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Kenneth Miller –recidivist fraudster, druggie, burglar, thief, violent offender, and ACC fraudster with 15 previous aliases.


Good Morning (CEST) Ladies and Gentlemen, We here at www.laudafinem.org (LF) are issuing this written PUBLIC warning with respect to your organisations association with, and mention on, the websites www.accforum.org, www.accfocus.org, www.acclaim-waikato.org, www.cyfswatch.org, and the individuals now very publicly and somewhat politically associated...

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National’s Boag was in ACC meeting

Today the New Zealand Herald (NZH) on Sunday ran an article outing the informant in the latest ACC privacy breach, allegedly the largest breach in New Zealand’s history. In the Herald piece the journalist  David Fisher claims that during a meeting with ACC the...

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ACC Forum: profiling nut-jobs – Trevor John Smith

Continuing on with our profiling of members of the psychoville web forum www.accforum.org we would now like to introduce our readers to yet another long term accident compensation bludger and forum recalcitrant. One more of the nut-jobs that through their malingering...

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