Was Blessie Gottingco the victim of police and Department of Correction incompetence?

The Blessie Gotingco Case – The need to maintain a clear focus on Ministerial responsibility and compensation

Was Blessie Gottingco the victim of police and Department of Correction incompetence?

We all know that Blessie Gotingco was brutally murdered, was she also the victim of New Zealand legislators, police and Department of Corrections incompetence?

Update (22/05/2015): LF has named the convicted killer, our reasons for doing so are explained in the post – Blessie Gotingco, another dangerous “monitored” parolee left unsupervised to rape and murder?

Over the past three days team LF has received many many emails on the topic of the Blessie Gotingco murder case and the trial that is now underway at Auckland. Many of these emails are focused solely on the identity of the accused, many obviously asking LF to name the man.

The first thing that we would like to point out is that LF is not in the business of solely naming people who have name suppression, nor are we in the business of allowing those who stand accused of wrong doing the option of a court ordered get out of jail free card.

The accused is not a public figure, he has not held public office and he has played absolutely no role or in creating public policy or law, in short there is no immediate public interest, nor is there a risk to public welfare – In short there is no arguable public interest in this case that outweighs the right of the accused to a fair trial.

The man accused of murdering Blessie Gotingco, appearing in the dock at Auckland High Court

The man accused of murdering Blessie Gotingco, appearing in the dock at Auckland High Court

In the case of the Blessie Gotingco murder trial we are well aware of the identity of the accused, we have been since the day the man was arrested.

It is also likely true that a huge number of New Zealander’s are also well aware of the identity of the accused. LF’s position in this case is however relatively simple – that in the administration of justice itself in this case there has as yet been no clear corruption. That because there has been no obvious corruption in the police investigation, arrest and trial, to date, then justice should be allowed to take its course.

LF however suspects that those who have written in complaining have been greatly angered by what they have perceived as corrupt practice by the New Zealand Police and the Crown law office in the suppression of information as in how it related to the public’s right to know, the failure of the Courts, the police and corrective services to adequately perform their duties in keeping the public safe prior to the murder.

In the case of the Blessie Gotingco murder these concerns are completely valid and the outrage and anger also justified. In fact it would not be by any means a stretch of the imagination to form the view that the victim would likely still be alive today had the Courts, police and corrective services been doing the job that tax payers expect of them.

Mike Bush, Commissioner of police

Mike Bush, Commissioner of police

LF does not however see any benefit in naming the accused at the present time. Should the Courts however fail to name the accused in the event of a guilty verdict and conviction then it will have become clear that the New Zealand Government, the country’ police force and the Department of Corrections will have stepped over the line and have clearly conspired to act corruptly in attempting to escape moral and legal responsibility for their systemic failures.

The fact is that the New Zealand Courts, the country’s Department of Corrections, the Ministers and the country’s police force have all been entirely responsible for the set of systemic failures that lead to this sickening murder.

Department of Corrections CEO Ray Smith, the man who took an axe to staffing levels back in 2012

Department of Corrections CEO Ray Smith, the man responsible for the chainsaw attack on staffing levels back in 2012

Whilst LF believes, as no doubt do the majority of LF readers, that the polices actions in immediately moving to obtain court orders suppressing the identity of the accused was little more than an act of self-preservation and not, as the police and Crown Law would have the public believe, an act seeking to preserve the rights of the accused. Whilst this is almost certainly the case now is not the time to point fingers, nor is it the time to ask the questions that will inevitably embarrass the public servants responsible.

In our experience it is far better to wait and watch, as we did with the Stephen Dudley case, to see what it is that the Government spin doctors have planned once the trial has concluded. If at that point there is any attempt to suppress the details of the undoubtedly causal inactions leading up and contributing to the untimely death of Mrs Gotingco then LF will be making every effort to make sure that the further justice necessary is obtained.

Peseta Sam Lotu-Iiga, the current Minister responsible

Peseta Sam Lotu-Iiga, the current Minister responsible for Corrections

It is further LF’s belief that this case warrants a full Royal Commission of Inquiry. It is certainly not a matter that the IPCA is legally capable or even responsible for investigating.

In the event that any attempt whatsoever is made to hide the catastrophic failures of the New Zealand police, the Department of Corrections and any culpable contractors then LF will be at the forefront of the expected push to expose the complete and utter incompetence of the government departments responsible and the fight to obtain significant monetary compensation for Blessie Gotingco’s husband, children and extended family.

Antonio Gotingco, husband of Blesilda

Antonio Gotingco, husband of Blesilda “Blessie” Gotingco outside Auckland High Court

The Gotingco family are in LF’s view the only victims in this case, not just resultant from the horrific murder and loss of their daughter, mother, aunt and wife at the hands of known psychopath, they are also the victims of a system that is catastrophically flawed, a system that ultimately failed them. A system that will continue to fail all New Zealander’s, more of whom who will like the Gotingco family tragically undoubtedly pay personally, unless the obvious decay in New Zealand’s civil service is exposed and those responsible held to account. The expected attempted pat on the hand and a paltry Accident Compensation lump sum payout will no longer suffice for the victims of systemic incompetence and budget cuts.

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  • Vincent Gotti says:

    It’s really very frustrating for me to understand this bullshit of name supression for this scumbag while my sister in law Blessie was never accorded the same courtesy. His identity and his family should be shamed for what he did ! The defense team has taken the rectum licking to another level of artistry !

  • Bjørn Brendbo says:

    If NZ still had capital punishment, there would be dozens innocent people alive today. Sure, maybe an innocent person could have been hanged but just but just think of all those totally innocent people that were murdered because we didn’t hang the bastards after the first offense. Bjørn.

  • Maureen says:

    A big thumbs up to the Jury, guilty on both counts.

    • cappee says:

      And it only took 2 hours of deliberation. Now, this is where I have a big problem with this entire episode. He admitted hitting her with his car, admitted putting her in the back of his car. Admitted taking her back to his residence and stabbing her to death. Claims the sexual assault was fabricated by the police (cough BS cough) but once again the sexual assault was proven. After all this he is given life imprisonment with no chance of parole for 10 years!!!. Can someone explain to me how the courts have come up with this slap on the wrist with a wet bus ticket mathematical equation?? Now, to rub even more salt in the wound the name suppression stands as ” Defence lawyer Chris Wilkinson-Smith opposed the lifting of name suppression on the grounds that his client would be taking the case to the Court of Appeal.”. How the hell is this justice and what right does he have with the courts withholding his identity?? Last but not least, how is the life of this wife and mother worth a measly 10 years????????????

      • Maureen says:

        I think you’ll find he’ll get preventative detention – his sentencing was due in July but I guess will be delayed by his Appeal.

      • AlexisD says:

        New Zealand needs to know his name. I know his name just by searching for it on various forums and Google searches. Read the court papers relating to his previous convictions last night. Felt sick to my stomach.

      • cappee says:

        Come on LF & AlexisD. If you know it than share it. We’re fed up of being stuck in the dark and having these bastards protected by the so called justice system. As far as I’m concerned justice would be the noose!!!

      • robby says:

        I really can’t understand how Mr Wilkinson-Smith can sleep at night. He knows, and has known throughout this disgusting charade the prior behaviour that lead to his client getting fitted with his GPS tracker. Mr ‘face without a name’s’ earlier victim must be counting her blessings right now, if she hadn’t fought him off, she would probably be dead too.

      • tjalling jonker says:

        as i understand it this mongrel will be sentenced in july or august – yes, he qualifies automatically for the 10 years non-parole. i would like to think it is a given he will be cell-mate of bell (rsa murders) for a very, very long time. unless one of the idiots in charge decides he should be on bail until sentencing….!!

  • Robyn lewis says:

    I can remember years ago when people had done something wrong and went to court they told you there name it was not hidden the law is all wrong now the man who has killed blessie they should tell his name name and shame him I say the police are stupid now they are all for the Crimson now they should bring back hanging Bali has the right idea robyn lewis

    • mary birch says:

      The guy has not been proven guilty of murder yet you silly woman. How much do you know? Nothing!!

      • robby says:

        How much do YOU know Mary? Do you really think that he accidentally ran over her, then threw her in the back of his car and took her back to his house in order not to breach his conditions? Do you really think that her blood and hair were planted by the police on a knife in his kitchen drawer? And do you also think that he unintentionally wrapped her body in a blanket that he had ejaculated on? These are all allegations that have been made by him or his erstwhile lawyer, and this information is all publicly available. Another allegation that was made by him, was that he didn’t have the means to play the music that the witness who lived upstairs from him heard. I’m pretty sure that a 5 series BMW with leather interior comes with a pretty powerful factory stereo….. I think what you know, ‘Mary Birch’, is that there is only one way that the face without a name will get away with this. Nice try, so what’s your relationship with the accused???

      • cappee says:

        After 2 hours of deliberation he has been found guilty of all charges. Try your sympathy elsewhere mary birch. Quite frankly I hope the bastard burns in hell. You can quote me on that if you like!!!!

  • Phil says:

    How many other “murder accused” gain name suppression. There has to be more behind this than purely embarrassment for Police or a public department

    • robby says:

      Well Phil, most don’t.There is a reason for it. Be patient, when the trial is over the whole truth will be revealed, and it is thoroughly disgusting….

  • Justice says:

    If this trial is aborted because of the registrar I hope he or she is named.

    • robby says:

      If this trial is aborted because of some registrar posting their personal opinions on some obscure overseas blogsite, that nobody from this country, other than people of a certain ethnic minority are ever likely to read, then that will prove that the law truly is an ass.

    • Not difficult to work out who he is, he has a second job as a reporter for a Philippines newspaper

  • OK found out who he is indirectly via an old forum post – suffice it to say that preventive detention would have been an entirely appropriate sentence for his previous offence. If it wasn’t for a very on to it cop (yeah yeah I know but credit where it’s due) his last victim would probably have been killed.

  • Gwildor says:

    How the hell does a released violent offender on electronic monotoring get access to fund a flash apartment and a 5 series BMW with leather interior!

  • Falling Down says:

    The published details surrounding this case, remind me of the Anita Cobby rape and murder that took place back in 1986.
    Let’s hope that in the event of a guilty verdict, the filthy scum responsible is handed down a similar sentence.
    Although this being New Zealand……….

    • It surely does “Falling down” and once again the New Zealand authorities, the police, courts and department of corrections are solely responsible for yet another completely avoidable crime and tragedy

  • Well said LF. He has the right to a fair trial, even if the evidence is pretty damning. I know why this guy had a bracelet, and it makes my blood boil every time I see the sick bastard on the news. I think he should be dragged out behind the courthouse and shot.

  • Export the offender to Bali with a bag full of dope. Problem solved.

  • Marcie says:

    How can you “accidently” run someone down when you mount the footpath to do so ? .

  • NZ just never ever learns. Violent recidivist offenders who re-offend time and time again. When will the govt wake up to what is going on !!!!!!

  • The accused accidentally ran down Blessie breaking her leg so the best way to help her out was to rape and murder her! All of course whilst being under supervision of the NZ courts, Police and being on monitored watch post his prison sentence for violent sexual offending.

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