ACCForum: The “Fitzie” files, a cursory glance


In approx June 2007 Douglas Weal (above) had a plan on foot. He had started collecting intelligence on the man he would later falsely accuse of plotting to blow up the Takapuna branch office of New Zealand Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC).

The material that Weal had been gathering became known collectively’ by those in the loop, as the “Fitzie” file. Weal had named the dossier after his pet, a German Shepard of the same name.

The habit of compiling dossiers on a “target” had become common place for Douglas Weal. He had been introduced to the practice by key members of the website www, when he joined the forum. Some amongst the members had in fact been utilising this practice successfully for a number of years.

In general the purpose of these “dossiers” was to maintain a record of the so called “intelligence” the group had managed to collect on individual “Targets” or “organisations” that  any one in this maliciously inclined cabal thought may have been out to get them. The aforesaid “Targets” ranged from Accident Compensation Corporation  employee’s and private investigators to the client advocates who represented people receiving ACC benefits such as ERC. We will be reporting on some of those cases after the feastive season.

What was unusual, however, about the Fitzie file is that the target was one of their own. The material Weal had been collecting did not involve the usual, “contra mundum” targets, Weal was collecting what he considered to be damaging material on one of the sites more publicly known founders; Mr Alan Thomas.

The first addition of the Fitzie file was completed by Weal on or around the 11th January 2008. It is very important to note that date in January. Despite Weals desire to obtain and promalgate as much dirt on Alan Thomas as he could this, the first, edition did not contain any mention whatsoever of Weals alleged conversations with Alan Thomas, wherein Thomas had purportedly disclosed his plan to blow up ACC’s offices in Takapuna, despite having allegedly already taken place.

Douglas Weal and Kenneth Miller had been fixated with Alan Thomas, Weal literally hated the man and Miller simply wanted to have Thomas removed from the role of administrator of the online Forum – a position Miller had long coveted. Weal however had also  confided in one other long standing member of the site and had been drawing on their experience and the tactics that individual had previously employed to discredit and damage any opposition or perceived threat.

Weal with “Fitzie”

That member and Kenneth Miller, in particular, had been successful with the use of dossiers, just the fact that either claimed possession of one had been enough for other naive members and ACC employee’s to supply them with documents (in ACC’s case in breach of the Privacy Act) and various other so called “intelligence”.

The problem was that with the exception of the documents that ACC had been providing most of this material was nothing more than malicious gossip and hearsay, it would never have withstood close scrutiny or a descent investigation and this particular culprit knew it.

It was never his intention however to disclose the purported dossiers, the mere mention of the files had always been enough to achieve his objectives

Several members of this cabal, Alan Thomas included, had also been prosecuted for defrauding the Accident Compensation Corporation and yet here they were working together as a team employing various ruse’s to inveigle senior staff  within the corporation including CEO Jan White, the head of the Corporations investigations team Chris O’Flaherty, Gerard McGreevy, Tony Lahman, Sue North and regional mangers such as Janet Tinson, Sandra McMurdo and Mike Spraggon.

This very exclusive little club of criminals and ACC fraudsters who controlled the cyber space “ACC forum” had by November 2005 begun operating in the real world and were in regular contact with each other and ACC staff sharing information and plotting various malicious campaigns. Weal,  however, had taken it to an even higher level, not satisfied with just telephone calls and email he had taken to visiting the cabal members, some of which were at the other end of the county, often turning up unannounced.

Kenneth Miller

The first of their conspiracies was hatched in November/December of 2005 and was aimed at an Advocate by the name of Eric McLaughlin in Hastings. The plot was successful, utilising their various ACC contacts including Jan White and Gerard McGreevy, in destroying McLaughlins standing as an advocate.

Given this cabal’s behaviour we’re not totally convinced by the media reports on McLaughlin and his alleged guilt.  We would therefore appreciated it if Mr Eric McLaughlin could contact us here at Lauda Finem, we have some evidence that supports his innocence but need just a little more and would appreciate receiving it, even it’s receipt is anonymous.

The future however would see many occasions where this same group applied their inherent gift for fraud and deceit; various ruses and strategies so as to achieve truly nefarious purposes, amongst those future occasions was to be the Alan Thomas case.

The Fitzie file was about to take on a far more sinister use. Weal a patholigical liar with a serious grudge was about to put in place a scam that was truly Machiavellian. Douglas Weal had decided to create real trouble for his nemisis Alan Thomas by imagining the Takapuna bomb plot, Both Weal and Miller had been fighting for control of the website for some time and had taken to posting material that was damaging to Thomas.

At the time it was perceived, we believe, by Weal that there was always the real possibility of police involvement, that’s why he chose to appear ignorant and remain in the background. Weal, however, knew that Miller, who also disliked Thomas and coveted control of the website, enjoyed the lime light and could easily be manipulated into being the one to contact ACC.

Had the plot been genuine, had Thomas actually said what Weal had claimed, why then didn’t Weal himself go straight to the police and inform them of Thomas’s plans to blow up a CBD car-park, killing the ACC personnel, (inclusive of an undisclosed friend he’d apparently selected to set of the alarm) who would have gathered, as planned in response to the false fire alarm, .

Even if Weal had been reluctant to go to the police he could have contacted ACC himself. The evidence records that Weal had absolutely no problem contacting senior ACC staff and he did so very frequently:

From: “Douglas” <>
Date: 16 January 2008 8:29:09 AM
To: “hardwired” <redacted>
Subject: ACC
Hi Dave
Phone me
We need to get the info into ACC.
I suggest, in the absence of other better alternatives it is feed through Lahman, then we follow it up by later providing copies the Jan White?
Not ideal – but at least better than sitting on it?

He had in fact emailed the Minister responsible for ACC in January 2008, requesting a conduit or person that he could contact within ACC whenever it took his fancy, so why then leave it to Miller on this occasion to accuse Thomas?

Weal also had far less reason than Miller to be nervous of police attention, Kenneth Miller had a substantial criminal record, Weal’s past wrong doings had at worst all been civil in nature, credibility wise a long way from that of a known criminal and certainly no reason for him to be reticent when it came to dealing with the police in reporting a proposed crime.

Weal importantly however was aware of Kenneth Miller’s criminal convictions, he undoubtedly realised that if his plot and the false allegations against Thomas were to “blow up” so-to-speak Miller’s credibility would have been second to that of his own; therefore  it would’ve been Miller that was blamed, copping it in the neck, after all the email Weal had sent Miller was nothing more than an innocent and on the face of it  jocular email:

I don’t think I told you about Thomas’s plan for the Takapuna Office…………..

Why would Weal have neglected to mention the bomb plot to Miller at their meeting of the 13th January 2008? Weal who had only joined the forum in 2007, was obviously psychologically speaking seriously dysfunctional,  desperately seeking attention and respect; to be up there with the “advanced” members of the Forum, the like’s of Bruce Van Essen who had exposed corruption in Dunedin; prompted by a September 2006 search of his home.

Douglas Weals plot starts in earnest in January 2008 when two of the founding members of the Forum meet with him on the evening of the 12th January 2008 in the small hamlet of Huntley in a provincial district of New Zealand known as the Waikato.

These two men only ever recognised by their nom de guerre’s on, as “Gaffa”, “Tomcat” and who’s real identities (in the same order) were JOHN HUNTLEY and KENNETH MILLER

From: “Douglas” <>
Date: 13 January 2008 9:29:34 AM
To: “Dave ” <redacted>
Subject: Re: pike
Had drinks with Gaffa and Tomcat last night.
They have an idea what is going on re Thomas but don’t have the inside info.
Tomcat has downloaded this thread and sent it to Sue North as requested.
As of the 12th January 2008 there had been no mention of the Takapuna Bomb plot by Weal, or anyone else for that matter. Weal states as much in the above email, which had been sent to “Hardwired” a third party. This is despite Weal having canvassed, in great detail,  the information he had on Thomas and his personal disdain for the man. Although he obviously had not mentioned the Fitztzie file to Huntley or Miller during their meeting of the 12th January 2008. Kenneth Miller only yesterday (13th December 2011) denied knowing of the existance of the fitzie file :
13/12/2011. Kenneth Miller confirms he knew nothing about the Fitzie file

13/12/2011. Kenneth Miller confirms he knew nothing about the Fitzie file (Click to enlarge)

We know that he gave the Fitzie file to at least one other forum member “Hardwired”, on or about the 11th January 2008, a substantial file which contained absolutely no mention of the alleged Takapuna bomb plot.
Even when he met with “Hardwired” personally, having travelled well over 1000 kilometers and arriving unannounced, not a word was uttered about the Takapuna Bomb plot,  allegations from Douglas Weal that would suddenly appear out of thin air only 15 days later on the 2nd February 2008 when he emailed Kenneth Miller.
Weal sent a copy of that email to “Hardwired”, but rather than carbon copy the email when it was sent to Kenneth Miller he waited and then sent it to “hardwired as a “Forward” only a few seconds later on the very same day:

From: “Douglas”
Date: 2 February 2008 8:54:04 AM
To: “redacted”
Subject: Re: tomas
I don’t think I told you about Thomas’s plan for the Takapuna Office.
The Assembly Point for fire alarms is in the public carpark. His plan is to park the van packed with
explosives and nails at the assembly point. He told me he was looking for someone (ACC client)
to go into ACC and set of the fire alarm. He would wait until they had all assemble outside,
around the van – then set it off. He said the good part of the plan was the person he was trying to
get to set of the fire alarm wouldn’t know about the van – and there would not be any witnesses
left to know who set off the fire alarm.

On the 5th February 2008 Kenneth Miller, who had already been promulgating rumours with Sue North prior to the meeting of the 13th January 2008 in Huntley, again emails North at ACC. In that email, following his own penmanship, he cut and pastes the email he’d received from Douglas Weal, Miller however removed any detail that might have identified Weal as his source, Why?:

In a move that was stranger than fiction and incredibly stupid,  Weal had left the original Fitzie file with “Hardwired”. Nowhere in the file did Weal refer to the TAKAPUNA bomb plot. More importantly as we have already said Weal had only just visited Hardwired, in  the January of 2008, yet despite sharing his comprehensive (undoubtedly imagined) research and leaving a copy of the “original Fitzie file, again not one peep from Weal about the purported conversations he’d allegedly had with Thomas about his plans for the “Takapuna bombing”.

There were no later opportunities for Weal to have gathered the purported information on the Takapuna Bomb Plot, Thomas and Weal hated each other and Thomas certainly was not talking to Weal about anything, let alone a purported plan to commit an act of terrorism – it therefore had to have been an invention, born of the mind of Weal and also perhaps Miller! One look at the entire email Weal sent Miller on the  2nd Febuary will probably hold the answer; Why did Miller remove all but the body of the text when he sent it on to Sue North, no adressess or subject lines; was he claiming credit or simply hiding the instructions that Weal had detailed in the full email:

<I don’t think I told you about Thomas’s plan for the Takapuna Office
<carpark. His plan is to park the van packed with
<explosives and nails at the assembly point. He told me he was looking for someone (ACC client)
<to go into ACC and set of the fire alarm. He would wait until they had all assemble outside,
<around the van – then set it off. He said the good part of the plan was the person he was trying to
<get to set of the fire alarm wouldn’t know about the van – and there would not be any witnesses left to know who set <off the fire alarm.

Again, “Hardwired”, despite having seen Weal’s Fitzie file and chatting personally only days earlier, only got to hear about the bomb plot after Weal had sent the allegations to his co-conspirator Kenneth Miller via email on the 2nd Febuary 2008. (we are given to believe Weal had schooled Miller in what to say in his police statement and the subsequent evidence he gave during Thomas’s trial)

On the 21st February Weal attended the police station in Whangarei and gave police his statement, a statement based almost verbatim on the genuine Fitzie file, with the only deviation, that being the addition of the Takapuna Bomb plot, an addition which, interestingly,  amounts to little more than three paragraphs of the entire document. After leaving the police station Weal then emailed Kenneth Miller:

From: Douglas
To: Tomcat
Sent: Thursday, February 21, 2008 10:33 PM
Subject: Mr T
Been down and made my statement. The police are taking it seriously and are planning a raid on his house.

In his police statement Weal Claims that he had been told of the Takapuna Bomb Plot in September 2007, yet as the November 2007 he had told no one else, as at the 11th January when he meet with Hardwired, not a peep, as at the 13th January when he met with John Huntley and Ken Miller, again not a word about the alleged plot Thomas had hatched to detonate the Takapuna Bomb” all evidenced by Weals own correspondence and Hardwired’s recollections. Based on the evidence and the current behaviour of Weal and Miller we believe that the Takapuna Bomb Plot was an out right lie.

Weal then emails “Hardwired” who out side of Weal was the only person with a copy of the original Fitzie file, the comprehensive document that Weal had created on which his police statement was based, almost verbatim, a file that has no mention of  any “Takapuna bomb plot”. Weal in the email, given these circumstances, makes the extraordinary and telling request of his confidant “Hardwired”. He demands that “Hardwired” destroy the only surviving copy of his comprehensive original Fitzie file,: Why????:

From: “Douglas” <>
Date: 22 February 2008 10:51:42 AM
To: “hardwired” <redacted>
Subject: Private and confidential
Current versions (Fitzie file)
Destroy last copy.
Copy of my statement also

Alan Thomas, Terrorist or Victim of gross injustice?

Remember Weal and Miller had serious form in the area of false allegations. The pair had consistently been constructing outrageous and false allegations since 2005. Another example of this pairs earlier attempts was a malicious attack on justice campaigner Dermot Nottingham, Lauda Finem have evidence, in that case, of possible criminal offending and will be posting on that material in the near future.

This proclivity for false accusation was not raised during Thomas’s trial, nor had the prosecution adduced the Fitzie file, so as to examine both Weal and Miller on its contents and the chronology.

The police had kept the Fitzie file well and truly concealed, a tactic often employed by police and prosecutors in New Zealand! Then of course there the rather thorny issue of “hardwired” and his contemporaneous knowledge of the events and emails, why was he not interviewed by police or called to give evidence despite his willingness to do so?

The subsequent events are complex and the team at Lauda Finem has decided to work in conjunction with an affiliate organisation in the United Kingdom (knowledgeable in common law and precedent) over the festive season to produce an indepth report on this case.

We believe the report will undoubtedly include a critique of the  the police and prosecutions failure to provide full disclosure and that of Thomas’s defence and their apparent reluctance to call witnesses of importance on the issue of Weals and Millers credibility.

Then theirs the small matter of the Fitzie file, and the prosecutions failure to disclose it, bringing it in evidence for the defence, with another witness willing to give testimony in relation to the document and other germane correspondence. We have included below some of additional emails written by both Weal and Miller for your perusal.

Please note the dates and “colour” of the content and remember that when they were being written and sent a mans reputation and liberty hung in the balance:

From: kprm
To: Douglas
Sent: Thursday, March 13, 2008 9:59 PM
Subject: Re T. + Mr Plod
     Just had a call from Warren… = Did I, speak to police, re Thomas threatening to blow up Takapuna office.
So Something has happened… ???
Kenneth Miller,
From: “kprm” <>
Date: 8 February 2008 12:52:19 PM
To: “Dave Butler” <>
Subject: Re Turdo…
      Had the phone call, and another from “ACC Security”…
They is not impressed and very concerned… And agree Turdo is “dangerous”.

“Douglas” <>
Date: 4 November 2008 9:26:43 AM
Subject: re: Alan Gordon Thomas
In February this year, at the request of the police I made a statement about Mr. Thomas . Mr. Thomas was subsequently arrested and charged with offences, however I do not know the details. In about June or July Mr. Thomas, through his solicitor appears to have obtained a copy of my statement. Since that time I have been subject to abuse and accusations from cohorts of Thomas, including many unwelcome phone calls. Mr. Thomas has published many veiled threats on the internet, which I have passed onto you, but in the past he has been not named who these threats were directed at.
Yesterday Alan Thomas named me on the internet stating the allegations against him were false, named me and stated I will be prosecuted. I regard this as a threat and an attempt to intimidate me into not giving evidence against him. (see attached copy).
Mr. Thomas latter modified his internet posting to attack me personally. (see attached)
It has been reported to me by Dave Butler, that he has been approached by Warren Forster on several occasions, asking him to make a statement that it was me that was planning to bomb the Takapuna office of ACC, and I set Thomas up. (why would I do that – I have nothing to do with the Takapuna office – don’t even know where it is?). It is also being alleged that the “objectionable material” found on Mr. Thomas’s computer was planted.
This whole matter is going too far.
I made a statement to the police about the conversations I had with Alan Thomas over one year ago. I made no accusations – I just recounted the conversation to the best of my memory. Since the time of these conversations I have tried to put as much distance between myself and him as possible, as they were of a nature of something I do not wish to be anyway involved in.
I have had enough of being threatened by Thomas and his cohorts in an attempt to dissuade me, and others, from giving evidence against Alan Thomas.  (see postings)
I ask you to do something about it. Please regard this as a formal complaint of attempting to intimidate a potential police witness.
Douglas Weal
ph 09 4356516,  0272840044
From: “Douglas” <>
Date: 22 February 2010 9:11:26 PM
To: “Dave” <redacted>
Subject: Issues
regarding your phone calls Saturday and Sunday. I spoke to you in some detail about the Alan Thomas trial because I was told in Court, in no uncertain terms by Nigel Cooke, that you were not being called as a witness. The hearing is in public, but on leaving the Court I was cautioned about speaking to any other witnesses, You mentioned the email I sent to Thow about Warren Forster contacting you. I copied it to you at the time, and Thow has this on file. It was not an issue then so why is it an issue now?
You then mentioned you were in contact with Alan Thomas and had sent documents to Nigel Cooke. Please take note that for the past two year I have had a policy of not having anything to do anybody connected with Alan Thomas, as I regard him as very devious and manipulative – and the same applies in your case.
My advice to you is to be very careful about anything you do in relation to this case, as it would be very easy for either party to accuse you of attempting to pervert the course of justice. I agree with you that Thomas is seeking to hang this on someone. I am OK, Ken is OK, the police are OK; are you sure you want to get involved?
Think about it. There is a wonderful life out there to be had away from the crap created by Thomas.
Enjoy the good life!

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  • The delightful comment above was posted by one of the group discussed in our article. Their heavily flawed schoolyard “investigation’ has led them to believe that a New Zealand Justice campaigner, a man that they had toyed with in 2006, is the author of Lauda Finem. Of course whilst we feature some of Mr Dermot Nottingham’s work (hence their use of the bogus monika “Sheriff of Nottingham”), Nottingham is NOT the owner or a contributor to Lauda Finem posts.

    What is, however, evident from the numerous comments we have received is that the senders displays the same confidence as Miller and Weal in thinking that they would never be caught for conspiring to falsely accuse and frame Allan Thomas for the fictional “Takapuna Bomb Plot”. This type of arrogance and haughty behaviour is commonly associated with psychopaths and work place bullies.

    There will be more posted on the ring leaders behind and the criminal behaviour they were all a party two between 2006 and 2011….. we’re still working on the investigation, there are a few loose ends to tie up, so to speak. We expect to have that story for our readers in the second quarter of 2013.

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