Kenneth Miller –recidivist fraudster, druggie, burglar, thief, violent offender, and ACC fraudster with 15 previous aliases.


Kenneth Miller –recidivist fraudster, druggie, burglar, thief, violent offender, and ACC fraudster with 15 previous aliases.

Kenneth Miller –recidivist fraudster, druggie, burglar, thief, violent offender, and ACC fraudster with 15 previous aliases – all created with the intent to deceive!

Good Morning (CEST) Ladies and Gentlemen,

We here at (LF) are issuing this written PUBLIC warning with respect to your organisations association with, and mention on, the websites,,,, and the individuals now very publicly and somewhat politically associated and aligned with these websites (and the many other associated “POP-UP” websites ) – all of which exist and have clearly existed with the sole purpose of promulgating the public derision, humiliation and  the degradation of the reputations of innocent individuals, medicos and various other professionals (and websites), in the somewhat misguided belief (a belief obviously held since at least 2011) that it would somehow create a smoke-screen for the protagonists involved and their own criminally fraudulent actions (dating back to 2004).

We would also appreciate you bringing this warning to the attention of your board, Warren Forster, Peter Sara and your spokesperson Denise Powell. We would further suggest that your organisation urgently address this issue by beginning to very publicly distance your organisation, its work, mission, ethos and website from that of the aforementioned websites and or any of the individual men and women now associated with the creation and or management of the aforementioned websites and or their associated web-forums.

The aforementioned individuals (and known associates) referred to include, but are certainly not limited to:

Kenneth Miller (aka; Kenneth Antony Miller, Kenneth Paul Anthony, Frank Milan Antoniovich, Kenneth Paul Robert Antony, Kenneth Paul Miller, Kenneth Paul Robert Miller, Frank Milan Ranaic, Frank Milan Ranak.

Douglas James Weal

Franciscus Van Helmond

Henk Van Helmond

Christine Thomas

Angela McCutcheon

David Butler

Claire Avon Rae Hollis

Paul Sutton

Alan Gordon Thomas 

Miles Wislang

Arrin Wislang

Marakita Mehmet

Mereana Moeroa Manuwai Percy

Janice Karaka Clarke

Our organisation, like yours, specialises in the investigation of an incident and the gathering of evidence surrounding the event.  We here at LF have spent the past three years compiling incriminating material (over a decades worth) on the activities of the aforenoted individuals, their covert associations with the Accident Compensation Corporations discredited investigation unit, its senior managers , investigators and more recently and the principles behind that particular website.

All having been conducted with the specific intention of eventually supplying any intelligence gathered to the many groups who have (thanks to the publicity) only now requested the material – men and woman who are now intending issuing legal proceedings (we’re pretty sure that Warren Forster, Peter Sara and Dr Denise Powell will know exactley where those that have been harmed will be headed with those proposed claims).

Should you require any further clarification with respect to the aforementioned issues please feel free to contact us here a

Kind Regards

Tony Armstrong


The Team @ Lauda Finem

Acclaim Otago’s response:

Recieved on 05/09/2013, at 11:41pm, Acclaim Otago <> wrote:

Dear Tony,

Thank you for your email indicating that you feel there are some issues that Acclaim Otago needs to address.

1. We are more than happy to raise your concerns with our committee if you are able to provide specific details rather than general statements. We are unable to consider issues if we aren’t completely clear as to what those exact issues are.

2. Acclaim Otago has a disclaimer on our webpage which clearly states that we are completely independent of any other support group and not affiliated in anyway with other organisations. This was done some years ago to ensure there was no confusion about our organisational structure. We certainly have never been in any administration or moderation role with any of the sites you mention.

3. Warren Forster and Peter Sara are independent lawyers in private practice and are not members of Acclaim Otago. We suggest you contact them directly with your concerns.

4. As an incorporated society we are responsible for what we do as a support group in our members’ name, but we are not responsible for what individuals (who may belong to our support group) do or say on their own account.

I hope this addresses your concerns,

Dr Denise Powell

Lauda Finems Follow up:

Sent On 06/09/2013, at 9:03 am, Lauda Finem <> wrote:

Dear Denise,

We are based in the Netherlands hence the delay in getting back to you.Thank you for your prompt response and desire to clarify the issues. We here at Lauda Finem are aware of the points you raise – importantly that Acclaim Otago has no association with the group of individuals and websites we’ve identified. We have followed with a great deal of interest the work your organisation has undertaken in advancing the rights of ACC claimants; your group is to be commended for its hard work and its many achievements.

The reason we wrote is for that precise reason; we respect your hard work and the positive outcomes you, as a legitimate, incorporated and importantly very “transparent” organisation have secured for its membership and the many others in need of support when dealing with a recalcitrant Accident Compensation Corporation and the many dirty tactics it employs. We felt that because it had come to our attention that the websites and individuals noted in our previous email had been falsely claiming an association with your group – in some cases going so far as to claim credit for your hard earned achievements, that it should be brought to your attention. Your organisation, however, is not the only party that has been used in attempts by these individuals to garner unwarranted credibility.

In the midst of the Bronwyn Pullar fiasco both and posted many comments falsely purporting to be Ms Pullar, who was apparently so overcome with gratitude that she felt the need to write – yet another fraudulent attempt to grab the limelight, google rankings and credit for Ms Pullar having successfully exposed the false allegations promulgated by the Corporation and the managers responsible, Phillip Murch and Hans Verberne.

The aforementioned websites/forums, in addition to repeatedly falsely claiming an association with your group have deliberately set up like named websites such as “Acclaim-Waikato” clearly designed to deceive visitors and ride on coattails of Acclaim Otago’s excellent reputation. On this same site its owner, Fransiscus Van Helmond hyperlinks his website to Acclaim Otago’s yet again giving the deliberate impression to his sites visitors that Acclaim Otago and Acclaim Waikato are one in the same organisation.

Unfortunately the actions of these individuals (who prior to our exposing their real identities had been using anonymous monikers so as to escape the legal consequences of their actions) and the content of the websites they control (content that includes defamation, extortion, cyber-stalking and harassment) fall well short of what any reasonable person would call socially responsible behaviour. In fact one member of this group, Henk Van Helmond (the brother of the aforementioned Franciscus), has already been charged, prosecuted and convicted for precisely this type of unlawful online abuse and extortion.

When we first commenced our investigations we had been given to believe, based on the claims made on these websites/forums, that your group, its membership and web presence were part and parcel of the same mob. It was not until we undertook a far more thorough search (something that the average visitor looking for assistance is unlikely to do) that we where able to establish that there was absolutely no association, except perhaps for a couple individuals who had an obvious association with both groups. However this perceived association, however misguided, is one that almost all visitors to these sites will take away with them; this unfortunate reality is at the very centre of our concern; as it benefits them and clearly disadvantages you

Its for this reason that we suggested you take steps to publicly distance Acclaim Otago from these other sites, in particular Acclaim Waikato and its many associated websites which in the past have also attempted to solicit money from unwary visitors. Whilst we do appreciate that you already have a disclaimer on your website we feel that it does not adequately address or counter the many false claims being made. One obvious solution may well be the insertion of a highly visible disclaimer on the home page of Acclaim Otago’s website in a form that clearly disassociate Acclaim Otago by specifically naming the other sites – particularly given that many visitors may have been redirected using the hyperlinks present on the other sites.

In closing we would like to thank you for confirming for our readers the fact that Warren Forster and Peter Sara are independent lawyers in private practice and are not members of Acclaim Otago.

Should we come across additional sites in the future falsely claiming an association we will keep you informed as we believe that the existence of these websites, their falsely claimed associations, scurrilous behaviour and the defamatory material posted may ultimately cause damage to Acclaim Otago’s reputation and public standing.

As you have requested in your most recent email, as was our prior intention, we will be posting the entire thread, inclusive of your responses. Again thank you for confirming that Acclaim Otago has absolutely no association with these individuals and or their web sites/forums

Kind Regards

Tony Armstrong

The Team @ Lauda Finem



Note (08/09/2013):

Acclaim Otago’s web presence has now been altered to reflect our concerns and counter the criminally fraudulant behaviour LF raised with Acclaim Otago’s spokesperson Dr Denise Powell (although we do not believe this will be sufficient it is indeed a start):

A request must be made directly to ACCLAIM Otago Inc. to seek permission to link to ACCLAIM Otago’s website.
Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 8.53.31 PM



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