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ACCForum, The Wislang Clan v Counterspin & The Karam Defamation Tort.


left to right, Miles Roger Wislang, Alan Gordon Thomas, Arrin Wislang, Parker, Kenneith Miller and Purkiss

left to right: Miles Roger Wislang, Alan Gordon Thomas, Arrin Wislang, Vic Purkiss, Kenneth Miller and Kent Parker

Since the announcement that retired Kiwi football player and business person turned justice crusader Joe Karam has eventually succeeded with his drawn out defamation case against a group that had been very publicly opposed to the verdict in the David Bain case has been inundated with email enquiries asking for detailed information about another website that is very similar in nature.

In the Karam case the group, who had opposed the verdict hadn’t just left one or two nasty messages on other large forum, they set up their own dedicated web presence, a website, and Facebook page, Justice for Robin Bain (now removed), which very quickly descended into a site not so much dedicated to getting at any given truth or preventing David Bain receiving compensation as it was a vehicle through which anonymous individuals were invited to join in the trashing of Karam and his 20 year old cause célèbre.

The website was established and headed up by one Victor Purkiss, British emegre and shop assistant of Tiroa, Coromandel, New Zealand and a like minded conspiracy theorist named Kent Parker, a web developer and the brains behind the existence of the offending website and Facebook page.

Now New Zealand is a very strange little country at the best of times, but when it comes to any issue of injustice, as a nation, it excels at having got it wrong, often with police and prosecution misfeasance, corruption and abuse of process having played a major part . The local population is more often than not likely to attack the victim of the claimed injustice or their supporters rather than rationally and objectively look at the evidence and either agree or agree to disagree.

The default national tendency is for clowns like Parker and Purkiss, who have absolutely no expertise or even personal knowledge of the victim or for that matter the history and or facts surrounding the case, is to take the view that their ill-informed, often deluded uneducated, opinion is all that matters, similar traits to those afflicted with serious psychiatric or  psychological dysfunction, who then unfortunately attract other like-minded intellectually or psychologically challenged nut-jobs to their irrational cause.

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 12.04.07 pm

Evidence of this very unfortunate pairs idiocy can still be heard in an interview conducted by Kiwi internet radio host and left of left-wing activist, Vinny Eastwood. It’s an interview that achieves little other than to support the Karam Judgement, given the pairs obvious lack of knowledge of the case, the evidence, and very basic elements of the defense and prosecution arguments. Whilst the interview is as boring as bat shit and leaves the listener with the feeling that Eastwood fails miserably in the credibility stakes, it’s an interview that both Parker and Purkiss will now both probably regret (audio/video available below).

David Bain (L) and Joe Karam (R)

David Bain (L) and Joe Karam (R)

For a number of very good reasons LF holds absolutely no position on the guilt or innocence of David Bain, none of our group were present at the retrial, nor were we impaneled to serve on the Bain jury. In fact LF has also taken the view that the so-called Second juror who belatedly sold her soul to the media, once the trial had concluded (and Bain in the process of seeking compensation), was also little more than an attention seeking nut-job.

In that interview absolutely no new evidence was produced that might have supported that jurors decision to go to the media; moreover, there was no evidence of prosecutorial or defense wrong doing or abuse. In fact the only conclusion that could be reached, in LF’s opinion, likely pointed to the juror having been put up to the politically inspired stunt by a corrupt government, and its party political wing, who were, and remain, hell bent on thwarting David Bain’s bid for compensation for wrongful incarceration.

In short it was likely, to the reasonable observer at least, little more than a cynical political stunt by the faceless men and women of New Zealand’s National party and an advertising cash grab by a corruptible media organisation that deemed it a worthwhile exercise to give the stupid bitch a little oxygen.

TVNZ, Rogue Jurors Campaign Exposed


LF does, however, hold strong views on the competence and conduct of the New Zealand police and crown lawyers during the investigation and the various subsequent events that irreparably damaged any chance of Bain receiving a fair trial in the first place, and for that matter the killer, who ever they might have been, being brought to justice, and lets not forget the stock standard stunts pulled by the crown during the run up to Bain’s Privy Council appeal.

We also hold the view that Mr Joe Karam probably deserved the result New Zealand’s High Court delivered in this case. Much of what Parker, Purkiss and perhaps more importantly their forums “groupies”, had promulgated was not evidence, there was nothing new in what they all had to say, no good argument for having taken the positions they had – most of the shit was pure vitriol. LF aggressively supports free speech but in this case some of what Karam had been force feed, made to endure and been accused of was not supported by the evidence, in fact no clear evidence in support of the opinions expressed ever appeared to be produced, it was a fucking free for all, a fact that the judge ultimately honed in on in the judgement she delivered. The Karam v Parker Purkiss judgment can be read HERE.

Detective Milton Weir, Did he plant evidence at the crime scene as alleged?Weir certainly admitted painting "Hang Bain'' on his house after he left the police.

Detective Milton Weir, did he plant evidence at the crime scene as alleged? Weir certainly admitted painting “Hang Bain” on his house after he left the police.

In short the was little more than a bizarre internet manifestation of New Zealand’s many cultural flaws and its social weaknesses, the vocal minority populations hatred of justice crusaders, especially those who accomplish what they set out to achieve, and its one-eyed obsession with the destruction of anyone they believe to be a “tall poppy”.

If New Zealanders find Joe Karam or his approach too aggressive, obsessive or driven, so fucking what. Sure its a generalisation but LF, looking at the wider evidence, not just at the fall-out from the Bain case, have found that New Zealand and a large proportion of its remaining citizenry are more often than not a parochial, one eyed mob of stupid cunts, incapable of reason or the ability to view the issue of injustice from multiple perspectives with all its complexities. Of course that’s just our opinion, but apparently we’re not exactly the only group who hold it.

Karam may well be obsessive, but is it any wonder he is? The term obsessive, in Karam’s case, was of course first coined by New Zealand’s very own media midget, Paul Holmes, and Parker and Purkiss latched on to the ball that had been born of Paul Holmes sphincter and ran with it, the implications the pair attached, however went way beyond that which even Paul Holmes had intended. One thing is for sure though, when fighting for any cause unless determination, obsession, guts and intelligence are present no one will cut it as a “Justice Crusader”, especially in New Zealand.

Thats not to say however that these traits are prerequisites, no, the reality is just not that simple.

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 3.42.12 pm

If the budding crusader isn’t in possession of the aforementioned qualities, so inclined naturally so to speak, it’s not the end of the world. However, if they are to succeed, the average person will almost certainly change, they will inevitably be affected by the behaviour of those they confront, those who oppose their cause, the adversarial groups who will go to extreme lengths to try to halt their progress, often blatantly breaking the law to do so. In fact “the justice crusader” will eventually become the very thing that New Zealander’s just love to hate, simply because, in the end, they’re envious of success, and at the same time, like all who lack the capacity to understand or empathise, they fear them.

In LF’s experience, its only those who will have actually followed Joe Karam’s career, focused on him and not Bain, as a one case “justice crusader”, over the many years that he’s struggled to get, what he genuinely believed was justice for David Bain, who will have undoubtedly noticed the subtle and progressive changes in Karam’s personality. It’s those people who will have noticed that the way he approaches issues and deals with his opponents has evolved and changed, the slow erosion of the naïve belief that the truth will eventually prevail effortlessly, and the slowly dawning ever expanding awareness that the judicial system is inherently corruptible, especially in the very small legal circles that make up New Zealand’s justice system, and the hard-won knowledge that fire must be met with fire if one is to prevail.

These are the forces that shaped the Joe Karam everyone now see’s, and it should be said that he was not alone on that journey, his entire family, including his children, will have undoubtedly experienced their own personal epiphany. Karam is no longer the simple football player and businessman he was in 1994, when he was thrown in the deep end, and if people are confronted by that, if they are “offended” by the man he has become and his actions then so fucking what.

“It’s now very common to hear people say, ‘I’m rather offended by that.’ As if that gives them certain rights. It’s actually nothing more… than a whine. ‘I find that offensive.’ It has no meaning; it has no purpose; it has no reason to be respected as a phrase. ‘I am offended by that.’ Well, so fucking what.”

Source: I saw hate in a graveyard — Stephen Fry, [The Guardian, 5 June 2005]

In fact it was Parker and Purkiss’s lack of understanding of the Bain case, the man that Karam had become as a result and the obstacles he’d personally had to overcome that arguably resulted in their own undoing. To think that these two clowns, Parker and Purkiss, believed that somehow Karam would do little more than sit back and simply accept their crap, now really, how fucking deluded was that. Karam has become a pro, he’s been taking crap served up by bent cops and crown lawyers for twenty years so why would he tolerate two smarmy publicity hungry buffoons who thought they would get away with trashing Karam to what end?  –  But then again Parker and Purkiss have another twenty years to play “catch up” with  Karam; perhaps they might use that time to better appreciate and understand Karam’s schema, his own personal reality so to speak, how he has been caused to adopt, unlike most, a radically different view of the world in which he lives.

Who really believes that Parker and Purkiss will be standing outside a courtroom in twenty years time, arms held high, their cause having prevailed? Fuck off, this pair never had any intention of dedicating the rest of their lives to fighting for justice and the rights of a dead man. The only reason that this pair haven’t disappeared already is the fact that they have the deluded belief that their internet friends are actually real and will put their own hard earned cash where their own big mouths have been. Evidence of that particular self delusional schema is to be found in the fact that the pair launched an online appeal supposedly to fund their defense. They stopped updating that page in March 2012, probably because they realised their half-baked opinionated little internet buddies and the cash had dried up.

The real motives for pursuing Karam in the first place are however a little harder to ascertain, perhaps the next twenty years spent in psychotherapy will see Parker and Purkiss prevail with that one. In fact any cash they have managed to raise through their on-line appeal would probably be better spent on the psychotherapy they’ll both need to unravel their own schemas. webmaster Arrin Wislang

Left; co-founder, the websites builder and admin, Arrin Wislang. Wislang is now one of those ex pat Kiwi Health “professionals” (qualification; veterinary nurse) that enjoys robbing Australians of work. Wislang’s now employed by the Ballarat Health Service.

That then brings us to what LF believes is another of those New Zealand web sites/forum’s that, not unlike, will soon be making headlines in New Zealand and a few waves among the bureaucrats running the state of Victorias health service. As our regular readers will be aware LF has from time to time, over a couple of years, run stories on the kiwi web forum During that period we’ve managed to isolate the owners of the particularly nasty cyber-stalking site and the hand full of players behind it who’d managed to remain anonymous for well over a decade until outed by LF’s small but dedicated team of researchers.

Left: Andrew Rowe, CEO Ballarat Health services Wislangs current employer.

Mr Andrew Rowe (L), CEO Ballarat Health services, Wislangs current employer. Ballarat Health Services is the subject of an Australian complaint and inquiry – just how was it that a confidential letter of complaint to the Ballarat Health Service was found only a matter hours later on the very website complained of? At first glance it seems to LF staffers that Andrew Rowe or his PA may have breached a number of Victorian and Commonwealth Laws in the way they handled a legitimate complaint.

LF’s interest in this forum was first sparked when we were contacted by New Zealanders and ex pat Kiwi medico’s living in Australia (many now naturalised Australians) who had been mercilessly and systematically targeted by the forums so-called membership, in particular a hard-core group of members, who appeared, at least to the victims and LF, to be the forum’s backbone, its central nervous system so to speak.

We’ll be dealing with how and why the website’s ownership needed to be and was concealed. We’ll also be dealing with the fact that anyone having been targeted by the website/forum were, and remain to this day, unable to make complaints or demand that material be taken down:

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge: A very adroit observation of’s purpose, bearing witness to the intentionality of the websites “in-built” inability for anyone who has a grievance or been defamed on the website to write and complain or have the offending material removed.

In future posts we’ll be dealing with just how LF went about investigating the website and its so-called “anonymous” ownership and members.  Just how LF went about tracking down the sites creator and the many implications soon to be felt by all of those involved, including the New Zealand Government, its Accident Compensation Corporation, the State of Victoria’s Ballarat Health Service and its CEO Andrew Rowe.

Convicted ACC Fraudster and Takapuna Bomber Alan Gordon Thomas (L) and his dodgy business partner and very close friend Miles Roger Wislang. Wislang was one of only two witnesses Thomas brought in his defence whilst on trial for a $238'000 ACC fraud.

Convicted ACC Fraudster and Takapuna Bomber Alan Gordon Thomas (L) and his dodgy business partner and very close friend Miles Roger Wislang. Wislang was one of only two witnesses Thomas brought in his defence whilst on trial for a $238’000 criminal fraud.

Rowe, who in a series of quite extraordinary decisions breached a number of statutory safe-guards and along with those clear legal breaches has very likely broken many other Victorian State and Australian Commonwealth laws in whats appears to have been his somewhat naïve and misguided attempt to protect one of Ballarat Health Service’s more recent employee’s, New Zealander Arrin Wislang, the creator of and his extended family all of whom played a major role in the establishment of and its so-called “philosophy”; all of whom are clearly now wishing they hadn’t.

The next generation of Wislangs, apparently computer science is a passion, as is the family's passion for cyberstalking.

The next generation of Wislangs, Graeme Wislangs grandchildren and daughter in-law Bridget Wislang to be precise. Apparently computer science is a real passion, as are the family’s hobbies, playing doctor Mengele, cyberstalking, terrorism and dishonesty.

We’ll also be exposing how the Wislang family and its associates, fellow forum abusers such as Alan Gordon Thomas, since being outed, have engaged in the most bizarre of tactics, all of which have been constructed using smoke and mirrors, pure cyber fantasy and fabrication, in the belief that they could somehow hide their involvement in the website and its activities and how in doing so they have in fact further inculpate themselves in the sites criminal antics.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge, LF have been monitoring this particular ghost like inactive website since 2011

Posted in

Posted 24th January 2014 on a website created with a specific purpose in mind, sitting empty in cyberspace for years, used in January 2014 and only after Arrin Wislang had been named. Source:

Posted February 2014. It should be noted that LF have nver received any correspondence from Miles Wislang. The lack of specifics in this post by Wislang is a dead give away

Posted February 2014. It should be noted that LF have never received any correspondence from Miles Wislang, nor for that matter have the “Nottingham’s” Wislang names. Again, the lack of specifics in this post by Wislang is a dead give away – More about these screen grabs and the many more we’ll be posting later in this series. Source:

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge, Graeme Wislangs been busy trying to get Google to take down links…without just cause it would seem

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Many of the messages LF have received from the Wislang's (IP since they were outed as the "masters" of

Click to enlarge; Just some of the unpublished messages LF have received from the Wislang’s (IP since they were outed as being the “masters” of If they think this shit counts as contacting LF to explain a terrible case of mistaken identity they should think again

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge: The party leaving the above comments had access to www.accforum.orgs dashboard and the twitter account below

Click to enlarge: The party leaving the above comments had access to www.accforum.orgs dashboard and the twitter account below

25th Febuary 2013, the day Claire Avon Rae Hollis aka "Mini" put her foot in it.

25th Febuary 2013, the day Claire Avon Rae Hollis aka “Mini” put her foot in it.

ACCForum. Click to enlarge

Graeme Wislang, aka “NoShit“,  “Jew-Boy“, “Yid“, “awryly” & “MandyJane” Source, ACCForum:

One of the many twitter accounts used by the Wislang clan

One of the many twitter accounts used by the Wislang clan – Source:

LF will be bringing its readers a history of the Wislang family, the family’s involvement in criminal trials, instances of likely perjury; as in they relate to a very close relationship with convicted Takapuna Bomber, ACC fraudster, pathological liar, all round nut-job and serial litigant Alan Gordon Thomas, aka accforums “Campy”.

Click to enlarge: Miles Wislang and the Takapuna Bomber Alan Thomas have long been very close friend's, with Miles Wislang even willing to commit purjury during Thomas's ACC fraud trial.

Click to enlarge: Miles Wislang and the Takapuna Bomber Alan Thomas have long been very close friend’s, with Miles Wislang even willing to commit perjury during Thomas’s ACC fraud trial.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Miles Wislangs Privy Council appeal isn't the only thing the stupid cunt has misconceived.

Miles Wislang’s Privy Council appeal isn’t the only thing the stupid cunt has misconceived. Source:

Finally, LF will also be exposing the website, it’s owners, it’s founders, and a handful of it’s more active members for the role they played in assisting the New Zealand Government and its Accident Compensation Commission/Corporation in a series of Machiavellian schemes designed to defraud hundreds, possibly thousands, of ACC claimants of their lawful entitlements; the dollar value of which is, quite literally, staggeringly enormous.

This is yet another of those LF investigations that has taken many years and may in fact take a couple more as the associated legal actions slowly make their way through New Zealand’s Courts, the germane tribunals, the Australian State of Victoria’s Health Services Commissioner and various other State and Commonwealth statutory bodies charged with overseeing and investigating such matters.

The Karam v Counterspin tort and Karam’s statement of claim pale’s into insignificance when compared to the long list of events from which flows culpability for, its founders, administrators and of course the Wislang’s. That’s a very simple fact, one that the Wislang’s are more than well aware of, hence their half-arsed attempts to now distance themselves from and the obvious liability.

– Son, when you go away to school, spend your time with serious people; don’t hang around with people who go to parties all the time. A man is known by the company he keeps. If you want to know what kind of person George is, look at his friends. A man is known by the company he keeps he keeps

Of course the Wislang’s never had any intention of contacting those they are now falsely accusing of defaming them. The Wislang’s are cowards, none appear particularly bright either, although Miles and Graeme Wislang have always fancied themselves legal eagles, the privy council however had a quite different view of their so-called “legal” talents:

While it was obvious from the large amount of paperwork submitted that Wislang felt “greatly aggrieved” by his situation, “this whole challenge has been from first to last misconceived”, the committee said.

“It is regrettable that it was ever the subject of judicial review, let alone appeal …”

The case was dismissed with Wislang ordered to pay costs.


“Regrettable” ? Yes indeed, in fact an understatement, perhaps what the Privy Council likely really meant, when translated into plain English, might just have been more along the lines of;

This bastard obviously couldn’t handle having been caught red handed butchering people’s scalps and then thought he could do a better job with the law, but in reality, he absolutely butchered that too, wasting our time and tax-payers fucking money in the process!!

The truth is that the Wislangs have a trait, narsissism. It is that trait that drove Wislang to seek revenge against the very proffession that he percived had fucked him over - what better way than to set up a web forum that could in turn fuck the reputations of his fellow practioners, the very people that he percived had hung him out to dry, the people he had, by 2004, come to dispise.

Click to enlarge: The truth is that the Wislang’s all suffer a familial trait, narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). It is that trait that obviously drove “Dr” Miles Wislang to seek revenge against the very profession he perceived had fucked him over. What better way than to set up a web forum that would, in turn return the favour, fucking the reputations of his fellow medical practitioners, the very people who had, at least in Wislang’s twisted mind, hung him out to dry, the same professionals Wislang had, by December 2004, grown to greatly despise.

Back in the early 1990’s Miles Wislang first cut his teeth with wasting time and money when he unsuccessfully attempted to convince the broadcasting standards authority that the internationally renowned photograher Anne Geddes was a child pornographer. Perhaps Wislang is himself was concealing an inner demon when he tried to pull that sick stunt? Frankly its a wonder Anne Geddes did not sue the twisted arsehole for defamation.

Click to view pdf of judgement

Click to view pdf of judgement

Wislang was of course again given a slapping, although not before he had, in his “own inimitable manner”, attempted to convince the board that his fucked up and frankly delusional complaint required a personal appearance by none other than himself. Classic narcissistic behaviour?

LF will be bringing our readers a thorough comparative analysis of the culpable behaviour of the two websites and the likely result flowing from the false, malicious and defamatory material that has been published on, and and their associates other sites over a number of years using the findings of Justice Patricia Courtney in her judgement on the Karam v Counterspin case.

It seems to us that in Arrin Wislang and the clan only now feigning incredulity, relying on laws they themselve’s have long ignored and flouted and then crying foul; they may need reminding of an age old legal maxim……. this ones not in latin however;

“What’s good for the goose is good for the gander”

Click to enlarge, long-time www.accforum.orgWhistleblower David Butler has evidence that inculpates the Wislangs in some pretty serious shit, this post by Dave Butler was removed like so many others that mention the Wislangs - why?  Unfortuanately for Andrew Rowe the answer to that question will not be one he or the Ballarat Health Serve want to hear. Source: (removed by forum admin 24/5/2014)

Click to enlarge, long-time member and whistleblower David Butler clearly has evidence that inculpates the Wislang’s in some pretty serious shit, perhaps even criminal. The above post by Dave Butler was removed, like so many others that mention the Wislang name – why? Unfortunately for Andrew Rowe the answer to that question will not be one that he or the Ballarat Health Service really want to hear. Source: (removed by forum admin 24/5/2014)


UPDATE: It appears that the Wislangs, with over a decade of running a web forum designed to stalk, malign and defame hundreds of victims under their belt aren’t at all pleased that their own family is now receiving the recognition and attention it deserves for having done so.

It seems to us that the Wislangs, whilst feeling that every other Tom Dick and Harriette is fair game, are now feeling sorry for themselves. The Wislangs and their mate the convicted Takapuna bomber, Alan Gordon Thomas, enjoyed hiding behind complete anonymity whilst they engaged in years of cyber abuse which has effected literally hundreds of innocent victims and their families……..and now they scream WOLF!!!

It also seems that the Wislangs have enjoyed posting a few comments designed to bait LF before actually reading the above article thoroughly. LF have of course retained the many smart arsed messages sent by the Wislangs and we will be publishing those below as they are received. In later posts we’ll be detailing LF’s reasons:

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Click to image to enlarge, click here to view entire thread

Click image to enlarge, click here to view entire forum thread, Acc forum and the Wislang’s doing what they do best, false complaints, stalking, defamation it certainly seems that Graeme Wislang suddenly has a real Bee in his bonnet. So much so that he hasn’t noticed the train thats about to hit him.

“Letshavelunch19@gmail”, now where have we seen that email address before? Oh yes it’s the email address that was being used by www.accforum.orgs administrator to respond to LF’s url ping backs:

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge – comments referring to the LF website automated ping-backs and Whistleblower David Butler who the Wislangs have now blocked from using

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge, The Wislangs seem to have taken to altering their IP addresses, that certainly takes a little IT expertise!

Click to enlarge - More smoke and mirrors from Graeme Wislang, we're not sure which photos Wislang is refering to but LF doesn't remove material, unlike Click here to view the entire thread

Click to enlarge – More smoke and mirrors from Graeme Wislang, we’re not sure which photos Wislang is refering to but unlike LF never removes material, photographs or otherwise. 
Click here to view the entire accforum thread

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge, Wislang is obviously unaware of the fact that the New Zealand police have red flagged complaints from ACCForum members as likely false.

Click to enlarge, Wislang is obviously unaware of the fact that the New Zealand police have red flagged complaints from ACCForum members as likely false. Forum members such as Bruce Van Essen, Claire Avon Rae Hollis and Alan Thomas assisted police in reaching their conclusions. It’s not police constable Sam McHendry SMA 1225 (if he even exists) thats stupid, that title belongs to an idiot, named Graeme Wislang, who though he might waste a little police time and try it on. Click here to read the entire laugh a minute thread, Clowns, all of them, complete Clowns

Never mind the false alegations levelled against LF of “Child Abuse” by the nut-job Wislangs, thats just more ACCForum style smoke and mirrors, poor old Alan Rowe and Ballarat Health must now really be perplexed by the Wislangs access to the forums Admin and its ping backs, especially after all of those false claims Graeme admitted to making in the purported letter he wrote to Mr Rowe.

Mr Graeme Wislang should really read LF’s material thoroughly before he, as always, opens that big fat gob. Please remember if you, like the Wislang family, are a dedicated cyberstalker, it would be worth while rethinking the value of that behaviour, particularly if you’ve been fucking with peoples lives with impunity and then believe you can apply the same set of rules to fucking with Lauda Finem.

This post will be updated as and when the Wislangs leave comments either as www.accforum.orgs administrators using the bogus monikers “awryly” and “NoShit” or attempting to post comments here on LF using their known email addresses, or any other:

[evidential test period commenced: 24 April, 2014 @ 4:05:43 (CET) data collected 41 days]


Judge backs blogger’s fight against fraud

Alan Gordon Thomas v Accident Compensation Corporation (Laudafinem pdf)

Thomas v Accident Rehabilation Compensation Insurance Corporation [2010] NZACC 61 (21 April 2010) (online NZLII)

Hair transplant surgeon loses Privy Council appeal (NZ Herald)

Hair transplant appeal lost (NZ Herald)

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