ACCForum, profiling nut-jobs: Mereana Moeroa Manuwai Percy, aka Moeroa


Following on with our series profiling the nut-jobs behind we are now going to introduce readers to another bludger, angry radical feminist and Maori activist, Mereana Moeroa Manuwai Percy aka “Moeroa” whilst rampaging on the web.

Mereana hails from the far north of New Zealand, a little place call Kaipara. Her interests include a spot of work for the local Women’s Refuge and whiling away the day abusing people online; a trait that she has in common with her other indigenous mates Janice Karaka Clarke aka hukildaspidaMarakita (Mara) Mehmet aka CampyPia Montgomery and of course lets not forget confidence trickster and fellow ACC bludger Kenneth Miller.

Mereana can be found all over the internet popping up in all sorts of places, she claims to have studied medical anthropology & social history of medicine and is one very arrogant bold as brass fuck-wit who thoroughly enjoys harassing unsuspecting victims, more often than not with either Janice Karaka Clarke and or Marakita (Mara) Mehmet along for the ride:

In fact these three members are never seen online with out each other, working all number of forums, bullying all and sundry. A classic case in point is the online denigration and defamation against a Gold Coast GP by the name of Dr Sinan Allez. Marakita Mehmet leads the tag team charge with this little number:

But soon after little Ms Marakita Mehmet has posted her vitriol she is immediately followed up by Janice Karaka Clarke:

The web is loaded with material that evidences this “packs” very sinister hunting style, the very same nasty vicious MO that is used on using multiple online monikers to make it appear to the unsuspecting victims that they are dealing with real people. But their ACC interests extend well beyond just this one forum, they, Moeroa included are also to be found on Kenneth Millers and Fran van Helmond’s using identical methods to abuse, harass, vilify and defame.

Of course Mereana Moeroa Manuwai Percy aka “Moeroa” has been busy on, since pulling down her Facebook page, wafting the smoke around in a desperate attempt to cover her fat arse and that of her very close associates Janice Karaka Clarke aka hukildaspidaMarakita (Mara) Mehmet aka CampyPia Montgomery. Denying their involvement with these accforums, well of course the online material we have grabbed and their respective twitter accounts tell a very different story.

Did these fuck-wits really believe that their outrageous behaviour could go on Ad infinitum without repercussion? Moeroa in a complete flap:

“They have attacked innocent people including one Janice Karaka because of false information and assertions she is Hukildaspida. Their resentment against spida is their reason for abuse of someone who isn’t even a forum member. This is harassment.”

No Moeroa’ got that allegation just a smigeon wrong its not harassment, its the truth. Neither Moeroa nor her online tag team buddies are innocents, they’re a hunting pack of dogs.

However the shit that they all continue to post online is harassment, because in most cases its false, in fact in the case of Janice Karaka Clarke and Marakita Mehmet’s online vilification of Doctor Sinan Allez it may well be criminal harassment.

moeroa smoke screen

click to enlarge

Of course Marakita Mehmets twitter feed complete with photographs of’s latest victim, acc case worker, Leanne MacDonnell on Marakita Mehmets twitter account further evidences that Mereana Moeroa Manuwai Percy aka “Moeroa” is a lying bullying bullshit artist, as they say we think that “the lady doth protest to much”:

mehmets latest victim1

ACC employee Leanne MacDonnell

mehmets latest victim2

ACC employee Leanne MacDonnell

marakita Mehmet  MarakitaM  on Twitter




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  • What we smell is a Maori bitch that needs to be stopped. Our indigenous people have also pleaded online about this woman who falsely claims to be aboriginal. They all appear to hate her with a passion

  • Byron Grubers says:

    I smell a bankrupt or two…..? An unholy drunkard who can’t keep his wives happy?. Is that Brother Timothy..? Me and Wendy think not!

  • Brother Timothy says:

    Why to do mock and ridicule our sister Moeroa, she is like a gentle dove. Moeroa is a companion of our Sister Janice and should be left alone to continue on her journey, free from your intimidation and ignoble words. A pox be upon you and all your fellow vermin. Scum from across the sea of Abel you do yourselves no favour in writing this filth and vile vomit about our meek and mild sister Moeroa. She has done team lauda no harm, why try and stone her with untruths and unkind utterances.

    1 Janice chapter 3 verse 7
    Cease and Desist you serpents of the unholy one.

  • hark now and listen to our words, earle you are a mocker and foul tongued viper. It will not be GOOD for you earle and ALL of your fellow companions, you will be scattered to the two seas and thrown in with a milestone around your necks. Beg for mercy now, it is not too late to repent. We follow the one who was falsely accused and who continued to be mocked, scorned, laughed at and spat upon. Your stench upon the Internet is foul team Lauda. Our clan is ready to make the ultimate sacrifice, the blood of the innocent will be upon your cold hearts. The sword of the forum has been sharpened and blessed. We await the anointing oil from our master.

  • Don’t mess with the tangatawhenua bro

  • What a fuck-wit and a complete nobody nut-job – thanks for warning us about this “Maori” activist LF!!!

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