GRIEVING: Stephen Dudley's parents feel the court system has dealt them further blows after they viewed their son's court file.

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GRIEVING: Stephen Dudley's parents feel the court system has dealt them further blows after they viewed their son's court file.

GRIEVING: Stephen Dudley’s parents feel the court system has dealt them further blows after they viewed their son’s court file.

On April eight this year the New Zealand Herald ran an article reporting on the sudden appearance of an unnamed individual before a New Zealand court. The article written by one Rob Kidd made various claims. The upshot of those claims alleging that the accused was an Auckland “blogger” and had been charged by police with breaching name suppression in the case of two teens, that suppression having been granted by Winkelmann J.

Since that article was published there has be a great deal of speculation and rumour on all of New Zealand’s major social media platforms, including but not limited to Facebook, Trademe, justice forums and various motorsport enthusiast site’s and others less well known.

Whilst a degree of speculation is completely understandable there has also been the persistent rumour that the accused is in fact the person responsible for publishing Lauda Finem. This rumour has absolutely no basis in fact, as an allegation it is completely false. Absolutely no one involved in the ownership, production and or publication of has appeared before any New Zealand court, nor for that matter will they be…count on it!

It is perhaps also important to note that those probably most culpable of continuing to promulgate this nasty little falsehood, a handful of New Zealand’s nastier political bloggers, journalists and their editors, all of whom should certainly know better.

Whilst team Lauda Finem has had dealings with a small number of what we would term honest, conscientious and competent journalists this apparently counts for very little in New Zealand’s particularly nasty media circles. Chief amongst the protagonists and more recent primary offenders have been the New Zealand Herald, Lynn Prentice of the Standard and most recently his political associate wannabe Labour party pollie Greg Presland, aka cyber granny “Micky Savage”. It is our assessment that their continued activity in this area, including a recent article which appeared in the Standard, penned by Greg Presland, duplicating Rob Kidd’s effort for the Herald, was deliberate, a malicious and deliberate misrepresentation and solely intended to cause harm to the individual who is accused of running a blog, as set out in Kidd’s article on the 8th April 2015.

The publishers of Lauda Finem had been on holiday during March, only returning at around the same time as the New Zealand Herald published Rob Kidd’s effort. This of course was pure coincidence, although some social media pundits have attempted to make something of it, a connection, albeit erroneous;Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 7.40.45 am

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 8.34.33 am

Obviously cyber pundits Tom Stewart and Richard Christie haven’t been following LF for very long. Regular long term readers will be aware that team LF has always had the habit of taking an annual sabbatical. In 2013 that break was taken in August of the same year.  2014’s annual break however was taken later than usual owing to both the breaking Sabin scandal and the best time of the year to travel in certain parts of the globe, the month of March 2015.

Over the years team LF have gone to extraordinary lengths to counter persistent rumour and scuttlebutt that Lauda Finem was or is a New Zealand based blog. However a handful of big tools amongst the New Zealand based cyber community and the mainstream media have made a long term habit of deliberately continuing to perpetuate the falsehood, using the unreliable vehicles of innuendo and smear, often attempting to reinforce the same erroneous and clearly malicious allegations by deliberately publishing links to various other troll sites, often established by some of the same people. This behavior is to be expected, particularly of New Zealander’s, more particularly when they are pushing their own political barrow, or attempting to conceal their own criminal offending….the New Zealand police included. For more on the techniques often employed by New Zealander’s, their Government and police LF suggests our readers follow in addition to LF, the website makes for insightful and extremely accurate observation, in short very good reading.

Whilst this behaviour never materially affects Lauda Finem, its researchers, writers or it’s publishers it does however affect New Zealander’s, including the many Kiwi victims of police corruption, wrongful prosecution, conviction and incarceration – hence the very existence of the many kiwi trolls and their behavior towards Lauda Finem.

Lauda Finem from the outset in mid 2010 fully expected attempts to counter our message and the stories we bring our readers, especially attacks from the New Zealand police, the countries two major political parties and anyone else we were likely to expose, however running these malicious defensive tactics are little different to those who sought to launch flak at allied bombers during world war two, to prevent the crews hitting their targets, an annoyance that certainly caused casualties, but in the end had little effect on the outcome, determination eventually winning the day.

Greg Presland who, according to Cameron Slater is a snivelling cunt, has been actively involved in the NZ police smear campaign -returning a few favours no doubt?

Greg Presland who, according to Cameron Slater is a snivelling cunt, has been actively involved in the NZ police smear campaign – Presland returning a few favours no doubt?

Despite what has recently been published by the Herald, despite the social media chatter and the malicious gossip one FACT rises above all that noise, defying the spin-doctored crap that the likes of Lynn Prentice and Greg Presland continue to manufacture – Lauda Finem is still here, still publishing and will continue to do so even if the New Zealand police continue with their attempts to stop our message and stories reaching readers.

Such police attempts have in the past included geo blocking LF’s Facebook page so that it appears to most New Zealander’s to have been pulled down by Facebook, which is of course anything but true. What is true however is the existence of a seriously questionable relationship between Facebook (NZ), Google (NZ) and the New Zealand government, a relationship not touched on by Dr Bryce Edwards in his recent critique of police tactics and behaviour.

LF has long planned a story on just how the New Zealand police operate in the world of cyber counter attack, going so far as to block many anti police websites, at least those published and hosted in New Zealand, from the eyes of the rest of the world. Of course the smart browser, if interested enough, will simply use a proxy server to avoid the problem, but not every internet user is that technically savvy.

Dr Edwards is however very right in noting the police presence online, in particular their use of Facebook. New Zealand’s police have been accessing the Facebook pages of New Zealander’s for years, more often than not without the required warrant and without the owners knowledge (although as of recently, thanks to John Key, police no longer require one). So if you are one of those using Facebook for your anti police corruption activism it would be wise to remember that fact. If readers have any personal stories around the New Zealand police and facebook we’d love to hear from you. No doubt Dr Bryce Edwards would also appreciate any relevant information for his own research. More information on Dr Edwards research can be found here.

Lynn Prentice, a man that constantly brags of his legal prowess, despite the lack of any real experience or legal qualification and Presland, who actually is a second-rate suburban criminal lawyer with some seriously dodgy west Auckland police associates, have both produced material designed to mislead their readers, or at least the Standards casual readership. This type of propaganda has been present throughout the Standards attack on Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater, which some would say was fair enough given that Slater had made himself a political target, but it is behavior that has presented itself time and time again with attacks on many others who have not deserved the vitriol, which frankly has served to destroy the credibility of both Prentice and Presland, the old adage of the pot calling the kettle black comes to mind.

Ex Fairfax Journo Rob Kidd, certainly not the sharpest of tools.

Ex Fairfax Journo Rob Kidd, certainly not the sharpest of tools.

For example, Greg Presland in particular is undoubtedly fully aware of the fact that had Lauda Finem been a New Zealand based blog, with a New Zealand resident doing the blogging, then the New Zealand police would have already been successful in having us closed down. In fact they would have achieved their objective quite some time ago, after all the New Zealand police and others with political connections, and a dirty political agenda have made numerous inquiries with that aim in mind, but on every occasion to no avail.

This fact alone shows Presland and Prentice to both be blatant unabashed liars, two semi professional old school marxist shit-slingers who have deliberately set out to mislead readers of the Standard – which should in turn be evidence enough to cause serious concern, the educated reader perhaps recognizing the need to be cautious of any opinion or purported fact published by either man.

The truth is that both Presland and Prentice are very much a core part of the problem that any justice campaigner face’s in New Zealand. Both men put their ego and politics above all else, both are prepared to lie and both are prepared to engage in smear campaigns to advance their own political aspirations and agenda. If in fact they do represent the Labour party, as they both proudly purport, this only further supports the fact that the Labour party, its current crop of political aspirants, are no better than the Party as a whole has shown itself to be in the past, especially when it comes to dealing with the New Zealand police and the serious issue of injustice.

Warren Arthur Wilson, an accomplice in a 50 million dollar fraud, his principle and close friend Malcolm Duncan Mayer sentenced to prison for the crimes. Wilso runs most of the troll sites Prentice and Presland have linked to.

Warren Arthur Wilson, an accomplice in a 50 million dollar fraud, his principle and close friend Malcolm Duncan Mayer sentenced to prison for the crimes. Wilso runs most of the troll sites Prentice and Presland have linked or referred to in the standard.

Lauda Finem on the other hand has no political agenda, we are not running for election, we’re not endorsing any political party…..God forbid! Over time we have had a track record of being critical of Kiwi politicians from both sides of the political divide, criticism which has always been valid. Whether it was John Key or the current ever changing crop of Labour hopefuls if they have shown any propensity for corruption or been seen to be anywhere near it then LF have had a view on it. The Peter Ellis case is but one example of the Skeletons rattling the Labour party’s closet door, just begging to see the light of day.

LF is of course aware of the case Rob Kidd reported on, details have somewhat belatedly been brought to our attention by third parties, we are also aware of Rob Kidd’s history with the principle party concerned a history that goes back decades. We are additionally aware of Mr Kidd’s close, extremely compromised, connection to police officers. As a result we do wonder what was running through Rob Kidd’s mind when he wrote what he did and in the manner that he did.

No doubt we will all get to hear more about Rob Kidd and the New Zealand Heralds fortunes at some point in the not too distant future, perhaps an indicator is already available? Who knows?

It was of course refreshing to see that some people among the kiwi population saw straight through the Heralds effort, strangely enough many even managed to see straight through Greg Presland’s twisted little effort as well, all of which is undeniably evidenced by the comments left by Preslands own readers, oh dear God……. poor old Greg;

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 8.33.44 am

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 8.33.10 am It was not just the New Zealand Herald article that was “one of the dumbest” LF have ever seen, the Standards ran a close second. There were of course many other comments that LF and some of our own readers captured, comments that the Standard clearly deliberately left on their website for hours (Lynn must have been busy using his masturbatorium). In fact that small problem was also commented on by another of Standard’s loyal readers

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 8.41.38 amThe fact is that the Standard had intentionally allowed the posting of comments which transgressed Presland’s feigned warning (and undoubtedly the two standing suppression orders), there was no moderation filter. Of course Presland’s little game was in fact Lauda Finem’s gain, how poetic. So for that matter was Rob Kidd’s piece, published in the Herald two days earlier. Both were responsible for thousands of additional unique visitors and a corresponding substantial increase in page views starting at around 07:50 hours on the morning of Wednesday the 8th April and running through to the present time.

So what was Rob Kidds intention? What was Greg Presland’s intention? Do they too believe that the police deliberately destroyed evidence, including smartphone video recordings taken immediately after the incident, during the investigation into the murder of Stephen Dudley, do they too believe that police are now trying to cover that fact up? Do they also have evidence that the forensic pathologists report was rigged by police, or at best incompetent in its findings? Have they too heard that the name suppression’s were granted only to shut down any public scrutiny, suppression that had been in the planning since day one of the police investigation? Have they also questioned the relationship between the Rugby Union, the school and the police?

We somehow doubt it. The articles seem to have been motivated more by LF’s views on the Cameron Slater v Matthew Blomfield case than any truly noble cause. The staunch Labourites at the Standard were arguably amongst the most strident in their absolute hatred of Slater, blinded by their hatred to the point where they actually allowed themselves to be thoroughly duped by a fraudster, as now only the passage of time and the slow progress of Slater’s appeals will prove. It’s that hate that undoubtedly motivated Presland’s article, its that same unbridled hate that caused Presland to as good as invite people to search the Standard for more information, again leading LF and any other reader  interested enough right to the standards various other stories naming and ridiculing Lauda Finem’s arguments. Prentice so enraged at the time that he was banning any reader, often dedicated followers, who dared point out this manic obsessed behaviour.

Manic behavior? Not much!

Manic behavior? Not much!

Who really knows what this pair of tools actually believed or knew about the Dudley case, of course that is beyond Greg Presland’s association with the investigating police officers – what we do know however is that both Kidd and Presland wrote material that led their readers straight to lauda Finem’s front door, all of it to the Stephen Dudley articles.

Presland called it the “Streisand effect”, given however that Presland and Kidd’s nasty little agenda’s backfired spectacularly we’d be far more inclined to call it “idiocy” .  The fact that they have intentionally also historically contributed to the current false accusation, well now that’s a whole new ball game and one that we suspect Presland and Prentice will deeply regret having just signed up for.

Don’t get us wrong, whilst neither Presland or Kidd were particularly successful in what they actually set out to do, they did help a whole swag of new readers find LF and Stephen Dudley’s story, for that LF is greatful, as will be Stephens family, after all they are the ones that have been screwed by the New Zealand police, the courts and Judge Winkelmann – a fact that another of Presland’s readers noted, one of the comments that Presland did eventually see fit to remove:

Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 11.50.47 am

We’re not so sure however that either Winkelmann or the current judge will see it in quite the same light,  especially given that both men, Presland and Kidd, and of course their respective publications, are on this occasion actually resident in New Zealand and of course, again in their particular circumstance, unlike team LF, subject to their own country’s laws.

These halfwit Kiwi clowns, the police included, have been doing little more than “Running with Scissor’s” and as their mother’s should have already explained, that can be extremely dangerous!!

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  • It never ceases to amaze me the amount of people that Blomfield seems to have conned, and he leaves a trail of destruction behind. I agree with Ape above with Lynne Prentice using Blomfields tale of woe to some how attack Cameron Slater. Poor Lynne is just peeved that WOBH has a much bigger readership and Slater is constantly being called upon to give his views. The level of jealous rage by Lynne is a total joke. He should be highly embarrassed of his idiotic child like behaviour. When you look at the recent comments on The Standard RE Slater traveling to Gallipoli you see just how dumb they all are

  • Blomfield AKA the Cocksmoker of Greenhithe is now 3 years down the track of claiming he is suing Cameron Slater and in reality he doing sweet FA. The answer is such a simple one, and that is Blomfield knows once this hits a Court room, and he is cross examined he will be found to be ALL of which Slater wrote about him. A brazen scumbag fraudster. He along with his dodgy lawyer – Mike Alexander will be able to share a cell together. My pick is before long Blomfield will be up on multiple charges regarding his never ending criminal offending. As for Lynne “I love my Masturbatorium” Prentice who is pushing the story of Blomfield,…. well he is in for a real shock. Slater WILL win this – its just matter of time. I wonder how long The Standard really has left. Greg Presland AKA Mickey Savage is just another bent lawyer. Tick fucking tock

    • The comment of “Flippant”and the reply of L Prent – Lynn ” I got a chicks first name ” Prentice sums up his childish behavior perfectly – I mean really ” I want him gone” ….. As a casual reader of WOBH I can’t recall anything like the dribble Prentice writes. And to top it off he uses scum of the earth like Blomfield as his soap box. Speaking of Blomfield what ever happened to Ned Te Paraha who “allegedly” slapped Blomfield around ???? Funny how no media have looked at that in NZ. Hmm perhaps that story does not add up either

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