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The Blomfield Files – Toresen & Thompson Private Dicks, Who Is Daniel Toresen?

Daniel James Toresen aka Ace Venturer Pet Detective and all round fucktard.

Daniel James Toresen (aka Ace Venturer Pet Detective), completely corrupt, friend to criminals, bent ex cops and all round fuckwit. Daniels investigative specialities include tittle-tattle and fitting square pegs into round holes for his clients

In one of our previous posts, “The ace ventura pet detectives club”, LF exposed the fraudulent criminal complaint that had been filed with the New Zealand Police’s Sergeant Grant Harris at their Glen Innes station by Matthew John Blomfield and Martin Russell Honey, the location is very important.

We will be going into a little more detail about Blomfield and his co-conspirators reasons for having committed this particular crime but in this post we would like to give our readers more information on the so-called private investigator that aided and abetted Blomfield and Honey’s conspiracy.

The private investigator concerned is one Daniel Toresen (aka any assorted mix of the following; Danny, Dan, Toresen-Thompson, Thompson, “book em Danno”). Toresen is a director of a number of New Zealand companies, all of them related to the security and investigations industry (many of them having been struck off over the years). Although having said that LF knows that he is not the owner director of the company listed on his website.


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Toresen’s father Daniel Andrew Thompson, now semi retired, was also a director of the current trading entity and a number of other companies (listed in the bibliography below) since his departure from the New Zealand Police force in 1980.

In fact its was that list list of companies that first caught the eye of our researchers back in 2013 when LF was first alerted to the fact that Blomfield was likely up to no good. Two companies in particular stood out as exemplars, concealing the link to a wonderful trove of historic information held by LF’s sister organisation in its archives that could well explain Daniel James Toresen’s apparent preparedness to assist Matthew Blomfield in manufacturing a false police compliant by knowingly supplying a false police statement to the investigating officer concerned, one Sergeant Grant Harris of Glen Innes (County Manukau District Command);

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On the Toresen & Thompson website Daniel boasts that the firm has “thirty years experience” in policing matters, although who ever drafted the crap provides scant detail of what that thirty years comprised so lets take a closer look.

Daniel James Thompson Toresen has absolutely no hands on policing experience himself. His father however, Daniel Andrew Thompson is indeed a very inetersting subject, as are some of his bent ex-cop mates. Daniel sr, was a New Zealand police officer for a period. Thompson sr graduated from Sacred Heart Boys College in 1961, a couple of years later he entered the New Zealand police force, his uninspiring police career terminating in 1980, jumping before he was pushed, so to speak. In those final years in the New Zealand police  force Thompson sr served at various stations, inclusive of Otahuhu, in the Counties Manukau Area Command, then a notoriously corrupt police district, far more so than the reputation for corrupt police practices that it still enjoys.

Dan Thompson, aka Danny and Daniel Andrew

Lewis Proctors mate Dan Thompson, aka Danny and Daniel Andrew Thompson circa 2009

During his last years in the police LF’s archives have Thompson working along-side a notoriously corrupt Kiwi police officer who was also attached to the Counties Manukau area command. That bent cop was one Detective Sergeant Lewis Noel Proctor. Proctor is perhaps best known for his sham investigation of Helen Clarke at the behest of the strange Kiwi religious cult known as the “Bretheran”. Proctor, like his mate Thompson, also left the police force, although in Proctors case he was well and truly pushed before he could jump and for very good reason.

Proctor was unceremoniously sacked from the police force in 1982 after an occasion were he rapidly descended into an alcohol fueled psychotic rampage, assaulting senior police officers and civilian being held in custody in the process. As the New Zealand Heralds Patrick Gower reported at the time of the Helen Clarke fiasco (more material available in the bibliography below):

Brethren’s investigator went berserk at station

3rd October 2003

Patrick Gower

The investigator hired by the Exclusive Brethren to tail Prime Minister Helen Clark assaulted a man in custody and kicked a senior police officer in the groin during a bar-room brawl 25 years ago.

Herald files show private investigator Lew Proctor was convicted of assaulting three officers and another man after going berserk during a drinking session at the Papakura Police Station bar when still in the force as a detective in 1982.

The Herald files show Proctor struck one constable, headbutted another constable in the face and intentionally kicked Inspector Barry Davies in the groin as well as intentionally damaging a door.

Proctor’s rage began after a heated conversation about dogs with other officers in the bar, where he was saying he wanted to “show how he had hit the black Samoan bastard who hit his dog”.

He started taking several swings at a constable, putting his fist through a door, smashing a door and putting his fist through a toilet wall.

He then punched one of the constables in the face several times, butted the other and lashed out at Mr Davies, kicking him in the groin and later in the backside.

At some point, Proctor went into an interview room where a man was being held in custody, asked him a few questions, then punched him twice about the head.

In his defence, Proctor claimed he was suffering temporary insanity.

Source: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10404033

LF records show that Daniel Thompson Sr maintained a close friendship with Proctor despite his old Sergeants proclivity for suffering prolonged periods of madness, or “temporary insanity” as Proctor advised the court back in 1982.

In fact the pair have remained almost inseparable right up to the present day. As befitted the closeness of this typical corrupt ex-cop relationship Proctor and Thompson worked alongside each other subsequent to their respective departures from the New Zealand police force during the period 1980, when Thompson left, and eighteen months later, 1982, when Proctor was punted and charged with various criminal offences in the process, although, as was pretty much par for the course during that era, Proctor managed to escape an appropriate sentence.

During this same period the pair, Proctor and Thompson, were introduced to another ex-cop, Scottish emigre Ronald McQuilter, an ex United Kingdom police officer. The late 1980 ‘s saw Proctor and McQuilter and likely Thompson working together at Nationwide investigations. By the early 1990’s all three are to be found working together in various capacities and business, a pattern of behaviour that has continued up to the present day.

From left: Ron McQuilter, Daniel Thompson (Snr), Lewis Proctor

Ex-cops, birds of a feather – From left: Ron McQuilter, Daniel Thompson (Sr), Lewis Proctor

In fact so good were their respective working relationships that this trio eventually shared the ownership of several businesses during the two decades that followed, at least until Proctor was caught up in the aforementioned scandal involving New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clarke.

Click to enlarge - Source: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10403778

Click to enlarge – Source: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10403778

Proctors investigation into New Zealand PM Helen Clarke eventually descended into a farce, back-firing dramatically with both Proctor and another of his ex-cop colleagues, Wayne Idour, facing the wrath of their fellow private investigators, politicians and the public

PM’s stalkers face wrath of country’s private eyes


The private investigators hired by Exclusive Brethren members to follow Helen Clark and senior members of her cabinet have been called before the ethics committee of their professional body. The Sunday Star-Times understands that the New Zealand Institute of Professional Investigators will launch an inquiry into Wayne Idour and Lew Proctor on the grounds they broke the code of ethics by bragging about evidence on the prime minister they did not have.

Earlier this month Proctor told the Star-Times he was waiting on explosive information he believed could bring down Clark and the government, later likening it to “TNT times five million”.

Idour, who was subcontracted by Proctor, claimed the information involved overspending and cover-ups and that Labour MPs had offered hush money to keep details under wraps. 
They then backed away from the statements and have provided no further information.

Proctor said what was done with the information was up to the Brethren members who employed him. 
Clark dismissed the private investigators’ claims as bizarre and an “extraordinary, unfortunate, regrettable development in New Zealand life”. 
”I consider it a new low in political life to have political opponents paying to have me, my spouse, other Labour ministers followed in this way,” she said. 
The revelation that the Exclusive Brethren, who met National leader Don Brash before last year’s election and distributed anti-Labour and anti-Green party pamphlets, had hired private investigators came during an unusual period of political mud slinging.

Investigate magazine ran a photo taken on election night of Clark’s husband Peter Davis hugging a so-called mystery man. He was Auckland GP Dr Ian Scott who promptly scotched suggestions Davis was gay in a Star-Times article. 
The previous week Brash had been outed for having an affair with Business Roundtable deputy chair Diane Foreman and pundits wrote that politics was heading down a slippery slope.

The committee investigating Idour and Proctor is understood to be chaired by Wellington private investigator Trevor Morley, though he refused to comment. 
Idour and Proctor are members of the institute and bound by its code of ethics, which state that they shall undertake their work with “the highest moral principles and with truthfulness and integrity”. 
They must also “at all times take every care to ensure the professional reputation of the institute, our members and principals are not compromised” and are required to account for themselves before the ethics committee if called upon. The committee can issue a censure, suspension or kick them out of the institute. 
Idour said he knew nothing about the ethics committee investigation and Proctor did not return calls. 
Prime Minister Helen Clark said the institute was entitled to take steps to safeguard the standards of its ethical members and “we look forward to seeing the outcome” of the hearing.

Source: Sunday Star Times – story no longer available on stuff.co.nz

LF finds it somewhat strange that New Zealand Herald Journo David Fisher in the article above refers to Proctor as a “Former high ranking police officer” Mr Fisher should rethink his notion of what constitutes a high rank in the New Zealand Police, sergeant certainly doesn’t. Then there’s the additional fact that Daniel Toresens “mentor”, Lewis Proctor, would have been much better described as a hopeless and violent alcoholic. A pisshead that was very much a part of the seriously corrupt police culture that existed in the New Zealand police force during the 1970’s through to the 1990’s.

The reality is however that David Fishers description of Proctor was not unusual for the period, most Kiwi journos and editors preferred to kowtow to the police and were never inclined to investigate police corruption let alone publish exposes on the many corruption cases that surfaced during the period. More often than not editors were to be found complicit in concealing serious police corruption, most probably out of a fear that they and their newspaper would be made persona non grata with New Zealands police national headquarters. It was not until the Louise Nicholas case and Phil Kitchin’s expose that the mainstream media was dragged kicking and screaming into the real world, the world of those who had been suffering for decades at the hands of abusive cops and a culture of systemic police corruption.

The apex of the relationships between these wannabe “secret Squirrels” came in August 2006 when Daniel James Thompson-Toresen, his father Daniel Andrew Thompson and Ronald McQuilter once again joined forces to form what was at the time heralded as New Zealand’s largest private investigation and security company, Paragon NZ Limited, which was in reality a phoenix, and its related entity Paragon New Zealand.com Limited;

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 10.43.31 am

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Compared to his very dull partners McQuilter had always been more of a show-pony entrepenureal type than he was a good grass roots investigator. In fact the narcissistic tendancy thats often now demonstrated by Daniel James Thompson-Toresen aka Thompson Jr, the propensity for exaggeration and the need to lie about his capabilities and company’s standing can be traced back to his association with Ron McQuilter and his savy usery of the local press.

McQuilter the minute he set foot in New Zealand started courting the media so as to promote himself. First befriending the now deceased Warren Berryman of National Business Review (NBR) fame and seriously corrupt journo, later Berryman’s wife, Jenni McManus.

Media whore Ron McQuilters National Business Review mates, Jenni McManus and Warren Berryman

Media whore Ron McQuilters National Business Review mates, Jenni McManus and Warren Berryman

Berryman, a man who had absolutely no scruples, had little problem bending the truth on occasion and often had McQuilter write material for the National Business Review, Berryman often also taking credit for the work. Nevertheless McQuilter soon learned the value of staying very close to the media, it’s publicity generating capacity and has always sort out the limelight at every opportunity since. That relationship with the media is worth remembering as LF will be posting more on those seriously compromised relationships in the future,

First it was newspaper interviews, then being asked for comment on almost everything and anything criminal, finally he finishing up with a role in a half arsed Kiwi television series.

The crux of it is however that these ex-cops, two of whom LF knows for certain were corrupt police officers, where the very same mentors, who comprised the “30 years” police experience boasted of on Teresen’s website, who Daniel James Thompson aka Toresen no doubt looked up to, hanging on their every word.

Shit even the name “Toresen” is an ego driven fantasy, the fabrication of a parvenu wanting to be seen as someone more sophisticated than he actually is. Although Thompson Jr, obviously having been questioned too often about it, perhaps given his far from Nordic colouring, did manage to explain it away nicely for his old school magazine a few years back:

Daniel THOMPSON-TORESEN (‘85) is in partnership with his father Daniel THOMPSON (‘63), they operate a private investigation security management business in Auckland called Thompson-Toresen

The Investigators. Where does theToresen name come into this? The Norwegian family name was Toresen and was Anglicised to Thompson. Because Daniel and his father share the same Christian name, and being in business together, there was some confusion, so Daniel jr became Toresen reverting back to his original family name.

Source: http://www.laudafinem.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/confortare-july-2012.pdf (Sacred Heart College magazine “Confortare” July 2012, Pg 14, “Old Boys” Retrieved February 4th 2014)

Now the thing about old school cops everywhere, and in particular New Zealand, a country that has yet to have a Royal Commission to investigate it’s police forces corruption, is that they stick together, like shit to a blanket, closing ranks in support of those who have been caught fiddling with evidence, or fitting up innocent victims.

It’s this particular aspect of Daniel Toresen’s “training” under both his father Daniel Thompson Sr and his bent buddy, Lewis Noel Proctor, that is now becoming apparent. Daniel was clearly schooled extremely well in the wily ways most often associated with bent cops like his father and “Uncle Lew”.

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 10.51.19 am

Toresen falsely claims on his website that his father founded the business, more smoke and mirrors

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

Put succinctly, Daniel Toresen will find it exceptionally hard to now hide his activities and the true agenda behind his unlawful actions, all proving beyond any doubt the fact that he and the other unpaid “staffers” working for his private investigation business are inherently corrupt. The fact that they have had ongoing dealings with serial fraudster Matthew John Blomfield, having been an accomplice in the theft and conversion of a government cheque for close to one hundred thousand dollars and have now again teamed up with Blomfield and cyber fraudster Martin Honey and a third group to aid in nefarious attempts to evade justice is but the tip of a rather large iceberg – a wheel, or hub and spoke conspiracy.

There are many more questions that need to be asked of Toresen, the man who apparently loves the phrase “book em Danno”, although once LF exposes this shyster for what he really is that may be about to change to “you’re fucking booked Danno”, or perhaps it’ll just be a civil tort with a rather large damages claim attached filed by all those who have been fleeced or otherwise harmed by “Toresen & Blomfield”.

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It should also be noted that as recently as May this year, Daniel Toresen was “contracted” by Nottingham to serve criminal summonses on Mrs Stephanie Honey on charges of fraud, a commission he willingly accepted despite having conspired with Blomfield and the Martin Honey to yet again have Nottingham falsely accused of a crime…..more about that and all those involved in upcoming posts. LF suspects that Daniel Thompson-Toresen is well aware of what is about to be made very public.

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Of course Daniel Toresen’s bent ex-cop mate Lewis Noel Proctor and LF have had at least one run in before now. There was one occasion back in August 2010 when LF had published a piece exposing Nationwide Investigations and Lewis Proctors involvement in police corruption and the covering up of serious systemic offending by fellow police officers who had been responsible for the kidnapping and torture of East Cape Rasta Dickie “Diesel” Maxwell. Proctor really took exception to that article and emailed LF to express his disappointment, both Proctors response and the kidnapping of Maxwell had at least one thing in common, both involved threatening violence with a firearm, good old New Zealand, who the fuck would even want to live there:

Click to enlarge

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Lew Proctor has such a delightfull turn of phrase, he was also amongst the best the New Zealand Police force had to throw at tasks such as manufacting evidence, writing up false police job sheets and reports. Readers can check out LF’s previous posts featuring Lewis Proctor, the violent alcoholic and seriously corrupt South Auckland cop turned private investigator, the man responsible for teaching Daniel Toresen “pet detective” everything the stupid cunt knows:

Lewis Proctor goes berserk! – OMG he’s at it again!

Lewis Proctor – Bent Cop, Piss Head and Magnum P I

NZ Detectives Malcolm Thomas, Lew Proctor and their part in serious police corruption



Companies owned by, or associated with Toresen, aka Thompson (readers can conduct their own search and obtain further information using the company numbers (below) in the New Zealand Companies Office search engine here):

Crime Risk Control Limited (1114250) registered

New Zealand Background Limited (1178454) struck off

Manukau Investigations Limited (1172598) struck off

QED Consulting Limited (1168943) struck off

Toresen Group Limited (850669) struck off

Thompson & Toresen Investigations Limited ( 2501049) registered

Auckland Investigations Limited (426292) struck off

Auckland Investigations Limited (2249745) registered

Paragon New Zealand.com Limited (1790758) registered

Staff Checks Vetting (1) Limited (1558544) struck off

Staff Checks Vetting Limited (1110008) Struck off

Staff Checks Limited (2110243) registered

Consultants New Zealand Limited (421600) struck off

Corporate Investigation & Security Group Limited (620115) struck off

Morning Star (St Lukes Garden Appartments) Limited (589136) struck off






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    Colin Crisp .is my name . Dan is a good chap helped me with winding speedos on jap imports , made a fortune purchased my car dealer home in paratei drive. Thanks Dan . and thanks Paul Dale

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    some one should back ground check these people . they are the crims , we pay every time the liar gets a interveiw on tvnz . because his sister works there .

    i here the gangs are on to these folk . yes its a shame when you cant trust the police . because dt . is there mate

  • Harry Stottle says:

    So, that would be Ron McQuilter, currently Chairman of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Investigators Inc. and responsible for oversight of and compliance with the Institute’s Code of Ethics would it? A Code that states in part “We shall perform our professional duties in accordance with the Laws of New Zealand with the highest moral principles and with truthfulness and integrity” followed by the claim ” This assures you that our members are committed to the highest standard of professionalism.” Yeah, right. LF’s sister organisation? Congratulations – the parents must be proud.

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