Stop Press: ACCForum – Serial Fraudster & Defamer, Kenneth Miller writes

Witchie-pooze shag Umpa -Lumpa Kenneth Miller write's

This morning Lauda Finem has been inundated with comments from Mr Kenneth Miller, we thought that we share handful of them along with our response, this will be the last time our readers are able to view Tomcats verbal dysentery, mainly because he’s not particularly literate and so far has contributed absolutely nothing to his arguement that we have somehow been mislead by Carlos (Cujo) and“supergrass” and have it oh so terribly wrong.

We would suggest that he check out New Zealands defamation laws before he mouths off in some other obscure forum (Both he and Weal are obviously now personae non gratae at We also have a long line of people wanting to have a piece of Mr Miller, starting with the man he and his buddy Douglas Weal conspired to have wrongly convicted, under New Zealand’s anti terrorism laws. A serious wrong that we and a rather substantial group of Justice campaigners hope to put right.

On the face of it we believe that Mr Miller deserves nothing less than another stint in prison, that’s right readers Kenneth Miller has “been there and done that (prison time) before” in fact on more than one occasion.

It would therefore be wise Mr Miller to stop making threats, promises, that you’ll never be in a position to keep. It would also be extremely wise to remember that the “Clean Slate Act” carries absolutely no weight here on Australian soil. That and the fact that the next time you see the inside of a court room, both Mr Weal and yourself Miller, will very likely be the only defendants.

On that prediction, we would suggest you save whatever “proof” you have for another time, it just might need to be supplied to the legally aided barrister you’ll no doubt apply for!

So, take our advice Miller, sit back buckle up and enjoy the ride, its going to be a very “long drop”  – in words that a man of your standing may well better comprehend; Hey Umpa -Lumpa  “Go pull a cow’s cunt over your head and then get a bull to fuck some sense into you”, let Witchie-pooze know we will get around to her comments soon enough:

TC commented on Stop Press: ACCForum’s Kenneth Millers fan club grows by the hour

The point u dont seem to be able to grab is…
The BULLSHIT u are publishing is just that, which I can prove without trying. (well you haven’t tried so far Mr Miller)
which makes it a very clear case of slander / defamation / libel… (We know you meant to say  Libel, but we’re also aware of the fact that you don’t know what you’re fucking talking about)
so get the cheque book ready SUCKERS. (we don’t have one, so that should be a lot of fun)
so best u lot crawl / wriggle back down ur long drop and hide (see above)


TC commented on Stop Press: ACCForum’s Kenneth Millers fan club grows by the hour

The “longdrop” level content of your reply shows clearly your sub-human
level of your existance and social status on planet earth…(he’s been shaving again, those damn mirrors)
u dont actually live here , do u? (No in Australia clown)


TC commented on Stop Press: ACCForum’s Kenneth Millers fan club grows by the hour

Load Crapin gunna look very sick when they cant substantiate any of the bullshit in court.
News media may well be on your butt shortly … suckers. (called Tony Wall at Fairfax yet Miller, we’ve got high tea ready and waiting)


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