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Dance like no one is watching

Sometimes the simplest of pleasures just leaves you wanting to dance like a nut-job.  Sadly in the “Western world” this normally involves alcohol, but with the so called “lesser species”, animals, it is often just the sheer pleasure of being alive enjoying their surroundings that inspires the dance.  In human beings this is ordinarily only possible whilst we are infants, or young children, discovering and experiencing the pleasure of something for the first time.

As adults, and not frequently enough, it is often brought about when we rediscover, for whatever reason, what we had lost, that which we undoubtedly found exhilarating as youngsters.

Team LF hopes that our readership are having a safe and fun holiday period, and that you will each use this time to recharge your worn out emotional and physical beings in preparation for a return to the grind of every day life.  Remember folks, if you ever find a puddle in your way, or a rainy day, think like the deer, or any other frolicking animal, like your very own inner child, and use the opportunity to dance, dance, dance.

However, there is a nasty proviso to the euphoric. We must remind readers to remain ever vigilant to the fact that there are bastards in the world, individuals such as Warren Arthur Wilson, and Matt Blomfield, men (and Women) whose intellects and EI’s are so shallow that if we were to dive into their inner thoughts we would likely break our fucking necks, in fact just reading or writing about these two particular nasty pieces of shit is known to be harmful.

Left, Matthew John Blomfield. Right Warren Arthur Wilson

Left, Matthew John Blomfield. Right Warren Arthur Wilson. Two very nasty fraudsters who each deserve a serious prison sentence.

We will however be dancing when they are both arrested, which we expect, according to our sources, will be in the middle of this year.

The charges that will be laid against Wilson and Blomfield relate to their stupidity.  Not that being stupid is a crime, otherwise neither would have ever seen anything other than the four walls of a prison cell.  When we say the charges will relate to their stupidity, we are referring to their activities as fraudsters and hopeless insolvents.

According to our sources Malcolm Duncan Ingermann Mayer is to be a principal witness against Wilson in a sentencing deal, and that Blomfield is to plead not guilty at his own trial, even though he will be giving evidence against himself.  We told you that they were stupid.

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  • I read this story again and it just makes me puke that the likes of Matt Blomfield exist.

  • Oh I forgot to mention my daughter thinks she saw Wilson slumped over a park bench in town with piss [booze or urine] running down his trousers. She and her friends from Diocesan are to use some of LF’s stories in essays on the “blogospheres” gaining significance in the media. I would send you guys an essay. But am a bit worried about Wilsons mental health given his naming and shaming on numerous others sites in New Zealand and internationally.

  • I just read this again and loved it as much as the first time I read it. Thats good media.

  • Bus Driver says:

    I wonder how long it will be until one of the many mentioned as associated conspirators with Matthew Blomfield decide its better to jump early and take a plea deal and roll over on what they know. I bet the cellphones have been running hot over Xmas between all the parties trying to find out who is where with what. No doubt Matt will be using his usual tactics of using his left hand to be a phone bully while furiously using his right wank mitt on his todger looking for some relief to all the stress. Hopefully when Slater hits the High Court this year to prove he is MSM and is a Journo (does anyone know when that is?) he will have the MSM there with the cameras rolling.

    • As far as we here at LF are aware the hearing is to be held at the High Court of New Zealand (Auckland Registry, Cnr Waterloo Quadrant & Parliament Street; Main entrance Waterloo Quadrant) on Tuesday the 11th February 2014.

      It would be advisable however to make application to the registrar if you wish to attend, telephone +64 9-916 9600, as this hearing is an Appeals Court first call-over which is normally held in camera (not generally open to the public):


      • Baited breth says:

        Having been ripped off by this fraudster many moons ago during his time as Cinderella I was sure hoping to hear / read more. Whilst mine was just a few grand it’s still nice to see him being held to account

  • Bus Driver says:

    I bet despite all Matts bravado and cock grandstanding he will be quietly sitting & waiting now knowing he is well and truly fucked. And he has in actual fact quite simply fucked himself. What a fool – keep up the court process in NZ dickhead! Still its all to late now for you to back out. I bet for all his own self belief in how smart he is, he never thought it would lead to his own downfall as you state in your post here at LF. The next 6 months of freedom should be enjoyed by the sounds of it. I bet Matts wife is in on it all, how can she not be! All those years of theft after theft, fraud after fraud, ripping off mate after mate and he thinks he has got away with it? Not fucking likely! When Mr Slater calls all his witnesses to court and asks a few simply questions of each one of them, it will show that the posts on Whaleoil were spot on – Matthew John Blomfield is a con artist, bullshitter, liar, thief, fraudster, criminal, bully and just an all around general piece of worthless shit. I see from here at LF the post that shows MB somehow convinced his employers at Bell JR to let him act as a Director. Surely the liquidators of Civil Solutions Holdings – Grant Thornton, a well known biggish NZ firm must surely be questioning themselves as to why and how they have let Bell JR and Matthew Blomfield be allowed to sub contract the debt collection for Civil Solutions Holdings as the said company is in fact owned by his jail bird wife beating brother – Daniel Blomfield. What a fucking joke! Sources say Matt took $40K from the company the day before the Liquidation – for what? Word on the street is it was paid to legal firm – hmmm Central Park Legal – oh is that you Bruce Johnson – yes it is – then Matt needed it in cash to make a certain part payment so he still have the use of his fingers and legs. Gee seems fair on the creditors of Civil Solutions Holdings.

    I look forward to hearing more of what LF has uncovered on the very slippery scum bag pile of filth who uses the name Matthew John Blomfield

  • Are these two related – like Wilson’s Blomfield’s uncle, and DADDY?. I read your stories on Wilson and jesus what a loser, but he is all of that, a ten time loser, whereas Blomfield is really a full-time pretender who will not even amount to a loser.

  • Thanks says:

    Be great to give Matt Blomfield a good serving of his own medicine.

    The witness list in the Cam Slater case will be like a bad dream for Mr Blomfield although they will all be at fault not Mr Blomfield himself.

    The thing is that the likes of his lawyers Bruce Johnson, Micheal (Mike) Alexander are always there behind Mr Blomfield giving free legal advice, fronting companies for Mr Blomfield, employing Mr Blomfield as they have a lot to lose and it certainly is not fees. Be great to see them go as well. Mike, Bruce, hope your reading.

    The thing I do not understand is why would Mr Cameron Slater took all his blogs down? Mr Slater has always until the date he took the blogs down been faithful to his principles no matter what (well perhaps this is just a image Mr Slater has managed to carry out through the clever use of his blog and self promotion). Not now, Mr Slater is faithful only to himself and rather than take Matt on Mr Slater has shown his true colors and that is to hit and run. Mr Slater, take a look at yourself, your action make your motivation questionable.

    We will still be interested to see how many threatening texts, how many threatening emails Mr Blomfield sends when he starts to lose, which he is.

    Bruce Johnson, Mike Alexander, Matt Blomfield is trying to divert the course of justice no doubt with your assistance as you protect your bottoms.

    • Bus Driver says:

      Wonder if Matt, and his lawyers – Bruce BJ Johnson and Mike Alexander ever stick to this code of conduct from the act

      Chapter 2
      Rule of law and administration of justice

      · 2.3 A lawyer must use legal processes only for proper purposes. A lawyer must not use, or knowingly assist in using, the law or legal processes for the purpose of causing unnecessary embarrassment, distress, or inconvenience to another person’s reputation, interests, or occupation.1

      Assisting in fraud or crime

      · 2.4 A lawyer must not advise a client to engage in conduct that the lawyer knows to be fraudulent or criminal, nor assist any person in an activity that the lawyer knows is fraudulent or criminal. A lawyer must not knowingly assist in the concealment of fraud or crime.

      I think these 3 will soon be performing a different sort of act – probably of the sexual variety – an act of man on man one would suggest in a small windowless building where nobody will hear the moans of help…help…help..- BJ will be best at it – how can he not be, after all the name says it all.

      • Thanks says:

        The thing is when you have so many conflicts of interest like the Lawyers you mention you also have too many lose ends. Micheal Alexander for example did the Creditors Comprise where he changed Directorships of Related Companies to influenced votes. Mr Alexander, your ethical issue now will be, come clean or keep digging. I think if the past reflects who you are you will keep digging regardless of the evidence and you will of course in doing so allow Mr Blomfield to keep on hurting those around him. Of course this non action makes you pretty much the same person as your client. It is strange isn’t it that out of all your conflicts of interest you have to side with the one that created all the issues to save your backside. It is a great watch.

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