ACCForum – convicted criminal Miller, his mate Weal & their cabal lose the “plot”




“Tomcat” aka Kenneth Miller, “spacecadet”, aka Douglas Weal and “Blurb” aka Fransiscus Van Hemond.

Bless their cotton socks the clowns are back in business (centre ring) and yet another atrocious circus performance is underway, we’d hate to think you’re involved Aaron Wislang, prison is not such a  nice place for a younger bloke, if you get our drift!

The team returning to watch duty at Lauda Finem whilst visiting the site at 16:00 hrs (AEST) today (11/12/2011) became aware of a fraudulent post that had been placed on that site in the following thread:

Just what is it that Kenneth Miller meant with his expression in his post, you’ll have:  “a real problem proving MOST OF ITfor  the answer you’ll need to read the entire post, we thought Kenneth Miller had claimed complete innocence!

As we have said Millers fraudulent post is purporting to be from Lauda Finem, it is, however, a construction; a complete fabrication, its so badly thought out and written that it just has to be the work of the “master fraudsters” Kenneth Miller, Douglas Weal and their cohort of circus performers.

Note: Lauda Finem has previously advised that we never post on any website site other than our own, always bare that in mine.

As for Carlos (CUJO), well folks he is safe and sound on Australian soil and has been for some time. Unlike the uncontrollable  idiots who allowed themselves to make the mistake of posting the following on

“To whom it may concern

WE have been made aware that a member of this forum has attempted to take their own life after we published the information about her that was provided to us by ——— (CuJo).

Thankfully the attempt failed.

We appologise to the family of this forum member.

We will fully co-operate with the NZ, and Australian Federal Police, by providing the name and address of the person whom we refer to as “CuJo”

We truely are sorry for our actions.

Lauda Finem”

Brought to you by Jeyes Fluid - Disease, Scum, Shit stains and Rodents "Bamb" all gone with Jeyes - contact your nearest supplier

Are Miller, Weal et al all in the process of a mental  melt down on the scale of Chernobyl or what? The Team @ Lauda Finem of course are now aware that our investigation, whilst obtaining great results, is very much beginning to affect the way these criminals think and act.

Of course there’s also a couple of small but rather serious problems with their fraudulent post: We haven’t yet published any information with respect to a female (her) member of the forum (perhaps Ken Millers running a Clairvoyance side show). We have however re-published information on one Evonne Puru who lives on the Gold Coast, Queensland, here in Australia. We also know that Kenneth Miller has had a lot to do with Ms Puru and her own “plots” in the past, particularly a television New Zealand show that the pair conjured up in 2006.

Its just possible that Lauda Finem’s “doppelganger” on is in fact the one and only Ms Evonne Puru, recruited again to assist her old friends on the mission impossible team.

Then of course there’s the fact that all suicide attempts are recorded (if they involve admission to hospital). Last but not least there’s our own records, remember readers,  apparently we had been advised.

As we’ve already said we haven’t yet published a single “exclusive” story about a female member of, but we sure as hell intend to soon enough, in fact it involves a number of women who’ve been investigated, women who have participated in criminal conspiracies associated with (not all involve the Takapuna Bomb Plot), so stay tuned readers.

By now our regular readers will be getting some idea of the ruses, frauds and perjury used by Messrs. Weal and Miller to convict an innocent man, Mr Alan Thomas the only real victim of  the fictional “Takapuna Bomb Plot”.

Evonne Puru, Lauda Finem's doppelganger?

Please remember that the team at Lauda Finem have considerable hands on experience in law. Which of course means we are very aware of the various jurisdictional roles that the Australian state, territorial and federal police play in our own country. The writer of the above fraud was obviously not at all aware of how the Australian police forces operate.

How much thought went into the plan guy’s? We suspect fuck all! Clearly absolutely no intelligence had been employed, which of course again points to Ken and Doug. Just a massive digital foot print, a trail that will lead those investigating the framing of Alan Thomas straight to Weal and Millers ISP’s with the required search warrants!

These idiots over estimate their abilities, they only ever appeared to be clever in the Thomas trail because their stupidity had been taken into account by the prosecution team and a few police officers of dubious character. This time they will have no such luck, keep up the good work fuck-wits, you couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery and as the old saying goes:

“Give a man enough rope and he will hang himself”

Now let us all take a good look at Kenneth Millers latest post, 17:37 hrs (AEST), 11/12/2011:

conspiracy to falsely accuse part two (click to view)

"Tomcats" just shit himself, someone's taken his kitty litter away, keep panicking Ken we're loving it !

More than one man contributed to Mr Alan Thomas wrongful conviction, amongst them were those who simply did not like Thomas and used their personal disdain for just one man as a reason enough to turn a blind eye to a far greater injustice, the perversion of justice and a fair trial; that negligent behaviour ladies and gentlemen eventually affects the lives and freedom’s of millions given time.


Kenneth Miller’s post about David Butler, (although Mr Butler does appears to be enjoying Millers discomfort) and Paragon Investigations is also false neither are Cujo or Lauda Finem. Your guess work Miller is beginning to provide a few chuckles in fact we’ll be giving Mr McQuilter a call later today, around 11:00 hrs (AEST) after we’ve forwarded the link to his advertisement on so that he can join us in the laughs. Thanks for the Paragon photographs and contact details and a big  thankyou for the complement guy’s We did say that we had considerable experience of the law, we however were referring to a completely different area. We’re involved at the end of the process; picking up the pieces!

Last but by no means least, we would like to congratulate Aaron Wislang for doing an absolutely smashing , whizz-bang job at moderating his forum; Aaron of course has access to his members IP addresses, what was that about posts needing to be the truth Aaron? Obviously the attempted suicide wasn’t the truth, whopping fibs like that Aaron can course unnessesary stress!


Support is available for anyone who may be distressed by calling (Australia Only) Lifeline: 131 114, Mensline: 1300 789 978,

Kids Helpline: 1800 551 800 



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  • Hey lauda, duckshit here I was told mini’s real name once …. think it may be christine thomas

    I could be totally wrong so you should check before slagging her off

  • Dear Laudafinem

    Duck shit here again, I hope you have’nt forgotten about the other person alleged to have been involved in Kennys “tag team” …. that being Christine Thomas aka Mini from over your way, Hastings/Napier.

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