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Malcolm Mayer at his sentencing, Aucklands District Court

Malcolm Mayer at his sentencing, Aucklands District Court

Greg “big balls” Bradford has confirmed he has filed appeals against both the convictions and sentencing of Malcolm Duncan Ingerman Mayer “the 50 Million dollar swindler”.  The truth be known Greg wants to get his hands on some of the proceeds of crime stashed away by Mayer in Warren Wilsons underpants.

LF is surprised given his confession to Tony Wall of the Sunday Star times at the home of Dermot Nottingham in 2009. Despite the animus and the big pay out by Fairfax to Nottingham for their many highly defamatory stories over the years Nottingham handed the story to Fairfax’s investigative journo Tony Wall, because unlike Fiona Rotherham, Jenny McManus, Cameron Bates, and Phil Kitchin, Tony Wall had a reputation for integrity.

That and the New Zealand Herald were an absolute bunch of lying fucking tosser’s.

LF has it on good authority that Nottingham, as is his nature, had filmed Mayer on numerous occasions confessing to the criminal frauds, and also filmed Mayer’s sister-in-law offering up her involvement in his orgy of criminal forgery and fraud.

Apparently Nottingham secured a video statement from the sister-in-law following a visit to the SFO. None of these video’s have been supplied to the Serious fraud Office…as yet. (LF however have the complete set, here in the Netherlands for safe keeping)

None of this additional material has been supplied to Greg Bradford.

Nottingham interogates

Nottingham interrogates, a photo still from incriminating video footage kept with LF, here in Amsterdam

Greg should walk and talk very carefully, lest he fall head first into a pile of the smelly brown stuff…..ok, shit

Greg Bradford is a nice guy, but he was seriously out of his depth when he decided he would telephone the man responsible for locating the “cache” of incriminating documents, inclusive of what would later become known as “the Forgers Kit”, located on the 5th Floor of Mayer’s and Turnbull’s Peace Tower at 2 St Martins Lane, Grafton, Auckland New Zealand.

That 8 story sky scraper referred to by Nottingham as Mayer’s Tower in pieces. Bradford not only telephoned Phillip Nottingham, but the numb-nuts then sent him an invitation to join a conspiracy to defeat justice in the form of a defence memorandum setting out how he planed to falsely accuse TEL and the SFO of fraud and defeating justice.

A minor detail, but a gross under estimation of the Nottingham’s motivations.

Mayer, and his criminal mate, serial insolvent and vexatious losing litigant Warren Arthur Wilson, who had been appointed liquidator of Mayer’s Sage Corp Ltd [prior to yet another bankruptcy] decided to attack Nottingham and his real estate company in an effort to have both Nottingham witnesses change their stories and have the incriminating documents ruled inadmissible in the Criminal trial.

Mayer instructed Wilson to make an enormous amount of false accusation’s against property Bank Realtor Limited, one of the Nottingham company’s . Given this extraordinary conduct by Warren Arthur Wilson how the fuck did Bradford think he could persuade men with a proven track record of taking on the corrupt establishment no matter the opposition or cost.

Wilson had laid a false complaint in accordance with the Mayer camps dastardly conspiracy to defeat justice with the Real Estate Agents Authority [REAA] in 2010 claiming that the documents located by Phillip Nottingham on the 5th Floor of Peace Tower were false and fraudulent forgeries.

Mayer telling all to Fairfax's Tony Wall..... well not quite all.

Malcolm Meyer spilling his guts to Fairfax’s Tony Wall….. well to be completely honest, Malcolm probably didn’t spill everything, he missed a couple of seriously incriminating points when Mr Wall was doing the interviewing.

He also accused Nottingham and the rest of the various companies staff of intimidation, bullying, burglary disconnecting essential services, and stealing rental income from the building at 82 Symonds Street, Grafton.

The REAA decided to take no further action because the claims of Warren Arthur Wilson had no evidence to support them. Wilson appealed and the matter was brought before the Real Estate Agents Disciplinary Tribunal. Unfortunately this Tribunal had members on it who had their own anti Nottingham agenda forged in the heat of the previous decades of Nottingham campaign’s.

Nottingham complained to the Serious Fraud office that Wilson and Mayer were trying to intimidate and dissuade a Crown witness from giving evidence. The SFO failed to act to prevent the ongoing attempts of wicked Wilson and Mayer.

Nottingham refused to give evidence himself for the SFO but offered Earle McKinney to give evidence in his stead.

A trap was then set to induce Wilson and Mayer to admit their criminal intention to touch the witness’.

Nottingham wrote to the SFO saying he would not give evidence because of the conduct of Wilson and Mayer and that besides, he thought Mayer might be innocent – an extra inducement for Greg Bradford to approach the Nottingham’s and put effect to the conspiracy to tamper with a crown witness.

Be very carefull skating on that ice Bradford it looks real thin from here.

Be very carefull skating on that ice Mr Bradford, it looks mighty thin from where we’re standing, and we’re fucking experts on ice here in the Netherlands.

Was it just a bit too obvious for an experienced legal counsel to fall for? Well apparently not, and defence counsel Bradford fell for it hook line and sinker.

That letter was disclosed to Mayer and his counsel Greg ‘Big balls’ Bradford.

Bradford and Mayer walked straight into the trap set and wrote to Nottingham with a memorandum stating that if the Nottingham’s would change their evidence which was crucial to the prosecution of Mayer, then the false Wilson appeal would go away and the Nottingham’s would, after fucking the SFO sideways, would look like hero’s. Nottingham giggled to himself and put the attempt to dissuade a Crown witness away for a rainy day.

That day may be coming Mr Greg Bradford. Just so our readers are clear section117 a and e of the Crimes Act 1961 states;

117 Corrupting juries and witnesses

Every one is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 7 years who—

dissuades or attempts to dissuade a person, by threats, bribes, or other corrupt means, from giving evidence in any cause or matter (whether civil or criminal, and whether tried or to be tried in New Zealand or in an overseas jurisdiction); or

influences or attempts to influence, by threats or bribes or other corrupt means, a member of a jury in his or her conduct as such (whether in a cause or matter tried or to be tried in New Zealand or in an overseas jurisdiction, and whether the member has been sworn as a member of a particular jury or not); or

accepts any bribe or other corrupt consideration to abstain from giving evidence (whether in a cause or matter tried or to be tried in New Zealand or in an overseas jurisdiction); or

accepts any bribe or other corrupt consideration on account of his or her conduct as a member of a jury (whether in a cause or matter tried or to be tried in New Zealand or in an overseas jurisdiction, and whether the member has been sworn as a member of a particular jury or not); or

wilfully attempts in any other way to obstruct, prevent, pervert, or defeat the course of justice in New Zealand or the course of justice in an overseas jurisdiction.

Section 117: replaced, on 18 June 2002, by section 7(1) of the Crimes Amendment Act 2002 (2002 No 20).


Defence counsel Greg Bradford’s memorandum dated 17th February 2012 trying to induce the Nottingham’s to change their evidence states;

“Mrs Pain at Trial said she thought the documents had come directly from level 5 and was unaware of the fact that the Nottingham’s had “read every page”….If the level 5 documents were ruled inadmissible the SFO would not have a case against Mr Mayer. …..The “forgers kit” and other damning evidence found at level 5 could have easily come from the Turnbull offices, somehow the Nottingham’s have found the same and acted accordingly…..the Nottingham’s are in fact being used by TEL as a shield for TEL dirty work…..TEL may say that they had no knowledge of what the Nottingham’s were doing and that they have acted outside their instructions. The Nottingham’s are the fall guys accordingly.”


Greg Bradford then introduces what he perceives as his bargaining chip to force the Nottingham’s to recant their evidence. The false Warren Arthur Wilson complaint to the REAA is then mentioned at page 2 paragraph b.

Normally with a straight READT Tribunal there would, or could, be no issues arising as leverage but Warren Arthur Wilson and Malcolm Duncan Ingerman Mayer knew a foul wind was blowing through that particular judicial body.

The game was afoot and in play; Bradford’s memorandum sets out the basis for the advance;

“ It is apparent that this is what has happened when one considers the scrap going on between the Nottingham’s and Warren Wilson Liquidator, their real estate licence, etc”


Bradford then goes on to admit that it is them “ Mayer and Wilson” that are scrapping with the Nottingham’s and there is no utility to it, besides the fact the fight is a complete fabrication of the soon to be bankrupted Wilson on behalf of Mayer.

Bradford then suggests at page 2 (paragraph f) of his memorandum that since there is no utility to fighting the Nottingham’s with the false complaints to the REAA they should get them working for the Mayer team to have the documents ruled inadmissible and the Nottingham’s would be seen as champions of justice.

Nottingham interogates

Nottingham interrogates – Jesus Mary and Joseph Malcolm likes a Chardy or two – wired for sound hidden camera video still from Malcolm Meyer’s never before seen full confession to the TEL frauds.

In fact Bradford suggest that the Nottingham’s could come out of this smelling like roses with some serious publicity praising their work. For good measure Bradford brings up the conduct of Jim Bolger who was involved in the National Party’s attempts to defeat justice over the Car Wars odometer fraud. Nottingham had charged Douglas Graham, Jenny Shipley and the head of the SFO at the time, David Bradshaw, over the naughty Nat’s and their Car dealer mates (Doug Grahams brother) and their attempts to defeat Justice.

Bradford specifically writes;

“ Assuming that there is no utility in scrapping with the Nottingham’s we should get them alongside us to advance Mr Mayer’s defence. I suggest meeting both the Nottingham’s to put the proposition to them that there is no utility fighting with the Mayer camp but rather direct mutual attention to TEL.

The Nottingham’s could be again seen as the champions of Justice by exposing the misbehavior of TEL to date. TEL being a company chaired by Jim Bolger who not so long ago in the House slated the Nottingham’s as disreputable people. It is ironic that having done so TEL now retain the Nottingham’s to ‘assist’ TEL to sort out the mess. The Nottingham’s could come out of this smelling like roses with some serious publicity praising their good work. I believe the Nottingham’s will have a complete document trial in all their dealings with TEL which will assist them to expose in effect the TEL fraud on the SFO.”


Bradford, under the heading The way forward repeats the assertion that there is absolutely no utility to the Wilson / Mayer team directing their efforts to falsely damage the Nottingham’s reputations and tries to appeal to the Nottingham’s ego’s. He comments at page 3 of his memorandum;

“I believe the Nottingham’s being the “champions of justice” would agree that there is no utility in scrapping with us…. There is however some serious mileage to be gained by them in exposing the TEL behaviour to date. Not only will it promote the Nottingham’s in the market place,…. If we can have the level 5 documents ruled inadmissible the SFO will not have a case. The Nottingham’s can assist us with that if they are handled the right way. On this basis a further challenge to the level 5 documents should be advanced…….the conduct of TEL could well amount to perverting the course of justice in all the circumstances


Needless to say the Nottingham’s refused the offers advanced by Wilson, Mayer and Bradford, and set about getting down to the scrap with the decidedly dodgy REAA.

Warren Arthur Wlison, criminally insane, but is that a defense?

Don’t worry Warren Arthur Wilson we certainly haven’t forgotten you, criminally insane, yeah sure, but is that really a defense?

Applications were drafted to strike out the Wilson appeals, when that failed an application to recuse the Tribunal was filed.

Click to view entire application

Click to view entire “strike-out” application (pdf)

Click to view entire application

Click to view entire “recusal” application (pdf)

Meanwhile Michael Hodge a low rent lying partner in Meredith Connell tried to change the REAA’s CAC ruling to attempt to nail the Nottingham’s.

Crown counsel Michael Hodge of Meredith Connell,

An application to disbar counsel for the REAA for egregious conduct was also filed against Michael Hodge of Meredith Connell.

An application to disbar counsel for the REAA for egregious conduct was also filed.

Preparations were advanced to prosecute Warren Arthur Wilson under s 153 of the REAA [Act] 2008, and Perjury 108 and 109 of the Crimes Act 1961, and s 116 of the crimes Act 1961.

153 Offence to resist, obstruct, etc
A person commits an offence who, without reasonable excuse,—

(a)resists, obstructs, deceives, or attempts to deceive any person who is exercising or attempting to exercise any power or perform any function under this Act; or
(b)gives to any person who is exercising or attempting to exercise any power or perform any function under this Act any particulars knowing those particulars are false or misleading in any material respect.

Warren Arthur Wilson put his hands up and agreed to discontinue his false appeal. The Nottingham’s dealing with a seriously biased Tribunal, and a Crown counsel with an obvious agenda, was a waste of time and effort and empowered the faceless men standing in the shadows.

The Nottingham’s signed the discontinuance allowing criminal Wilson to escape justice before the READT. The Crimes Act charges for his, Mayer’s, and Bradford’s, attempts to pervert justice, however, remain extant.


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