Kiwi Judge Lowell Goddard up shit creek without a paddle

The last two weeks have been busy for New Zealand’s bent National Party Government, one of their best Clayton’s judges kicking the bucket and leaving Minister Nathan Guy about to drown in an ocean of shit, then there’s one of the Govts favorite go-to-gals, Judge Lowell Goddard. Of course Goddard has been making headlines in the United Kingdom for all the wrong reasons.

Team LF warned UK victims that Goddard was corrupt, we even carefully set out the long list of cover-ups various New Zealand governments, of both political persuasions, have used Goddards services for.

We have no doubt that Goddard was hand picked by the British Govt after looking around to find someone they could pass off as reasonable, and importantly female….the old woman have more empathy crap.

Now its important to note that the British Govt completely bypassed Australia when looking, this was likely because they knew Australia was in the grip of its own very successful Royal Commission and would very likely put forward another honest and competent judge for the job……not at all what the British establishment wanted, or needed by the sounds of it, especially if they were going to be successful burying the extent of the corruption surrounding the criminal sexual abuse of children.

New Zealand on the other hand appeared to be just the ticket. First the Kiwis had a long history of concealing top-end corruption, particularly involving politicians and especially where sexual abuse of children was concerned and they also had Goddard, just the woman for the job, nudge nudge wink wink, say no more.

Of course our article back in September 2015 set out the reasons why Goddard was destined to be an abject failure, particularly if the lawyers for the victims stayed wide awake:

Australia v New Zealand and United Kingdom – The Royal Commission v The Art of Cover-up

Sure enough Goddard appears to have proved LF right yet again. Of course the New Zealand Governments official news agency, also known as the New Zealand Herald, has been running stories designed to make Goddard look good, including the use of photographs that are at least ten years old. Goddard is crying foul, claiming that shes been the victim of a horrible witch hunt, thats its all a beat up and thats accordingly shes innocent.

Unfortuntely for Goddrd however the allegations that have been levelled at her have a certain recognisable qaulity to them; One being that Goddard had a bad habit of threatening anyone, those that disagreed with her take on things, with contempt of court. This little stunt is a particular favourite of bent Kiwi judges, in fact its so prevalent that most Kiwi lawyers say nothing, for fear theyll loose their careers.

Needless to say there is much more yet to unfold, but the fact that Goddard refused to attend a Parliamentary inquiry immediately after her departure, and the fact that she took a massive financial payout for doing sweet fuck all, does not bode well for her; nor does the silence of various others within the British Government

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  • The Man With The Golden Gun says:

    another stupid bitch from the NZ selection of Judges – why oh why do we send these retards offshore to create total international embarrassment??? Its fucking beyond a joke!!!

  • H Stottle says:

    The Times (of London) newspaper reported that Goddard was allegedly warned by officials about offensive remarks, including a claim that she had said high rates of child abuse in the UK were “because it has so many Asian men”. She is awaiting the advice of London lawyers about the Times article. Bets are they advise her to shut the fuck up and never set foot in the UK again as she risks prosecution for racist comments.

    Goddard said the accusations were false and malicious and “I am confident that in New Zealand my known reputation ………will provide its own refutation of these falsities.”

    As a High Court Judge, Ms Goddard’s record has been sporadic and sometimes appalling. In Howse v R New Zealand [2005] UKPC 31, the United Kingdom Privy Council leveled unprecedented and scathing criticism at Goddard, finding “It is impossible to imagine a clearer example of a trial that has gone off the rails” resulting in “an unfair trial”. The perennially-restrained Law Lords added, “We could use more robust language to describe it but, with difficulty restrain ourselves from doing so.”

    Justice Goddard scored dead last in the 2014 Survey of New Zealand judges, largely because she is perceived to be a judge who kowtows to powerful interests, particularly Crown interests. with many lawyers dismissing her competency. Goddard has an unsavoury reputation among lawyers in New Zealand as a political puppet.

    Some reputation. Some refutation. What have you done with the unearned half million you Kiwi cunt?

  • Tauhei Notts says:

    I have only spoken to her once, by telephone, and was astonished at how dumb she was. And she got a damehood? What’s going on?

  • Bent is to easy a description for this Government, venial is much better.
    Goddard lost the plot when she claimed that their was no establishment in NZ,
    its incredulous that our spin serving media didnt bother to challenge this.
    Another story is why NZ primary employers never get convictions for exploiting foreign workers,
    they just get what amounts to a parking fine.
    The only conviction of human exploitation has been of a Fijian employment contractor,
    that should be worth a 2000 word essay,
    America does point out NZs human rights abuses here, but the media just white wash it.

    Its interesting that the gangs are getting a lot of media coverage,
    we could get a snap election in Feb

  • “The judiciary shows itself to be a paedophile and crime creation movement whose primary goal is fatherless families” – http://www.hallettreport.com/New-Zealand-A-Blackmailers-Guide.html
    We were all warned many years ago.

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