ACCForum & ACCFocus member sets up bogus Lauda Finem site

For all of the posts on both and, warning members about not feeding the “trolls“, it seems they themselves might just be adding the term hypocrite and the crime of copyright theft to their vast repertoire of nefarious activities.  They, especially their ring leader Mr Kenneth Miller, can never resist availing themselves of crude retaliatory tactics.

Kenneth Miller

A little over a week ago Lauda Finem received a curious ping-back from what turned out to be a brand new  site named “Not Lauda Finem”. The site looks identical in appearance to the genuine Lauda Finem, in fact the blog even contains our copy-right material. The only difference being a somewhat crude attempt, at the base of the post,  to rewrite history. Of course as always these individuals have neglected to post any genuine exhibits which might have gone some way to evidencing their claims; amongst which is the claim that one of their many victims Alan George Thomas has criminal convictions, but of course they fail to detail the fact that Kenneth Miller and a forum associate Douglas James Weal had in fact entered into a criminal conspiracy to frame Thomas for a crime he had not committed.

When we here at Lauda Finem make claims we post the evidence, so that our readers can have total confidence in what we’ve written and or alleged. For example we advised our readers that one of the men who has over the years had control the aforementioned ACC online forum sites and has set up the bogus and retaliatory “Not Lauda Finem” blog, Mr Kenneth Miller had given false testimony at the trial of Alan Thomas.We also stated that Miller had a long history of making false allegations and complaints so as to advance his own criminal agenda. We then provided our readers with documents which evidenced that allegation. Amongst the exhibits was Millers lengthy criminal record, a document that extends to three pages; which we’ll again supply so that our readers are able to see it for themselves, here, here, and here and thus the extent to which we take what we do seriously

Douglas Weal

Douglas James Weal, Millers accomplice in framing Alan Thomas

It appears to us that Millers and are struggling, we know that they are currently being investigated with respect to their role in the latest National Party, in government, scandal; the Accident Compensation Corporation/Bronwyn Pullar privacy breach.

In fact the creation of Mr Millers bogus  “Not Lauda Finem” blog coincided with our reporting on Miller and his colleagues possible involvement in that scandal and Ms Pullar’s alleged attempts to blackmail the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) for two years earnings related income (ERC).

Naturally its just not on when people take it upon themselves to steal the intellectual property of any author, especially when that property is then used under false pretense for a purpose for which the author had not intended, agreed with or authorised. Mr Miller is somewhat of an expert and has a history in the area of false pretense with criminal intent (see criminal record above).

When someone creates a bogus blog such as “Not Lauda Finem”, which is obviously intended to steal traffic, their motive becomes somewhat transparent. We would hold that Mr Miller does not like the limelight, that he and his comrades are very comfortable exploiting the internet for their own nefarious purposes but become decidedly uncomfortable, angry even, when their online bullying and other criminal activities are exposed. Since posting this article our blog site has been inundated with traffic, what that means is that the bogus site has had the affect of drawing attention to our posts, thanks for that Mr Miller, although we’re confident that it was not what you had mind.

If any of what Miller claims on his bogus “Not Lauda Finem” site was true, then it follows that he would have the right to sue, he’s even threatened that action on his various other websites and in emails we’ve received:

“What a loadacrapin….
u should get ur facts straight and true,
cose ur bull s… is gunna burn ur rs’s eventually…
any way snotinghan u are nothing more than a
that I saw u as when I “investigated” ACCUnion.
Every thing that U put up on this Crapin site,
is just that CRAP.

now delete this so that “gullible s” wont learnt the true about u”


All this bull s… / mis info / fantasy… slander / defamation / libel is ganna cost someone heaps.

But of course he hasn’t, nor will he, Miller knows that we have gone to great lengths to provide a very accurate record of his scandalous behaviour in and around and, including his very serious prior criminal convictions and the malicious targeting of innocent men and women and the false charges and prosecution of‘s founder Alan Thomas.

Millers emails, as above, perhaps give readers some insight into why Miller has had to steal our work…..he’s obviously incapable of stringing a sentence together, let alone an entire post.

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