ACC and Forum “Super grass” contacts Lauda Finem

 Evonne Puru, aka “Kiwiwine”

Kenneth Miller, aka “Tomcat”

Douglas Weal, aka “spacecadet”

Noun 1.   supergrass – an informer who implicates many people:

betrayer, blabber, informer, squealer, rat [New Zealand colloquial; “Weal”, “Miller”, “Davis”, “Butler”] – one who reveals confidential information in return for favor or protection.

Lauda Finem is exceptionally proud to announce that it has been contacted, through a third party, by what can only be described as a “super grass”.

The information that this individual has, and will give to Lauda Finem, will surely put paid to the careers of numerous high ranking Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) staffers who have over the past decade caused significant suffering to thousands of New Zealanders who live with serious incapacity and competent advocates who have attempted to conscientiously represent their injured and or incapacitated clients.

Dr Miles Wislang

Unfortunately for honest advocates a large number of ACC claimants are not only ACC entitlement fraudsters but are also accomplished fraudsters in all other areas of their lives.  Examples of such persons are “paint and home help skimmer” Colleen Limmer and “I can build a house with a bad back, and the frauds all true” Evonne Puru.

The super grass, to be referred to hereinafter as the “SG” (not to be confused with the Solicitor General) has provided some “initial evidence” that indicates  that he or she has had access to the highest levels of ACC management decisions in clear breach of the Privacy Act.  But hey we’re not complaining at all.

Of equal importance to Lauda Finem is that the SG can identify all of the malingering scumbags that hide in ACCForum defaming good men and women and has decided to “out” the malingerers that defraud the hard working Kiwi’s paying the ACC  levy.

SG has also stated that they can deliver the names and addresses of all the ACC fraudsters, malingerers, and bullshit stroking claimant advocates who hide behind their weasel monikers on and

Mark Davis, aka “Mark”

Of course, through Carlos Uberto Judas Ordonez (known to us and our growing readership as CUJO), we already have the true identities and addresses of “lost our last cent in a bad Whangaparoa land deal” Miles and Aaron Wislang, “Trans-plant a bomb in Takapuna”Alan  Thomas, and “shit on everyone in cheviot” David Butler. The other real names that the SG can supply nothing short of the faaarking phone book of the protagonists on that toe jam “shite site” ACCForum.

Whats really cool is that we have informed the SG that they will not have to give evidence in the criminal and civil cases that will doubtless follow our exposé of this band of losers that have spent years casting serious criminal and defamatory aspersions against innocent hardworking professionals that pay their share of dues to society. It is normally the guilty that cast the first allegation, and the innocent the last.

As we understand the position to be, a well organized gentlemen has grabbed the offending pages from the site and has contacted all of those identified as having been defamed and is preparing a class action against the protagonists involved.  Their desire is to out these toadies as liars and malingerers, and to seek compensation that will see these scumbags penniless, with their ERC earnings going to the victims on a direct debit basis for the rest of their tragic faaarking lives.

We do have a photo of Aaron, but there is an unknown young woman in it, so we thought that his web details would be more appropriate

Although not aware of ACCforum previously we have now committed substantial resouces to an “active” investigation of some of ACCForum’s members and their posts, the likes of KTH, Tomcat, Nottheirvictim, Hukildaspida, Doppelgänger, sooversensitiveclaimsunit, Blurb, Jocko, Rosey, Moeroa, Huggy, Kittyhawk, Mark, Brionia, Davidbutler, and MG, who all had their chuckles attacking the integrity of Lauda Finem’s investigations into the true identity and criminal past of the bent ex-cop turned ACC psychologist Kenneth James Cunningham. People that attack the truth, in order to deprive justice to the victims of substantial wrong, deserve and shall receive no mercy.

As we understand the position a senior counsel has been retained and letters are being formulated to be personally delivered to those responsible to cease and desist, to remove all defamatory material, and to supply evidence of the authors and publishers belief in the truth of the statements pursuant to the defamation act, or in mitigation of prima facie proving a conspiracy to falsely accuse.

Our belief that ACCforum will go Whizz-bang as will the fortunes of the likes of its intemperate and dishonest creators Miles and Aaron Wislang; forever to be known as the “Whizz-bang Wislangs”. Oh to be a fly on the wall of the Wislang’s Shite-palace when the scalp hunting legal server comes a calling.

Well just maybe we will have a fly on their wall; a fly called CUJO, complete with a TV grade camera strapped on his shoulder as Aaron tries to use one of his well worn porn mags to hide his identity, and daddy throws a small shouldered big arsed “tanty” whilst pleading innocent to any wrongdoing.

We at Lauda Finem will be thinking of archival footage of the last congressional hearing wherein Senator Joe McCarthy was shown for what he really was;  A Cowardly, Useless, Narcissistic,Tosser, or in language that the equally twisted ACCForum arseholes will comprehend, A C.U.N.T.

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