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Claire Avon Rea Hollis and her Agapanthas:I deheaded some flowers yesterday, just a few along the front fence. Guess what, I was awake just about all night with sore everything

ACCFraudster Claire Avon Rea Hollis of 920 Nelson Street, Hastings, NZ and her fucking “Agapanthas”:
“I deheaded some flowers yesterday, just a few along the front fence. Guess what, I was awake just about all night with sore everything” Well “Mini we are about to send someone who will “DE-HEAD” YOU!

Continuing on with the theme of profiling the head cases who are involved in the online forum we have investigated yet another individual who has also been involved in the various conspiracies to make false allegations against innocent parties so as to cause serious financial damage.

Claire Avon Rae Hollis who uses the online moniker “Mini”.  According to Super Grass, David Butler, Claire Hollis is one angry, selfish and nasty piece of work.

Built like the proverbial “brick shit house“, Claire had developed a special relationship with serial fraudsters Kenneth Miller and Douglas Weal. We knew that Miller liked his women with love handles but God has apparently fitted this woman with Bull Bars.

Anyway Claire Avon Rae Hollis has also got some  form with the New Zealand authorities, shes a tax fraudster. It appears that whilst on ACC benefits she neglected to file her income tax returns; but that’s old news.

More recently Claire has conspired to conceal evidence of Kenneth Miller and Douglas Weals criminal activities. Claire was allegedly aware of the plot to set-up Alan Thomas, a man that was falsely accused and wrongly convicted of attempting to blow up the Takapuna branch of the Accident Compensation Corporation.

Having read some of Claires posts on we’ve deduced that she’s got a pretty bullish attitude, not unlike another of the ACCForum “wing-nut” supporters of Kenneth Miller and Douglas Weal, ACC fraudster Ange McCutcheon of Whangaparoa.

EASY RIDER writes;

Tomcat may i post the statments you gave the police.
Then we can all decide who set who up. (our emphasise)

TOMCAT (aka Kenneth Miller, career criminal) writes:

You Had best explain how you have the legal right (which you dont have)
to possession of the disclosure docs and
 (Miller’s emphasis)

MINI (aka Claire Avon Rae Hollis, tax fraudster) writes:

“The only person who would ever ‘own’ them is the person they are about and the person who paid for them. I think Legal aid paid for them and the person who they are about is not allowed to contact anyone, so how did someone get hold of them??

……….. Keep all that in mind before casting any blame anywhere.

According to online sources Claire Avon Rae Hollis is a “66 year old Granny living in the Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. She’s also spent time here in Australia (we are however grateful that she’s left; otherwise she’d number amongst those bleating parasites who complain of the lack of welfare benefits for New Zealander’s in Australia).

Needless to say we don’t like gravy train riders like Claire, not because they are sucking on the public purse however. No its more to do with the fact that they have spent their time on the ACC payroll  perverting the course of justice and destroying the lives of innocent people for no other reason than the fact that they’re obviously bored; it seems to us that they should all be working.

In fact we’re not sure if Claire Hollis is working but one of her many online profiles mentions that she is:

66 years old and living in Hawkes Bay. Semi retired working from home.


We’ll be posting the “super grass” tape with details of  Claire Avon Rae Hollis’s involvement in the Takapuna bomb plot on Lauda Finem soon:


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  • Brother Timothy says:

    This sister has repented of her wrongdoings within our book of accforum. You are making a mockery of her. Repent or be cast into the lake of sulfur and burning flesh and bone that will be your existence for all of eternity.

  • This person is not a tax cheat or tax fraudster, please correct your information

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