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Following last weeks outing of  the bent cop James Kenneth Cunningham there has been an absolute frenzy and corresponding jump in visitor numbers. Quite extraordinary really; we have located other bent cops and outed them with little, if any, reaction. Take detective Malcolm John Thomas. He to has been outed; with his more recent involvement in the framing and false imprisonment of a local Gisborne man Donnelly.

Upon appeal the appellants legal team had manged to prove to the jury that Thomas and his team of bent cops had framed Donnelly by planting evidence at the scene of the alleged crime. This resulted, according to a comment posted on this site, in Thomas’s departure from the New Zealand police force. Donnelly, was again charged and convicted of an almost identical offence no sooner than he had been released we believe was another set-up (which we also note the Gisborne Herald, true to form, heavily promoted). Knowing how the New Zealand police operate we of course smell a very large rat in that the second accusation and trial and trust that his defence team takes a close look at the prosecutions case, with an emphasis not only on the physical evidence.

Of equal importance are the relationships within the police force itself and the officers responsible for conducting an inquiry. The sphere of Detective Malcolm John Thomas’s influence was quite considerable and those special police relationships are often prone to corrupt dealings – Thomas’s relationship with Detective Stanley Matthew Willcox in Christchurch is just example. More recently the ex-cop turned private eye, Lewis Noel Proctor, admitted knowing and being involved with Thomas long before they had both conspired to set the brothers up on false charges; in what was a bold attempt to conceal their own serious criminal offending.

So what has been so different about Cunningham’s exposure. One component is of course the fact that someone, who had read the blog, then posted comments on the website that certainly resulted in an increase in traffic; but it fell well short of being the only factor, having represented just .1% of the total traffic.

The vast majority obviously resulted from word of mouth, very specific Google searches certainly indicated that. What we did find interesting in the reaction of members belong to the site, was the degree of festering commentary and some of the members rush to what can only be described as vile and acrimonious finger pointing. The failure by some to want to grasp the evidence was also disconcerting. Lynley Hood, however, described this phenomenon in her book, A City Possessed. In this day and age thankfully such occurrence’s are rare, normally limited to small incestuous and insular populations.

We decided to take a closer look at some of the acrimony that  did arise within the community. What we found is more that a little worrying. On the face of it there may well be good reason for the police to take a second look at the Takapuna bomb plot and the prosecution of  Alan Thomas, Mr Thomas may well have been the victim of a very bitter attack, a maliscious reprisal plot by his fellow forum members.

It appears to those of us here, that are qualified to comment, having read and copied the significant number of posts to be found on the site, that the forum is home to a highly disproportionate and significant population of mentally ill individuals. Admittedly one would definately expect to encounter a degree of primary mental illness amongst a site dedicated to invalid beneficiaries. One might also be expected, statistically, to find a second tier, individuals who suffer stress triggered psychological problems due to the fact that the gravy train was suddenly derailed. Last, but by no means least, one may well encounter the extremes of DSM IV TR identified personality disorders, given that sites such as do have the propensity to attract  me, me, look at me”, personality types.

Interestingly, despite members on the site denouncing this blog and the irrefutable evidence we have presented, we found all number of unsubstantiated allegations being thrown around in their own forums, some of those accusations clearly Criminal under New South Wales statute. We also discovered accusations of false statements, perjury, witness tampering and intimidation, all of it inveigling the prosecutions witnesses in the case against Mr Alan Thomas in the Takapuna bomb plot.

Tomcat (aka Kenneth Miller) writes:


And then:

“Yes Dave Butler also played a small part, but ask yourself why the police did not use his letter, or even bother to interview him. His letter was a rambling’s of a dearanged man on drugs. Again all can read what he wrote as well.”

And then:

“You should ask Thomas If He wants the bits about, his dirty sleazy approaches to members with sensitive claims.Published.”

And then David Butler writes:

“Mark i am asking that person for permission to publish what he sent to ACC abd the statment he gave the police. But for some reason he does not like the idea of ot being published on this forum. Mabey he will let me publish it on the forum he runs” 

And then Francis writes:

The diversionary tactics used on this forum continue to bemuse. Questioning Easyrider about why he needs permission is another diversion. Kenneth Miller has been asked to back up his public attacks on another member. Kenneth Miller appears unable to do so, in fact he appears to be losing it, he is angry and confused, so much so that rats up his arse is the only thing he can think and write about, though this bores him. He is always bored when backed against a wall and asked to prove his allegations. When confronted with these situations Kenneth Miller resorts to unintelligent babble and sexual comments, all of which indicate how disturbed, inadequate and insecure he really is. Another member who can provide substantive information is unable to do so (Francis will, if the information falls into his hands). Mark walks in and provides another diversion, which is not relevant to the reason for this thread. This thread was started by David Butler, who has asked Kenneth Miller to back up his public allegations, and so he should. Kenneth Miller does not provide evidence to back up his allegations, one can only assume that is because he is lying. Instead, Kenneth Miller resorts to childish behavior and acts like a spoilt child with his pants pulled down and obsessed about the rodents up his arse. If Kenneth Miller makes public allegations against other members, then he should back those allegations up with hard evidence, but he doesn’t. We can therefore only conclude that he doesn’t because he is lying (You are a liar, aren’t you Kenneth Miller), those who could provide information relevant to this situation are threatened and so the information, so vital to prove who did what and who is lying is prevented from being published (though Francis has no issues with that). Meanwhile a couple of members divert the issue to other issues of no relevance to the topic of this thread.

So Kenneth Miller, put up or shut up. (you won’t though because you are silly, aren’t you?) 

And then Compassion writes:

This utter crap makes me ashamed to have recommended anyone come on here for help by genuine people. this type of nonsense confirms the negative stereotype people already have about the injured on benefits etc…. a pack of losers/bludgers who need to go out and work (ie the stereotype). We are all “pussys” on here as it not face to face is it.

And then David Butler writes:

What you consider crap is – When you have one person up on serious criminal charges and the two crown witness publishing confidential info from within the proceedings and also going to the extreme via publishing false information in respect to the trial, and goings on leading up to and within that trial , then it has come to pass that this thread was started to enable one of those witness to provide info to back up what they state OUT OF THE COURTS.
With all the very misleading info posted in here then one has to wonder what was actually disclosed in any investigation interviews and thus to the court .
This is not about the defendant anymore-it is about two people Crown witness who seem to have the need to justify there performance in a court well well before the trial has reached its FINAL conclusion-any trial is not over until the final conclusion 
WHY is that being done ??????-No one can change or tamper with what has been said by them in court.Its a done deal some time ago re any eveidence under oath

View the entire thread here. [They may remove it, we’ve found that a tactic employed by the sites administrator. Just let us know if they do and well post the pages we have saved]

By now you’ll be getting the picture, all as mad as cut snakes. What is concerning however is the allegation that Kenneth Miller was inciting other witnesses to change their evidence:


Then we have the allegation that witnesses were using phone or other mobile devices to text details of evidence to those on the outside, possibly to witnesses that had yet to be heard;

“the two crown witness publishing confidential info from within the proceedings” 

Crown Witness - Douglas Weal?

Of course it is illegal, in fact probably criminal, to be acting in this manner. there are a number of very good reasons why witnesses are required to remain outside the court room until their evidence has been given. If these events have occurred as alleged then there is a very high possibility, at best, that Alan Thomas’s opportunity for a fair trial was seriously compromised and, at worst, that Alan Thomas was the victim of seriously corrupt and mentally ill individuals that he had the misfortune of meeting online and the stupidity to entrust them in venting his anger and a related ideation born of a deep, quite possibly, justified resentment – Thomas clearly had no real intention to harm anyone, nor did he come close to having the financial resource or intellectual capacity to have executed this very personal chimera – the court even acknowledged that fact

Clearly then any trauma that the ACC staff may, or may, not have suffered was caused by whoever relayed the otherwise personal and fanciful  machinations of Thomas. This disproportionate emotional response may well have been aggravated by the very real events at the Henderson branch some years earlier. Indeed one is left to wonder whether the motive of the informant is pure. If he held real concerns why not go directly to police with those concerns. Our own psychologists have advanced another hypothesis. Perhaps in approaching and advising the Takapuna branch of ACC, Kenneth Miller himself may have wished to cause distress as a perverted form of revenge for his own personal gratification; or was it just a case of me me look at me, which would also explain the website he later went on to create.

Alan Thomas, Takapuna bomber or victim of gross injustice?

Kenneth Miller and the other crown witness Douglas Weal quite possibly had many reason’s, psychologically imbalanced or otherwise, for attacking Mr Alan Thomas. We here at Lauda Finem and our man Carlos, currently on the ground in, Northland, New Zealand are investigating this story further, as Australian’s it’s really grabbed our attention and sense of adventure, especially our attention to detail – remember as the old saying goes, from our experience and perspective  – God is always in the detail, – it’s not a quality that the New Zealand Police force could, in all honestly, lay claim to!

One only need look at any number of the other posts on  to realise that the forum is doubtless loaded with nutters who are probably guilty of the same delusional fantasies and grandstanding as Alan Thomas, in fact possibly more intimidating sociopathic behaviour:

Kenneth Miller, using his on-line moniker "Tomcat" - quite the sociopath

It is nothing short of extraordinary that these witnesses were afforded any credibility whatsoever by the prosecuting authorities and the court. If the allegations, dare we say admissions, made in accforum have any substance then there needs to be an immediate judicial review.

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