathew John Blomfield <>


Cc: Matthew Blomfield <>


Im not sure which one of you Nottingham boys posted this… and why Cameron would send you information.

Nevertheless, I would suggest that tomorrow when I get to work I will be checking if it is removed at which point I will be taking further action.  The content is defamatory and the posting of the emails is in breach of principal 11 of the privacy act.

Matthew Blomfield

This is an e-mail from MATT BLOMFIELD.  It is confidential to the ordinary user of the e-mail address to which it was addressed and may contain copyright, confidential and/or legally privileged information.  No-one else may read, print, store, copy, forward or act in reliance on all or any of it or it’s attachments.  If you receive this e-mail in error, please let us know by return e-mail.  The contents of an attachment to this e-mail may contain software viruses which could damage your own computer system.  MATT BLOMFIELD has taken every reasonable precaution to minimise this risk, yet cannot accept liability for any damage which you sustain as a result of software viruses.  You should carry out your own virus checks before opening any attachment to this e-mail.

Now quite aside from the fact that Matthew Blomfield is perpetuating a web forum myth that has taken on a life of its own, and brought a few idiots unstuck, in that “The Nottingham Brothers” aka Dermot Nottingham owns Lauda Finem, Blomfield has also managed to walk smack bang into an LF trap…..again think emails?

As we have already pointed out many times the “Nottingham Boys” conspiracy theory is little more than an online myth. A legend largely promulgated by three groups; Certain Fairfax (NZ) hacks and their duplicitous hack mates at the New Zealand Herald, the “$50 Million Dollar Swindler” Malcolm Mayer and his sidekick Warren Arthur Wilson and a handful of mentally challenged cyberstalking nut jobs who spend their WINZ benefits and days on stalking illusory foes and rehashing the “Takapuna Bomb Plot” ad nauseam.

In Blomfield’s case, however, we also suspect he has been feed a sizeable pile of horse shit by his very own personal “media bitchs”, Kiwi hacks Bevan Hurley and Maria Slade of New Zealand’s very own Herald On Sunday fame. (update:  In Slades case now Fairfucx (NZ)).

NZH hack Bevan Hurley, Blomfields Media Bitch

APN (NZ) Bevan Hurley, Slater Hater, Media Hack, Rock Star, apparently a lyrical genius with a 50 foot penis, and of course Blomfields MSM Bitch at NZ’s Herald On Sunday.

Matt seems to think that our post is defamatory, although he’s declined to point out exactly which parts. Blomfield has also very kindly pointed out, although sadly a complete waste of his time, that posting the nasty emails he sent to his ex-mates and business associates is allegedly in breach of  Principle 11. of the New Zealand’s Privacy Act 1993, although he fails to point out which particular section:

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Unfortunately for Matt Blomfield his little furphy, one of those improbable stories that he sets out detailing what he’s going to do if he doesn’t get his own way, threats that he’s become so used to employing, fails at two rather large insurmountable hurdles. The first is simple enough. Matthew John Blomfield is not the only owner of the emails he’s concerned about and he certainly does not have sole proprietorial rights. Like Cameron Slater LF does not disclose its sources but we can advise readers that our source is not Cameron Slater, Slater may be a one eyed fool but he’s not a complete fucking idiot (unlike Blomfield apparently); After all even Blomfield admits in the email above that he could not understand why Slater would have sent the emails to team LF.

Now where Blomfield comes a really nasty cropper is on the approach to his second hurdle: the fact that like all New Zealand statutes the Privacy Act 1993 has absolutely no power or relevance outside New Zealand…contrary to popular local Kiwi belief, New Zealand does not rule the world. Regular readers will of course understand what we’re eluding to – Think Australia and the Netherlands!

Now thats cleared up the fact that Blomfields threats are obviously the rantings of a man with a severe case of goatsmouth and are worth little more than so much “horses hit”  lets now take a closer look at Mr Blomfields other emails, or at least on this occasion the two emails that we’ve so far published.

Blomfield it seems likes to use the law, or at least the threat of abusing it, in pursuit of his own personal objectives. So we thought we’d take a look at just how “New Zealand law”, and in particular their “Crimes Act” might just apply to the various other threatening emails that Blomfield has dispatched over the years, specifically the ones that Blomfield took exception to LF publishing and that we have now managed to authenticate, somewhat ironically we really have Matt himself to thank for that.

We sincerely hope that Matt doesn’t choke on his cereal when he checks back in the morning (NZDST) only to find that all his google searches have been in vain and that LF have not only NOT removed the article he took exception to but that LF have further posted their opinion that Matthew John Blomfield has likely committed multiple crimes as defined under section 237 (1) of the New Zealand Crimes Act 1961 and that any individual or legal entity that has been a recipient of Blomfields emails containing any threat to harm them, their reputation, property or business, unless they provided a benefit, pecuniary or otherwise should consider visiting their local police station and making a formal complaint. Now that just might fall within the public interest and the publics right to know that Blackie DCJ was so interested in:

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 8.46.08 AM

We trust you’re enjoying your brekkie Matt, oh and of course a little light reading provided by Team LF.

Example one:

“I would like 40k full and final settlement of all things murder burger………..If this money is not in my account by Friday I will slowly unpack your life including your relationship with your wife………..Account details as follows: MJ Blomfield Westpac 03 1322 0140123 000

Example two:

“I would like to ask that one of you call me by 5pm Monday to discuss these and other points and look at parting ways or come Tuesday I will be preparing documentation to start a very painful and public attack on you and your company. This will include funding of the class action that the franchisees are planning. I can also assure you that I am now in funds to do this and I will happily spend every cent I have to bring you to your knees. It will happen quickly and you will notice it within a week I can assure you of this”

Example three:

Game on bitches now its personal. I’m coming after you and its going to be a real mess and its now not just about hell. I will make sure BK is included in everything I do. You really need to let me get on with my life as I am very unstable and unpredictable at present.

Of course we will be bringing readers more examples of Blomfield, his admitted mental instability and the unpredictable nature of his nefarious handy work in the very near future. Blomfield may well have thought he was owned money, he may have even felt that he had a right to make these demands with menace. If he did however section 237 (2) of the Crimes Act has a slightly different view of such demands:

“Every one who acts in the manner described in subsection (1) is guilty of blackmail, even though that person believes that he or she is entitled to the benefit or to cause the loss, unless the making of the threat is, in the circumstances, a reasonable and proper means for effecting his or her purpose”

LF are of the opinion that in Blomfields case he’s made a rather nasty habit, over a prolonged period, of making demands with menace. In fact we suspect that the only reason Blomfield wants the details of Slaters source/s is so that he can effect prior threats to harm, once armed with his targets identity. With that in mind we would suggest that while Matthew Blomfield is visiting his wife bashing brother, currently on remand in Mt Eden prison, he himself measure up a cell with a view to furnishing it.

Its somewhat ironic that Blomfield was of the view, in court, that Cameron Slater was the only candidate guilty of not employing “checks and balances” and that he (Slater) simply “sits at his computer and hits send”. Well there is no send button on a computer, but there is one on most email services and Blomfield is obviously used to using it without thought.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

LF won’t be responding to any of Blomfield’s future correspondence, he can take his threats and shove them where the sun don’t shine until he turns blue in the fucking face. Our advice to Cameron Slater still stands;

Mr Slater, once you have the judgment remedied, apply to strike out the proceeding as an abuse of process.  LF have advisors standing by to assist you with submissions, affidavits, and any other documentation that you require.

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    well given its his own words you use, just like Slater, it is very hard to see much defamation here. so his brother is a wife basher to – what a delightful family they must be !

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