ACC Forum fraudsters get their hooks into the New Zealand Herald

Talk about synchronicity one of us was doing the usual weekly scan of and we came across a strange post by a member “angryman” otherwise known as Douglas James Weal (yesterday we used a small ruse, supergrass had already advised us who angryman was, but we just needed to get one last piece of evidence, so as to assist another party in putting a criminal case together):

“How interesting it is that loadacrapem is now attacking The New Zealand Herald, after their recent articles on ACC”

Its normal for Mr Weal to be self absorbed, in that he believes that everything we publish must be, by default, related to his precious cyber forum.

Out of interest we dug a little deeper and have established that, a number of key players, which we now call the Cabal, have managed to surreptitiously get their hooks into a journalist from the New Zealand Herald, a man by the name of  Martin Johnston .

Douglas James Weal aka angryman

Poor old Marty, it seems he has been writing up stories on members of Weal’s site, well it’s not actually Weals’s but he’s gone to some pretty extraordinary lengths in the past in his attempts to get control of it and then to have others believe it’s his, including falsely accusing the site’s actual founder, Alan Thomas, of terrorism, giving false evidence at trial along with Kenneth John Miller (one of his many alias).

We located a post on the forum by a member known as magnacarta, aka John Howard (a 72 year old ex police officer who bludged of ACC until he turned 65 and when cut off , then fought ACC claiming ageism, subsequently starting a business as an ACC advocate),  asking forum members to contact Martin Johnston  at the New Zealand Herald; so that Martin could write up a few stories, the more the merrier.

Coincidentally one of Martins first stories features yet another ex-cop by the name of Dennis Pennefather – go figure, its such a small world! We’ll be profiling Mr John Howard aka magnacarta a little later in the week.

The New Zealand Heralds stories have obviously come off the back of both and, both of which the fraudster Mr Douglas James Weal and ex-cop John Howard have an interest in; both have been site administrators, we also know that Weal has a history of trying to con the Media, in fact over at Fairfax Weal is very much persona non grata. The the last piece of evidence we needed (mentioned earlier) came in a thread that went up in the forum almost immediately:

We just needed to establish if all three would again work as a tag team, an old and very predictable technique employed in the forum by the ring leaders, the criminal elements behind it in the past (so as to grab the above snap shot). We were not to be disappointed, true to form they took the bait; all three of them; Kenneth Miller (Tom cat), Douglas Weal (angryman), and last but by no means least Janice Karaka Clarke (hukildaspida).

Kenneth Miller aka Tom cat

We know that Weals alter ego “angryman” (he has many others) has been mimicking the symptoms of genuine claimants  in the forum, he’s also been mimicking the on-line language used by his old partner in crime Kenneth Miller. These con-jobs also mirror the events of some of Martins New Zealand Herald articles. We’ll be giving the Herald another tinkle just to let them know that there’s a much bigger story to be found hiding on line at As the old adage goes:

“Give a man enough rope and he’ll hang himself”

Whilst on the subject of people hanging themselves, hukildaspida aka Janice Karaka Clark of Auckland  has been posting  Herald on Sunday stories that relate to our section on Martin Honey’s fraudulent Re/Max website. Although it appears to us that she’s taken a little extra license and fabricated bits and pieces of the story that aren’t actually in the Herald’s article, by falsely claiming in the forum that the police had received a complaint from Honey:

“It would be inappropriate for Martin Honey to comment and we are somewhat surprised that the Herald on Sunday have been able to obtain information from the about how it has affected Martin Honey’s wife if the matter is currently before the Courts and also being investigated by the Police

According to David Butler, forum members Kenneth Miller, Douglas Weal and Janice Karaka Clarke are all as thick as thieves, Clarke had also been involved with Miller and Weal in the false allegations against Alan Thomas; more on that in our upcoming taped interviews with Butler.

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