The Dotcom Case – Little has changed in New Zealand despite the passing of more than a century

Would to God I had never heard the name of New Zealand” James Boot, Christchurch, New Zealand, June 1864

The above was immortalized when a local newspaper in James home town of Nottingham England published his letter, a warning to intending British migrants.

Jame’s was warning others to stay well clear of the country, that the newspaper advertisements enticing would be migrants to New Zealand were all fraudulent.

Christopher Finlayson

Christopher Finlayson, National party stalwart, corrupt politician and hack lawyer, the Kiwi Attorney General who had the New Zealand police force collude with the FBI and the US DoJ to fabricate charges against internet mogul Kim Dotcom

The truth is that well over a century later and little has changed, many latter-day migrants ruing the day they had ever considered migrating to a group of three small islands at ends of the earth.

Things are most awfully dear. Bread is 1s. 4d. the 4lb. loaf, or what ought to be 4lb.; but loaves here I think are made by guess. We cannot get any of them weighed; they run about 3lb. 10oz,. and we have weighed them 3lb. 2oz., being 14oz. too light. We eat two of these things a day, so you may soon reckon what our bread bill is a week – only 16s. 8d. potatoes are 11/2d. per lb, and rising; flour 5d. per lb. ; butter 2s. per lb, ; eggs 4d. Each…” – James Boot, 1864

Over recent years, since the advent of the internet, many websites have sprung up, and just like James Boot in 1864, they warn of the dangers of migrating to what have become known as the dark isles.


New Zealands slippery as whale shit on ice Prime Minister John Key, the local politician who colluded with Hollywood to entice Dotcom down under where he become a sitting duck for the Seppo’s FBI and their plot to extradite him to the US

One such website, which is well worth a visit,, has many stories, all personal narratives of the hardships and horrors that latter-day post 1800’s migrants have faced upon arrival in New Zealand; often at the hands of the country’s lawless inhabitants and authorities.

One such migrant, whilst not mentioned on the pages of, has now become more than a little well known to the wider world, his name is of course Kim Dotcom.

Just like James Boot, back in 1864, Kim Dotcom was seemingly lured by a similarly well oiled propaganda machine; the half truths and often outright lies which New Zealand’s Government has for many years employed to attract new residents, in particular the wealthy, especially those who’ll attract more investment in an otherwise stagnating country and its often shaky economy.


New Zealand lower court judge Nevin Dawson DCJ. a man who’s legal skill, competence and quite blatant bias has been brought into sharp focus during the latest appeal. The problem with many New Zealand judges is that they seem more interested in obtaining a National party sponsored Knighthood than dispensing anything resembling genuine justice

New Zealand, being a country that has always competed with its nearest neighbor for its share of wealthy migrants, arguably New Zealand, unlike Australia, has had to resort to this manipulation, fabrication and myth to sustain the level of migration required to prop up the countries ailing population and wealth.

James Booth would no doubt have been familiar with the plight that Mr Dotcom now finds himself in, a plight born of the political duplicity found at the very dark heart of New Zealand’s political class and its extremely corrupt police establishment.


Barrister Grant Illingworth QC

For generations the ruling class, which in New Zealand, unlike the United Kingdom, is far from an ancestral ruling elite but rather an ever shifting landscape of the Nouveau riche and con artists who move from “business” to politics in search of what every functioning psychopath craves in addition to wealth, power.

In the age of the internet however New Zealand’s ability to conceal it,s finely honed propaganda and corruption machines, the duplicity and corruption with which the country’s administrators have been free to manipulate the population, has become increasingly difficult.


In fact, the Kim Dotcom case is a good case in point for reasons other than Mr Dotcom’s personal views more than likely mirroring those of James Boot, as expressed in 1864.

Over the life of the Dotcom case, from the unprecedented Hollywood blockbuster styled police raid on Dotcoms Coatsville home, to last weeks High Court appeal, broadcast via YouTube for the entire world to see, New Zealand, the behaviour of it’s Prime Minister, it’s politicians; people the likes of John Banks, police and Govt prosecutors has been shown naked, in a way never before captured, nor thought possible.


Barrister Ron Mansfield QC

Truth be known much of the responsibility for this expose of the country’s under-belly can be laid right at the feet of corrupt kiwi government agencies, such as the police and crown lawyers, and the politicians involved themselves, in particular the countries Prime Minister John Key, a man who has, as a result, been found uncomfortably cuddled up to to Hollywood; moguls such as James Cameron and Mr Middle Earth himself, Peter Jackson undoubtedly facilitating the close relationship.

Of course there is nothing new in the nefarious behaviour of New Zealand Governments, James Boot and his contemporaries in the mid 1800’s would undoubtedly have felt right at home with the corrupt exploits of today’s Kiwi politicians and its bent constabulary; Boots adopted city of Christchurch home to some of the country’s most corrupt police.


New Zealand police Commissioner Mike Bush, one of New Zealands most corrupt police officers, the man charged with ensuring Kim Dotcom and his colleagues were stripped of all assets and cash so that they had little hope of mounting a defense to the legal onslaught Bush and the Kiwi politicians behind the attack had planned

Perhaps more than ever before however, last weeks YouTube broadcast of the Dotcom appeal has brought home to a mass audience just how corrupt and incompetent the administration of New Zealand really is, but not just it’s politicians, Parliament, civil service and police; it’s also now clear that the corruption has extended to the very core of the country’s democracy, inveigling the justice system itself; in this case, more than a little influenced by notoriously flawed American agencies such as the FBI and DoJ; two institutions who have turned prosecutor misconduct and abuses into an art-form.

For anyone, having listened intently to the arguments and material placed before presiding High Court justice ……., the scale of the corruption, the incompetence and skullduggery employed by police and prosecutors is driven home with such force as to render the viewer speechless.

This legal manipulation & prosecutions skullduggery was clearly deliberate, to a degree that is gobsmackingly audacious, of this there can be no doubt.


Barrister Peter Spring

The scale and extent of the misrepresentations put before the courts and an unsuspecting public, the mistranslations, the cherry picked material, often pulled from completely irrelevant intercepted conversations, interactions completely stripped of all genuine context, then inserted in DoJ and NZ ministerial press releases with the sole intention of inciting public anger, ridicule and hatred of Kim Dotcom and his fellow defendants, batao and ……

Nowhere was the effectiveness of the prosecutors spurious invective more effectively and deliberately employed than by one of New Zealand’s most effective, albeit vociferous, political bloggers, Cameron Slater, using his site Whale Oil; Slater more often than not little more than the ruling National party’s pet parrot. A very valued pet until he too crossed a line that the National party factions didn’t much appreciate.

Slater however cannot be held totally responsible for simply delivering the National party message, a contrived campaign of hate and falsehood, he like so many other bloggers and journo’s in New Zealand’s mainstream media were deliberately guided, mislead by the country’s political leadership, be it the country’s Prime Minister John Key, the local Commissioner of Police Mike Bush, or for that matter the FBI and United States prosecutors who, it has become more than apparent, had all conspired to deliberately sabotage the rule of law, with a blatant attempt to subvert justice and the law, aka Statute


Barrister Jeremy Bioletti

In fact just listening to the local barristers address the court, each charged with defending the legal rights of Dotcom and his co-accused, one felt real empathy with what must have been an inordinate desire to call a spade a spade, but not once did any use the word corruption, bound by an obvious need to retain a degree of decorum and civility, if only because thousands were watching.

Would to God I had never heard the name of New Zealand. It is the most miserable place, with nothing to cheer the eye or heart.” – James Boot, 1864

Dotcom tweeted thought out the week, he too remarkably restrained. But no amount of restraint could possibly mask what must by know be obvious to any fair minded person, native or not, that the New Zealand Government had set out to destroy not just a thriving business, at the behest of the United States film and recording industry, but that they had also jointly conspired to destroy innocent individuals and their lives, not just those who have been outrageously harmed with the use of indictments that are not only spurious and malicious in their construction, but that the manufacture of which is almost certainly a criminal offense in itself, but their wives and children.

How a man with a family is to live here, I leave you to guess. My poor wife often cries bitterly at the misery we have come to. Little Nelly and Freddy often ask why I have brought them to such a miserable place, and say “It’s a nasty New Zealand ; when shall you go back to ‘Nockinam?

It’s a nasty man as took all the ‘cheers’ and tables. We have no furniture at all but the boxes we brought, and I think half the houses in New Zealand are the same.”James Boot, 1864

Dotcom has attempted to make light of the very peril that he and his colleagues have faced for the past four years, one of them sadly buckling under the strain, stress that was by design manufactured to persuade guilty pleas to offenses that simply don’t exist in law/statute, but there can be no hiding the fact that the mens real feelings must be far removed from those publicly expressed to date; anyone with an ounce of empathy would undoubtedly suspect emmotions closer to those feelings expressed by James Boot in 1856.

I do not think there is one in fifty but who regrets the day they came. Some tell me they dare not write the truth home for it would break their poor mothers’ hearts, so they are obliged to wrap things up as well as they can.” – Jame Boot, 1864

Like it or not New Zealander’s owe Dotcom a debt of gratitude, that despite the turmoil and peril of what he and his colleagues are currently facing at the hands of a duplicitous National party government and an even more skullduggerous and obsessed Hollywood, Dotcom has seen fit, just as James Boot did in 1864, to make available to the public every last detail, exposing to the light of day the strategies and tactics employed by dishonest government officials hell bent on harm. The New Zealand Police Commissioner Mike Bush is in particular worthy of being singled out for what we would suggest was nothing short of malfeasance in public office. Of course Bush will no doubt argue he was simply acting on behalf of the US.


New Zealand Crown Law Barrister, Christine Gordon, representing the NZ police and US DoJ

It is however a lesson, now very much on public record, unable to be concealed or spun, by the police or anyone else, as would almost certainly have happened, had the government been successful in carrying out Hollywood’s nefarious attack and starving Dotcom of the funding required to defend his rights and position.

We would suggest that anyone who claims to have an interest in New Zealand and its now very fragile democracy, the right of every citizen or resident to a fair go, to justice and a fair trial, should take the time to view the appeal hearing available on YouTube or using the links below.

It is after all the responsibility of every citizen to remain vigilant; to halt any attempt, by any means, by any government or politician, to subvert the inherent civil and human rights that have been hard won by our ancestors, those who may well have died for yet another Government lie, but who were nevertheless promised liberty.

YouTube Videos of Appeal Hearings


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