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New Zealand’s Labour party, leader Andrew Little & the exportation of “Dirty Politics” Kiwi style

Over the past month or so there has been a storm raging in one of the South Pacific’s most corrupt little would be Banana republic’s.

The story started with an announcement by the Australian government that they would be implementing a new policy of deporting foreign national felons.

Now the reaction was not immediate. The Australian government had passed this new legislation quite some time ago, the New Zealand government had however remained silent on the imminent influx of New Zealanders, all deported after having served a prison term of twelve months or more in Australian gaols.

For years Australian authorities, both State and Commonwealth have been battling a growing crime wave that had, at its center, foreign nationals who had arrived in Australia on permanent residence, temporary working visa’s and SCV’s.

Disproportionately represented among these criminal groups were SCV holders, New Zealand expats, in particular, Maori, Pacific Islander and Kiwi lower socio economic disadvantaged groups.

Crime statistics reported by all the Australian eastern States have for some time acknowledged the growing problem with the Kiwi demographic, in fact so much so that the Victorian police initiated academic research, hoping to find the driving factors behind the spike, particularly in organised, gang related crime.

Of course as much as the Kiwi pollies would like to plead ignorance now, the New Zealand government has always been aware of the problem. Australian Ministers, at State and Commonwealth levels and various State police officials having discussed the issue with their New Zealand counterparts, including at least two of that countries Prime Ministers, Helen Clark and John Key.

Victorian police research managed to uncover the fact that one of the key drivers behind the disproportionate number of Kiwi’s behind prison bars was New Zealand’s exporting of tribal, or racially based, gang culture; a key driver in the recruitment and growth in organised criminal groups in all States, with Queensland and Victoria home to the largest groups.

New Zealand has long had a serious problem with its race based gangs, in particular the success and continued expansion of these criminal organisations in the areas of illicit drug manufacture, distribution, extortion and extreme violence.

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New Zealand opposition and Labour party parliamentary leader, goat whisperer Andrew Little, a man on a mission, although we’re not quite sure what it is.

The New Zealanders however were not alone, a similar pattern had started to become obvious amongst Asian and Middle Eastern cultures.

The cost to the Australian taxpayer had become a serious burden, as had the political fallout with many Australians being affected by the extent of the criminal activity, and in particular the violence related crimes these groups engaged in.

As aforesaid, the New Zealand government, both Labour and National party leaders had been fully aware of the issues Australian authorities were confronted with.

Secondary to this there was growing dissatisfaction in Australia with the way in which New Zealand dealt with its own criminals, be it the country’s police or courts. More over there was growing evidence that the New Zealand government was quite happy to have their criminal issues exported, a case of “good riddance”

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 17.27.23

Former president of the Kingston chapter of the Rebels motorcycle gang, New Zealander AJ Graham, was convicted of a parking infringment and is now facing deportation -YEAH RIGHT!

Rebel bikie AJ Graham facing deportation after series of police raids

Again, the Australian government began to view the Kiwi attitude as an impediment to resolving the problem in an equitable and fiscally responsible fashion.

Crime had not been the only issue where the New Zealand government had failed miserably.

This Kiwi attitude had started with the Clark Labour government, and eventually resulted in Australia’s Howard government drawing a line in the sand, that line was the amending of Australian open door policy on New Zealanders drawing on Australian welfare entitlements. No longer would New Zealanders be entitled to various government welfare payments, tertiary education etc; however primary care, such as health would remain.

Ex NZ PM Helen Clark, now living the high life on a UN MasterCard

Ex NZ PM Helen Clark,sold out Kiwi’s so she could live the high life on a UN MasterCard

These changes however did not affect New Zealanders who had been resident in Australia prior to the September 1994.  The transitional provisions of that 1994 law change ensured that Kiwi’s who had been residing in Australia for a period of time, around two years, would not be left behind, that they would retain their entitlements to permanent residence and the same pathways to citizenship, providing they were in Australia on the prescribed date, or alternatively, in the event of absence, had obtained a certificate verifying their status prior to departure and before the 1st September 1994.

Any arrivals after the 1st September 1994 however would no longer be entitled to the same automatic privileges; subject instead to the changing conditions prevailing in any active reciprocal welfare agreement between the two countries.

These law change were a direct consequence of the New Zealand government’s failure in two major policy areas. The first was Helen Clark’s failure to share a proportionate cost of welfare for New Zealand citizens, in particular those who were transitory in nature, moving back and forth over short periods of time; the fiscal burden of which had risen sharply and fallen largely on Australian welfare agencies and the country’s treasury.

The second, again a failure of the New Zealand government, a refusal to amend New Zealand’s immigration laws, bringing them back in to line with Australian policy and security objectives. In both failures that countries decisions decisions resulted New Zealand obtaining the financial benefit, although at the time the NZ government tried to claim that tax revenues derived from Kiwi’s were greater than welfare payments distributed.

All well and good but the New Zealand modelling had not accounted for the additional expenditure involved in hosting such a large and fickle transitory migrant population, where as the Australian calculations, based on accurate information, had.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 17.38.26

Mr Forgetful; John Key, NZ PM, all round asshole, bullshit artist and gravy train conductor.

New Zealand at that time had also not counted on loosing the revenue it had derived from expat Kiwi’s investing their Australian earnings back into the new Zealand economy, in savings, property investments and family assistance.

In particular Australian authorities had also gathered substantial evidence that New Zealand’s extremely loose migration policy had and was continuing to be used as pathway to Australian permanent residence, by skirting Australia’s more strict migration regulations; moving to New Zealand first with the full intention of moving to Australia as soon as New Zealand citizenship and the passport that comes with it had been obtained.

New Zealand’s political class have for years been quite happy to sit back and let the Australian tax payer bear the burden of problems that have largely been of New Zealand’s own making, then courtesy of a very porous border and unemployment, exported them all to Australia.

The more recently enacted Australian migration laws, which came into effect in December 2014, have come as absolutely no surprise to the New Zealand government, as the likes of John Key and Andrew little are now feigning. Deportations in fact started in January this year.

Nor have they come as a surprise to the New Zealand Labour party’s Maori politician’s who recently thought that their Kiwi “dirty politics” stunt, supporting the felons housed at Christmas Island’s immigration detention facility, would in someway alter the course of history for their “aggrieved” fellow Maori.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 17.58.55

Another New Zealander thats having difficulties, Joel Makaea just can’t understand why he is being deported after being sentenced for shoplifting a bottle of nail polish, he had just wanted to paint his toes – YEAH RIGHT!

The New Zealand government has been big on “economic rationalisation”, a kiwi euphemism for “inequitable distribution of resources”, for years, so no one involved in New Zealand politics should be at all surprised by Australia’s decision to stop subsidising New Zealand’s wealth, its societal imbalances and social problems.

The issue of information sharing between the two countries police was also used by John Key as one reason for his grandstanding The fact is however that the Australian authorities have been asking for full disclosure from the New Zealand government for years; the intention being to stop New Zealand’s criminals at it’s border, in some cases, with the recent introduction of microchip technology, that border now being the electronic passport enabled gates at participating New Zealand international airports.

Kiwi fugitive back in Auckland after being caught in Australia

Australian law is the only thing that will determine what Australia does, no amount of political grandstanding by foreign politicians, Kiwi or not, will alter that fact, it never has. The Australian electorate isn’t often seen to be unified by any cause, except the issue of migration

The misinformation that was promulgated by a handful of these grandstanding Kiwi idiots may well have fooled their New Zealand electorates, particularly the affected minority groups, it may well have even reassured, albeit momentarily, the Kiwi’s awaiting deportation, but ultimately it did sweet fuck all to influence the rule of law in Australia; and that is as it should be.

Perhaps the fact that these idiots thought they could subvert the rule of Australian law is more an indication of how these political scumbags get away with doing business in New Zealand, with its dirty politicians (ex pat Kiwi Craig Thompson comes to mind), their putrid corrupt nudges, winks and distortions of truth; all given the green light by a subservient mainstream media.

In this case the unpalatable truth they all wished to avoid being that the recent surge in Australian crime rates is in no small measure due to New Zealand’s racially based criminal organisations. Every one of the individuals convicted having seen a “business opportunity” across the Tasman and then getting caught and incarcerated in the process.

Kiwi Labour politician and MP Kelvin Davis visited Christmas Island talked up riots and then left - Hang on a minute he looks a lot like ex pat Kiwi MP Craig Thompson, Related perhaps?

Kiwi Labour politician and MP Kelvin Davis visited Christmas Island talked up a riot and then left them to it, come to think of it this bloke actually looks a bit like Craig Thompson

This is a fact that two of the most vocal New Zealand Maori MPs who were, in our opinion, front and centre of the recent riots on Christmas Island would have been more than well aware of.

The feigned incredulity of these political leeches is frankly sickening, to have the audacity to claim that any of those housed on Christmas Island had only committed minor crimes, traffic offences, is laughable, the reality of which is evidence by the fact that a riot transpired, a riot which had all the key hallmarks of prison violence, including machetes and anything else the perpetrators could lay their hand on.

The fact is, and it’s a fact that John Key and his New Zealand government are well aware of; anyone who is notified of deportation has an automatic right of appeal.

The rate at which these appeals, by New Zealander’s due to be deported, are being upheld is currently running at around thirty percent, meaning that seventy percent will eventually be sent packing.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 18.15.07

MP Marama Fox, a Maori woman who obviously did not pay attention at school. ANZAC is the commemoration of soldiers who died in war, nothing whatsoever to do with criminals or race based gangs

The New Zealand government is also fully cognisant of the fact that the individuals detained under such high security conditions are there for good reason, a fact that is again evidenced by the over riding reality that these same people conducted what was in no uncertain terms a prison riot; which then inevitably saw them hurriedly transferred to an even more secure prison facility, Western Australia’s Super Max goal.

John Key suddenly, and dare we say it, unexpectedly dropped his feigned incredulity, the fake we’re all ANZAC’s, brothers in arms, routine when it dawned on him that Australia was not having a bar of it; probably advised by Malcolm Turnbull to keep his mouth shut, lest the Australian public were caused to wake by the hissing sound emanating from New Zealand’s political bowels.

Crap like this obviously works for New Zealand’s politicians, their Australian counterparts however have a much higher bar to get over when it come to performance, and the Australian electorate is ruthless in its determination to rid the country of political dead wood if need be.

The New Zealand Labour party’s seemingly dogged determination to up the anti will undoubtedly see Andrew Little fall flat on his face, then eviscerated in another Stalinesk leadership coup; its all so fucking predictable.

The video below, a labour party political stunt, its extremely amateur, loaded with rhetoric and misinformation and is a good example of how these clowns operate. The MP featured, Kelvin Davis, had been texting detainees whilst on the island, discussing with them riots, strange how thats exactly what then transpired.

Does Andrew Little really believe that the vast majority of expat New Zealander’s, who now call Australia their home, are going to listen to his whinging? That they are all going to some how be prepared to risk their own residency status for the sake of the Kiwi criminal element, who have always had their own nefarious agenda anyway?

We very much doubt it! The fact is very few are even listening to the Kiwi’s who probably do have a legitimate grievance, why would even these people risk further isolating their own residency let alone their citizenship cause?

Andrew Little has seriously misread this issue, it is a justice issue, not a citizenship, nor human rights issue. The Australian public have the right to expect their government to deport serious or recidivist foreign national criminals, no matter their race or culture.

This is a reality that the vast majority of New Zealander’s who have settled permanently in Australia will recognise for what it is. After all most in this migrant group left for the very same reasons most migrants do, a better life.

In many cases a life free of the perils that have been created by the New Zealand’s own governments failure to tidy up it’s own back yard; which obviously starts with improved education opportunities; the alleviation of poverty and replacing New Zealand’s corrupt institutions with something a little more in line with the Australian standard.

Perhaps Andrew Little should spend a little more time focused on areas where he can actually create change, because he isn’t going to change Australia’s policy by taking an all expenses paid Air New Zealand joyride, just another Kiwi gravy train political junket.

We too are all for JUSTICE, that’s in fact why Lauda Finem exists, to show the world just how corrupt New Zealand is. In this case however, the justice belongs solely to the Australian victims of crime, some no doubt expat Kiwi’s, not the fucking perpetrators!

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 18.03.36

Haere Ra – you are know leaving the Australian territory of Christmas Island



In this case it’s almost as if John Key leapt on the train, aware it would end in disaster, knowing the Labour party clown’s would follow suit, then waited until the train was up to speed and jumped off, without warning the others.

Although, in a move where Key has now acknowledged his own stupidity, albeit with actually doing so, he has seen fit to do so now, of course scoring a few political points in the process;

PM hits out at Andrew Little’s lobbying trip

The Prime Minister has hit out at Labour leader Andrew Little’s trip to Canberra to lobby for expat Kiwi’s rights – claiming the visit could jeopardise progress being made through quiet diplomacy.

But Labour says John Key has only talked about improving Kiwis’ pathway to Australian citizenship after it raised the issue with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, and arranged Mr Little’s Canberra visit.

Mr Little and Phil Goff will on Wednesday present before two committees, and meet with Australian Immigration Minister Peter Dutton and Opposition leader Bill Shorten.

Mr Key this afternoon said the trip could potentially work against progress he felt was already being made.

“I certainly hope Andrew Little doesn’t make things worse…I’m not being stupid about it, but there is movement in the Australian system, but the more they highlight that to Australian MPs the more pushback you might get and not support.

“There is a degree of diplomacy about this stuff that we can get progress if we work behind the scenes, in my view.”

Both Labour and National-led Governments have been lobbying for change since Kiwis’ rights were greatly reduced in February 2001 by John Howard’s Liberal Government.

When the Australian Government was looking to introduce the new rules, it had asked New Zealand to pay $1 billion a year to cover expat Kiwis’ welfare costs.

Australia was also worried New Zealand was being used as a back door by migrants from the Pacific and Asia.

The Australian request was rejected after New Zealand Treasury provided information that showed Australia took in much more than that in tax from the group.

New rules then introduced meant Kiwis arriving to live in Australia were issued with special visas, under which they have no welfare safety nets in case of injury or misfortune, cannot vote and have no automatic path to permanent residency or citizenship.

Mr Little said criticism of his trip came after no progress on the issue from the National Government.

“The issues are not new – John Key has been Prime Minister for seven years with no progress having been made. Progress really only seems to have been made since I started talking about the issues, including with Malcolm Turnbull on his recent visit, and when this trip was arranged.”

Asked what changes Australia could make, Mr Key said there were “many ways you can slice the onion”, and the Australians would need to look at thresholds.

“The challenge for Australia is the fiscal cost…nothing Andrew Little is doing is going to help. What will help will be if Malcolm Turnbull makes the call that he wants to put some money into this to make it happen.”

There are an estimated 250,000 to 350,000 Kiwis living in Australia on “non protected” visas.

Joanne Cox, spokeswoman for New Zealand lobby group Oz Kiwi, will meet Mr Little in Canberra, and said his advocacy was positive.

The Australian Labor Party had at its annual conference earlier this year adopted a resolution that points to giving expat Kiwis a path to citizenship.

That, and Mr Key’s recent comments signalling progress on the issue, gave the group “cautious optimism”, Ms Cox said.

“That is quite a good signal, I would say. But only time will tell.”

Whoever said John Key was stupid? It certainly wasn’t us – we just happened to mention that he was a manipulative asshole.

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  • Henry Filth says:

    Isn’t Christmas Island the place that the Brits used to test their nuclear weapons?

  • Matthew, the “Australian School system” has nothing whatsoever to do with it, thousands of Australian children manage to use this path without a problem. The Victorian police research concluded, amongst many things, that because of the porous border there was a transmigratory problem of outside influences at work, that New Zealand Gang members, some of whom were related to the children of long term Australian residents, were arriving and recruiting Maori and Pacific Islander youth, using various psychologically primitive manipulative techniques, not the least of which was a form of tribalism, promoting a sense of belonging, and racism.

    There are not many Australians of any cultural background who are covered head to arse in Maori tattoo, its all part of the problem of cultural identity vs the prevailing culture of the host country. We have kept it simple but you can always read the research for yourself.

    As a matter of interest Victoria Police officer Superintendent Patrick Boyle conducted some of the available research from 2002 onwards in this area and has in fact spoken to the New Zealand media quite recently (September 2015/link below);

  • Marc Williams says:

    A bit of a schizophrenic commentary, but you do manage to put the boot into most of the deserving backsides. I had to laugh when you pretend that NZ politicians are ‘dirtier’ than the Aussies – LOL. Now as for your argument that Kiwis think that these deportees are being hard done by, well you are wrong. I would estimate that 90% of us couldn’t give a shit, and think good on the Aussies for giving them the flick. We should do the same to some Aussies here too, if our Courts would grow some balls. As the correspondent Greg has pointed out, we are concerned that retards like the beast that killed an innocent NZ schoolgirl are sent back here without any warning or mechanism in place to monitor their activity once back. Both countries are to blame for this state of affairs though.

    As for Goff and Little – they are morons of the highest magnitude, and I hope you can send them back with their backsides stinging from a well deserved bollocking – hopefully fully in the public domain. Just as we have contempt for our crim-hugging Judges, we also laugh at these pathetic troughers who represent no-one but the panty-waisted liberals and racists that infest the Labour, Maori, and green Parties here.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Australia use Kiwi’s a political football & distraction nearly every time their economy slows, or goes into a recession. You can track the policy changes in a graph to show it at work. NZers are great when they want skilled workers, then they have employment recruiters here.
    New Zealand governments from both parties do the same with Maori, Maori policy is framed around economic recessions.
    The Kiwi’s in Aussie have been there for decades many since pre-school children.
    Australia sucks huge amounts of wealth from New Zealand the banks are a prime example.
    While our great PM says he is the greatest white knight ever, they have all forgotten about Jade Bayliss,
    murdered by a Aussie convict returnee that John Key failed to protect her from.
    NZs gangs are less about tribes and more about a marginalized group of predominately Maori poor,
    often victims of endemic family violence & sexual abuse.
    Sometimes they change when they ave their own families, but its only a small portion.

    • I Agree with many of the points raised here, especially the age when they arrived in Aussie. They are, in most cases, a product of the Australian school system & kiwis in heritage only.

      It also doesnt take into account the fact that many of the deportees, as in the case of one of those named above, are in a high-security detention centre with no access to legal advice, for parking tickets.
      Australia doesnt provide for kiwis who lose their jobs, making crime more likely (either theft to pay bills or stress-related violence) so maybe this is the real issue here….

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