Douglas Weal, Kenneth Miller defamation and criminal conspiracy was the name of their game

Douglas Weal, Millers accomplice and author of the emails to journalist Tony Wall.

As our readers will recall, after the publishing of our post on Detective Cunningham, we became aware of the website One of  that sites members, who preferred anonymity, wrongly deduced that this blog was the work of a local justice campaigner by the name of Dermot Nottingham. He or she then foolishly posted Nottingham’s contact details – that thread has now been removed, although we did grab a copy before it was deleted by the sites administrator Arron Wislang.

Having Nottingham’s contact details posted of course saved us some work. We telephoned him the following morning and had a long chat. Soon after that interview we did a little more research; ultimately concluding that elements within certainly had it in for this bloke.

As the story began to unfold we received an email from yet another anonymous party with a tip. An on-line location where we would be able to locate documents that related to the Takapuna Bomb Plot. Amongst hundreds of exhibits we also found various documents that related to Nottingham and his business. The cache included emails, letters and what are quite clearly statements, some of them complete with signatures.

Fairfax Journalist, Mr Tony Wall

So we started to dig a lot deeper, and found that various parts of the conspiracy that we have exposed are clearly criminal offences. In this post we are only going to deal with one aspect of a much broader set of events that were clearly designed to maliciously harm Mr Dermot Nottingham, his reputation, family and business.

The plan inveigled two journalists over two years, the first in 2007, is a bloke by the name of Tony Wall, who works for the Fairfax New Zealand publication, The Sunday Star Times.

The second journalist, later caught up in this fly trap is a woman by the name of Fiona Rotherham, she too worked for a Fairfax publication, The Independent. In 2009 Rotherham penned an article A Bulldog for a messenger. Her piece  related to Nottingham’s investigation of some very dodgy dealings within a group of small finance companies in the New Zealand town of Nelson. Nottingham had written a critical analyses named the Mytton Report in which he had been highly critical of the companies involved.

Nottingham’s conclusions and the recommendations he made in the Mytton Report were much later acted upon. There are, according to media reports, various claims currently before the New Zealand courts.

Fairfax Journalist, Fiona Rotherham

Rotherham’s article in turn had clearly been written to impugn Nottingham’s credibility and that of his Mytton Report. Rotherham however came a gutsa. It appears that Ms Fiona Rotherham had relied on information that was sourced from none other than and it’s members. Rotherham’s stupidity and the subsequent defamation claim cost Fairfax Media New Zealand a public apology, which ran in their papers, and a shit load of cash in the out of court settlement.

At the time Nottingham’s presumption was that Rotherham had simply logged into and located the defamatory material herself. Lauda Finem have discovered documents that call into question Mr Nottingham’s assumption’s and perhaps even the integrity of Fairfax Media, their staff and its solicitors.

We believe that it is very possible, perhaps even probable, that Rotherham was contacted and feed the highly defamatory material by elements within If indeed either Rotherham or Fairfax had this knowledge when negotiating the settlement then they should have revealed the source of the malicious allegations Rotherham had been relied on; by keeping that information to themselves they had then put Nottingham in ongoing peril.

There is a commonly used new age expression, six degrees of separation and in a very small Pacific Island Nation that six degree’s of separation theory is most apt.

In an almost peculiar twist of  fate, part of the deal cut with Fairfax by Nottingham, given his often public profile as a campaigner, had been, that they assign a single journalist to research and cover any future stories which involved his work. The Journalist that had been selected, by the managing editor Mr Paul Thompson, was none other than the aforementioned journalist who had earlier dealt with Douglas Weal, Mr Tony Wall.

This choice in itself raises many obvious questions. Was it because Thompson knew what had really occurred with Fiona Rotherham. Indeed, was Paul Thompson aware of the fact that exactly the same set of events had taken place two years earlier, the only difference being that Wall had not taken the bait. Wall had obviously done his homework properly and managed to find out that what he was being fed, was a load of utter crap.

These and many more questions need to be asked of Mr Wall and Fairfax’s Managing editor Mr Paul Thompson. The reason Lauda Finem have formed this view will soon become clear. 

In November 2007 The new Zealand media had run a series of new’s items about this bloke Nottingham’s investigation (over a period of some eight months) into a fraudulent immigration scam being run nationally. The Sunday Star Times journalist Tony Wall in particular had written a special investigative piece; Money for Jobs immigration scam.

Justice campaigner and author of the Mytton report, Mr Dermot Nottingham (left)

Justice campaigner, author of the Mytton report and Douglas Weals target, Mr Dermot Nottingham (left)

The information Mr Wall had obtained, with which to write his article, was in fact handed to him on a platter by none other than Nottingham himself – but then accforum’s Douglas Weal was not to know that when he wrote the following email:

Note: all emails are reproduced verbatim, there are many spelling mistakes and Weal deserves the credit

From: Douglas [mail

Sent: Sunday, 11 November 2007 8:12 a.m.
Subject: Immigration NZ

Hi Tony,

I read the article about Dermant Nottingham and the Immigration scams. Unfortunately I refuse to have anything to do with Nottingham as he himself has been involved in frauds, particularly while operating as an ACC advocate.

However, I do have information on Immigration NZ.

Immigration NZ files are being regularly accessed by private investigators. They only have to phone up their “contact” at immigration and they are given the result of a name search with contact details, employment etc. PIs are also able to obtain copies of files from Immigration; and PIs, armed with copies of these file have visited new immigrants and leaned on them to sign prepared statements, much of which the new immigrant cannot understand because of language problems. The immigrant signs these statements “because they do not want trouble with immigration” and they believe the PIs are “detectives”. These statements are then used by PI to pursue cases they are working on.

I have documented evidence of all this, including PI diary notes, avadavits of immigrants, correspondence with Immigration NZ admitting unspecified “breeches” and copies of files obtained from Immigration NZ by PIs.

This story may be useful as an adjunct in the story that will break in coming weeks, when the Police Complaint Authority release a report which will show PIs are regularly accessing Police data bases. In one case a PI had a desk and a terminal at an “out of the way” police station.

Contact me by email if you are interested in investigation and running this story. I can only give you all the information on the Immigration issue, as the Police issue is from another source and still under wraps.


Tony wall initially took the bait and replied to Douglas Weals email of the 11th November 2007:

From: Tony Wall (SUN)

To: Douglas
Sent: Tuesday, November 13, 2007 8:00 AM
Subject: RE: Immigration NZ

Very interested. Can we meet,.

Weal obviously over the moon at Tony Wall’s decision to meet up and have a chat then decides to spice it up a little for Tony’s consumption; adding much more detail to the false and defamatory tit-bits he had levelled against Nottingham in the first email:

From: Douglas
Sent: Tuesday, November 13, 2007 9:26 AM
Subject: Re: Immigration NZ
Immigration NZ
I am in Whangarei. Available anytime. phone 09 4356516. Suggest we don’t discuss details over the phone.
I think Nottingham, who list himself as a “Private Investigator” realised that Immigration were conducting a secret enquiry into the goings on – and he is now hiding behind the Protected Disclosure Act, by turning himself into a whistleblower.
This information about PIs accessing the Immigration NZ files was uncovered while I was conducting an investigation into why PIs had been investigating me since 2005, and I discovered the PIs have the immigration file of my wife.
I also have a contact who has a file on the illegal activities of Nottingham, which he sent to the appropriate Govt dept sever years ago, only to subsequently find it did not reach the eyes of the CEO.
I am given access to this material as I am legally challenging the right of Private investigators to obtain information contrary to the Privacy Act.
Douglas Weal
25 Hoey street, Kamo, Whangarei
Our on-line research indicates that Mr Nottingham has never listed himself as a Private Investigator, “self styled” justice campaigner maybe. but what is of more importance,  just how the hell did Weal, a mere ACC beneficiary, know that “Immigration were conducting a secret inquiry” can’t have been a big secret, but we digress, we’ll leave that story for another post.
Weal was clearly ecstatic with the result and in his state of premature excitement he then fired of an email to a couple of his associates, Kenneth Miller and another bloke:

From: “Douglas” <>
Date: 13 November 2007 9:27:56 AM
To: “hardwired” (redacted)
Subject: Fw: Immigration NZ
Hi Dave
Depending on which was Tony Wall wants to take this, it may be your opportunity to “expose” Nottingham and his dirty dealings with ACC.

Dr Jan White, ACC CEO

In Weal’s emails he makes a number of false allegations and statements as if fact, the one that we will now deal with is to be found nearing the end of  his second email:

I also have a contact who has a file on the illegal activities of Nottingham, which he sent to the appropriate Govt dept sever(al) years ago, only to subsequently find it did not reach the eyes of the CEO.
The contact Weal is referring to is none other than his two co-conspirator in the false allegations leveled against Alan Thomas in the Takapuna bomb plot.
Those co-conspirators, Kenneth Miller and David Butler had also been up to no good, with a much earlier plan to damage Nottingham and his businesses that was far more malicious, so diabolical that Mr Miller advice, on one occasion against Butlers , had in fact knowingly committed a serious criminal offence.
According to Butler however he had never gone as far as Miller and Weal, Butler made out that he had a dossier on Nottingham which evidenced corruption. Butler also admits to another conspiracy against Nottingham that was on foot from approx 2003 on.
Butler admits conspiring with Miller and another “advanced” member “Tonyj” aka Tony Lowe. The emails were flying between Lowe and Butler in 2006. In 2003 Lowe had been compiling a dossier on Nottingham, a justice campaigner had been approached and was assisting ACC claimants who had been wronged by the Accident Compensation Corporation. Accoding to Butler Lowe had given his completed dossier to the Auckland Area Manager of the Accident Compensation Corporation, Mr Mike Spraggon, with instructions to pass the file on CD rom onto head office, it never made it to head office.
The appropriate government Department the Weal refers to is none other than the same department that Lowe had sent his file to, the Accident Compensation Corporation. Weal in his email to Tony Wall then adds the following comment:
only to subsequently find it did not reach the eyes of the CEO”
The CEO Weal is referring to is Dr Jan White, at the time the head of the Accident Compensation Corporation, although Tony Lowe had not requested it go to White at all, he had given it to Spraggon to pass to . Both Weal and Miller would later become so disgruntled that their false information had not been forwarded on to the CEO and was being ignored that Weal himself  emailed the ministers office two months after first contacting Tony Wall:
From: Douglas (Weal)
Sent: Wednesday, January 16, 2008 10:37 AM
Subject: Fw: Contact
Hi Megan

Private and Confidential.

 I have been approached by several people about the following problem.

We need a “conduit” into ACC, where we can feed high value information about ACC and Claimants. However the information needs to be seen by Dr White, before it disappears down the chain of command.

This situation has been brought about because it appears that since the internal enquiry into the activities of the ACC Fraud Unit, senior ACC staff are so busy watching their backs they appear too scared to act, and to the extent they appear to be no longer receptive to copies of hard information. Several persons who have contacts within ACC have reported this problem.

What we are asking for is a contact person, phone number or email address, where the Minister can assure us, the information is seen by Dr White, before it is distributed within ACC; and if so requested, the source of the information remains with Dr White’s office.

I ask that the Office of the Ministerfacilitate this?

This paragraph in this email Weal had sent to the Minister’s secretary, Megan Bly, demanding high level access was redacted by Butler, we however located the missing pieceI look forward to your response.Yours sincerely,Douglas WealThe evil Mr Kenneth Miller aka “Tomcat”

What Mr Weal had not realised, in telling Tony Wall about his contact “who has a file on the illegal activities of Nottingham”  was that his so called contact, Kenneth Miller had mislead him as to the status of the first plot which Miller himself had cooked up in March 2006.

In march 2006 Miller had attempted to have another associate write a false statement alleging a fraudulent scam that Nottingham himself had masterminded. The associate Miller had tried to recruit,  however wasn’t about play ball with Millers scheme. He was smart enough to realise that making a false statement with such serious  false allegations against an innocent party (to any statutory authority) was an imprisonable criminal offence. He was not about to do time for Miller
Having failed to get the other bloke to do his dirty work Miller then made an incredibly stupid  decision, the sort of gamble that only criminals take. He wrote another similarly false statement and then signed it himself, posting it off to Dr Jan White’s office at the Accident Compensation Corporations Head Office in Wellington.
These events are what Douglas Weal refers to when advising Tony Wall in his email of Tuesday, November 13, 2007 9:26 am that:
“I also have a contact who has (had) a file on the illegal activities of Nottingham, which he sent to the appropriate Govt dept sever(al) years ago, only to subsequently find it did not reach the eyes of the CEO”.

Lauda Finem have obtained a copy of the false statement, the second document in which Mr Kenneth Paul Robert Miller himself decides to make the false allegations against Nottingham, having failed to inveigle his fellow forum colleague (in this statement Miller couldn’t even spell the victims name correctly). Dated the 18th March 2006, it bares Millers signature and we know it was sent to ACC – they will doubtless have the original.

There is however only one problem with Millers claims and false allegations he makes in his statement, Mr Nottingham does not know Miller, he’ s never met him. In Fact Nottingham has been trying to establish who was behind the for a number of years. The only person that had in fact met Nottingham was the man who, knowing it to be criminal, refused Millers request to sign the false statement he had drafted falsely accusing Nottingham of conspiring to defraud the Accident Compensation Corporation at a meeting that had never occurred.

Interestingly Tony Walls article “Money for Jobs immigration scam is still referred to on Kenneth Millers latest web-based scam where he recruits shit stirring fraudsters and various other personality types who are obviously excited at the thought of playing with fire.

Mr Kenneth Paul Robert Miller and Douglas James Weal, we believe, knowingly conspired to make similarly false statements to New Zealand police officers in Whangarei on or about the 21st February 2008. Statements wherein they falsely and maliciously accused Alan Thomas of plotting to detonate a bomb outside the Takapuna offices of the Accident Compensation Corporation.

In fact we know that the Accident Compensation Corporations files are doubtless littered with the handy-work of this pair and their corrupted ACC Forum colleagues.

Both Mr Kenneth Paul Robert Miller and Douglas James Weal as we now know have a significant history when it comes to conspiring to manufacture false allegations against all number of innocent people. Whats more over time they have become very proficient at ensuring their malicious and criminal plans were executed.

Mr Kenneth Paul Robert Miller had taken a calculated risk that his false allegations and statement would be kept safely concealed by the Accident Compensation Corporation, he had also gambled that Mr Nottingham in particular would never get to clap his eyes on it. Mr Kenneth Paul Robert Miller had made a very serious mistake – As the old adage goes there’s more than one way to skin a cator in this case a “Tomcat”

Mr Douglas James Weal, likewise, took similar risks in knowingly conspiring with Kenneth Miller to intentionally damage Mr Nottingham, his reputation and business. We are also of the view that the allegations this duo levelled against Alan Thomas are likewise false.

Problems with Sewer Rats, we always recommend Jeyes, it’ll flush the filthy bastards out!

The utter stupidity of this pair and various other people hiding behind, in attempting to guess who or what Lauda Finem is or means is about to bring both Kenneth Miller and Douglas Weal seriously unstuck – good work people.

To think that this discovery of serious criminal and conspiratorial behaviour came about because Mr Kenneth Miller arrogantly stuck his ugly mug above the parapet to make a few disparaging remarks in an obscure online forum. Miller dared to doubt the veracity of our story on bent cop turned psychologist James Kenneth Cunningham – As an old-timer might be inclined to say, we have just “killed two birds with one stone”

Lauda Finem have other examples of this criminal behaviour and the documents which prove it. That evidence is now in safe hands in another jurisdiction.

Mr Nottingham has been advised of the evidence we’ve un-covered, he advises that he will be having a chat to Fairfax’s Tony Wall and will in due course lay a formal complaint with the New Zealand police against both Kenneth Miller and Douglas Weal for knowingly making false allegations and statements to a statutory authority.

As for Dr Miles Wislang and his son Aaron, the owners and operators of, we would advise you both keep to an eye on that front door of yours, the dreaded process server we mentioned in a previous post will now, almost certainly, be knocking soon enough – love your work, but we obviously prefer ours, arse-holes!

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