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New Zealand’s REAA – Six Degrees Of Separation – Facebook, Fraudsters & Free Masons – Part Two


Dale Vanderhoof and Jean Palmer-Holmes, Vanderhoofs sqeeze and criminal co-conspirator

Narcissist Dale Vanderhoof and Psycho Jean Palmer-Holmes, Vanderhoof’s sqeeze and criminal co-conspirator. A lot of hot air that took yet another Kiwi Remax franchise to the the wall and saw an innocent man egregiously wronged.

Man is known by the company he keeps – Proverb

In part one of this series of posts, dealing with what LF believes was a conspiracy to falsely accuse local Wanganui real estate agent William Charles Hume, LF established that New Zealand’s District Court Judge Dugald Matheson was likely seriously misled by the police prosecutor, Sergeant Rachael Willemsen.

The misrepresentations by Rachael Willemsen, as reported by the local paper the Wanganui Chronicle, came about in and around evidence that had been tendered to counter allegations that had been raised by Hume and his barrister.

Whilst Hume did not deny having made a telephone call to Vanderhoof and Palmer-Holme’s Re/Max office, he strenuously denied ever threatening to kill as Palmer-Holmes had alleged. Instead Hume insisted that he had telephoned and simply asked to speak with his partner, who by all accounts was still employed by the Re/Max agency.

If one is to believe Hume’s account, at the time he telephoned he was with his young daughters, the three busying themselves organising signs to picket the offices of the Remax agency. Interestingly, and LF believes somewhat tellingly, the police prosecutor, apparently successfully dealt with Humes contention that the whole thing must have been a “Set-up” on the part of  both Palmer-Homes and Vanderhoof, a conspiracy that Hume believed had been hatched at some point between the time of his call and when he later arrived at a property adjacent to the office with his daughters, complete with picket placards, only to be greeted by a police presence, by advising the court : What happened did not signify a ”set-up”, no one knew about the protest except the media”.

Iain Hydman, Palmer-Holmes brother and Dale Vanderhoof's Wanganui Chronicle inside man

Iain Hyndman, Palmer-Holmes brother and Dale Vanderhoof’s Wanganui Chronicle inside man

In fact, if one is to believe the ‘nameless’ journalists account of the trial, it was in fact the prosecution who had alleged Hume had telephoned the Wanganui Chronicle and advised a staff member that he intended picketing the business as they owed him in excess of $30’000.00.

Now as we have already conceded in part one, the judge would have been entitled to have formed his belief that Hume’s “Set-up” theory may have been a little far fetched, given that the police had led the judge to believe that a “Set-up” was not plausible given that “no one knew about the protest except the media“.

Clearly this fact must have been foremost in the judges mind, and somewhat strangely the journalists also, given that the judge obviously referred to the issue in his summing up, a fact that the “nameless” journo clearly latched on to, and later published.

The fact is that, in LF’s opinion, Vanderhoof and Palmer-Holmes had undoubtedly been telephoned by Palmer-Jones brother, Iain Hyndman, or another “friend”, from the Wanganui Chronicle, questioned and then tipped off that Hume had telephoned and was headed their way complete with protest placards.

So in essence the prosecutor either unwittingly misled the judge, or in the more egregious alternative, lied to the court. Had, as Hume surmised at the time of his arrest, Vanderhoof and Plamer-Jones been aware of his plans then they would have been in a position to call the police and set him up with the false allegations, after all given that the police were in fact present when Hume arrived its far more likely that this is what in fact had unfolded.

The judge was therefore mislead on vital evidence, and to make matters worse, the police version of events, having gone unchallenged, may have also contributed to Appeal Court Judge, Justice Robert Dobson, arriving at a similar conclusion, given that, if one is to believe the Wanganui Chronicles account, Dodson clearly relied on the transcript of the first trial.

Justice Dobson said he would consider the hearing’s transcript before making a decision, which he released yesterday. As an aside LF will now be endeavouring to obtain a copy of the transcript in question and various other evidence tendered by the police and Hume……

He said Judge Dugald Matheson, who presided over the defended hearing, had acknowledged Hume’s concern regarding the motive behind Ms Palmer-Holmes’ complaint “but did not treat it as a factor requiring him to disbelieve the complainant when, on the totality of the evidence, he was satisfied that her version was made out”.

Source: Wanganui Chronicle – syndicated New Zealand Herald

The failure of Hume’s Barrister to challenge the police on these points was not the only mistake made by the defense in this case. Another important issue was the forensic evidence, or rather the lack of it, tendered by the police with respect to the timing around Hume’s telephone call.

The Wanganui Chronicle takes care to mention this evidence, almost as if to prove a point, but again the police’s version of this event went unchallenged by Hume’s barrister. Whilst small town provincial lawyers should not be relied on to have an indepth knowledge of forensic matters, its clear that in this case Humes lawyer habitually placed far to much faith in the police’s integrity.

The fact is that, again according to the Wanganui Chronicle, the police submitted:

“The call was recorded as coming from Hume’s cellphone, and lasted 11 seconds”

If this is an accurate account of what the police had told the court then the evidence was only ever as reliable as the detail found on your average telephone account, and so should have been questioned by the defense.

There is no doubt that a call was made by Hume, he himself acknowledges that much. What is in question, however, is what was actually said. With this in mind the police have strangely adduced evidence of the calls length from Humes telco account in the hope that, at least in the judges mind, the timing fits better with Palmer-Holmes account of what had transpired.

This is where it gets a little tricky, not that a backwater New Zealand court would have the temerity to ever question the police’s expertise, honesty or integrity.

LF believes that the length of this so called “11 second” call should have been questioned. We base our belief on the fact that cell phones are not at all like landlines, the calls are in most cases not timed from when the called is answered by the recipient.

For very good reasons the timing of a mobile telephone call is actually logged when the signal is picked up by the first base station or tower, not when the recipient answers, a small point but a fact that undoubtedly fucks the police’s reliance on the so called 11 seconds “recorded” to support their case.

In fact the police representation that the call lasted 11 seconds is all but worthless in establishing the actual time spent talking, if anything the fact that the call lasted only 11 seconds more likely than not supports Hume’s belief and evidence, that the call was short and that he had simply called and said “I’ll speak to my girlfriend, thanks,” at which point he had been hung up on.

Also supporting Hume’s version of events is the fact that he only cottoned on to what had likely occurred whilst being arrested the following evening, as again reported in the Wanganui Chronicle:

He was arrested at his home the following evening.

Hume vehemently denied the allegations, saying all he said on the phone was “I’ll speak to my girlfriend, thanks,” at which the complainant hung up.

He said it was his children’s idea to make the placards, and alleged his former employers owed him money so he was going to protest outside their workplace, having been trespassed from the property.

So far all up it seems to us that Hume has been stitched up by two very cunning operators. Where it gets even more suspect, and possibly a little prickly for the police involved, given the delay in arresting and charging Hume with the alleged offending well over 24 hours after the allegedly “serious threats”.

Had Hume, as Palmer-Holmes alleged, made the threatening call on the day in question why did the police wait so long to arrest him? After all the police were present when Hume had shown up near the office with his two children. Why did the police do little more than, as recounted, again by “Mr No Name” at the Wanganui Chronicle; asked Hume to move on, and he complied. – perhaps because the allegation had yet to be made?

As aforesaid this is where it gets a little prickly for the police. LF will be addressing this issue at some point in the future, in a dedicated post, should Mr Hume see fit to supply LF with a copy of the trial transcript, the police officers names and various other documents.

As pointed out in part one, the gaping holes in the case, thus far, have been established with little more than what is readily available online, no doubt once we have the complete file the holes will start to look more like fucking craters.

So far the police case is starting to look very shaky and in our view quite possibly corrupt. Another factor that leads LF to believe that something was amiss with Hume’s trial was the conspicuous absence of Dale Vanderhoof.

The Wanganui Chronicle refers only to the evidence given by the female involved; Palmer-Holmes, and another employee, Steven Price, who had allegedly been present and able to assess the Palmer-Holmes psychological shock and distress, all from what we have assessed was likely little more than a two – four second telephone conversation.

A key witness, wonder-boy Steven Price

Key witness or Dale Vanderhoof’s bum-boy and lying toady?  Remax ‘wonder-boy’ Steven Price

Dale Vanderhoof’s conspicuous absence as a witness cannot really be explained, after all he was Palmer-Holmes partner and no doubt would have been able to contribute additional “background evidence” as he certainly set about doing during the later REAA hearings, there’s also the matter of Palmer-Holmes psychological state and the claimed fear she continued to hold, something that Vanderhoof would also have been able to attest too, being her “husband”. Apparently not, which is more than a little strange given was to later unfold.

Its not so strange, however, when you factor in another concealed element of this case. Vanderhoof was and is a Justice of the Peace, and as such would have been eligible to sit on the bench in New Zealands District Court, hearing minor matters such as bail applications, traffic offences etc.

The question is, had Dale Vanderhoof actually acted in such a role in the past?  If he had, he would have been well aware of the consequences of committing perjury and being party to a criminal conspiracy; perhaps in this case, as the old adage goes, “best leave it to the wife”!

LF have been able to establish that it is highly likely that Vanderhoof has sat in judgment of his fellow citizens, in fact Vanderhoof himself makes a point of bragging about this fact on line, in more than one of his many online spin doctored resumes.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Vanderhoof however is clearly not happy with the title JP, he much prefers the title JJP, “Judicial Justice Of The Peace”. There is of course no such title but it sounds far more impressive than JP and eludes to his having been let loose on poor unsuspecting victims in Wanganui’s District Court bench in his capacity as a garden variety JP.

What it also tells us is three fold, that Vanderhoof, to some extent, knew his way around the law, that he likely had a very cosy relationship with the local cops, especially prosecutors the likes of Sergeant Rachael Willemsen, and that he would have also been extended the courtesy of being treated as an “insider” by the staff of local Wanganui District Court. These circumstances, especially when they remain undisclosed are always very large “red flags” when investigating cases such as this.

There’s another little secret weapon that Vanderhoof had concealed up his arse’; his involvement in New Zealands Freemasonry, a cosy little band of Kiwi brothers that like to do favour’s for each other, favour’s that extend well beyond the ridiculous finger tickling hand shakes, ceremonial aprons, big white gloves, the odd nudge-nudge, wink-wink, white lie and into the realm of thoroughly corrupt behaviour.

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 1.31.08 pm

Auckland, New Zealands North Shore Freemasons Centre, 5 William Laurie Place, Albany 0632, the home of a shit load of Masonic Lodges.

Gone are the days when one would be labeled a conspiracy theorist for raising such “outrageous” concerns. Readers may be aware that as recently as last month Free Masonry was tied to serious criminal activity and police corruption in the United Kingdom:

Revealed: How gangs used the Freemasons to corrupt police

Secret networks of Freemasons have been used by organised crime gangs to corrupt the criminal justice system, according to a bombshell Metropolitan Police report leaked to The Independent.

Operation Tiberius, written in 2002, found underworld syndicates used their contacts in the controversial brotherhood to “recruit corrupted officers” inside Scotland Yard, and concluded it was one of “the most difficult aspects of organised crime corruption to proof against”

The report – marked “Secret” – found serving officers in East Ham east London who were members of the Freemasons attempted to find out which detectives were suspected of links to organised crime from other police sources who were also members of the society.

Famous for its secret handshakes, Freemasonry has long been suspected of having members who work in the criminal justice system – notably the judiciary and the police.


When investigating this type of judicial rort, we here at LF like to cover all bases, so again, we went looking for more evidence.

Now its a given that Free Masons are notoriously secretive, so, like a bad case of Gonorrhea, they are, more often than not, very hard to spot. That is until they start moving up in the KKK like world and into positions such as “Masters” or the Grand Poo Baa’s. When they do however they inevitably start to shoulder responsibilities that require them to comply with their statutory obligations, you know small things like tax evasion and concealing property ownership.

Free Mason Lodges all over the Western world attract all sorts of people, especially those that know the more nefarious virtues of networking; of being able to call people in high places a “friend”.

Old school Real Estate Agents are, for want of a better expression, a perfect fit with Free Masonry, and our friend Dale Vanderhoof is no exception, Dale has been enjoying the fruits of Freemasonry for a number of decades.

In fact, whilst he called Wellington home, Dale was very heavily involved in the Free Masons, to the extent that he was even a director of one of the many limited liability companies that front the business side of the organisation:

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

LF are not saying that Free Masonry is in-itself evil, but it has been evidenced time and time again that evil men are drawn to the organisation with a variety of “secret” agenda’s. The proverb “Man is known by the company he keeps” is applicable to many groups and when it comes to nasty bastards, it should certainly not be limited to the Free Masons. In this case however we are going to focus on the Free Mason’s, in fact once we have more information, names, dates, places, Team Lauda Finem intends taking a detailed microscopic look at Vanderhoof’s so called “friends”

We are now going to leave the focus on events and evidence surrounding Hume’s criminal “set-up” and spread our net to cover some of the other related matters that the Wanganui Chronicle and its “journo’s” saw fit to dedicate valuable space on their front page.

Once Vanderhoof and Palmer-Holmes had succeeded in obtaining the wrongful criminal conviction, thus fucking Hume’s credibility, they then went after his income – this is text book strategy for anyone who’s engaged in corrupt behaviour and wishes it concealed, first rule of thumb – discredit any witnesses.

The next round of attacks, in addition to evidencing that Vanderhoof and Palmer-Holmes were little more than two fraudsters, was for Vanderhoof at least, in LF’s view, very much an egocentric and self preservational move; the type of behaviour that also ticks every box for a diagnosis of chronic Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD).

As an aside, almost all professional sales people exhibit some traits that are found in individuals afflicted with NPD, but in Vanderhoof’s case its more serious, especially when looking at the self aggrandising crap he has published online, and then comparing the spin doctored web speal to his less than mediocre real life achievements – including a whole raft of insolvent, gutted, still smouldering, real-estate businesses that have been left in the wake of his tumultuous real estate career – just how Vanderhoof ever got past muster to become a JP is a complete fucking mystery.

Vanderhoof’s next move was to file a number, sorry shit loads of complaints, LF have been advised in excess of seventy, against Hume with New Zealand Real Estate Agents Authority (REAA), so many in fact that any other citizen, engaing in similar behaviour, might just have been considered, at best a fucking nut job and or something far worse, a vexatious litigant.

As aforesaid, until his foray into the REAA’s jurisdiction, Vanderhoof had very much taken a back seat in the prosecution of William Hume, but with the criminal trial now out of the way, and Humes credibility fucked, its glaringly obvious that in Vanderhoofs dealings with the REAA something had changed; for whatever reason Vanderhoof felt more at home, far more comfortable in the REAA environment, in control so to speak.

Strange behavioural patterns can expose that which has been concealed and this is where LF yet again began to smell a rat and so went looking for evidence of anything untoward. As suspected we eventually found the evidence nesessary to explain Vanderhoofs sudden confidence and the increase in his audacious attacks on Hume.

Vanderhoof keeps a Facebook page, although we suspect it will soon disappear, and amongst his friends was a woman that the Team @ Lauda Finem had already been given a number of good reasons to investigate, one Ngaire VANDERHOOF.

Ngaire Vanderhoof (L) , the REAA's spin doctor and daughter of Dale Vanderhoof (R).

Ngaire Vanderhoof (L) , the REAA’s spin doctor and daughter of Dale Vanderhoof (R).

Further investigation led us to discover that not only did she share her surname but that she was also Dale Vanderhoof’s daughter. The one and only Ngaire Vanderhoof, the REAA’s media, advertising and communications manager, aka the REAA’s political commissar, spin doctor and trouble shooter, a woman that LF has evidenced has corruptly used her media contacts in other REAA cases to conceal and contaminate evidence and the truth.

The association was extraordinary, especially given the suspect articles that had appeared in the Wanganui Chronicle slagging William Hume. Now there are a number of other factors that also come into play here.

As aforesaid LF had been investigating Ngaire Vanderhoofs involvement in other cases of corruption by the REAA, especially her involvement with bent politicians, bent journalists and the New Zealand Herald, the very same newspaper that had run the syndicated Wanganui Chronicle stories on William Charles Hume’s conviction and REAA woes.

So with the media connection in mind we revisited the two journalists who had actually been named by the Wanganui Chronicle, Aaron van Delden and Merania Karauria.

Again, using just Facebook, we were also able to trace their articles back to the REAA and, not one but two REAA employees; senior investigator Gerald Gallacher and of course the marketing, media and communications manager, Ngaire Vanderhoof – Dale Vanderhoof’s buxom Aryan daughter.

Aaron van Delden, his dad Michaels mate Gerald, the REAA Senior investigator, had the "inside" story.

Aaron van Delden, his dad Michael van Delden had a mate, Gerald Gallacher, an REAA senior investigator, who undoubtedly had the inside story on what had been done to William Hume.

Aaron van Delden’s facebook page contained a link to his father, one Michael van Delden. When LF looked closely at Michael van Delden’s own Facebook page we were more that a little gobsmacked to find’ listed amongst his many online buddies’ one Gerald Gallacher. Our surprise was not immediate however, it came once we had undertaken the mind-numbing task of looking at every single connection and then the added obligatory search on Gallacher himself.

Facebook buddies Michael van Delden (L) and his REAA mate Gerald Callacher (R)

Facebook buddies Michael van Delden (L) and his REAA mate Gerald Callacher (R)

Thats when we discovered that Gallacher, like Ngaire Vanderhoof, was in fact employed by the REAA, despite the work involved, the six degree’s of separation theory had yet again proved invaluable. Funnily enough LF are not the only investigators who subscribe to the “six degree” theory – the GCSB, NSA and GCHQ are also apparently big fans of the hypothesis and of course ‘Facebook’ and ‘Linkedin’.

We were also additionally able establish concealed links between an REAA tribunal member, one Gary Denley, and Dale Vanderhoof. Denley, who sat in judgment of Hume, has, like Vanderhoof, been heavilly involved in areas of Real Estate industry advocacy over the years and is also a Free Mason In fact Denley currently holds a similar position to that which Dale Vanderhoof held whilst living in Wellington, he’s also a director of a Free Mason related commercial entity:

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Denley’s role on the Tribunal is in itself somewhat troubling given his alleged stance prior to the recent legislation passing into law. Denly was apparently apposed to the legislation and from what we can ascertain Denley may well have been one of Minister Nathan Guys political appointments, a cushy little job allocated to Denley to appease certain key “old guard” stakeholders.

Click to view Denley's entire submission in pdf format

Click to view Denley’s entire submission in pdf format

Aside from the fact that Denley sat on Hume’s case and asked some very strange and often loaded questions of Hume, and then managed to draw more than a few even stranger conclusions there is another extremely disturbing fact that LF managed to uncover, thanks to our research teams discovery of the documents above.

Garry Denley, REAA Tribunal member, Rreal estate insider, and associate of the notorious corporate fraudster Michael Francis Cadman.

Garry Denley, REAA Tribunal member, real estate insider, and Masonic associate of the notorious corporate fraudster Michael Francis Cadman.

It appears that Mr Garry Denley numbers amongst his friends and fellow Free Mason’s a man who’s name, in an historical context, is synonymous with an absolutely massive fraud; a fraud that was in its time the largest financial institutional collapse in New Zealand history, even by todays standards this bloke is up there with the best.

Michael Francis Cadman, a man who oversaw the now notorious collapse of Registered Securities Limited and New Zealand Mortgage Guarantee Limited and a host of related companies in 1988, a collapse of unprecedented scale, that saw unwitting businessmen, pensioners and other mum and dad investors left destitute. As one online commentator recounts:

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Whilst LF are not suggesting for one minute that Denley was in anyway responsible for, or involved in, the massive collapse of Registered Securities Limited, the subsequent financial devastation and fallout, we will again however leave readers with this simple proverb; “Man is known by the company he keeps”

In the next post in this series we’ll be dealing with the REAA and the likely malfeasance that Hume may have unwittingly been a victim of. Its LF’s view that Mr William Hume may have, very much, underestimated the scale of the so called “set-up” that his nemisis Dale Vanderhoof had engaged and succeeded in manufacturing. Mr Hume completely understandable frustration, is best captured in yet another piece penned for the Wanganui Chronicle:

Hume told Judge Barber: “I am getting angry … I’ve had enough of this stuff … I can’t listen to it, it’s really starting to agitate me.”

Knowing whats occurred and just how Hume was very likely the victim of a “Set-up” we here at Lauda Finem can certainly understand why Mr William Hume may have felt this way!!!

Footnote; Lauda Finem will be uploading relevant reference material over the coming days as we continue with our investigation into the criminal skulduggery surrounding Mr William Hume’s false conviction and the REAA witch hunt, so readers are advised to keep checking this particular post for additional material as its uploaded.

If any reader has been treated badley by the REAA, vendor or agent, and would like their story told why not drop LF an email at:

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    • Hi Noddie,

      Team LF suggests that you should take a look at the comments in this post;

      It seems that Kerri Thomas’s involvement in the William Hume case has just been exposed for all to see

    • Hi Noddie . Thank you for your input . The hole thing has been very stressful to be honest not only am I out of pocket for the money they owe me but for all the legal costs that came with Vanderhoofs 83 complaints to the REAA and 24 to the police . As well as sending armed police 6 or 7 to my home while my little girl was having her birthday 10th party . Upsetting the kids . When just the day before when Vanderhoof had said I had threatened to kill his partner . I had gone strait to the police station given them my card and said to them Please ask the officer that is handling this false allegation to contact me I am happy to come down and help them sort it out any time . But no instead they came more than 24hrs later with guns to my house to arrest me and frighten and upset my kids aged 8 and 10 . .. There is how ever no mention of Vanderhoofs assault on my little girl and the pain he caused her . And that he was warned by the police for his actions . This is a matter of police record . More to come .

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      Hi, Samantha,

      Happily, I am not the same Kerri Thomas who pretends to be a lawyer in Wanganui. I have never charged anyone anywhere near $11,000 for my services and I extend an invitation to you to see all my accounts. I also don’t pretend to be a lawyer. A lawyer has L.L.B after their name and actually tells people they are a lawyer. I tell people I am not. So I am not the person your friend had a run in with. Thank you, though, for giving your name. The author of this website is someone who hides behind anonymity and attacks people who cannot attack him/her back because we do not know who he/she is. What a coward. No doubt this response of mine will generate another vitriolic attack on me but, hey, in for a penny, in for a pound.

      • Hi Kerri Thomas,

        Whats with the “Vitriolic” label Kerri? You’re not one who finds the whole truth at all palatable are you honey.

        We’re not sure about Samantha’s concerns, however, the Team @ Lauda Finem only ever deal in facts. Fact One; You’re a fraudster and you’ve been advertising in breach of section 22 of the NZ Lawyers and Conveyancers Act 2006, holding yourself out as being qaulified to give “legal advice”. Fact Two; you seem to fit the profile of the Kerri Thomas that Samantha has referred to, as you do live in Wanganui, and you do hold yourself out as qaulified to give “legal” advice when in fact you’re not. We know this because the email and IP addresses you used to comment are identical to that used on your shonky and misleading websites contact page. So we’ll leave readers to make up their own minds shall we?
        The email addresses are identical

        It may come as a surprise Kerri but LF is not an individual, its a collective. As for the “hiding behind” and “coward” descriptives Kerri why don’t you save those two gems for your next “novel”, they’re completely wasted on our readership, given that they’re now aware that you’re a complete and utter fuckwit

  • Kerri Thomas says:

    Your lack of evidence of this alleged set up that allegedly involves a very large number of people is quite breathtaking. It might pay you, if you are going to engage in this sort of reportage, to get a legal education so that you can learn to sift facts from hearsay and unsubstantiated allegations. Unless, of course, you believe that law schools are also part of some conspiracy that you haven’t worked out yet?

    • Hi Kerri Thomas,

      We’d suggest that you’re the one that needs to obtain an LLB Kerri, and pretty quickly by the looks of it.

      You see Kerri, holding a BBs (Law?), especially from a half arsed Kiwi Uni like Massey, just doesn’t cut the mustard with any Law Society, especially when you’ve been busy adervertising “Legal services” online without “lawful entitlement”.

      With that in mind honey, and remaining on the subject of “law”, we’d suggest you take the time to check out the New Zealand Lawyer and Conveyencers Act 2006, especially Section 22, (1), (2) & (3);

      BBs (Law)? A Batchelor of Bullshit supremacy perhaps Kerri? Say G’day to Dale Vanderhoof for us love!

      Here’s another of those old adage’s; “sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction”.

      As is often the case with comments such as Kerri’s, there was more behind it than first met the eye.

      LF readers can find out more about Kerri, who she actually is, what she does for a crust, where she lives, what it was that likely pushed the big red bullshit button on her forehead and more by viewing LF’s complete response to Kerri Thomas’s comment here:

  • Lindsay R. Kennard says:

    I guess you are aware the chair of the REAA is Kristy McDonald QC National’s Miss ‘Fixit” of things they want buried or at least heavily muddied

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