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Oh dear, yet another “prominent New Zealander” gets name suppression and as always the PM knows nothing!

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key

“As I speak to you today, I’m very happy for him to continue in the position he does,” –  New Zealand Prime Minister John Key. Are these the words of a complete and utter psychopath?

What has become of New Zealand? Has the country, its parliament, its police force and its judicial system hit a new all time low? It would certainly seem so if one was able to join the dots with two news headlines coming out of the land of the long white shroud this morning. Whats more these two stories point to another interesting fact; almost conclusive evidence that the countries courts are in denial, an almost complete contempt for the citizenry of the South Pacific’s rape capital. Whats also obvious is that the country’s Prime Minister, Mr forgetful himself, John “I see nothing” Key may have told one lie too many. The country’s mainstream media are also up to their necks in this one. They too knew exactly what had gone on since late last year and have done little more than pay lip service to the idea of investigative journalism and the role of the Fourth Estate, instead all contenders preferring to offer up half-arsed stories that didn’t quite get to the bottom of the sewer that is New Zealand politics, this time round the country’s National party.

A little screen grab that we managed to locate somewhere in cyberspace. LF felt that it reflected the feelings of thousands of New Zealanders, a view that was being ignored by the Government, the police and the courts!

A little gem, a screen-grab that LF managed to locate somewhere in cyberspace. LF felt that it reflected the reality of the situation, the true feelings of thousands of New Zealander’s and of course the victims, a view that is being swept under the carpet by a thoroughly corrupt Government, a thoroughly corrupt police force and now the courts – and its being ignored at the peril of those doing the fucking sweeping!

The first of todays two offerings, submitted for public consumption by the countries two major dailies, was small, extremely small indeed. The New Zealand Herald ran this;

Northland MP Mike Sabin resigns ‘due to personal issues’

12:02 PM Friday Jan 30, 2015

Mike Sabin has resigned as a member of Parliament. The Northland MP, who was also the chairman of the law and order select committee, said he had decided to resign “due to personal issues that were best dealt with outside Parliament”. There have been reports Mr Sabin was being investigated by police, although neither Mr Sabin, the police nor Prime Minister John Key would confirm that. Prime Minister John Key said he “acknowledged” the resignation of Mr Sabin for personal reasons and was getting advice on the possible date for a by-election. On Wednesday, Mr Key said he was comfortable with Mr Sabin holding the role of committee chairman. “As I speak to you today, I’m very happy for him to continue in the position he does,” Mr Key told Radio New Zealand. Mr Sabin was a “fully functioning member of the caucus”, he said. Mr Sabin had been National’s MP for Northland since 2011 when he gave up his anti-methamphetamine consultancy business Methcon, which he formed following his departure from the police in 2006. He lives at Coopers Beach with his partner. – NZ Herald


Fairfax’s version – “National MP Mike Sabin quits” – (Url:

Then there was article number two, which was given much more prominence by both APNZ’s Herald and the Fairfax rag, we’ll use Fairfax’s version:

Prominent New Zealander in court

11:26 am, January 30 2015

A prominent New Zealander has appeared in court facing multiple charges, but all details of the case have been made secret. The man appeared this morning in a district court and was granted name suppression, along with sweeping other suppressions covering details and facts of the case. He was remanded at large to reappear in court for a disputed-facts hearing next month.


APNZ’s NZME Herald version – “Prominent New Zealander appears in court on serious charges” (Url:

The other interesting thing to note is that absolutely none of these so-called articles were attributed to a journalist – why? Were they therefore in fact little more than Department of Justice press releases? It sure as hell looks like it. Whats more, neither of these mainstream publishers signalled any intention of appealing the name suppressions, nor the so-called “sweeping other suppressions” surrounding the details of the “serious charges”.

ex-cop, now ex-MP - Mike Sabin

ex-cop, now ex-MP – Mike Sabin

Given the nature of these “super injunctions” there is little doubt that the offences are sexual and almost certainly involve children or young persons as the victims. So what is it with sexual offenders in New Zealand? Especially those accused of sexual offending who also happen to be considered so-called “prominent New Zealander’s” by the country’s crony media? Why is it that the courts are, without exception, seen doffing their hats in deference to these very nasty politicians and “ex-cops”, the perverts responsible?

That then brings us to the question that was no doubt on everybodies lips, but we suspect has already been answered if you’re reading this post.

National Party's Peter Goodfellow

New Zealand National Party’s Peter Goodfellow

Over the past few days John Key has been playing his cards close to his chest, in fact for almost six months the entire National party hierarchy have been evasive, despite repeated calls on both the party and Key to come clean on exactly what it was they knew and WHEN they knew it. Kiwi blogger Cameron Slater has already advised his readers that both the National party hierarchy, including Party President Peter Goodfellow, and John Key knew of the allegations against their MP, ex-cop and meth campaigner Mike Sabin, as early as October last year, well before the election. Slater again waded into this issue, also this morning, with this piece:


by Cameron Slater on January 30, 2015 at 12:30pm

Mike Sabin has resigned before Prime Minister John Key was going to have to do the inevitable. His position was untenable and if the likely charges are what I expect them to be it was never a survivable situation. The stupidity of the whole situation was that the National party has known about this since before Christmas and people who should know better ignored the warnings and let the situation fester. At least he is now gone. Sabin was never popular in Northland, and the selection process last time was long and arduous. Since taking over from John Carter Mike Sabin systematically alienated himself from his committee and let the membership dwindle…there are far less members now than when he was selected. I will of course follow the new selection process closely to ensure that there is no meddling in the process. The new Regional Chair though is a straight shooter and won’t brook any nonsense.


Now of course Slater has had his run-ins with the New Zealand police and the Kiwi judiciary before when it comes to breaching name suppression orders, so we doubt that he is about to risk another scrap, but the fact is that Slater had already placed his cards on the table around what he knew long before this latest round of suppression orders, late last year – as did team LF;

Was ex-cop Mike Sabin’s alleged repeat offending really almost too horrible for words?

The fact is that todays two press releases may just be a coincidence, it may not be one in the same person, Mike Sabin. What is extraordinary however, or at least it would be in any Western democracy outside New Zealand, is that the New Zealand police have been complicit in suppressing details around their investigation into Sabin, refusing to confirm that there even was an investigation into alleged criminal behaviour, allegations apparently so serious that they may now call for a fucking “super injunction”. Key undoubtedly knew that Sabin was being investigated and for what. He also undoubtedly knew that the charges, if they were laid by police, would result in an immediate resignation and yet only yesterday Key was heard touting “As I speak to you today, I’m very happy for him to continue in the position he does,”, whilst taking questions, obviously somewhat uncomfortably, on Sabin’s position on the law and order select committee – a job he’d been handed by Key, somewhat strangely over far more qualified parliamentarians.

Another clue to the fact that these two cases could be related is that the mainstream media only started applying heat to John key earlier this week, with an absence of any other reporting on the matter since well before Christmas 2014. Now we here at LF doubt very much that the journalists involved in harrassing Key this past week would have been given any forewarning of Sabin’s sudden resignation this morning, hence the questions constantly being put to John Key over the past week, but they would very likely have been forewarned of an upcoming court appearance, both the District and High Court registries have more leaks than the fucking Titanic, nudge-nudge wink-wink say no more, mum’s the word!

We should perhaps additionally point out a little something that appeared on a New Zealand Government website back in March 2012, a media release detailing the new provisions for the granting of name suppression orders, released by then Minister for Justice Judith Collins;

5 March, 2012

Name suppression rules tightened

Offenders will find it harder to get name suppression from the courts from today as the first group provisions in the Criminal Procedure Act 2011 come into force.

Justice Minister Judith Collins said these provisions, which were passed late last year, represent a substantial reform to criminal procedure.

“Grounds for granting name suppression weren’t always clear, and could be granted too easily and inconsistently – the Criminal Procedure Act changes this. It sets out a clear set of criteria for the courts to use when deciding whether suppression is appropriate or not.

“Previously defendants could be granted name suppression in situations where publication of their name may have resulted in ‘undue’ hardship to them or others. The test for granting name suppression has now been raised to ‘extreme’ hardship,” said Ms Collins.

There will be no presumption of extreme hardship simply because a defendant is well-known.

“The principle of ‘open justice’ is fundamental to our justice system and there is no reason for a defendant to get name suppression simply because they are famous,” Ms Collins said.

Certain special provisions are also made, for example, to continue to protect victims of sexual offending. Automatic name suppression will continue to apply to victims of specified sexual offending, defendants in cases of incest or sexual conduct with a dependent family member, and child witnesses.

Other changes introduced will:

• extend to the High Court the District Court practice of giving sentence indications

• enable the courts to impose bail conditions to ensure offenders take the necessary steps to progress their cases in a timely fashion, such as attending an appointment with a probation officer for the purpose of preparing a pre-sentence report, and

• allow trials to continue with ten jurors in more circumstances by giving judges the discretion to continue a hearing where this is in the ‘interests of justice’ rather than in ‘exceptional circumstances’ as currently.


In fact that’s probably why Andrea Vance was given the nod very early this morning, a tip-off that undoubtedly inspired her tweet at 9:52 am.

After-all, if there’s one journalist that can be counted on to be in the right place at the right time it’s got to be Andrea Vance – remember folk’s, parliamentary security have been known to watch her every move – just in case one of their masters needs her. Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 1.22.12 pm All designed to throw the punter off the bigger story perhaps? The story of yet another “prominent New Zealander” up on charges that are so secret, so hush-hush, that they’ve been granted a super injunction. What are the chances really? If its not Sabin it actually adds a far more concerning dimension to the debate, just how many “prominent New Zealanders” are sexually deviant criminals? Obviously more than the voting public would ever have expected, even in their most horrific nightmares!

Do these clowns really believe that the average Kiwi is that pig ignorant? Do they, in their piss addled wildest wet dreams, really believe that with a little editorial ambiguity, some thick smoke, a few grubby parliamentary toilet mirrors and heavy mutual mastibation sessions, that they can hide this sort of perverse shit from the public?

It would seem that these fuckwits really do believe their own spin! But perhaps more importantly it’s certainly not what the general public believes and at the end of the day that’s what really counts. It does not really matter if ex-cop Mike Sabin was in fact the “prominent” Kiwi in the dock this morning, the fact is that almost every Kiwi, and international news service, that has followed this case now undoubtedly believes it was Sabin.

On almost every online forum LF checked out, Mike Sabin, in addition to resigning, was also being touted as the accused who appeared in court this morning, notably at an undisclosed location – Northland perhaps?

The Standards moderators were working overtime to erase comments that eluded to Sabin being the accused "prominent New Zealander" with name suppression.

The Standards moderators were working overtime to erase comments that concluded that Sabin was also the accused “prominent New Zealander” with name suppression. Source:

Spin doctoring only works when it’s used sparingly, not when it’s used excessively, as happens in New Zealand, in often repeated attempts to hide anything and everything criminal or obscene involving a “prominent New Zealander” from public scrutiny.

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  • The first release said it was a prominent Northlander before the courts.
    The latest press release now just say New Zealander,
    latest from the Herald:

    He is facing 12 charges of indecent assault against two people including two representative charges.

    The charges, which include allegations of touching the complainants on the breast, buttocks, groin and thigh, are punishable by up to 10 years’ imprisonment.

    Name suppression for the man expires on March 19 or until the appeal is heard.

  • Renee Purdis says:

    Remember,the writer of the above has not stated facts,just what is thought to be the case.Maybe there is no sex offender.Perhaps there’s drug involvement or something else.All that is written is a load of conspiracy theory crap with no substantial evidence to back it.Does the writer not realise that they can put themselves in a very compromising position bordering defamation or worse by even stating names and saying that they “probably are guilty of sex offences” or whatever?So what,everyone’s “hiding something?”Does this idiot of a writer actually think anyone would have their names splashed all over the News if there hasn’t been any concrete proof yet?When someone is being investigated,it doesn’t mean they are guilty,it just means they are being watched.I have a friend who has had his number plate recorded by Police,and he is far from being a criminal,but unfortunately he just happens to know someone who’s on the Police radar,who by the way,is not a criminal either,but they are watching him so they can be led to the criminal!He unfortunately is so naive that he doesn’t realise he is dealing with criminals!So FACTS please,not your unsubstantiated BS gobbledy goop!

  • Omg sex offenders in our Govt. As a parent I for one would like to know who they are?!
    That’s disgusting.

    • We’ve had them in more prominent positions, as head of a party in fact… remember Graham Capill? He led the charge against sexual offending, only to be caught out as … a sexual offender.

      “The media referred to Capill, who was then under a name-suppression order, as “a prominent New Zealander”
      On 1 April 2005 name suppression was lifted and Capill pleaded guilty to a charge of indecently assaulting an eight-year old girl on four occasions. These events took place between the years of 2001 and 2002, while Capill was still leader of Christian Heritage.
      On 14 July 2005 Capill was sentenced to imprisonment for 9 years. Prior to his sentencing, he sent an e-mail to supporters, asking for forgiveness and that they pray for a light sentence, also claiming that the sex with one of the young girls was “consensual”

      • Tectonic Taniwha says:

        Freemasons believe its their right to be their daughters first! thats why Graham Capil thought it was “consensual”. I know of a former Prime Minister, a former deputy and a former All Black coach all whos daughters have accused them of rape, but these girls would be considered torubled individuals, one is dead of a drug overdose, one is a smack addicted sex worker and the other her sister commited suicide who was considered to be an over achiever, or just maybe hiding a dark secret! OH and theres a soldier who was seen as NZs finest,he hated Germans but he liked his girls underage! I have seen first hand what damage these prominent NZers can do to others lives!

      • Hype O'Thermia says:

        Capill was awfully keen on “family values”.

  • and the irony is Sabin was driving a private members bill to remove the right to remain silent …hehe I think his karma just run over his dogma .

  • Wakey wakey Kiwis- your Government & its various agencies are run by sex offenders with name suppression- from and for Rome, for their Crown Corporation – who also run Islamic State and the whole ‘War on Terror’ – starting with 911. Time to wake up and call it what it is. Instead of walking off the cliff like Lemmings. ‘Libera;’ Lemmings.

  • from overseas these days, New Zealand looks like a lawless land of corrupt politians, thugs, rapists , child abusers, wife beaters, murderers, home invading drug traffickers and petty criminals. Why would anyone want to migrate….not to mention the state of the healthcare and education systems….I am so disenchanted with my own country ….it’s not the beautiful place I grew up in…we need honest leadership by those who knew a better New Zealand and can take us ‘back’ to a better future……..or have we passed the point of no return….Heaven HELP us!

  • A.R.Dudley says:

    Timely article LF! The shroud’s transparency once obscure now reveals a dark shadowy object!! Sort of like a big heap of shite!!
    As the Reverend Maori Marsden once said of the Treaty, “It’s inception was more honored in it’s ‘breach’ rather than it’s ‘observance’!! Yes not much has changed it seems in 175 years!!

  • Can Goodfellow explain Desley Simpsons deal of fraud & favors with Matthew Blomfield???

  • Yes this is one I am watching. Time John Key stopped sweeping the crumbs under the carpet.

  • Tectonic Taniwha says:

    One of NZs biggest crims, Hugh Flecther will never face charges over his collusion with the AMI sale as his wife is the top judge in the land! Hugh has done well ever since one of his Samoan rent boys killed his brother Jim!

    • A.R.Dudley says:

      How true! I see there ‘s going to be a rerun of ‘The Laughing Samoans’ and why not! they too can get away with murder!’

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