Breaking: District Court Judge Hinton Put On Notice, Supreme Court Advised Of Attempted Judicial Paedophilia Cover-up

Team LF have just received a letter (below) which appears to put corrupt New Zealand District Court Judge Hinton, (See: Baker v Roe) on notice, also serving as a formal complaint to a number of New Zealand Senior Judges, including the Country’s Supreme Court, and international Human Rights bodies;







Lauda Finem will be following this case very closely – now assisting where we can, we’ll also be keeping readers updated and informed as this latest Kiwi judicial child abuse/child porn attempted cover-up unfolds.

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Pedophiles, Child Porn & Window Tint – Another Blomfield Kiwi Court Scam



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  • Tranny Steve says:

    Oh hi LF, I’m looking for Matt Blommers number – do you have it ?? He gave me a set of anal beads at the Urge Bar last week – bloody hell he just put his hand in his jock strap and yanked them right out ! And over 1m long to … the beads not his wanger. But I feel I should return them as he can sell on Trade Me to pay his legal bill to Felix Gerbelringer

  • Joseph Turcotte says:

    Pretty Dark Need to Get Rid of The Scum

  • NZ courts business as usual. There’s nothing extraordinary in the story. It’s rather routine. The NZ addressees of the complaint will ignore it, being a part of the corrupt system. The international bodies can’t and won’t do anything.

  • well- Nick Smith Mp has allegedly been using the Tenancy Court to help cover up the fact he is fighting child abuse ring allegations circulating online. Judge Kevin Phillips of Queenstown is alleged to have allowed 18 counts of perjury in his court to help cover up child abuse allegations against the Crown, NZ author Greg Hallett has published books detailing child abuse rings operating across the NZ judiciary and government apparatus, and one of those allegations is that the NZ chief justice is married to a serial child abuser. Smoke… Chuck in judge Lowell Goddard’s recent show, and it seems all very conclusive to me. That this is what they are – wolves in sheeps clothing.

  • Karl should also make a complaint under the Judicature Act in NZ

  • No media release here yet,

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