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A Tourist Dying To See New Zealand? Be Warned Your Dream Could Come True

Half-wit NZ police photographer poses for half-wit NZ press photographer - wheres the tent shit for brains?

Half-wit NZ police photographer poses for half-wit NZ press photographer – wheres the tent shit for brains?

LF has previously warned tourists about visiting New Zealand, and especially the East Coast/Cape region of the North Island.
The warm kiss of sunshine bathed beaches, the small idyllic East Cape township of Whakatane, New Zealand.

Out in the bay the fishing boats cruised the azure blue waters, seabirds spiralled into the temperate waters, fishing amongst the large schools of bate fish that cruised close to shore. Meanwhile back in town, at a seemingly safe local camping spot, near a skate park two teenage German tourists choked on blood as they spat their broken teeth onto the grass.

One a gorgeous 18year german girl held her fractured arm close to her bruised chest, tears of anguish and fear streaming down her smashed face. Her partner a slightly built young German boy lay on the lawn semi conscious following the severe beating he had just received at the hands of five local teenagers – New Zealands incompetent police force are still looking for another.

At least the young German lad had saved his companion from the prospect of a nasty pack rape, which is very common in New Zealand, especially favoured amongst its serving police officers.

The offenders 4 young local mongrels and a 15 year old girl had left the German couple battered, bruised, and broken, still alive, minus everything but their two hundred dollar tent.

The local constabulary arrested the offenders aged 14, 17, 18 and 15 and are looking for another culprit who remains at large.

LF has little sympathy for the tourists who find themselves in this predicament. We have repeatedly posted warnings concerning both New Zealand and specifically the East Cape region. Not only are the locals seriously dark and dangerous but so are the local police.

LF wants to make it fucking plain….we have warned you all. Don’t go there!!!

We can only send our condolences to the parents of the victims and advise them that their children were very lucky on this occasion that it was only the local teenagers that got to them first. Like minded adult criminals bury the bodies of their young tourist victims deep amongst the fern clad forest valley’s and they are normally never found.

LF also sends its condolences to the Swedish parents who undoubtly still mourn the loss of Heidi Paakkonen and Urban Hoglan, and of course the parents who had their child raped whilst sleeping in their camper-van in the same New Zealand location. Then just up the road in Opotiki a young Japanese tourist was gang raped, the rape occurring in what the poor girl believed was the safety of a bedroom the host family had provided. New Zealand is one seriously fucked up country.

So if you’re planning a road trip around New Zealand be sure to hire a car thats equipped to deal with the local wildlife. Theres a South African retro-fitted BMW that would be just perfect for the job:


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  • Travelling boy says:

    What an explosion of verbal violence this article caused. Extremely distressing the article on the rape of the young Japanese girl, in the bedroom of an opotiki house. Not for me New Zealand. You can keep your Maori gangs and right wing Maori religions. Think I ll go somewhere a bit safer this year, maybe Syria.

  • Dunno what “another” lie is all about. But again, you are right and I’m wrong and I’ve learnt something. Oh well, “another” mistake, that makes 12 in my lifetime. Damn!

  • So McCready is a corrupt prison officer, or a wannabe copper, or a wannabe Aussie local pollie, who nobody wanted, or a fucking nobody…now it all makes sense. Hey Kev think about this you reprobate;

    “The man who doesn’t read good books has no advantage over the man who can’t read them. — Mark Twain.

    So Kev keep on reading that which lightens the weight of your stupidity.

  • Harry Stottle says:

    LF – it is not a productive exercise to enter into argument with the possibly paranoid but certainly Pavlovian McCready. His visceral responses to criticism, a universality I experienced during my time in New Zealand, are a measure of the effectiveness of the New Zealand Government propaganda machine. ”Propaganda is only truly effective when it moves audiences to subconscious actions, for that is when coordination of society is actually realized”.
    Credit to O’Shaughnessy, Nicolas and Lansen, Oscar

  • re December 28, 2013 at 2:06 am (great time stamp) and I love the humour. Great logic too. Your blog gets more hits than mine so that allows you to be rude. And speaking of logic, FoxNews gets more hits than me too, great outlet Fox. But I’m more than happy to take your advice and move on. CYA, oh and thanks for the site stats. Personally I’m not in in for site stats, but it takes all sorts, eh?

  • Kevin

    The joke about the cop is appropriate given the photo that shows him taking a shot of something in the distance when the crime took place right behind him. Maybe an attractive female teenager that he wants to have a little chat to in the back of his patrol car once he’s opened the lube he carry’s in his top pocket for emergencies, or was that opportunities. You have to be honest with yourself Kev the photo should never have been published by the original poster, but once posted it is fair game. As for the comments of Mr Stottle – well he is always right on point as far as I am concerned. A very adroit individual indeed.

  • Harry Stottle says:

    As the Tourism New Zealand website puts it ”New Zealand’s friendly and down-to-earth people will be one of the things you treasure most about your visit”. Not to mention escaping with your life, albeit minus a few teeth, and the relief of not being gang-raped. To Paddy and Kevin McCready – wake up and smell the coffee (or should that be the ‘East Coast green’). The message is getting out world-wide that New Zealand is a seriously fucked up country, as LF says, and not just because of savage and unprovoked attacks on tourists. Your country, and I assume from the tone of your comments that you are genetically retarded ‘Kiwis’, is a basket case and the more the reality of the shithole in which you live is propagated by sites like LF, the better and more accurately informed the world will be. If it prevents just one potential immigrant or tourist from being taken in by the propaganda of the 100% pure, Middle Earth bullshit YOUR government continually vomits up then LF will have been worthwhile. By the way, as a former police officer (in a disciplined, professional and highly effective force, not New Zealand) my immediate reaction to the photo was why is the scene of crime not cordoned off and what is that flatfoot taking happy snaps doing with his size 11 boots trampling all over the evidence?

    • Hey LF, love the way you have multiple personas. Are they all philosophers?

      • So Kevin, what are you trying to say? You want everyone to believe that you’re the only person who reads LF and comments? Come on mate!!

        Now we’ve been pretty fair with our responses to your comments so far but we don’t much like it when you attribute, without evidence, someone else’s comment to us. Its also manifestly misleading and unfair on the party that actually posted it. So please keep your paranoia in check.

      • Hey, be nice to your readers, eh? Speaking of evidence, do you have any to back up your comments re the cop in this story?

      • So far Kevin we have been nice to you and thats despite you having made a very nasty unfounded allegation.

        Remember mate your just one of 158 subscribers and 100’000 reads a year that LF receives. Thats just a little more than your own blogs average of 792 reads per annum. So stop posing repetitive questions to which you have already been given our reply. Pissing our other valued readers off by attributing their hard work to LF is also not on mate.

        Harry Stottle is also a valued reader and contributor to LF’s comments section. Stottle has been posting worthwhile comments for a longer period of time than you have (you started today?) and deserves the credit for his work. If you wish to rebut any of his views then feel free to do so (good luck with that), but stop wasting Team LF’s time with this inane drivel. Any further comment in this thread directed at LF will not be published. Do yourself a favour Kevin and move on mate! Now if you’ll excuse us we have another post to prepare.

  • Foolish to try ‘freedom camping’ in any country – most incidents occur where people try to ‘camp’ for free in inappropriate areas rather than go to camping grounds. Camping grounds are not expensive, stop people pollution in public areas, and they are safe. See also:

    • Paddy, that is complete and utter apologist crap, as is the Christchurch Press propaganda piece you’ve cited, next you be promoting the notion that if you park your car in the wrong place you deserved to be bashed. You obviously missed the part in the post where we specifically noted the rape of a five year old girl in one of your so-call “safe” Kiwi camping grounds, again the family were unwitting tourists:

      “The sex attack on a sleeping five-year-old girl at a Turangi campground was so severe that the teenager who committed the crime will be sentenced in court as an adult”


  • Does it ever occur to you that some police are good people doing a good job? By all means expose bad police, but your comment here is silly and offensive to reason, and, dare I say, contributes to the type of society you purport to decry in the post.

    • Sure it does Kevin, but they are rare indeed, most leaving within five years of arriving.

      Besides we’re not here to defend good police officers, thats not our function, thats what Greg O’Connor gets paid to do. Might also have skipped your attention but this post is about the dangers posed to tourists who foolishly visit NZ.

      • Yes it was about tourists, so why the gratuitous insult to the cop doing his job? Do you have any evidence that he deserved the serve? I think you do your own campaign a disservice as a result (ie people can easily dismiss you).

      • Look Kevin, The photo is so obviously stage managed by the police and the MSM that it totally deserves a serve. So you dismiss away all you want mate.

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