Dunnett leaving Napier's Court House


Dunnett leaving Napier's Court House

Adam Dunnett leaving Napier’s Court House

Warning: This story contains course language

(NZ Police officers reading LF insist on it)

Alleged Police sexual predator and lascivious life guard constable Adam ‘digit dipper’ Dunnett denies having his fat penis sized pinky in the precious pussy of a 16 year old Napier school girl.

A witness, another young girl in the budding pubescent prime of her sexuality identified Dunnett, as the dirty old ‘Dipshit’ who did it to her friend. The young women was passing Adam Dunnett and her friend on the life guard clubhouse verandah when she noticed that the girl had an uncomfortable look on her face as though she had just been digitally violated with an official NZ police wedding ring wearing digit.

Dunnett's Barrister Jonathan Krebs. Why is it that cops when charged almost always select crown prosecutors to run their defence?

Dunnett’s Barrister Jonathan Krebs. Why is it that cops when charged almost always select crown prosecutors to run their defence?

Defence Counsel (and Crown prosecutor) Jonathan Krebs proposing that the girl was to intoxicated to properly identify his client. It was another penis figured perp Krebs claimed. The trial degenerated at one point with a witness yelling across the court room that’s a lie….I’ll never forget the feeling of that finger mmmm.

Dunnett admitted to fondling one of the girls firm full breasts but alleged it was consensual…well he had consented in any event as he spooned her, finger fucked her and sent her home to mum and dad….it was a school night. They were all ho’s bro who wanted a bit of this bad old boy.

The 37 year old sexual offender, sorry accused, is still on full police pay until after the trial. When he will be jailed. A police spokesman was quick to deny that the NZ police force was fronting the legal expenses of one of it’s finest. The spokesman distancing himself and the force from Dunnett, just in case he goes down.

Adam Dunnett was always a giver. As life guard director and coach at Ocean Beach surf club he was always fantasising of giving it to the young gurlies. Dunnett was also accused of fondling and fingering a young girl at the Taradal fire station during slap up drinking session. “ I only wanted to show her my hose was his excuse…no really it is quite impressive if I say so my self”

Adam Dunnett was doing a BAFTA award winning sympathy sob when being cross examined by crown prosecutor Gavin Thornton. Thornton alleged the accused was tailoring his evidence to extract his sorry arse from a few years in the ‘can’.

Napier Crown Prosecutor Gavin Thornton

Napier Crown Prosecutor Gavin Thornton

Dunnett had previously admitted to fondling and groping a flirty and playful teenagers melons but only because he believed it was consensual and she was shitfaced. Spooning a hapless parents schoolgirl daughter shoving your married finger into her pussy whilst massaging her glorious breasts might have over stepped the mark but hey I went there for fun, my moral compass was affected by alcohol. Well Constable Dunnett you will be able to say the same thing about the big house… I went their for fun and all the sex I could with under aged offenders.

The prosecutor Thornton asked Dunnett “ do you really believe a 16year old hotty would want to be sexually intimate with a man old enough to be her father? Dunnett replied “I’m sure that somewhere in this world a 16year old is having a sexual relationship with a 37year old man….and this is Napier, New Zealand and I am a cop…it’s just what we do man….. ask ex police officers Schollum, Shipton and Rickard… That’s how we roll baby!

LF will update our readers on what Judge Les Atkins QC has to say on the matter when the judgment is released. As for Mrs Dunnett is she standing by her man….sorry constable?

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  • Samantha Hays says:

    Glenys is a low life cop – pretending to be a woman named “Glenys” – what a fuckwit

  • Glenys Bryson says:

    Boy I hope you have your facts right with this. I f not I hope that cop sues your butt.

    • Hi Glenys Bryson

      You obviously haven’t properly read or even comprehended the above post. Whats even more evident is the fact that you obviously haven’t been following the trial or other media oulets sweetheart, otherwise you’d know that everything we’ve “repeated” has already been said, admitted to on oath by Dunnett himself, the only issue appears to be whether or not Dunnett had consent. So how about YOU stick to the things you are sure of before you start rubbing those fat little gleeful fingers of yours together. Oh and next time use your real name drop kick.

      • Glenys Bryson says:

        Two things. How rude are you? I am now unsubscribing. I have used my real name (and I am not a drop kick) and if I could be bothered I would send you proof via my birth certificate. Clearly you DON”T get your facts right. Goodbye!

      • Now don’t you forget to shut the door on the way out Glenys, oh and make sure it doesn’t hit you in the arse…..you’re not subscribed to LF “Glenys”, pull the other one……you’re a fucking troll

    • Hey Glenys, Give our love to the big “O”. By the way did you hear the one about the bent lying cunt of a cop who was recently done for sexual offending? We think his name was Dunnett. Of course you did, that’s why you’re now looking more likely to be the local districts police commander, or perhaps another bent cop that likes to masquerade as a female when online: http://laudafinem.com/2014/05/30/the-sobbing-plod-its-official-constable-adam-dunnett-done-it/

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