Peter Hugh McGregor Ellis a man who has suffered greatly at the hands, not of a corrupt judiciary but thoroughly corrupt politicians.

The Christchurch Civic Creche case – Another Justice Minister fobs off “political hot potato”

Peter Hugh McGregor Ellis a man who has suffered greatly at the hands, not of a corrupt judiciary but thoroughly corrupt politicians.

Peter Hugh McGregor Ellis a man who has suffered greatly at the hands, not of a corrupt judiciary but thoroughly corrupt Kiwi politicians.

Today marks another milestone in the depravity of New Zealand’s politicians, be they elected or list MP’s. National Party justice Minister Amy Adams, a woman who is frankly out of her depth in the Justice portfolio has become the second justice minister to dodge a bullet, the Peter Ellis Christchurch Civic Creche case.

The political dimensions in this particular case are like no other in New Zealand’s judicial history, a fact that clearly was not lost on Adam’s when she decided, as have so many others before her, to avoid temporarily what can only be an inevitability, certainly given time – the establishment of a royal commission of inquiry.

Ellis's barrister, Nigel Hampton QC. Hampton has not always been on the right side of truth himself having defended bent cops in the past

Counsel for Peter Ellis, Nigel Hampton QC. Nigel Hampton has not always been on the right side of the truth either, having defended one to many thoroughly corrupt Christchurch cops in the past.

Today’s outrageous government announcement was sadly marked by little more than a couple of press articles, the New Zealand Herald’s below;

Peter Ellis to consider Privy Council appeal

Convicted sex offender Peter Ellis will consider an appeal to the Privy Council to clear his name after a request for a Commission of Inquiry into his case was today rejected by the Justice Minister.

The former Christchurch childcare worker was convicted of child sex abuse in 1993, but has always maintained his innocence.

He was sentenced to 10 years in prison, and since then his convictions have been the subject of extensive legal battles, including two appeals, an inquiry by former Chief Justice Sir Thomas Eichelbaum and two overseas experts, and a 2003 petition to Parliament.

In 2008, a similar request for a Commission of Inquiry was rejected by former Justice Minister Simon Power.

Justice Minister Amy Adams today announced his latest bid for a Commission of Inquiry had been turned down on the basis that an inquiry could not be used to determine the liability of any person.

Mr Ellis’ lawyer Nigel Hampton QC, said his client would be “somewhat disappointed” by the decision.

“But it doesn’t shut all the avenues, he’s still got the ability to appeal to the Privy Council. And the other principal alternative is to again renew an application to the Governor-General for the exercise of the Royal Prerogative, which would lead, if successful to a further hearing in the Court of Appeal,” Mr Hampton said.

“Those are the two avenues open to him still, and they are the ones that we will be discussing with him and deciding on in the next little while as to which avenue we’ll follow.”

It would be two to three months before the team make a decision, he said.

The case was a “political hot potato” that successive ministers had tried to avoid, Mr Hampton said.

“I think it’s being seen in very narrow terms, and conveniently so,” he said. “I think politicians regard this as rather a hot potato and they’d rather not have their hands on it.”

He added: “It’s been on the desk of I think about seven or eight Ministers of Justice and it’s seen as being a political hot potato and the less a minister has to do with it the better it is from that minister’s point of view. So this [decision] really follows a pattern of previous conduct and attitude towards applications by Ellis or on his behalf.”

Despite that, Ellis was “still hopeful that at some stage in his lifetime his position will be vindicated and his name will be cleared”, Mr Hampton said.

Dunedin author Lynley Hood, who wrote the award-winning A City Possessed: The Christchurch Civic Creche Case, which looked at the Ellis case, said the decision by Ms Adams went to the heart of what is wrong with the New Zealand justice system.

“It’s very disappointing,” she said of the decision. “And it’s just another example of how the justice system seems incapable of recognising and correcting its own mistakes.”

Releasing her decision today, Ms Adams said she considered the public interest and legal issues before declining the request for an inquiry. She also said Ellis had not exhausted his right to appeal.

Dr Hood however, described this as a “cop-out”.

“The legal options never end, and this is part of the cop-out that the justice system uses when they say he has not exhausted his legal options,” she said.

“You can apply multiple times for the Royal Prerogative and go to the Privy Council, but they tend to get narrower and narrower, and they’re just saying, ‘where’s the new evidence?’, and the problem with the Civic Creche case is there was no reliable evidence in the first place.

“There have been numerous calls, including petitions to Parliament that were supported by a huge weight of legal authority, for a Commission of Inquiry led by an overseas judge to examine the whole case from beginning to end, because if you’re just looking for new evidence you can say, ‘well we looked at that back at the trial’, and so on, so you have to have fresh eyes looking at it and saying, ‘they got that wrong’.

“People have to learn from the mistakes that were made, and they never will if they pretend they can fix the problem by finding a piece of new evidence and saying, ‘oh if we’d known that this would never have happened’. That’s rubbish, because all sorts of things went wrong all the way down the track.”

The request for the inquiry was made by Dr Hood and former leader of the National Party Don Brash.


The Peter Ellis case stands alone in many respects. Probably the first is the deliberate manner in which the state has conceal the identities of at least two major political players. Now when we say political players we are not referring to politicians who were at arms length. We are actually talking about two politicians, National MP Nick Smith and NZ Labour’s Lianne Dalziel whose immediate families number among those who falsely pointed the finger at Peter Ellis, although the political interference gets much much worse.

National party justice Minister Amy Adams, just another in a long line of political deniers

National party justice Minister Amy Adams, political pimp, just another in a long line of politically duplicitous deniers

One family in particular involved in the strange sexual affairs that the investigating officer is known to have had with the complainants mothers. These facts have deliberately been hidden from the public.

Amy Adams and her crown law minions came up with the excuse that they could not entertain Peter Ellis’s application because;

a) it did not contain new evidence and an inquiry would not therefore be able to determine matters of guilt.


b) That Ellis had not exhausted appeal options within the legal frame work of New Zealand’s judicial system and the court of last resort, the Privy Council.

We here at LF believe that Amy Adams is completely wrong. That new evidence may well be forthcoming during a Royal Commission of Inquiry, evidence that has nothing whatsoever to do with Ellis but rather those responsible for stitching him up – surely that covers off on Amy Adam’s “issue of guilt” concerns.

Such an inquiry is the only place that the Ellis case can be looked at properly, principally for the reason that a Royal Commission would have the required powers to investigate well beyond the evidence educed at Ellis’s 1993 trial.

The powers available to a Royal Commission far exceed the scope available to any court, without limiting terms of reference, including the Privy Council and that is indeed what is now required so that the actions of those involved on the periphery of the Ellis case can be investigated and interrogated, the police, the Labour and National party political figures and others who played a part in pointing the finger, framing Ellis and setting free his fellow accused female crèche workers.

Not only was Peter Ellis the victim of a witch hunt, the well documented origins of which were in the United States, he was also the victim of a rabidly homophobic New Zealand police force, in particular the Christchurch constabulary. It was not just the completely fucked-up police officer responsible for the investigation, the rampant homophobic hatred went all the way to the top of the country’s police force.

Ellis was not alone in being victimized by police, a consequence of his sexuality, the police’s proclivity for such behavior during that period and prior is well known, again especially within the Canterbury and East Cape area commands.

What has however held justice Minister Adams and those before her back is not the falsely claimed issue of “law” or “public interest”, rather its the incumbent administrations very real fear that public confidence in the institutions of government would be seriously eroded if the whole truth ever become public Knowledge.

The other interesting dimension to the Ellis case is the fact that Ellis and his supporters have to date played by the rules, so to speak. Yet they have failed to make even a minor concession from an extremely small political élite who have to date been left to pull the strings.

In LF’s view the defense has failed simply because they have refused at every step of the way to put the boot in. They have been competing with animals, whilst incorrectly perceiving them to be something better, hoping that someone might just do the right thing.

It’s time for Ellis supporters to wake up, to start playing the game using exactly the same dirty tactics that successive governments of both the left and the right have been guilty of employing as the appeals for reason have fallen on deaf ears and collapsed, application after failed application.

Even the Dunedin academic, Lynley Hood, the woman responsible for the book “A city possessed” had been fair in the way she approached the evidence and the Ellis accusers. Her assessment in the Herald article above is correct, but far too polite.

So what will it take? Why has it taken so long? How can a justice system be so dysfunctional that it’s been allowed to completely ignore the bleeding obvious and of course best practice when approaching the completely unreliable evidence used to convict Ellis more than 22 years on?

Just what will it take to extract Peter Ellis from his nightmare, a horrendous seemingly never-ending cycle of legal abuse’s and injustice?

LF have long argued that the Peter Ellis case is the perfect example of the “softly softly” approach simply not working with the class of creature that crawls the corridors of New Zealand’s parliament.

Frankly, it was never going to work, destined to fail for the simple reason that it is not Peter Ellis’s guilt, nor his innocence, that the Crown are now concerned with – 22 years on its their own guilt and of course maintaining the public perception that its business as usual in the land of the long white shroud.

One look at the way this government has dealt with ex cop Mike Sabin’s sexual assault allegations should suffice as evidence of the complete political hypocrisy and ongoing corruption of the judicial process New Zealand’s politicians are prepared to engage in.

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  • aroha jackson says:

    Nut job territory? Possible ban? Ask me questions and l will answer. I stopped caring years ago about trying to convince people to believe me. I have been bullied and intimidated by authorities to keep quiet and now am a little shocked by that comment when you guys know full well how corrupt this system is.

    • Yes Aroha “nut job territory”. That when you start making statements such as the excerpt below, statements that contain absolutely no fact whatsoever. Statements that so closely resemble the false aleegations against Peter Ellis as to be almost laughable were they no so dangerous in a one eyed shit hole such as Christchurch New Zealand:

      “and many chch kindys-some still operating today. Tunnels under ground definitely existed. There were some under the creche next door to the Christchurch City Council and those had cages built into the walls.Others under the court house that led to surrounding schools, buildings and the hospital. Housie halls were ideal places for these paedophiles to pick their victims as their mums played thinking their kids were being looked after in an upstairs room. Two of the worse for abuse were the Social Credit Hall st asaph st and the Caledonian Hall on kilmore”

      Your use of the term SRA, which we take to mean “Satanic Ritual Abuse” does absolutely nothing to further your credibility. This bullshit term was one dreamed up in the good old USA, designed to grab the imagination of the powerful bible-bashing voters. The fact is that there was and is a child abuse problem in New Zealand. Abuse within institutions, both State run and Church operated undoubtedly occurred as the 500 odd claims now being concealed attest, not all abuse was sexual offending, but severe child abuse nevertheless.

      You may indeed have had your own personal experience of childhood sexual abuse, in your mind at least, as an adult, YOU may have made some sort of “religious” or “satanic” connection, but for the vast majority of abused children, now adults, the criminal historic child abuse they endured was far more mundane, equally as calous, with tragic life long psychologically devastating permanent injuries such as PTSD.

      The current government attempts to silence victims using the threat of witholding or delaying compensation is appalling, going against everything thats been learned by the Australian Royal Commission. Of course in time this will return to haunt the politicans responsible, but frankly in our extensive experience your allegations, couched in a manner that you have, throws doubt on genuine complainants allegations and does this cause absolutely no favours. When you make seemingly ludicrous allegations of conspiracies involving dungeons and secret underground passageways with absolutely no evidence in support; you would do well to remember the Christchurch earthquake and just how that event assisted in your theory being debunked in 5 seconds flat.

      Finally, its not our job to ask you questions, if you wish to volunteer information or evidence in support of more specific claims that is of course completely up to you.


      • aroha jackson says:

        What is it you dont like me saying? What are you afraid of? I havent even scratched the surface and you have a cheek to criticize and judge me. I have more then enough proof and by your replys lm guessing…you know it! What a let down LF

      • It’s starting to sound like you’re a troll Aroha, the type found on ACCForum, one whos mission it is to debase the debate, you keep posting comments if you like, we’ll keep doing what we do old girl. But you’re on notice, going back to our original warning – If your comments look in any way to be an attempt to colour the tone of Lauda Finem or paint LF and its readership as nut-jobs then they will not be published or in the alternative will be edited or heavilly redacted where nesessary.

      • Aroha Jackson says:

        What are you afraid off? You have hundreds of posts that provide facts and real happenings which many would find hard to believe and l have stepped up to tell you the truth on a subject many just want to disappear and all of a sudden l am threatened and judged and you dont even know me. To be honest your come backs are just like the corrupt police and lawyers l approached to expose the predators and paedophiles. Nut territory is knowing what l know and wishing like hell l didnt

      • Thats right Aroha, we don’t know you from a bar of soap, you’re certainly not one of the recognised campaigners and whats more you have failed to contact LF so as to provide facts or a precis outlining your allegations in detail – Comments are not the appropriate way to do so. Your comments are also not about the featured story and so appear to be little more than a distraction.

  • aroha jackson says:

    There is so much wrong with this case it almost defies belief. Regardless of what the out come said did or didn’t happen…there is definitely a paedophile ring in chch, much of the things alleged happened and does exist. I attempted to bring some to justice and the system closed ranks and shut me down. I have tried every way possible and no body wants to touch it. The treatment l received from Police was shocking, l naively believed they would support me even though l had named some of their own as perpetrators. Corrupt is such a mild word for our system…Evil seems more fitting

    • Hi Aroha, Yes we agree there was an active paedophile ring in Christchurch New Zealand, There was also at that time a similar group operating in the southern city of Dunedin. The problem is that it appears senior police officers and politically very well connected individuals numbered amongst the two groups members. There’s also another problem when these allegations first surfaced, people were unwilling to accept the possibility. It’s always been differcult to get thorough and honest investigations into this type of offending as the case now unfolding in Britain demonstrates.

      The allegations are often too horrible for the the public to even contemplate, in the context of the damage it does to their own personal schema’s or view of the world. Government and police officials have manipulated this public disbelief in the past to avoid close scrutiny. The Ellis case is extraordinary however. There is in our view absolutely no evidence of the crimes Peter Ellis was accused on. Subsequent to the conclusion of the trial almost three decades ago the specialist psychologists evidence used to convict Ellis has been completely discredited.

      There is another demension to the Ellis case however, one which has never been investigated, or that we know of written about; that is the behind the scenes behaviour of at least two of the mothers who’d been involved in making the original allegations, two politically very well connected mothers, one the sister of christchurch Mayor Lianne Dalziel, Alison Dalziel, the other a relative of National MP Nick Smith.

      The name suppression orders in that case are a classic case in point for the abolition of name suppression and the need to open justice. Far from being just and or deserved the suppression orders granted back in 1993 have over the years enabled further skulldugery and if not actual malevolent criminal wrongdoing, certainly the opportunity for it existed. Team LF are currently investigating issues surrounding Dalzials sisters time as advisor to the Labour Prime Mister Helen Clarke, during her term in office, concurrent with an appeal process which both Helen Clarke and then minister of Justice Phill Goff were involved.

      Funilly enough Dalziel, now based in Perth, had a linkedin profile in which she notes her time as the Prime Minsters advisor, however when the reader clicked on the link the were redirected to Australian Prime Minister John Howards website……the only problem with that is that Dalzial has never worked for an Australian Prime Minister, she’s used slight of hand to conceal her closeness to Helen Clarke, important during a period when important political decisions were being made on Peter Ellis’s right to justice…….decisions that resulted in Labour doing an extraordinary about face on their prior election promise to Ellis and all New Zealanders.

      Of interest also here at LF is the Christchurch man facing sexual molestation charges, the brother of a current National party Cabinet Minister, who was mysteriously granted an unwarranted name suppression earlier this year……something stinks about that case and that particular individuals past –

      • aroha jackson says:

        Something else that stinks is ACCs role in all this. With victims of sexual abuse many are only directed to use ACC accredited counsellors and l myself have come across several who were part of my abuse as a kids. I have learnt one of my perpetrators had a child at civic. He was a politician and died suddenly shortly after l approached Police. But he was one of many who are part of this sadistic group who practise SRA. Judges, police, lawyers, former police now lawyers, teachers, doctors, dentists, scout leaders, religious groups and leaders, social workers (dsw) mental health, st john, community groups(centres), boarding schools, foster homes, farmers, all walks of life and many chch kindys-some still operating today. Tunnels under ground definitely existed. There were some under the creche next door to the Christchurch City Council and those had cages built into the walls.Others under the court house that led to surrounding schools, buildings and the hospital. Housie halls were ideal places for these paedophiles to pick their victims as their mums played thinking their kids were being looked after in an upstairs room. Two of the worse for abuse were the Social Credit Hall st asaph st and the Caledonian Hall on kilmore st.

      • Carefull aroha your entering nut-job territory and that could be fatal without providing readers with a little more than you have……tend to also earn a ban

  • Bob Osborne says:

    so much like the Scott Watson case in so many ways, when will a govt of NZ wake up? Any Government,!!!

  • Marcia lawrence says:

    Thank the Lord that there is some-one {You } out there who is prepared to ask the hard questions . PLEASE keep up the good work .

  • Ms Adams is also trying to block an investigation into the IPCA. Adams is aware that senior police have admitted that the documents police staff had previously told the IPCA that they had disclosed, in fact have never existed. The IPCA are failing to investigate why the police lied to them. Carrurthers has ignored this since 2012. Adams is ignoring a complaint re this made under the IPCA Act and the Crown Entities Act only because it shows how corrupt the IPCA staff are.

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