Whale Oil Hack – Dirty politics, New Zealand Police arrest cyber activist with strong labour party connections

Labour party associate and cyber activist Ben Rachinger

Labour party associate and cyber activist Ben Rachinger

Update: The Rachinger Identity – Espionage thriller or just another bad outbreak of Streisand effect?

LF have learned that the New Zealand police have just arrested Auckland law student and cyber activist Ben Rachinger following his online admissions surrounding the Raw-shark hack of Kiwi Blogger Cameron Slater’s computer systems and social media accounts. Rachinger is a law student at an Auckland University and is allegedly close to Lynn Prentice and various other players at Labour party rag the Standard. Mr Rachinger has apparently already been released from police custody.

Rachingers twitter account take-down was swift.

Rachingers twitter account take-down was swift.

LF first suspected that police had moved when Rachinger’s twitter account was suddenly removed not long after having tweeted us. LF will bring readers more as detail become available.

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  • slicedcheesesandwich says:

    Best retorts ever! Keep up the good work LF. I have yet to see you proved wrong in the past few months I have been following you and on average you are months ahead of everyone else.

  • Tectonic Taniwha says:

    Ah, now I see why a story 6 months old was released about Johnny boy today! Red alert is in full swing!

    • Are you referring to Martin Bradbury’s story on John Key? We thought it a very good piece, Key is after all a sociopath – http://thedailyblog.co.nz/2015/04/22/exclusive-the-prime-minister-and-the-waitress/

      You might like to enlighten your fellow readers on the “six months” claim and of course your “red alert”

      • DaveG says:

        Martin Bradbury has never written a good piece, and remember, he was the mastermind strategist without a laptop who wrote DotCom’s Internet Party strategy, and didn’t that go well! I hope Martyn Martin keeps strategising for his socialist mates, it’s brilliant! Oh, my point, it was well written, therefore Martin had assistance writing it, or it was written for him.

      • Oh, so that’s where you got the “admissions surrounding the Raw-shark hack”.
        My god, this site is a mess

      • What caused you to draw that conclusion Daryl, are you yet again jumping the gun? Reddit was certainly not the source of our information, we much prefer sources that have moving lips – the looser the better. As for things being a mess, we would suggest that you are an emotional mess, can we suggest a therapist?

        We also note that you clearly hadn’t seen the Reddit thread before so that fact alone probably makes you less well informed than team LF….now piss off there’s a good boy and only come back when you have the goods.

    • Aguyin Flint says:

      this makes me upset reading after yet another brilliant young mind being influenced (like a street whore working for a pimp) by the cyber military industrial complex. I didn’t know of Ben’s history or skill level, only as nice person to chat with on twitter.
      I hope you lawyer scum represent this young man and clear his name for all that’s decent in the modern world we live in ffs.

  • Ben had a few arguments with people on Twitter. You made the false link with Labour and people reacted to that. Also you’ve suggested he is Rawshark, or at least connected, but that’s absurd.
    Your whole story is mixed up (going on what Ben has said a number of times over the past few months). What you’re claiming is wrong.

    • Really? Please tell our readers how it is you know this? Are you perhaps a police officer?

      • Sorry, I’m no pig.
        Stick to your story if you want. I thought accuracy and reliability would be something this site would value.

      • We like accuracy Daryl, we however just don’t drop a story because a group of hyperactive losers decide to harangue us using twitter accounts with no fucking followers. The problem with cunts like you Daryl is that its you that completely lacks credibility and you don’t seem to have a grip on that fact. We have already given you the opportunity to front with the evidence, discrediting our source, yet all you’ve managed to do so far is piss us off….so you’re not off to a particularly good start if you had hoped to be viewed as anything more than a wanker.

    • DaveG says:

      I have come across Ben on a number of sites, and around the time of the WO Hack he was ecstatic, bleating and tweeting crazy stuff, and he had just posted video’s on WO’s site as a guest. He had some good concepts, but did he dupe WO with a view to hack the site, I don’t know. However, if one follows his social media activity, he is a boy trying to control and influence, and my belief is if he didn’t get grounded soon (that was just after the WO hack) then he would crash and burn. Skilled and level headed operators don’t go crazy when they execute a strategy, nor do they look for admiration, Ben was both, and he is still going crazy.

      • Good Morning “Dave G”,

        Well spotted on several counts! LF has also been following Rachinger on the various social media platforms (the most active being twitter), since about February 4th 2015, which was in fact when @b3nraching3r first attempted to “engage” one of the LF team on the issue of child abuse and the UK inquiry now headed by Kiwi judge L Goddard.

        In fact the team was so concerned about @b3nraching3r’s social media activities, in particular some of the unlawful things he and his cyber cohort were proposing other’s get involved in, that we started collecting and collating the tweet threads. One proposal appeared to us at the time to be a blatant attempt at “entrapment” of the unwary punter – a tactic often employed by the more dodgy police forces, lets say in this case New Zealand’s

        Ben has of course, since the latest Slater crap, ensured that his tweets cannot be seen by the public, to late unfortunately the horse had already bolted. Team LF will be publishing the results of our own investigation into Mr Benjamin Stephen Rachinger, aka @b3nraching3r in due course.

  • Labour? He was a member of Young Nats

    • So who pissed him off to the extent that he decided to become a Labour party wrecking ball……Perhaps the cops arrested him on suspicion, anyone stopped to think about that? No? Thought not.
      Jesus you politically obsessed fuck-wits are so fucking transparent

      • I have no time for Labour – couldn’t give a fuck about that neoliberal piece-of-shit party. I hope they dissapear. I’m just offering you some info everyone on twitter has already told you.
        Ben was in the Young Nats (he admitted on a video on his youtube chanel) and he dispises Labour (he tweeted anti-Labour rhetoric for months). The kid is a loose cannon. He’s not Rawshark because he’s too unhinged to keep that information to himself.
        He seems desperate for attention and politically confused.

        What do you mean ‘he decided to become a Labour party wrecking ball’?
        He just runs his mouth off about Labour – as we all do

      • Until we hear otherwise we stand by the report, frankly it seems more than strange that there has been such a reaction to a seemingly small piece of news, even if what you say were to be correct……a seriously strange reaction…..and by such a small group, statistically that could infer a lot more.

    • DaveG says:

      Hmmm I could join the Commie Party, and the young Nats at the same time, ever heard of a double Agent? And look at his personailty, he is after all attention seeking and likes to think he can outsmart the best operators and take them down. Again, this guy will crash and burn spectacularly if he doesn’t pull his head in and slow down.

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