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The above image: Mr Kenneth “Kiddie Kicking” Miller, (OMG: the Kahui twins story is nothing compared to this particular  Grand Father) Lauda Finem’s one legged arse kicking champ, Mr Millers currently in a bit of pain; so he had his bike riding leather clad Gimp, Mark Davis, write instead

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Again, early this morning we received yet another contribution from an associate of Kenneth Miller. A bloke by the name of Mr Mark Davis, motorcycle gang enthusiast. Mr Davis assisted Miller in setting up his website and is an administrator on the same site. Mr Davis is another individual who seems capable of obtaining and holding down full-time employment – but of course that’s just our view. Mind you its a view based on the knowledge, that if you can build and administer upwards of 20 websites, including the site then you should be able to obtain gainful employment.

This is the last time that we will be publishing anything that is submitted by Mr Miller or his cabal of frausters. What has become abundantly clear is that this group of malingerers collectively suffer chronic NPD. Mr Davis writes using the  Noms de guerre “Barry Smith”. There are of course many clues as to his real identity, and the obviously debilitating psychiatric blight he and his friends have.

The above screen grab: Absolutely disgusting, the fraudster self proclaimed psychologist Mr Kenneth Miller AKA “TOMCAT”: Just one more example of how Kenneth Miller treats his on-line friends at, – Often very wounded men and women suffering from the likes of PTSD and various other serious injuries, physical and emotional

The first clue we had was Davis’s desire to, yet again, defame Mr Dermot Nottingham, obviously at the behest of Mr Kenneth Miller. Unlike this blog was not established as a personal play pen for Messrs Davis, Kenneth Miller and their mate Douglas Weal, its about obtaining justice and for our readers knowing that terrible injustice’s are occurring every day. As already said this is their last post, excuse the pun, unless of course they decide to crawl out from beneath their slimy rocks, use their real names offering sincere contrition or some other valid factual contribution – which we doubt will ever occur.

Lauda Finem has no intention of allowing “Weevils” the like this group infect this blog with their particular brand of malevolent, churlish idiocy.

The second clue is, of course, the use of an email address which contains the name of a motor cycle club theOtaki Riders”, a motorcycle club that Mr Davis, a wannabe Bikie, is a member of. We’re saving the photograph of Mr Mark Davis for another post detailing his association with Mr Miller and the website

Many of our readers, including those who have recently arrived from the ACCforum and ACCfocus sites must by now be wondering just what it is that Mr Miller is hoping to achieve?

Here at Lauda Finem we’re not at all surprised with Mr Miller and cohorts antic’s. In fact we set out to demonstrate to our readers the many reasons why, if they are members of this groups site, they should delete their profiles and in fact steer clear of it. Mr Miller is a convicted fraudster who will use any opportunity to advance his own interests. That’s why we believe that Kenneth Miller conspired to assist in having an innocent man convicted. Mr Miller did so using information that had been provided in confidence to the website

Any normal person would by now be reeling, having been exposed as a convicted con-man, a fraudster claiming to be a qualified psychologist, shown up for the psychologically and intellectually challenged charlatan he is. Mr Miller is however “special” he can’t help himself. Unlike Mr Miller Lauda Finem do have people qualified to comment on Mr Millers behaviour and the overwhelming set of subconscious symptoms he’s prone to exhibiting.

We will evidence this by supplying links to specialist sites that list the symptoms found in individuals suffering with serious and chronic Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). We would ask those of you who have had dealings with Mr Miller (or any one of the many alias’s he is given to using) to assess the degree to which he displays the behaviour s or symptom’s. The symptoms can be found listed here and here

Now to Mr Davis’s comment in Blue, again Lauda Finem’s response’s are layered between the incoming comment,  Mark Davis writes:

“I question your factual matrix”.

We noted, based on his friendship with Miller and his likely educational background, that the language used by Davis was not his own, so we used several search engines, combining Dermot Nottingham and Factual Matrix, the results returned all listed sites on which Mr Davis’s and his mate Kenneth Miller had posted derogatory comments aimed at Mr Nottingham.

“Your own research shows that Mr Dermot Nottingham is a “prominent justice campaigner”

Indeed Mr Davis it certainly does, our research further pointed to Mr Nottingham’s innate acumen and skill as an investigator (similar in fact to the boy’s and girls at Lauda Finem), although,we would be the first to admit that this mans track record is very impressive:

We would also note that the people who stick their heads up to fight causes inevitably risk stepping on toes” (just as Lauda Finem has on this occasion). Notably, if those toes are  attached to individuals who, in attempting to, conceal wrong-doing or just maintain their own power and agenda then of course they will always attempt to single out and vilify those blowing the whistle.  Especially in places where the larger players in the media are corrupt or simply passive, compliant and unable to robustly challenge falsely held beliefs or the established, possibly corrupt, authority involved.

One such example we found was a peice that appeared in a Fairfax Media publication in New Zealand, “A Bulldog for a messenger” (withdrawn from circulation). On that particular occasion the journalist, with malicious intent, had sought out and then foolishly used spurious information that she had located on one of Mr Miller and associates sites 

As a result of her reliance on that and various other false and defamatory material, Fairfax, with no defence to the tort of defamation, was forced to fork out serious cash, so as to settle the threatened defamation proceedings, in addition to the compensation, as a prt of the settlement they were, we suspect, required to print a public apology:

“We also accept that Nottingham was not personally paid $13,000 by an ACC claimant, continues to work as an unpaid advocate for ACC claimants, and continues to be recognised by ACC as a claimant advocate”


Obviously a serious miscalculation by a professional Journalist can be extremely costly for any organisation involved, but of course they carry insurance that covers those occasions, if they didn’t they would all be homeless. Mr Davis continues:

“Strangely Dermot Nottingham the self styled justice campaigner is not recommended by Fair Go “if consumers need an advocate for an ACC case, then based on Evonne’s experience, we can’t recommend Dermot Nottingham.”

Mr Davis is referencing the defamatory posts that appear on the website he administers, using a rehashed version of the very same defamatory material that cost Fairfax Media New Zealand Ltd a small fortune; in the aforementioned matter of defamation.

Having spoken with a number of sources it would appear that Fair-go had not, at the time, presented all of the evidence. Mr Nottingham, however, seems to be very philosophical: “you win some you loose some”. Nevertheless, by his own account he has no shortage of business and continues with his advocacy for those badly treated by the Accident Compensation Corporation. (As is clearly established in the above extract).

He is in his spare time, whilst not a lawyer, also kept busy providing pro bono representation for other cases of injustice – We note that he was extremely concerned, when we brought to his attention, the possibility that Alan Thomas may not have been given a fair trial. Looking at some of his past endeavours we can see why:

Interestingly as a coincidence, Fair-go’s Mr Mercep is an associate of three other media personalities, including journalists and a cameraman, that Lauda Finem are investigating for dishonesty and corrupt behaviour, they include TVNZ’s Mark Chamberlain and Fairfax’s Cameron Bates.

We would also note;  Mr Nottingham was more than pleased with our unearthing of Mr Kenneth Miller and associates such as Weal and Davis at and We will of course be providing him with Messrs Mark Davis and Miller’s latest, self published, effort.

“One can only wonder how many clients of dermot nottingham regret taking his advice. Do some more research”.

Rats in the cellar, kens dirty kitchen, Roaches in the pipes,what ever the mess, forget clean-wipes – we recommend the “carbolic power” of  Jeyes disinfectant – manufactured specifically to eradicate germ’s, filth and scum.

More research? We would suggest that Mr Mark Davis and his mate Kenneth Miller take their own advice; develop the skills necessary to research properly so that they might make a valid contribution in promoting truth and justice rather than using their many personal websites such as to post shit designed to advance their own nefarious and malevolent agendas.

Messrs. Davis and Miller, it seems, are of the belief that by attacking Mr Nottingham, Lauda Finem will somehow stop publishing posts exposing the criminal behaviour the pair engage in. Think again gentlemen, we’re sure that Mr Nottingham can look after his own interests, of course, undoubtedly assisted with the information we have and will continue to provide. Lauda Finem, however, are definitely more interested in taking a very close look at your little group and its role in a possible serious miscarriage of justice!

We would also suggest to our readers, especially those that are members of the websites www.accforum and www.accfocus, that when someone like Mark Davis, Kenneth Miller or Douglas Weal, use an alias, to falsely present as another and then post false, defamatory and misleading material (citing their own websites) then one needs to stare clear of those site’s, Mr Alan Thomas found that out at great personal expense. Mr Davis’s effort today amounts to a misrepresentation and an attempt to defame, but then his mate tutor Mr Miller has criminal convictions for exactly the same behaviour, FRAUD!

15th Nov 2011

Another email from the man hiding behind the monika Barry John Smith; Mr Mark Davis, aka Muppet and Otaki Riders. Muppetty Mark was obviously a little impatient to see his comment up, he emailed in today asking why we hadn’t posted it. Mr Barry John Smith writes:

“Whats up Mr Laudafinem?

You haven’t published my last comment. Is your factual matrix up the spout?”

Well, as our readers will know we had of course published the comment, with our response, Mark just had’nt bothered to check the front page.

16th Nov 2011

We’ve received yet another comment,  this time the outed Mr Mark Davis has decided to come clean, using his real name. Obviously he has no shame, Mr Mark Davis writes:

“A lot of you were amused by a phrase Dermott used, “factual matrix”. I didn’t know what it meant but Bernard Howard tells us factual matrix is just a fancy way of saying, facts”

Always keep a bottle under the kitchen sink, just in case Ken turn’s up wanting to cook. It’s guaranteed to eradicate vermen and greenfly

Codelfa Construction Pty Ltd v State Rail Authority of NSW (HPH  461-2)

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