The exceptionally corrupt Detective Sergeant Peter Litherland, just another of the bent cops responsible for concealing serious crime in Aucklands wild west.

The Stephen Dudley Murder investigation – Bent Kiwi cop cries foul, he didn’t like being crash tackled

Inspector Bruce Scott, the man who gave the order for the Roast Busters rape case to be concealed.

Inspector Bruce Scott, the man who gave the order for the Roast Busters rape case to be concealed.

Team LF have discovered that a senior New Zealand police officer has unlawfully attempted to mislead United States web hosting provider WordPress using a bogus unsigned New Zealand Police demand.

LF has managed to obtain a true copy of the apparently “official” New Zealand police request to WordPress dated the 25th September 2014, The request however now poses a major problem for the New Zealand Police. The first and most obvious problem being; since when have the New Zealand police department ever had any sort of jurisdiction whatsoever over foreign nationals who are not, nor ever will be, within New Zealand’s legal jurisdiction?

The simple answer of course is that they don’t have jurisdiction anywhere beyond New Zealand’s 12 mile limit, the only exceptions perhaps being United Nations peace keeping secondments.

There are of course a number of other serious problems with this latest corrupt effort by New Zealand’s thick blue line. The person named as the applicant in this fraudulent request is one Detective Sergeant Peter Litherland, which is in itself very interesting but we will deal with that a little later in the story.

A little background

As readers will be aware the team at LF deal with corruption of various forms, New Zealand police however make a disproportionate number of the cases we have investigated or simply reported on. Readers will also have likely rightly surmised that the New Zealand police are very aware of Lauda Finem. In fact much of the small pacific islands civil service is only too aware of our existence. Lauda Finem’s existence and expose’s have been the subject of much debate in New Zealand’s courts, tribunals and judges chambers, that is a rather simple but irrefutable fact.

Amongst the case’s that LF has investigated is the 2013 murder of 16 year old Auckland school boy Stephen Dudley. LF first reported on this case back in 2013 only a matter of days after the murder and the name of the school involved had been reported in New Zealand’s mainstream media.

From the very out-set the Dudley murder case has reeked of a police cover-up. All of the tell-tale hall marks of a bent investigation are present, at least in as much as they are typical of the modus operandi known to be employed by New Zealand police when they are or have attempted to conceal or bury criminal offending.

One of these strategies used is almost always total media blackout, a refusal to engage with media very early on in an investigation, the use of conflicting reports and court suppression orders, ensuring that the local MSM are prevented from reporting on any information that may be useful for citizens or credible others outside the police tent, information that importantly may lead to witnesses, as yet unidentified by the police, coming forward, side-lining police and communicating directly with the media.

This strategy is designed to prevent public awareness and discussion, that again could lead to a rigged police investigation and corrupted result being exposed.

In fact the police and New Zealand crown solicitors use of this information suppression stratagy can in fact be traced back to a specific point in time, the fallout from the Dame Margeret Bazley commission of enquiry into the police’s appalling behaviour.

Nevertheless Detective Sergeant Peter Litherland of New Zealand’s now internationally infamous Waitemata police district decided that he would lie so that he could embark on a fishing expedition.

Unsurprisingly Detective Senior Sergeant Peter Litherland is among the same group of senior Kiwi police officers responsible for bringing New Zealander’s the Roast Busters rape cover-up.

He also just happens to be the cop responsible for concealing vital evidence around the murder of school boy Stephen Dudley back in 2013, ensuring that the two perpetrators, both obviously Pete Litherland’s type of guy, promising young Samoan rugby stars destined for All-Black careers, walked away scott-free.

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Detective Sergeant Peter Litherland seems to think that New Zealand’s jurisdiction has grown somewhat in size recently, apparently now having expanded to encompass both Australian and Dutch territory.

There is however just one problem with Litherland’s fucked-up schema. In fact it would seem that this bent cop has over-reached.

Apparently, and this is only an educated guess, Detective Litherland did not take too kindly to having his crack investigation team pulled apart and labelled corrupt by LF, and so decided to go on an unlawful fishing expedition, in the process lying in the document above, obviously in the hope that he would be able to identify a New Zealand IP address, whilst conveniently forgetting to sign the police request he’d sent (a standard M/O for bent cops such as Litherland)

No court orders, no search warrant, nothing, just Litherland’s rather vague suggestion that Litherland was “going to” request Interpol’s help. Now just how detective Litherland thought that he was going to be even capable of enlisting the services of Interpol when LF is not within New Zealand’s jurisdiction is not made at all clear in the above document. The fact is that Litherland knew that the statement he had made to WordPress was wholly false and that he in want of jurisdiction, Litherland had clearly intended to deceive WordPress in the hope that he would receive the information without too many questions being asked……a strategy quite frequently employed by bent Kiwi cops.

The exceptionally corrupt Detective Sergeant Peter Litherland, just another of the bent cops responsible for concealing serious crime in Aucklands wild west.

The exceptionally corrupt Detective Sergeant Peter Litherland, just another of the bent cops responsible for concealing serious crime in Auckland New Zealand’s wild wild west.

LF is aware of Peter Litherland’s concerns and exactly why it was that he had hoped he might be able shut down LF’s exposing of the police corruption surrounding the investigation into the murder of Steven Dudley. Although with the aforesaid major international jurisdictional boundaries creating a solid brick wall we cannot for the life of us figure out exactly what it was that this dimly lit shining example of New Zealand’s police intelligence thought he would be able to do with the information, even if he had successfully managed to unlawfully obtain it.

Clearly then Pete is concerned that LF’s ongoing investigation into the bent police investigation of the Stephen Dudley murder, which Litherland himself was responsible for heading up, might just result in yet more evidence of New Zealand police skulduggery coming to light (with that in mind witnesses are encouraged to contact LF if they hold concerns, in particular for their own safety).

LF is aware of the con job that this corrupt cop pulled on Stephen’s grieving family soon after police and prosecutors had tweaked the pathologists post-mortem report to suit their own agenda. Just so there is absolutely no ambiguity, LF is very much of the opinion that Stephen Dudley did not die, as police would have the New Zealand public believe, as a result of some previously undiagnosed and obscure cardiac condition. Rather that Steven more than likely died as a direct result of one or more of the traumas he sustained to the head, neck and thorax area within the first few seconds of the unprovoked attack on the rugby fields of Kelston Boys High School.

In very simple terms, that a single blow, or multiple trauma’s to the neck damaging tissues including the carotid sinus, arguably causing vagal inhibition, which then lead to a rapid, and sadly, fatal cardio pulmonary response. This of course would explain Stephen’s extremely sudden collapse. The very same type of injury to the neck/head area sustained by Australian cricket player Phillip Hughes, which some are currently holding may have been a contributing factor in his tragic death last week , although Burke was hit in the neck by a single cricket ball, not multiple punches thrown by two Samoan thugs, who police obviously preferred to identify with as potential All-Blacks, not murderers.

That particular argument was of course never meet face on, police and senior crown prosecutors instead cleverly avoiding such an event, the prosecutors conspiring with senior police to arrange a cover-up and guilty plea, thus avoiding the need for a trial, at which the police risked their pathologist’s evidence (conclusions) being taken apart by a far more qualified forensic pathologist, engaged by those legally representing Stephen’s family.

LF is aware that senior police and the crown prosecutor “manipulated” the police pathologists report, misrepresenting details and the likely impact of the multiple trauma’s sustained by Stephen during the sustained assault, and then conspired to avoid a trial wherein the veracity of these seriously dodgy and contrived conclusions (euphamistically called path evidence) would undoubtedly have been challenged by additional medical experts.

LF is also aware of Litherland’s direct connection to the New Zealand rugby union coaching fraternity, the clandestine group that in our view desperately wanted all potential civil legal liabilities flowing from the death Stephens death mitigated or buried at all costs. Regular readers will recall that LF has exposed the various “rugby” coaching connections of the other police officers involved who had been sent to the scene to collect evidence.

Readers will also no doubt recall the fact that valuable cellphone video footage filmed by onlookers and the other parties who had been involved in the premeditated attack on Stephen simply vanished into thin air once police had managed to get hold of it.

Detective Litherland seems to have a real problem with authority, he gets really pissed when someone challenges his. Now normally of course Litherland would have enjoyed the ability to be able to intimidate any New Zealand resident who he suspected had accused him of corruption. In fact we are confident that historically Litherland will have managed to get away with this sort of stand-over tactic many times during his extensive police career so as to conceal the criminal behaviour of his police comrades or for that matter his own.

A precedent which was made public is to be found around the exposing of Litherland’s colleagues cover-up of the roast busters rape gang, some members of which were the son’s of police officers. When first exposed Kiwi blogger Martin Bradbury was amongst the most active in condemning the police’s conduct, during that period Bradbury published material including satirical images portraying (see below) the police in an exceptionally bad light. The police’s reaction was to threaten Bradbury with imprisonment if he failed to remove the material. Bradbury’s reaction was, naturally enough, to publicly expose the police threats;

BREAKING: Police threaten Daily Blog editor with 6 months imprisonment & $5000 fine for parodying their Roast Buster Rape inaction – Martyn Bradbury

Bradbury, who unfortunately has no legal training, was intimidated by the bullshit police threat and pulled the images down, only to republish once he had paid for a legal opinion declaring the threats themselves a load of bully-boy crap (note; only police logo was changed)!

Martin Bradbury has had his own run ins with the Kiwi cops, police threatening to arrest and charge him if he did not remove the above image from his blog.

Martin Bradbury has had his own run ins with the Kiwi cops, police threatening to arrest and charge him if he did not remove the above image from his blog.

The world however has changed for scum sucking dirt bags the likes of detective sergeant Peter Litherland. His sphere of influence and that of his corrupt colleagues has shrunk to a fraction of what it may have been little more that a decade ago. That fact is actually supported in the steady climb in the rate that cops are now being prosecuted for criminal offences, crimes ranging from “Fitting up” innocent men and women right through to rape, sexual assault, prosecutorial abuse, theft, corruption, drug offending and extortion.

Back in mid-1990’s New Zealand as a nation was horrified when the country’s police force was exposed for having concealed the offending of a group of police officer’s who had spent years violently pack-raping young women and getting away with it. Now the average Kiwi does little more than roll their eyes, as morning headlines announce case after corruption case, almost on a daily basis.

LF recently posted a story evidencing what is clearly a systemic problem within the ranks of the country’s police force. The average Kiwi was however given a wakeup call not long before Steven Dudley’s murder with the aforementioned shocking “roast buster” revelation that West Auckland police, the same area command Litherland is responsible for, had been burying multiple rape complaints from young teenage girls at the hands of young men who were quite a bit older than their 13 year old victims.

The man responsible for concealing and then misreporting the evidence around those cases to the media was in fact Detective Peter Litherland’s boss, Waitemata criminal investigations manager Inspector Bruce Scott. Bruce Scott has of course been promoted since.

Inspector Bruce Scott is perhaps less well know for his role in concealing historic police corruption. LF’s Kiwi readers will no doubt recall the story of ex undercover cop Patrick O’Brien who went public with corruption that had played on his conscience, eventually getting the better of him. O’Brien’s expose revealed what he had been instructed to do by senior officers for more than a decade, lying, deceit, perjury, all to fit up the victims of this police corruption.

Former cop says his lies sent people to prison

A former undercover police officer has confessed his lies in court more than 30 years ago may have sent 150 people wrongfully to prison.

Police said they had started a criminal investigation into the activities of Patrick O’Brien after he wrote to Chief Justice Dame Sian Elias and former Police Commissioner Howard Broad, saying he was racked with guilt after carrying a “dreadful secret” for more than 30 years.

Mr O’Brien, an undercover officer during drugs operations in the 1970s, was the star witness in court trials but he later confessed he lied on oath every time he testified, the New Zealand Herald reported today.

His confession was made in November 2007 and police hired Wellington lawyer Bruce Squire, QC, to investigate.

He interviewed Mr O’Brien in July 2009 and reviewed court files, and a copy of his completed inquiry was now with police.

Detective Inspector Bruce Scott, of Waitemata CIB, emailed Mr O’Brien last week asking if there was any other information he had which “may assist me in determining any criminal liability, or are there other persons that you consider need to be spoken to that could assist an inquiry relating to these matters”?

Mr O’Brien told the newspaper he would co-operate fully with the inquiry and plead guilty to any charges.

In his confession, he said he could not guess the number of people who were sent to prison because of his lies because he stopped counting arrests at 150, half-way through his three-year undercover stint.

He lied to the courts and juries to get convictions in every case, he said. As well, he was often high on drugs, including cannabis, cocaine, heroin and LSD – but never during trials.

Tampering with evidence was common and exhibits before the court were often not the drugs he had bought from the target.

However, the shame and stress of the work broke him and he resigned and fled New Zealand, “haunted, traumatised and scared”.

His life had since been a tragic waste and he had never lost the demons that “rush around in my head.”

Mr O’Brien was an undercover police officer from 1974 to 1977.


Bruce Scott was front and centre of the police strategy to silence and eventually shut down Patrick O’Brien and his allegations of historic police corruption. In fact it has come to LF’s attention that Inspector Bruce Scott has been at the “front and centre” of a number of very shady police cover-ups, one of them obviously the Roast Busters case, another being the murder of Stephen Dudley, but there are more.

Ex under cover cop Patrick O'Brien - Despite his very public confession in 2012 of serious criminal offending the details and victims names were concealed from public view in a cover-up by Inspector Bruce Scott

Ex under cover cop Patrick O’Brien – Despite his very public confession of serious criminal offending in 2012 the details and victims names were concealed from public view in a cover-up designed by none other than Inspector Bruce Scott

In short, there are two police officers who LF now holds responsible for the aforementioned unlawful attempt to access LF’s records, Inspector Bruce Scott and Sergeant Peter Litherland. Both men in our view have embarked on yet another campaign to conceal police and crown lawyers criminal offending. Both men conspiring to falsely state that police suspected criminal offending when in fact they knew that no such offences had been committed nor could ever have been committed under New Zealand law in a foreign territory. It is simply impossible for an offence to have been committed because no team LF staffer dealing with the story is resident in New Zealand and thus NOT subject to any New Zealand law.

After all, LF has named others who have managed to obtain dodgy name suppression orders and yet not a peep in the way of inquiry from the New Zealand police. Fellow Australian blogger, “the human headline” Derryn Hinch has also made a name for himself outing New Zealand’s dodgy courtroom antic’s and yet again not a peep from the New Zealand Police.

All Black – and Grey
by Derryn Hinch – Tuesday, 15 July 2014

“You weren’t meant to know this but in August 2012, Thorne pleaded guilty in the Dunedin District Court to a charge of performing an indecent act intended to insult or offend a woman.

He was convicted and ordered to pay $5000 reparation for emotional harm and $1500 in counselling costs.

But last year, his lawyer argued in the Court of Appeal in Wellington that Thorne, in a bid to avoid a public trial, only pleaded guilty on the understanding he would be offered diversion or a discharge without conviction.

The matter was sent back to Dunedin. Now, Thorne has been discharged without conviction and his name has been permanently suppressed in New Zealand.”


But, when LF names the police officers responsible, cops who we believe have actively conspired to pervert justice, who have very likely destroyed evidence and lied to the victims family then suddenly theres a one-off, a one man spike in police interest, and its from none other than the very same bent cop who headed up the corrupt investigation in the first place – Now why would that be? ….And no, we won’t be handing out any “gold stars” for anyone getting the likely answer to that question right!

The fact is, LF believes that Litherland is up to his neck in it, he knows it, but more importantly he knows that LF knows it, perhaps even more significantly both Litherland and Scott know that LF will eventually nail them for their part in the corruption and unlike the past there is sweet fuck all that this pair of seriously bent coppers can do to influence or interfere with that inevitability, their corrupt Kiwi banjo-playing copper ways hold absolutely no sway over team LF.


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  • Hi LF
    I expected as much from the outset! However.. whatever they have in store pales into insignificance compared to what myself and my family have been left to endure!

  • Hi Alan,
    Yes Litherland is indeed a most peculiar name. In fact we here at team LF have taken to calling the prick “Slitherland” or “Slippery Pete”, given his “snake in the grass” behaviour oh and the reptile like facial features. If you do get a knock on the door from an unexpected visitor in the next couple of days however it’ll probably be from slippery Pete and his thought police goon sqaud, popping over just to share a little Christmas spirit, oh and ask a few misguided questions on why it is that you read Lauda Finem. It seems that Slippery Petes various other efforts to shut down LF and it’s investigation have been a dismal failure.

  • The goings on within the Nga Pirihimana o Aotearoa certainly flies in the face of their motto ‘Safer Communities Together’? As with the NZ flag maybe something more appropriate is required??
    Having seen first hand the appalling treatment dished out by the Police to the grieving parents of Stephen Dudley immediately following that load of balderdash they called ‘a trial’ is unforgivable.
    It is not the M/O of the NZ Police i question per se.. (TONGUE IN CHEEK!) just an element of unsavory characters within it who use their position to enhance their own agenda, (behavior most prevalent these days and on the increase it would seem).
    I would be only too happy to redress this whole debauchered scenario and bring it back into the public domain for there is one aspect of this case that has been omitted, the truth! That being, 2 thugs pre-determined a time and place to waylay Stephen simply to, as befitting their ‘Island’ culture to maliciously mete out their own form of jungle justice, that immediately led to Stephens death a few hrs later… thus committing MURDER and i will defend that scenario in all the courts of England if i had to and, if given the opportunity.

    The meeting with the Crown Prosecutor a month before the trial would have been the joke of the century had it not been so demonstratively obscene in it’s entirety. The whole damn lot of them were in cahoots with one another THAT! was blatantly clear. We were being hung out to dry and there was not a thing we could do about it for they simply treated us with disdain for having the audacity (yeah!) to question their SUPERIOR knowledge. I felt like throwing up as did the other 3 present! They made it quite clear that they were acting on a directive from above (Wellington they said) that this next thug who dealt the ‘coupe de grace’ would have the charge reduced and in turn that he would walk free with name suppression as not to hinder nor jeopardize his career in later years. WHAT!! I repeat.. this was one month before the trial had even began!! THEN!! come the day of the trial.. the Crown Prosecutor, whom Stephen’s parents had dealt with from the outset.. goes AWOL! ! no reason given, no attempt to reschedule the case, totally contemptuous toward the Dudley family, and the make shift Prosecutor for the Crown for all intents and purposes, showing a smattering of the empathy for the Dudleys (God bless him) was not permitted to present any evidence WHAT SO EVER!! simply brushed aside by that piece of shite Winklemann. Needless to say everything panned out exactly as they had pre determined! hell am i thick or something or just meaningless because i just dont get it?
    Attempts to infiltrate LF surpriseS me not, quite understandable for you stand up for the rights of people like the Dudleys, to be able to go about their normal daily business without fear of being accosted by thugs (albeit not this case!!) assured that they have the protection of NZ law via the NZ police as law abiding citizens would expect! Safer Communities Together? Yeah right!! It’s the Police and the judiciary we all became to fear!!
    Litherland!! What sort of name is that anyway but moreover, what makes him think he has the right to bestow on us a lifetime of anguish and heartache just to support his crap hobby!! Obviously their fear is far more deep rooted than breaching some suppression order!! Good on you LF. What goes around comes around. Keep up the good work.

    • Hi Alan,
      Yes Litherland is indeed a most peculiar name. In fact we here at team LF have taken to calling the prick “Slitherland” or “Slippery Pete”, given his “snake in the grass” behaviour oh and the reptile like facial features. If you do get a knock on the door from an unexpected visitor in the next couple of days however it’ll probably be from slippery Pete and his thought police goon sqaud, popping over just to share a little Christmas spirit, oh and ask a few misguided questions on why it is that you read Lauda Finem. It seems that Slippery Petes various other efforts to shut down LF and it’s investigation have been a dismal failure, so he has resorted to jumping in the car, racing to home’s all around Auckland, just to intimidate the occupants.

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