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Hi! My Name is Ben Rachinger and I’m an Alcoholic

Hi! I’m Ben and I’m an Alcoholic! No doubt they were the words uttered by Benjamin Rachinger, as he stood before a group of fellow addicts. Men and women, drunks and junkies who had gathered for just one of the thousands of 12 steps program meetings that are convened everyday around the globe.

In fact, the same Benjamin Rachinger has now gone public with something akin to a mia culpa, ostensibly apologising for the lies, the deceit and of course for posting the images of a Kiwi journalist in various stages of undress; in doing so fucking over Jessica Williams by distributing compromising photographs of her using the world wide web.

Of course like all of Rachinger’s public displays of bravado, mia culpa’s and pleas for forgiveness, he will have left out small pieces of information; such as the fact that he is a drug addict, and it was more likely an NA meeting not AA, although in most cases these meetings are interchangeable, used by both variety of 12 step adherents.

Now it would seem Ben would like his followers to believe, yes there are still some willing to believe him, that he has now “turned over an new leaf”, changed his wily and crooked ways. That because he has now admitted to being a recovering alcoholic we are all suddenly expected to believe that a miracle has also now occurred, that he has suddenly been reformed, he’s a better person, something akin to the ascension of Mary, the mother of Christ.

The fact is that all addicts who crave the next fix like Rachinger are liars, whether in recovery or not. Rachinger’s recovery did not end when he left rehab, it’s a life long challenge, a day by day struggle. So that left us wondering what his sponsor would have though about his return to the world wide web?

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Definately completely MAD, very BAD, but dangerous? We doubt that, nothing that a knock on the head wouldn’t fix

Our conclusion is simple, Ben is no longer in recovery, no sponsor in their right mind would even suggest that it was a wise thing to revisit what is obviously one of the major triggers for Rachinger’s multiple addictions and the underlying psychiatric illness

Of course the reality is not quite that simple. Ben is in fact showing signs of having fallen of the wagon, if he ever really was on it in the first place, – that it wasn’t just something that he went along with to get out of the trouble he’d got himself into a few months ago.

Ben, it seems to us, having pretty much outstayed his welcome on any of the real political blogs and media outlets, has now resorted to one of New Zealand’s “bottom tier” bloggers, Pete George and his

Of course Ben is also back on twitter, this time having resuscitated one of the many dormant twitter accounts he had used in the past to pass himself off as someone other than Ben Rachinger whilst creating mayhem.

The interesting thing about this old account is that Ben had initially used it for reasons other than his mission to destroy New Zealand’s favourite blogger and the country’s very own resident Dr Evil, kiwi blogger Cameron Slater, so he needed to make a minor adjustments and of course a few additions.

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Benjamin Rachinger, now doesn’t this look like the face of a man who’s off his face….or his med’s?

One of the first was simple enough, Rachinger wanted to link up again with Slater Hater and serial fraudster Matthew John Blomfield.

Job done, he then needed to find another online outlet, preferably one that was run by a complete fucking idiot; the sort of match that’s normally only ever made in heaven.

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Now that’s where it occurred to Ben that Pete George and his blog might just be the go; a place where on the best of days a handful of nutters gathered; and of course Pete George, a man so desperate to be important, that he was more than a little desperate to attract more business

George’s blog is of course basically a go nowhere sort of dingy back street joint, a with a bar propped up by Pete George swigging on a bottle of Chateaux Tanunda, populated only by a few heavy drinking regulars, most with some pretty serious physical and mental health problems.

That was of course until renowned online transvestite and social media prima donna Fransisca Halligan, aka Mike C walked into the joint and promised George the earth. That if George allowed her to work her magic, to give the place a quick makeover, a little glitter, fake tits and a spot of lipstick, then she could invite a few of her stranger friends over, she was confident, as obviously was George, that his place would be rocking in no time.

Of course, at the time George had absolutely no idea that Mike C, and her Drag act, were in fact escapee’s from the local lunatic asylum at Slaterville, and worse, that some of the new customers she had promised to bring to Georges bar were in fact little more than manifestations of her multiple personality disorder, and those that were real, even more meshuge than she herself is.

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Francisca Halligan, aka Mike C –  Pete George and Rachinger are her best friends forever, at least until one of them gets knocked on the head……. by a judge

Of course George, desperately wanting his bar to be a cause célèbre ignored all the misgivings of his closest friends, some of them lawyers, who had all warned him about Mike C and her multiple personality drag act.

This then sets the scene for Ben Rachinger’s entrance, his second chance, another crack at the debutant ball, a début he’d fucked up terribly first time round.

It all started out extremely well, so well in fact that everyone forgot to take his or her prescription medication and thus things started to get more than a little strange.

Of course Pete George, being a paranoid schizophrenic, started to hallucinate. Mike C, well her multiple personality disorder had really taken over, she’d lost all sense of direction, oh and reality, no longer remembering, from one minute to the next, who she was, whether she was Arthur or Martha, until we here at LF felt it necessary to remind her.

Ben of course felt right at home amongst the freaks, especially Mike C and Pete George, who had not even realized that he too had fallen victim to his own delusional fantasies.

So it was, in this dingy back street bar, with all of its manic, bipolar ups and downs and excitement, that Pete George in one of his most psychotic states yet decided he was going to pitch his business entirely at the “lunatic fringe” end of the market.

Of course Rachinger and Mike C were more than wrapped with Pete George’s decision, oh and the fun they were both obviously having, trashing Pete George’s place without him even noticing.

Ben has claimed that he has put the past behind him, he has of course, as part of that process, now made a very public apology to Kiwi Journo, his ex shag, Jessica Williams. An apology so sincere that it very nearly brought Pete George to tears; and glowing with pride, because of course, being the egotistical cunt that he is, he was deluded enough to believe that he had played some part in it.

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What Pete George had not realised of course, despite it being plain as day to any other sane observer, was that his new bestie’s psychosis had kicked in, that the real Ben Rachinger had escaped the tyranny of the Risperidone, or any number of the alternative antipsychotic’s he’s been prescribed.

There was no real apology from Ben however, certainly not as far as Jessica Williams was concerned, it was all just for the hell of it, for the rush, for show; yet more exhibitionism from a fucked up Rachinger, who’s clearly fallen off the wagon, if in fact he’d ever been on it in the first place, and walked away from treatment.

Williams was not new to Rachinger’s behavior, it had almost cost her her job. She had after all personally experienced his mental illness first hand, she knew only too well just how dangerous the deranged little prick could be.

She made her feelings known in a simple tweet, you see the truth is she obviously now hate’s the little pricks guts;

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 11.38.59

Now of course Rachinger’s debut at Pete George’s Bar & Grill just happened to pretty much coincide with an article penned by Keith Ng, the proprietor of a neighbouring Chinese Chop Shop & Takeaway that Rachinger had been frequenting, until recently.

Ng had decided that he too had had enough of Rachinger’s bullshit stories about how he could pay the meal ticket, so had decided to cut his losses, and the free Chow Mein, and expose Rachinger for what he really was; a twisted little bludging nut-job and a fraud to boot.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 11.41.45

Not many of Ben’s old mates are willing to listen to his crap any more……we wonder why?

Despite it having been obvious from the start that Rachinger had been feeding the msm and a few of the more gullible and prominent anti Slater bloggers a pile of horse shit, just so that he could be put up in nice hotels, wined and dined, none have admitted that they got it wrong, not just partially wrong, but entirely wrong.

The fact that they have now thrown him to the wolves has obviously ruffled Rachinger’s scales.

Looking around for someone else to blame, someone to lash out to assist his reimmergence, Rachinger noticed that his old “friends” were still desperately trying to discredit LF.

You know the story, just so that they would not look so bad for having been complete fucking idiots; so Rachinger too decided to join them; by taking another crack.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 11.41.08

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 11.41.26

Now the truth behind this feigned attempt is that Rachinger is not taking any real responsibility for having sent photographs of Williams, in various states of undress, to the other msm players and bloggers such as LF.

Rachinger is also lying about having not sent them to other journalists.

The photograph’s in question having also been featured on a variety of websites, posted by Rachinger, for months before LF ultimately used them to prove a very good point. That point being of course that Rachinger was a pathological liar, Keith Ng was a liar and Alasdair Thompson, who unfortunately for him and Willians, called our bluff, was also a fucking liar.

In Keith Ng’s recent literary effort he has very conveniently forgotten to address the issue of Rachinger’s attempts to ingratiate himself with Lauda Finem using twitter and various other online platforms.

Team Lauda Finem have of course now obtained the answer to the question Keith Ng had decided not to ask, an answer that flies in the face of the false claims now being made by Rachinger on Pete George’s blog; that Cameron Slater had in fact asked Rachinger to find out who was behind Lauda Finem.

Lauda Finem have never had a relationship with Slater or his blog, beyond defending his sources right to remain unnamed. We have always taken the view that Slater was far to close to the New Zealand police, some of our sources even alleging that Slater himself was a police informant.

Team LF are no more interested in defending Slater against the attacks born of Nicky Hager’s book than the New Zealand police are.

We have said it before now, we are defending the rights of Slater’s sources, in doing so it has required that we evidence the serial frauds and criminal offending of Matthew Blomfield; at process that will continue, an investigation which nothing can or will prevent.

Certainly Ben Rachinger has a snowballs chance in hell of stopping LF doing its job, which appears to be his latest game plan; doing so by yet again inventing another string of seriously implausible falsehoods.; this time with an added touch, defamation.

Rachinger’s allegations might make for interesting reading, which is just before the reader wipes their arse with them, but little more.

Pete George for his part, now that Rachinger is a regular customer at his little dive, has not a clue of what is unfolding. Evidence of this is to be found in a single comment that LF stumbled across this morning.

At last count there were seven separate, unique and quite distinct, legal matters before the New Zealand Courts, not one of which LF are party too, which Peter George has in an obviously deluded state managed to string together, like some sort of legal daisy chain.

Each of these cases, some criminal others civil, are completely separate of each other, with absolutely zero chance of them ever overlapping, and yet Pete George somehow believes that he will get to solve, by his own admission, all of his own LEGAL problems by joining forces with a recovering junky and inebriate.

Just exactly how Pete George proposes to work this legal witchcraft is unknown; that’s the bit he’s left out, so obviously he’s not sure himself yet.

Grandiose statements and proclamations of intent, such as those Pete George is now parading on his blog are little more than delusions, the cyber rants of an uneducated fool; a complete and utter numb-nuts.

Peter Donald George, and Ben Rachinger represent, in our collective view, the epitome of what is actually wrong with New Zealand society, the inordinately large population of complete and utter fucktards that call the place home.

Over to you Pete………………



Now we’ve noticed that Kiwi yokel, farmer Pete, has been trawling the web looking for LF fans, obviously a desperate cry for help, or an attempt to humiliate them. In fact only today he has posted another story on LF with that in mind………..good luck with that Pete.

Pete even thinks that LF is targeted at a Kiwi audience, not at all true. Most LF readers, as with E2nz, are educated people who might once have considered migrating to New Zealand, others that did migrate and couldn’t get out of the country fast enough.

There is of course the odd kiwi that drops bye to say hi, or post a comment on reddit or some other forum. Personally we liked this one from Reddit, as it seemed to best describe what we do, in fact it probably contains a little sound advice for Pete George and his new friends:

“I prefer myself, e2nz is middle of the road by comparison, mainstream even. Http:// eats corrupt kiwis for breakfast and shits out the bones as dust.”



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