Lawyer and all round scheisser Hugh Hamilton gets four years nine months jail

Hugh Edward Staples Hamilton

Hugh Edward Staples Hamilton

Kiwi lawyer and all round scheisser Hugh Edward Staples Hamilton was sentenced to four years nine months in the “big house” by the High Court at Auckland on the 7th July 2014. LF has done numerous stories as this case unfolded. Hamilton was the consummate good old boy National Party stalwart.

Hugh Hamilton is a typical narcissist who thought he was above the law. This scumbag has impeccable National party credentials. The former Mayor of Central Hawks bay for six years, President of the Waipukurau Rotary club and chairman of the Central Rugby and Sports Club. Hamilton had a brief period as the head of two brothels he had flogged from a deceased clients estate. Hamilton was also a recipient of a Queens honour’s award.

It was this serial criminal’s lust for dirty girls pussy and other people’s cash that was his undoing. Hamilton was convicted of 14 theft charges by a person in a special relationship. Hamilton’s criminality was a prolonged orgy of theft and enabling theft that eventually resulted in losses of some 12.5 million of investors funds from bankrupt finance company, Belgrave finance. Normally LF has no sympathy for the greedy grey finance company investors defrauded by the likes of Hamilton and frankly that sentiment stands. Put the fucking cash in first tier secured funding institutions.

What sickens us here at LF is that this far from remorseful scumbag lawyer was all about him when groveling for a reduction in his sentence. All about his previous life of good deeds. LF has no doubt this is not the first time this shit head has lied in affidavits, conspired to defraud and generally acted as most criminally insane members of the exalted profession do. Hamilton denied he had any money left after his prostitution business’s collapsed in an avalanche of used condoms and empty lube jars. A case of Hamilton spending his time-consuming all the Hookers time.

Hamilton 63 was looking decidedly drawn and dehydrated when standing in the dock. Incredibly Hamilton put his offending down to a ‘can do’ attitude. Can do you, can do crime. Crown lawyer Nick Williams was less impressed with Hamilton’s attitude to his victims and the offending and suggested he should serve some “real time” in prison. If Williams had his way Hamilton would have been in the slammer for another couple of years.

Hamilton pleaded impecuniosity saying he had briefly enrolled with Winz and was on the unemployment benefit awaiting prison. Saying his sense of shame and regret at getting caught would haunt him to his grave. LF has news for Mr Hamilton if guilt and regret doesn’t LF certainly will.

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