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The Blomfield Files – The Thompson & Toresen Conspiracy Rapidly Unravels

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In our last couple of posts LF have focused on the background of Kiwi wannabe secret Squirrels Thompson & Toresen, their past connection to Matthew Blomfield, the exceptionally dodgy history of that firm of so-called private Investigators and the criminal methods they have employed to advance over the years. In upcoming posts we will be profiling the firms so-called founder Daniel Andrew Thompson, close associate and business partner of  fellow private investigator Lewis Proctor, both corrupt ex police officers.

We will also be releasing, in full, New Zealand District Court CCTV footage of a serious assault committed on an elderly “McKenzie friend” of a litigant by Daniel Andrew Thompson. It seems that just like his old ex-police sergeant, lewis Proctor, ex police constable Danny Thompson had a bad habit of assaulting prisoners and head butting anyone who happened to get in his way. This proclivity has clearly not diminished with age, nor has Danny Thompson’s habit of carrying on or about his person illegal weapons such as pocket tasers and then thinking about using them when the occasion arises.

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Whilst Thompson may well want to give the impression of being a professional suited gentleman in the persona that’s been carefully manufactured for online consumption he is anything but that. In fact by all accounts he’s little more than an Ape, a Chimp like slob who far prefers dressing in a more casual style, clothing that gives him the much needed flexibility of movement required to bash prisoners and thump his way through the streets of Auckland, New Zealand and the Country’s court precincts; as the screen still from District Court closed circuit television security cameras (below) attest too, where he can be seen head butting an elderly man he has taken a disliking too.

CCTV security camera footage capturing a vicious premeditated assault by ex-cop turned so-call private investigator Danial Andrew Thompson at Auckland's District Court. Thompson is seen (image three) reaching into his back pocket for a tazer after the assault.

CCTV security camera footage capturing a vicious premeditated assault by ex-cop turned so-call private investigator Daniel Andrew Thompson at Auckland’s District Court (circled in red). Thompson is seen (image three) reaching into his back pocket for what appears to be a taser following the assault.

This assault occurred following a District Court hearing wherein Thompson took exception to being cross-examined on the reasons for his hasty departure in 1979 from the New Zealand police force, the allegation being that he frequently bashed his ex-wife. Thompson was eventually convicted and sentenced to 120 hours community service for this assault. However LF’s research indicates that despite this criminal conviction Thompson has been reissued his private investigators license due to the police’s intentional failure to accurately document Thompsons criminal record and his subsequent ineligibility for such a licence.

As already said we’ll be bringing readers more on that story and the fact that the criminals behind Thompson & Toresen are later this year (October 2014) hosting an international convention of private investigators at Auckland’s Sky City casino, a convention that LF believes should be picketed.

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LF received the CCTV footage earlier this year along with various other documents, in a preverbial plain brown envelope, that pointed to a conspiracy by cyber fraudster Martin Honey, his legal counsel Graham Halse and Barister Daniel Grove, Matthew John Blomfield and Daniel Toresen (aka Thompson) to falsely accuse justice campaigner Dermot Nottingham of a criminal offence that resembled in nature yet another false allegation that had already been made by Honey in various REAA proceedings, a prior complaint that Nottingham had already managed to prove had been completely manufactured and thus amounted to the criminal offence of perjury by Martin Honey.

LF have received a number of emails subsequent to the last story asking how it is that we know of the connection between Blomfield’s false police complaint and that of Martin Honey’s. Simple really, LF have received a tranche of emails between Blomfield, Honey, his lawyers and various other third parties that evidence the conspiracy we now allege has transpired.

The first document is of course the email from the New Zealand police to Toresen and the email from Toresen to police containing the knowingly false police statement Toresen had produced at Blomfield’s behest (below).

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LF have checked the signature on this statement with those purporting to be Toresen’s contained on various Companies Office listings (official documents) filed over a number of years and verified it as being Toresen’s. LF also now holds a recording of a telephone conversation that took place between Nottingham and Toresen only a matter of hours after receiving the latest tranche of documents, and before LF published our expose. That recording can be found immediately under the image of the pair below.

nottingham toresen

Nottingham telephoned Toresen before LF went to print to confirm Toresen’s involvement in a plot to have him falsely accused and charged. Of course Nottingham was not the first person Blomfield had falsely accused of this offending, he had also knowingly falsely accused both Cameron Slater and Slater’s court witness, businessman Marc Spring, of having sent exactly the same SMS text messages at around the same time.



Following the conversation between Nottingham and Toresen, wherein Toresen swears “Hand on Heart” that he believed everything he had put in his statement and that it was all “in good faith” and that he would co-operate with Nottingham, Toresen then later sent an email, obviously having had a change of heart, apparently all because he had just read LF’s expose, what the fuck did he expect? Another opportunity to fabricate yet more evidence perhaps? This time no doubt exculpatory:

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The fact is that Toresen had only agreed to co-operate with Nottingham because he thought that he still had the ability to lie his way out of what he had done; being that he’d conspired with Blomfield and Honey to produce a sworn police statement falsely alleging Nottingham’s proven ownership of Lauda Finem. The contents of Toresen’s police statement are wholly false and any experienced private investigator or prosecutor claiming the qualifications Toresen holds would have known this without any doubt.

Toresen’s so-called American expert, David L Warkentine would also have known that the information that he had purportedly provided Toresen was wholly and materially false. This fact could well explain the fact that David L Warkentine has failed to respond to emails demanding a full and complete explanation of his so called “findings”; the information Toresen’s now swears blind he’d been provided with, albeit without any knowledge of whence or how it came to exist.

Toresen’s false police statement does not list the website or domain address for LF (www.laudafinem.org), it lists a url, but it’s a metatag or category, it is in fact exactly the same url thats listed on another website by another, using the online anonymous moniker “NoShit”, a website that has spent the past ten years or more stalking Nottingham and his family, a website for accident compensation insurance claimants that Toresen his employees and other private investigators, most notible amongst them Toresens old pals at Paragon NZ Limited, themselves all using anonymous monikers, frequent on an almost daily basis.

Toresen’s police statement is all but worthless, it does not supply any evidence whatsoever that Nottingham owns laudafinem.com; nor does it refer to the text message, the only legal basis for Blomfileds complaint. We say all but worthless however because it does have some use, it proves that Toresen has knowingly lied and provided false information with another purpose in mind.

Simply put Toresen could never have provided evidence that Dermot Nottingham owned this website for the simple reason that he does not own this website, nor has he ever owned this website.

Nor for that matter could David L Warkentine, or in fact the New Zealand Police themselves, have obtained the details of those who do own Lauda Finem or the IP addresses of those who have access to it without a number of Court issued search warrants having been sought and granted (requiring a sound legal ground that simply does not exist) in at least four separate international jurisdictions.

The difficulties faced and the impossibility, or rather falsity of Toresen’s mates miraculous results in this regard are well and truly explained in an article that appeared recently in the United Kingdoms Daily Mail newspaper:

Council blows £214,000 over five years on hunt for blogger who insulted councillors as he promised to ‘expose the truth’

“A council spent a staggering £200,000 on a hunt for a notorious internet blogger known as ‘Mr Monkey’ after he insulted local councillors.

The anonymous writer referred to councillors as ‘Pudgy Face’, ‘Miss Piggy’, ‘King of Sleaze’ and ‘The Fat Mackem Hobbit’ as he promised to ‘expose the truth’ behind their alleged lies.

Despite the internet troll abandoning the blog in 2009, the north east council have only just called off the manhunt – having spent the last five years searching for him.”

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2680125/Council-blows-214-000-five-years-hunt-blogger-insulted-councillors-promised-expose-truth.html

Toresen’s so-called evidence did not as he claims in the above recorded telephone conversation come from any “secret squirrel” sources that are miraculously available only to David L Warkentine. In fact LF doubts very much that septic tank, David L Warkentine, had little if anything at all to do with it, beyond his name and address being used

Toresen was relying on false information manufactured and supplied to him by others, colleagues in fact, who had been a party to the conspiracy from the outset. LF does not yet intend naming those individuals as our investigations are still in progress, suffice to say one of our readers hit the nail firmly on the head when he posted this adroit comment:

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The New Zealand police response to Blomfield’s false complaint, obtained under OIA request, says it all. In particular the police point to Blomfield’s real motive, that being that whether or not Nottingham owned Lauda Finem was completely immaterial, in fact irrelevant, to the false allegation that Nottingham had sent a threatening text to Blomfields defacto partner Rebecca Blatchford. LF have published the police full OIA response in the Reference/Bibliography below.

The alleged threat, as attached to Blomfields false police complaint

The alleged threatening SMS text, as attached to Blomfields false police complaint (redactions made by police)

One thing is certain LF now knows that the texts Blomfield has been alleging sent by all in sundry have been sent from within New Zealand as the cellphone used to send them was connected to the Kiwi Telco “2 Degree’s”.  Unfortunately the police have redacted the cell number for the 2 degrees account nevertheless it occurs to us here at LF that these so-called treatening text messages could well have been sent by Blomfield himself to Blatchfords phone. It also occurs to LF that they always seem to arrive at a time that suits Blomfields purposes……why would that be?

We know that Blomfield was likely employing this strategy of using an anonymous cell phone to send messages back in September 2011. We suspect that one of the cellphone numbers Blomfield was using at that time was +64 22 017 2641. The question then is are these two numbers one and the same, are they perhaps sequential, were they perhaps purchased on the same day or from the same location….all food for thought for the Kiwi plods who don’t seem able to track a fucking cell phone number – yeah right.


So anyone with half a brain would have worked out that Blomfield had been using these mysterious texts to his own advantage, their arrival is almost always miraculous in timing, each apparently arriving just in the nick of time for Blomfield to make a yet another much-needed police complaint, probably either as a smoke screen or so as to facilitate any number of other agendas.

Clever ploys such as having the New Zealand police do the work in attempting to establish who was behind Lauda Finem. After all its abundantly clear that it was Blomfields one and only motive for the false police complaint on this occasion, otherwise why even go to the trouble of making the secondary completely unrelated accusation and then having it supported by Toresen’s false police statement? What were Blomfield and Toresen really hoping to achieve? And then to top it all off there are a series of emails to the other conspirators advising them that his plan was on the verge of working, what plan, how was it working?

That is perhaps best illustrated by an item that was posted on the web forum www.accforum.org by the person behind the moniker “NoShit“, aka ex government (WINZ) fraud auditor, Graeme Wislang, a person known to Daniel Toresen, just before LF exposed the entire conspiracy:

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Interestingly there have been no further postings on this website since LF exposed this conspiracy to falsely accuse. Instead the same group of individuals, following LF’s expose, almost immediately resorted to emailing material to Cameron Slater’s Whaleoil Blog tip line, referring to the same defamatory material and allegations that they had been posting on www.accforum.org, unfortunately for the conspirators Slater and various other LF assets were wise to what would likely occur and so made sure this flurry of activity was well and truly documented:

Captured 25th July 2014

Captured 25th July 2014

Cameron Slater did eventually manage to isolate those responsible for sending the emails, their IP address and email address, extracting the information from his database history obtained from other comments they’d made over a number of years. More on that in future posts.

As at the 17th July 2014 Matthew Blomfield, despite knowing that Nottingham had not sent Blatchford threatening SMS text messages and knowing that the police were not interested in his false complaint alleging he had,  is seen continuing to make the same false allegations, claiming that the police complaint was active and supplying anyone who was foolish enough to listen, Martin Honey’s Lawyers included; that Nottingham, amongst other people, including a man by the name of Regan Yelcich, who’s father and mother, farmers Boris and Jean Yelcich, had been defrauded by Blomfield some seven years earlier, were amongst those responsible for publishing Lauda Finem.

These were all accusations that Blomfield of course knew to be false but despite this continued to circulate to various others including Martin Honey and his associates, and his former business partners Graeme Hare and Shiv Mattu.

The later clearly an attempt to stop either Hare or Mattu going to the media, which had been their intention, with the allegations including that Blomfield had extorted $27’000.00 from Mattu under threat of reporting him to the Inland Revenue Department, the cash allegedly being handed over by Mattu in the car-park of Central Park Legal, a successful extortion that, again according to Graham Hare, was used to obtain the cash Blomfield desperately required to fund his defamation tort against Cameron Slater, the urgently needed cash required to pay barrister Matthew Karam’s mounting legal bills.

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LF suspects that Blomfield might soon be recieving a solicitors letter from both Regan Yelcich and Nottingham, although it might just be easier to bring a private criminal prosecution for the false police complaint and have the bastard convicted as a deterrent.

To be continued………..next up “Operation Haresay” – the Graham Hare tapes

Note –

LF is interested in hearing from anyone who has had unpleasant dealings with the private investigators mentioned in our posts. If you would like to share your bad experiences or supply information or evidence of wrong doing you can email the team at: laudafinem@bigpond.com

This information is required and will be used by LF in a new online database that is planned for release mid 2015, the planned data base will additionally list Kiwi lawyers and paralegals that should be avoided by anyone planning to do business in New Zealand.







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    listen to liar Toresen , it is what it is , good faith , just full of one liners . just a Con Man from hell , hey Dick cant you remember the canvas bag that was full of meth making equipment that you removed from Mark Lyons house under the noses of your police freinds . well we have two witness that may jog your memorey .

  • george says:

    dont trust that thomson . he is a liar . he was bugging people in the 90.s , thinks he clever , he will be locked up soon .

  • Harry Stottle says:

    Don’t waste time with Sherlock, Mr Nottingham. Ask David L Warkentine directly whether or not he provided the information Sherlock claims he did. If he did not then Sherlock is deep in the sticky brown stuff. If he did provide the information then he should explain to you how he obtained your residential address and provide the evidence upon which he based his assertion that you are the (alleged) owner of LF.
    Mr Warkentine’s contact details as they appear in Sherlock’s statement (yes, Sherlock, you did make a statement to the police) are the same as those that appear on his website http://www.stealthpartners.com.Interestingly, Sherlock does not give a Nevada licence number for Warkentine and neither does Warkentine give a Nevada licence number on his website.
    Private investigators in Nevada must be licensed by the Nevada Private Investigator’s Licensing Board. Nevada State law NAC 648.525 requires that a licensee ”must include his or her state-issued license number in every advertisement and in any written communication which refers to the licensee’s business … ” including letterhead or other official stationery and Internet advertisements. It appears Mr Warkentine is not complying with Nevada State law. If you don’t get the answers Mr Nottingham I suggest you lodge a complaint online with the Nevada Licensing Board – https://nevadapilb.glsuite.us/

  • Fuck me who would want to fuck with Dermot nottingham – he makes Toresen sound like a complete liar. Anyone with the most basic information knows that that information on Nottingham could never have been found and I agree with Harry Stottle about the loser in the States. The Police were made to look like the fucking idiots they are in this country. It seems pretty clear that Lauda Finem is not owned or operated by any Nottingham, and this fact seems to really wind up Nottingham detractors, who themselves have tried to remain anonymous whilst making false allegations against Nottinghams. It seems obvious that those that attack Nottinghams have been given an intellectual or legal hiding by Nottinghams in some way, and are too gutless to front them in person. Look at the idiot that runs Laudafinemscam as a prime example. He or she is just promoting the LF website. Its amazing how dumb some people are.

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