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Peter Donald George; Political wannabe or complete nut-job turned criminal stalker?

LF has been closely monitoring the fallout from our recent outing of YourNZ commenter “Mike C”. Mike C was of course identified as one Francisca Halligan, a refugee commenter from the Kiwi Whale Oil political blog.

In fact, it appears the Pete Georges blog YourNZ has collected quite a few of the rejects that Whale Oil has seen fit to ban for inappropriate behavior.

As was expected however, following LF’s outing of Halligan, YourNZ’s owner and operator, political blogger Pete George, flew into a rage and posted a number of new smear pieces aimed at individuals who he had incorrectly concluded must have somehow been involved in the production of LF’s post on Halligan, and who had subsequently “favourited” Team LF’s tweets.

Now, we’re not at all sure what actually makes Pete George’s febrile grey matter or vivid imagination function in the way that it does, but the old personality certainly appears to be wired incorrectly.

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Francisca Halligan, a refugee commenter from the Kiwi Whale Oil political blog, soon to be facing criminal charges?

Among the various diatribe’s George has posted since Monday, all used to excuse his decision to falsely accuse the LF follower of being involved in our story and trashing his comments section, is the gratuitous, but to be expected, faux incredulity.

George claims that our outing of Halligan just “isn’t cricket”, that despite the fact that Pete George has himself made a habit of identifying commenters on other blogs, and only for the simple reason that he didn’t like their political beliefs, we here at LF have crossed some sort of imaginary line, the point at which one departs decency.

LF of course does not simply expose anonymous commenters because we dislike their political beliefs or worldviews, frankly we don’t give a shit about the personal beliefs or schema’s that others may hold.

We only ever become interested in an individual if they have gone out of their way to defame or deliberately smear the reputations of their victims based on malicious falsehood or some fucked-up personal dislike.

It was for this reason and this reason alone that we targeted Francisca Halligan, aka Mike C.

Halligan is a troll, but she is not one of the harmless varieties.

Halligan, along with Pete George himself, and a number of other YourNZ commenters have used YourNZ to breach a number of court orders, and they have done so whilst clearly being subject to New Zealand law.

LF have of course pointed to some of these legal transgressions in the past.

It is with this knowledge in mind that Pete Georges hypocrisy becomes more than evident when he uses his blog to criticize, attack and falsely accuse others.

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 15.51.51

Just as his feigned outrage at the naming of Halligan is a complete sham his attacks for many other purely political reasons are equally disingenuous, in fact complete hypocrisy.

Thanks to one of Georges own commenters LF has managed to locate an article written by Pete George, posted back in June of this year, not so long ago, so as to have slipped his mind.

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 15.58.47In that post Pete George “names and shames” an anonymous commenter that posts on another site,

Now Pete George has no stake in Kiwi blog whatsoever. That blog is owned and operated by political commentator David Farrar, a man who we believe had decided to ban Pete George from commenting because of his behaviour.

So why did Pete George see fit to attempt to humiliate his target then? Simply because he could. He may not have been able to attack Manolo using Farrar’s blog but he could and did use his own:

Manolo Pedreschi – recidivist liar and blog bully

‘Manolo’ is a frequent commenter at Kiwiblog, although ‘comment’ might be a bit generous, he rarely comments other than to lie and abuse. He also abuses the generous free speech policy at Kiwiblog, seeming to think he can smear people with impunity.

He doesn’t seem to understand that with freedom of speech there are responsibilities. And if you abuse those responsibilities there can be consequences.

Yesterday he refused to take responsibility when challenged on a repeat of lies. He initially tried to pass it off as ‘humour’, and then he flaunted what he thought was his impunity.

I can only laugh at the overflowing pomposity and faux outrage. Long live KB’s GD!

I’m not outraged. I just stand up to blog bullies from time to time. And Manolo is a resident troll, a blog bully who thinks he can get away with it without consequence.

But this post is a consequence – and being a post it will be a more prominent record of Manolo’s recidivist abuse than a few comments in Kiwiblogs free-for-all General Debate.

As always here Manolo will have a right of reply, where he can correct any facts if I’ve got any wrong, and he still has a chance to retract.

Manolo has a small number of targets – most of his attacks are against Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Muslims and Maori, plus he smears and abuses a number of other Kiwiblog regulars. And he criticises just about every New Zealand politician and party, including National – this 2010 comment is typical of that:

Good to see DPF recognising (at least once) that his beloved Labour-lite is nothing but a transmogrification of the old and tired socialist Labour Party. Two sides of the same devalued red coin.

So Manolo seems unhappy with a lot of politics, but he should be grateful for what we have in New Zealand. He is from Peru, arriving here in 1989. He retired from his work in 2007 and lives in Wellington.

He appears to have commented at Kiwiblog since 2005 (David Farrar started KB started in 2003).

While Manolo acts as if he’s untouchable he has run foul of Kiwiblog’s ‘strike’ moderation policy twice now so next time he will cop a ban.

1st strike 11/3/15

The sad reality for you, corrupt-to-the-bone Miss Dim, is that nobody pays any attention to the litany of stupidities you spout here (polluting KB on a daily basis). So, do us a favor and fuck off!

[DPF: And that is Strike 1. Unacceptable to call a commenter corrupt or tell any other commenter to eff off]

2nd strike – 15/5/15

Dear Miss Dim, pay your rates first and speak later. Bludgers (and corrupt individuals) like you do not deserve a voice.

[DPF: That’s Strike 2- don’t call people corrupt]

That illustrates his repeat offending – and one of his responses to me would also appear to be a repeat offence, he told me to put up with his abuse or “bugger off”.

He has targeted me for some time. I’ve confronted him occasionally but I’ve never seen him retract, apologise or seem to care about his serial abuse and dishonesty.

His first comment yesterday was a typical general smear targeting Maori.

The brown elites in NZ are experts doing this:

A prominent civil rights campaigner is being investigated after it was claimed she had falsely portrayed herself as black for almost a decade.

President of the Spokane, Washington branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Rachel Dolezal reportedly identified herself as part African-American upon applying for her post on the city’s citizen police ombudsman commission.

His second abuse was directed at one of his frequent targets:

Addled Griff not only supports the Paris talkfest, but he is dying to fly to it (first class, of course). It is called AGW dedication.

And soon after he turned on me:

P.G. is on commission. Dunne and UnitedFuture fund him based on traffic to his worldwide-known blog.

Manolo well knows that I’m not associated with UnitedFuture, but chooses to keep making things up and repeating what are deliberate lies intended to smear.

I often ignore him but had some time yesterday so chose to challenge him.

Manolo totally making things up again. Deliberately blatantly lying.

I fully fund Your NZ myself. I’ve never received any money from anyone else for it. I’ve never received any money from United Future for anything (I self funded my election campaign – UF don’t have money to dish out). I’ve had had no involvement with UF for over a year.

The issue raised (above) has nothing to do with Uf as far as I can see, so it’s just ignorant dirty politics from Manolo.


Manolo – a test of your integrity.

Have you got any evidence to support your claim at 8.28 am? If not will you retract and apologise for making a false statement?

His response:

@P.G.: Have you lost your sense of humour these days? Lighten up or bugger off.

So he tried to excuse his repeat lying as ‘humour’. He may think it’s funny within his Kiwiblog bubble.

Another of his targets is someone familiar here, Ugly Truth, who commented:

For as long as I’ve been posting at KiwiBlog Manolo has been full of shit, Pete.


“But I was only joking…” – Could you get any sleazier, Manolo?

Manolo’s final retort:

I can only laugh at the overflowing pomposity and faux outrage. Long live KB’s GD!

So apparently he thinks he can abuse and smear with impunity at Kiwiblog.

And obviously has no integrity, believing the repeating lies is acceptable. I disagree, and sometimes I’ll make a point.

Social media isn’t confined to protected bubbles. Putting this post on record is a consequence. If Manolo googles his name he’s as likely to find this as his pissy comments amongst the noise at Kiwiblog.

If there is anything inaccurate in this public record of Manolo’s serial behaviour I’ll correct it.

If Manolo wants a right of reply he’ll get it. I believe in free speech here.

And the responsibilities that go with it.


Whilst it is obvious that Pete George has made a habit of “outing” commenters on other political bloggers sites, often for malicious, childish and petulant reasons, the motivations for what we did and what Pete George has now done are worlds apart.

George likes to attack people for their political beliefs, and any perceived slight the target may have inflicted. This is abundantly clear from Georges attack on Manolo Pedreschi, and of course many others.

This is however not just our opinion. Georges own readers, immediately following the publication of the above post, saw Pete Georges effort for what it really was, both petty and personal;

eszett/June 15, 2015

Since when is his full name out in the public? Is it general public knowledge?

I am certainly no fan of manolo, but his post are little more than silly and predictable one-liners. Not sure if it’s worth getting so upset about and he has certainly said far worse things than accusing you of being somehow paid by UF.

Such a post just gives him more oxygen.

Salacious P Crumb/June 15, 2015

You’d do well to choose more carefully. What a waste of time this is – petty and personal.

Pete George himself desperately attempts to explain away his behaviour with the old “I searched google” but there are not many readers willing to believe him, probably because he lied, unable to provide a url to support his claims

Since then Pete George has fostered a culture on his blog that has seen even his detractors often willing to go along with Georges game, obviously no longer able to self regulate or deluded in believing they are safe in doing so.

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 18.57.35

interesting view

The malignant culture Pete George has encouraged was even more evident in yesterdays completely unprovoked attack on LF and our supporter, Marc Spring.

With out one shred of evidence, and we know now that none actually exists, nor ever could, George has launched an unprecedented attack on Springs reputation and privacy, an attack with no other purpose but to ridicule someone he obviously personally greatly dislikes, incorrectly blaming his victim for the article published by team LF.

This attack on Spring by George and a handful of his suck-hole followers however this time goes much further.

Pete George has purposefully edited the “nom de guerre” of individuals who have posted unpleasant comments, in what appears to have been a troll attack on his blog overnight (CET). Pete George has then, again overnight, deliberately and willfully gone through every single one of those comments, and there appears to have been a few, and falsely attributed each and every one to Mr Spring by replacing the commenters “nom de guerre”, entering instead Springs name.

Whats more, Pete George then, post factum, which is legally significant, published the following:

Moderator disclosure

As wil be obvious to many iof you there has been a sustained attack here over the last day. In my honest opinion this has been carried out by Marc Spring, possibly with some help.

Spring has already been warned about using multiple indentities here but appears to have chosen to ignore that.

In my opinion Spring commented here using several pseudonyms yesterday.

As moderator I am disclosing that I have edited the names I believe have been used by him to show that I believe it was him or  someone associated with him making the comments. I have done this to be fair to the other commenters and  readers here.

Providing a forum for free speech is an important principle here. But with freedoms there are responsibilities. I believe that Marc Spring has abused those responsibilities here, substantially and dispicably.

I believe that Spring is familiar with Restraining Orders. It appears that he hasn’t learnt from his experiences.

If Marc Spring or anyone can assure me that I have got any of this wrong them I will consider making ammendments. If I have got anything substantially wrong I will consider retracting and apologising. @laudafinem lying on Twitter doesn’t count as assurance.

UPDATE: Links to the two threads where commenter names have been edited.

Georges decision to post the above “admission” of guilt dated 18th November 2013 will, in these unique circumstances, which George won’t want to have to explain to his readers, undoubtedly return to haunt him.

George is  no longer able to employ the old  “it was a software glitch” or “I must have been hacked” excuses for his actions and those of a handful of his admirers.

Now unlike Pete George’s readers we are not going to feign outrage, some of the comments the troll’s posted were apt, some extremely funny, at least for anyone with a rough sense of humour.

Instead what we are going to do is explain why Pete George’s actions were, at best, foolhardy and at worst, may well have been a nefarious attempt by George himself to play the role of victim, and thus a cynical attempt to pervert the course of justice.

First, as we have already said, there is no evidence whatsoever supporting the paranoid notion that Spring had anything to do with either the article LF posted on Monday, nor is there any evidence that Spring is the party responsible for the troll attack on YourNZ.

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 21.03.34

Shame about the shit hole of a house – YourNZ HQ, Pete’s dungeon, 9 Babsie Rd, Ravensbourne, Dunedin 9022, New Zealand

We know this to be fact because in both cases Spring has had nothing whatsoever to do with either event. Spring certainly did not provide material that identified Halligan, Fact; nor did any party from the Whale oil website for that matter, which Pete George has, again falsely, asserted.

It is quite clear from LF’s article on Halligan that her identity was obtained by our team very simply, by trawling through archived web pages; what’s more Halligan herself has now confirmed that she is the person behind the nom de guerre “Mike C” and of course many others.

Pete George however has paid no heed to this obvious lack of evidence, rather he has boldly, and somewhat arrogantly, declared that he will only reverse his malicious “editing” when, and if, Mr Spring, or some other unidentifiable troll mysteriously connected to LF, contacts him; all rather foolish “concessions” given his admitted inability to prove any of the almost laughable spurious allegations he’s made.

So we know for a fact that it was not Mr Spring. Team LF has an inviolable rule never to comment on other blogs, whilst many have falsely alleged that team LF have commented, these claims are complete fabrications, made purely to serve the agenda of the party making them.

Our rule exists for two reason, one we don’t like dealing with fuckwits. Two, our sites security; in fact this is largely why we never comment elsewhere, preferring to deliver any insignificant retort, point or argument, unworthy of a post, via twitter.

As much as Pete George likes to invite everyone to his blog for a chit chat, as he has proven today, details shared with Pete George via his blog are by no means secure. There are a few other reasons why readers should avoid commenting on Georges blog but they’re a closely guarded secret for the moment.

Pete George has now, all by himself, created a needless situation where he, in our view at least, in a set of quite specific and unique circumstances, deserves to be prosecuted.

Here at LF, being privy to all of the facts, we know that Pete George has repeatedly placed his New Zealand readers in jeopardy; that peril being criminal prosecution and conviction.

In fact, George’s disregard for the welfare of his New Zealand based readers, under the guise of free speech, given his blogs accountability under New Zealand law, is extraordinarily negligent, George’s disregard bordering on megalomania, with an underlying, arguably causal, passive-aggressive disorder.

One can see in the way George has attacked Mr Manolo, in the example above, that Pete George has control issues, with a touch of insecurity and paranoia thrown in for good measure; issues that have clearly been magnified, triggered perhaps by recent legal proceedings he has himself acknowledged in a post earlier this year.

Whilst George may not want his readers to Know about his own personal legal problems, which is understandable given the likely outcome, he has absolutely no right to continue to place each and every one of his kiwi readers in that exact same peril.

In the matter of those risks, LF had sought, and have now obviously obtained, the true identity of Fransisca Halligan with a very particular purpose in mind.

We are not interested games, in oneupmanship, tit for tat, one blogs credibility against another; we have no political agenda, unlike Peter Donald George.

We do however, have a set of long-term objectives, and make no mistake about that.

Lauda Finem exists to see that justice is served. LF exist to expose corruption, police, political or otherwise. LF exists in the hope that wherever injustice has occurred in New Zealand the spotlight is shone on that injustice and efforts made to address or challenge the inequity or corruption.

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 21.11.41

9 Babsie Rd Ravensbourne Dunedin 9022, New Zealand

Key objectives on the road to real justice in New Zealand, as we see them, and righting the serious, often egregious, wrong-doing of the past, we also advocate for the establishment of a Royal Commission Into New Zealand Police Corruption, with extremely wide terms of reference, unlike the white-washed flaccid vehicle used to bury that same injustice – The Bazley Commission.

Francisca Halligan’s real identity was sought with at least one of those objectives in mind, nothing more nothing less. Her identity and behavior made public to serve as a warning.

Francisca Halligan was traced and identified, specifically, to assist in facilitating her criminal prosecution. This is a fact that Pete George is undoubtedly also aware of, but again rather than warning his readers, he much prefers to promote the falsehood that it’s business as usual in his twisted little neck of the blogosphere.

Of course, many of Pete Georges readers will no doubt laugh, perhaps even continue to take the piss, or maybe even foolishly throw caution to the wind, but that reactionary behavior will unfortunately do little now to save Fransisca Halligan.

Halligan will soon to become the victim of her own excesses, that fucked-up tall poppy Kiwi bravado, aided and abetted by a systemically abusive and arrogant individual, a pathological liar, political bullshit artist and recidivist offender, Pete George, a man with a grandiose sense of self importance, who uses his blog and the dissemination of maliscious falsehood and all but worthless political opinions to garner what he, in his delusion, believes to be gravitas.

Our view is simple enough. Peter Donald George deserves to be prosecuted for cyber-stalking and criminal harassment, the extraordinary breaches of statute that have, by all accounts, now departed cyber-space and entered the “real world” and with that extremely foolish departure, the realm of criminal law.

Public Interest.

Whilst team LF is not subject to New Zealand law, we don’t do what we do for the hell of it.

After all, our work has over the years involved dedication and literally thousands of man hours of investigation and research.

We have also always had a policy of never naming an accused person before trial, unless, to do so, in certain justifiable circumstances, would clearly be in the public interest.

Two of the determining factors in making these decisions, in case’s where we have deviated from our regular policy, relate to the degree of real threat; the risk of a miscarriage or perversion of justice (such as a political cover-up) and any potential threat to public welfare.

In this particular case Pete George, in our view, is clearly a recidivist offender. He has sailed very close to the wind on numerous occasions in the past when it comes to both above criteria, in fact he has probably crossed the line by putting the public, his Kiwi readers, at risk and quite possibly attempted to pervert justice in this particular case.

Any further such incidents, where, Pete George again facilitates spurious allegations and or such similar attempts to pervert justice on his blog and LF will act swiftly in the public interest and to ensure justice is served.

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