BlomDumps, Act II – The modus operandi of brazen fraudster’s

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Did New Zealand’s Serious Fraud Office seriously stuff up when they failed to properly investigate Matthew Blomfield?

In March/April of 2012 blogger Cameron Slater received an enquiry from a whistle-blower. The whistle-blower had hoped that Slater would investigate a group, consisting of businessmen and lawyers who had for years been getting away with fraud.  The ring leader responsible for all of these crimes was one Matthew John Blomfield. Blomfield had in every instance managed to slip through the system of checks and balances, doing so by utilising his own marketing talents, his many industry contacts and the skills and services of dodgy lawyers and a handful of mainstream journalists who he had befriended over the years.

The whistle-blower too was not acting alone, a long list of people who had fallen victim to Blomfield and his cabal had also formed a collective. The groups single objective was to stop Blomfield and his cronies in their tracks. They too had been to the mainstream media who for some unknown and inexplicable reason decided to ignore them. It was surmised at the time, although they where unsuccessful in obtaining hard evidence, that the mainstream media disinterest was largely a result of Blomfield’s many industry connections, in-other-words Blomfield appeared to have the MSM in his pocket.

Whale Oil blogger, Cameron Slater

Whale Oil blogger, Cameron Slater

As a last resort they approached Kiwi blogger Cameron Slater. Slater agreed to look into the matters and was subsequently handed a computer hard drive containing thousands of emails and other documents. The story was well outside Slater’s experience at the time but he assured the informants that he would research the matter thoroughly, LF has obtained emails between Slater and member of the group wherein Slater notes the degree of research that was required, even going so far as to set out a schedule of the time involved, the likely costs and the best way to “unpack” the case.

By May/June 2012 Slater had started posting stories on Blomfield and his “business” associates. Having thumbed though the material on the hard drive and having heard a great deal of anecdotal evidence, Slater too was convinced that Blomfield was indeed a crook. Slater had also become convinced that Blomfield had not only rorted millions from creditors but that he’d also rorted the legal system, the New Zealand agencies responsible for policing commercial matters and financial transactions.

In May 2012 Slater, along with members of the group, took the evidence to New Zealand’s Serious Fraud Office (SFO). The SFO however had become a very strange beast under the hand of CEO Adam Feeley, who had taken up the position in November 2010. Feeley had arguably always been more interested in the “glamour” fraud cases. The every day bread and butter investigations and prosecutions did not attract the same sort of acclaim and back-slapping that prosecuting the big boys did.

Ex SFO CEO Adam Feeley

Ex SFO CEO Adam Feeley

LF suspects that the existence of this culture of “celebrity” or political “bang for buck” prosecutions may have played a part in the agency’s decision not to investigate Blomfield. Feeley knew that he had to get results and the more publically visable, high profile and media worthy the better.

There was also the small matter of Slater’s 2011 attack on the SFO, in particular the CEO Adam Feeley, and the Financial Markets Authority (FMA), which it has now been alleged was a deliberate smear campaign by Slater, aimed at squarely Feeley and designed to discredit him. This would certainly have caused the two agencies, at least behind closed doors, to adopt a degree caution, perhaps even of disinterest and apathy, towards Slater or for that matter anything he may have been involved with which arguably might also have played a big part in SFO’s decision not to investigate the case. In LF’s view their was certainly more than enough evidence to have obtained search warrants, Warrants, search and seizure, that unlike the warrants obtained when Blomfield inspired the raid and investigation on Hell Pizza, would likely have turned up a great deal more evidence against Blomfield and very likely law firms Corban Revell and Hemsaith Alexander to mention but two.

Slater at the time also, again with a copy of the hard drive, approached the Office of the Official Assignee (AO) making a formal complaint.  Anthony Pullan, who was at the time responsible for managing Blomfield’s bankruptcy and ensuring that the interests of his creditors were properly attended to, did start to investigate the allegations using the material on the hard drive Slater had provided.

Blomfield, by his own admission, and on the available evidence had owed his creditors many millions of dollars when declared bankrupt in 2010, a sum that was certainly well beyond the limits required by statute before the SFO may investigate:

In 2010 I was adjudged bankrupt on personal guarantees of $3.5 million. I don’t have a lot of excuses. I had too many interrelated companies. We made some poor business decisions. We simply ran out of cash and the whole house of cards crumbled taking me with it. Very humbling, very embarrassing. I have since been discharged from bankruptcy without objection and am slowly rebuilding my commercial life in a far more considered manner.”

Source: When the Wolf cries Boy, (The Standard, Lyn Prentice and Matthew Blomfield; December 6, 2013; )

Readers will note that we have emphasised parts of the above extract from online Kiwi Labour party propaganda rag “The Standard”. The reason’s for drawing attention to theses statements, made by Matthew Blomfield himself, will become obvious later in this post. In particular Blomfield’s claims that he was “rebuilding (his) commercial life in a far more considered way” and the admission that he had operated “too many interrelated companies”, which he clearly intends readers to believe somehow led to his downfall.

In fact Blomfield appears to have been greatly humbled by the experience and insight bankruptcy had afforded him. But was Blomfield’s much touted humility genuine or was it feigned, that’s the million dollar question? Blomfield has made a big deal of his experience over the past ten months or so, he’s also made a point of letting everyone know, including the courts, that nothing whatsoever came of the complaints, allegations and investigations that Cameron Slater had triggered in mid 2012, both in documents filed with the court and comments made in the mainstream media, which notably for the most part are to be found in APN owned newspapers, largely penned by blomfield’s mate Bevan Hurley, and on occasion David Fisher.

This year, subsequent to Blomfield’s defamation proceedings against Slater there has also been the odd mention by Blomfield’s latest media ally, the Standard’s Lyn Prentice. Prentice’s involvement has little if anything to do with a genuine belief that Blomfield has been wronged, Prentice has never investigated the allegations for if he had he would be avoiding Blomfield like the plague. Prentice’s alliance with Blomfield is born only of a mutual and very personal loathing of Cameron Slater.

Blomfield, in the same piece Lyn Prentice permitted to be published by the Standard in December 2013, make’s much of Slater’s formal complaints to the aforementioned policing agencies:

“I have also been helped by the fact that, at Mr Slater’s behest, every investigative body in the land has had a look at the information on the hard drive he acquired, and nothing has come of it. I even went through a Judicial Review with Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment to get my hard drive back after an intensive investigation by the Official Assignee, provoked by Mr Slater, of all of the files on it. The defamation case moves slowly towards trial and Mr Slater claims truth and honest opinion as defences.

In Slater’s attempts to prove wrongdoing after the fact, to date, the Official Assignee has recorded $111,953.02 (taxpayer funds) for cost and disbursements in administering my estate. That is just one of many of the government offices that received complaints during Slater’s tirade. And to the best of my knowledge they haven’t had any of my creditors contact them (only Slater and his cohorts’).”

Source: When the Wolf cries Boy, (The Standard, Lyn Prentice and Matthew Blomfield; December 6, 2013; )

Pullan’s investigation did yield results, the AO recommended that an exemption Blomfield had been granted in 2011, subsequent to his being declared bankrupt in 2010, should immediately be revoked. Pullan, his immediate superiors and officials at the Ministry of Economic Development (MED) had determined, on the evidence supplied by Slater and his informants, that Blomfield, as a result of his behaviour, posed a serious risk to business and individual’s. The official Assignee withdrew his consent to the special exemption on May 23, 2012, LF believes that decision was right and should never have been reversed.

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Click to view entire document

Despite this however, Blomfield brazenly decided to challenge the Ministry’s determination, which of course he was legally entitled to do, but it was certainly not to get his hard drive back, the SFO had already given him that – a copy of it at least.

What Blomfield was challenging was the Director ban, which was designed to prevent him operating as he had been for years, rorting unsuspecting victims and companies for millions. Nevertheless the Ministry (MED) and Crown law then entered into what appears to have been a prolonged battle with Blomfield, who had also managed to garner some pretty serious support from what, on the surface at least, appeared to be at least three Auckland lawyers. Of course lawyers, by the mere nature of their profession, tend to be respected members of society, held in high esteem, trusted. As a result of the evidence and support that these so-called trustworthy lawyers had tendered, much of it in sworn affidavit form, the Ministry decided to back down and reinstate Blomfield’s special exemption.

Crown Solicitor, Gareth Neil of Auckland law firm Meredith Connell

Crown Solicitor, Gareth Neil of Auckland law firm Meredith Connell

It was only after the government agencies had failed in the proper execution of their duty and withdrawn any further actions against Blomfield that the myth was capable of being born, an immaculate conception fathered wholly by Blomfield – proclaiming that he had done absolutely nothing wrong and the investigations had found no evidence. This was of course a long way from the truth of what had actually transpired, as emails and letters between all of the parties involved reveal.

One of many example’s, a letter to crown solicitor Gareth Neil of Meredith Connell, dated September 13, 2012 and written by Blomfield himself, perhaps best captures the mood at the time:

Click image to view entire document

Click image to view entire document

In addition to capturing the mood well the document also captures in great detail the crap that Blomfield had been feeding the aforementioned Government agencies. It additionally attests to the fact that Blomfield had feed these agencies and crown law almost exactly the same story that he would later feed into the judicial machine at the High Court registry, in the Blomfield v Slater case. Blomfield as always was extravagant with exaggeration, and frugal with the truth. To be frank Blomfield’s ability to create a fable is on par with Hans Christian Andersen, or any of the great story teller’s of old

The Official Assignee, the Department of Economic Development and the crown solicitor’s, acting on behalf of the two government agencies, had indeed branded Matthew Blomfield public enemy number one. They too had  formed the view that Blomfield was a one man wrecking ball that had left a trail of destruction behind him by the time he was bankrupted. In fact it was also clearly their view, at the time, that he would likely continue his behaviour, and that’s why they had taken the decision to pull Blomfield’s special exemption. Slater, at least as far as the AO, MED and the crown solicitor were concerned, had been right to bring a complaint. It is therefore evident that the spin doctored crap subsequently penned by APN journo Bevan Hurley, Lyn Prentice at Blomfield’s instigation, and Blomfield himself was just that, lies, lies, more lies and spin.

LF believes that the sole reason the AO and MED failed to actually prosecute Blomfield was only that they had probably concluded, no doubt having taken advice from crown law, that they did not have enough evidence to obtain a conviction. With that decided it only then remained for them to negotiate the issue of the special exemption that had earlier been revoked. This on the evidence again probably only ever became an issue because Blomfield threatened judicial review.

Blomfield co-conspiritor, bent solicitor, Bruce Johnson.

Blomfield co-conspiritor, bent solicitor, Bruce Johnson.

Again in the letter of September 2012 to crown solicitor Gareth Neil Blomfield sets out an argument for reinstatement of the special exemption, the document that would enable him to keep doing the very thing that an Official Assignee is supposed to prevent.

In attempting to paint, for Gareth Neil’s benefit, a picture of inscrutable integrity Blomfield details a situation that he was allegedly confronted with, apparently, to illustrate his intention to play by the rules, and thus illustrate, for Gareth Niels benefit, just how trustworthy he should be considered. Blomfield opines;

“Any matter that I felt had the potential to cause any possible concern to the Official Assignee was raised with the Official Assignee to ensure that I remained compliant with the terms of that consent and attendant obligations. For example, during the course of work I was engaged in for Bell Jr Limited, I had some concerns regarding a request from its Directors that I become more closely involved in the management of this company. As a result of these concerns I contacted the Official Assignee by phone asking if the Companies Office needed to be involved. I then suggested to him that I send an email requesting that the Official Assignee make sure that the Registrar of Companies Office was happy with my activities. The Official Assignee responded by pointing out to me that the Companies Office and Official Assignee are two parts of the same government agency. The Official Assignee said he would discuss the matter with the Companies Office and reply to me in writing.”


We know that Gareth Neil didn’t buy into Blomfield’s bullshit, but that did not deter the master. Blomfield of course upped the anti by producing affidavits in support of his spurious claims to being little more than a contractor only, each sworn by a solicitor of New Zealand’s High Court. In the end the Official Assignee relented, again granting permission for Blomfield’s special exemption.

Blomfield in the all important letter again accuses Warren Powell and Marc Spring of having masterminded Slater’s attack, it’s an allegation that he has continued to make. What is however important is that Blomfield falsely claims the neither were creditors, Blomfield opines;

The allegations made against me were clearly a malicious attack by non creditors and the Official Assignee made no attempts to assess the validity of these allegations before removing my ability to work.

The affidavits supplied by counsel for the Official Assignee(CIV-2012-404-2905) further confirmed that this was nothing more than a malicious attack by a small group of individuals.

The Official Assignee then attempted to scroll through details of my commercial practices prior to Bankruptcy in order to bolster a flimsy case

In reading the Affidavits filed by counsel for the Official Assignee, it is clear that they are little more than a litany of false accusations relating to pre adjudication behavior. There was never any evidence of wrong doing following the date of my Adjudication.


We will now deal with Blomfield’s claim the allegations were bought against him by what he refers to as “non creditors”. The evidence Blomfield mentions, affidavits from apparently independent solicitors, produced in support of his claims were sworn by three solicitors in particular, in fact Blomfield names one of them in the letter, solicitor Bruce Johnson;

On the 25th of May 2012 I met with Bruce Johnson, Solicitor for the Blomfield Trust. We discussed the matter and he suggested that he write a letter to the Official Assignee expressing concern as to the unfairness of the withdrawal and the dire consequences this would have for me as the principal breadwinner of my family.

Mr Bruce Johnson attested in his letter to the Official Assignee that the actions of the Official Assignee in withdrawing the consents to be employed were driven principally by the malicious attacks coordinated by three individuals namely Marc Spring, Warren Powell and John Price – all of whom are known to the Office of the Official Assignee. They are not creditors of my estate and the Official Assignee’s actions have compounded the efforts of these three to cause me harm.


In the above paragraphs of Blomfield’s letter to Gareth Neil he claims that those he had named were not creditors to his estate at the time of his bankruptcy. Whilst Blomfield’s statement is in fact a complete falsehood, the way in which he has lied over the years did indeed preclude these people from making claims. To demonstrate how Blomfield achieved this we are going to use but one example that evidences criminality on Blomfields part.

Blomfield co-conspiritor, bent solicitor, Mike Alexander

Blomfield co-conspiritor, bent solicitor, Mike Alexander

We’ll try to make it simple, and use the one debt to demonstrate the his manipulative ways. Prior to Warren Powell Bankrupting Blomfield he had advanced Blomfield two amounts as loans. The first loan was for thirty thousand dollars ($30,000) and was for the deposit on a house at 7 Rame Road, Greenhith. A house that Blomfield and his defacto partner Rebecca Blatchford lived in until very recently. A second loan of twelve thousand Dollars ($12’000) was used to purchase a vehicle for Blatchford.

Both loans were from Powell personally. When the loans were advanced Powell expected Blomfield to instruct solicitor Mike Alexander, who at the time represented them both, to immediately draw up the appropriate loan agreement. LF has emails where these instructions are clearly given to Blomfield and Alexander. A loan agreement was subsequently executed which Mike Alexander and his law firm Hemsaith Alexander retained on behalf of their client, Powell.

However following the collapse and receivership of Abraham Black Limited, now under the control of receiver Chris Horton, and Powell’s subsequent petition bankrupting Blomfield the loan documents then mysteriously disappeared. LF has emails from Mike Alexander claiming he knows nothing about the documents, that everything had been passed to another law firm, all rather strange. Blomfield has since claimed that the two amounts, $30’000 and $12’000 were not a loan from powell at all, rather they were wages from Abraham Black Limited, and has refused to repay the money which, from the evidence, was owed to Powell personally.

Blomfield co-conspiritor, bent solicitor, Graeme Hare

Blomfield co-conspiritor, bent solicitor, Graeme Hare

There is absolutely no doubt that Powell was a creditor, on our calculations Powell is still owed the $42’000.00 plus interest. not a difficult calculation to make really. It’s far more difficult to prove that the monies Powell advanced were in fact personal loans when your lawyer disposes of the loan documents, which has been Powell’s dilemma.

LF however can now prove that Blomfield had lied. If he has in fact put those falsehoods into any sort of sworn document or sworn viva voce evidence then he is guilty of perjury, in addition to the obvious fraud. The evidence for LF’s allegations was located amongst the BlomDump files, for now we’ll post just one of those documents, an email thread, with emails between Matthew Blomfield and his collaborator, bent solicitor Bruce Johnson:

click image to view entire document

click image to view entire document

It’s clear that the $30k and the $12k Johnson refers to were the personal loan’s to Blomfield from Powell, but what is of even more interest is Blomfield’s admission that Blatchford often acted as a proxy for himself and others. LF is aware of the “deals”, fronted by Blatchford, that Blomfield is eluding to, but that’s for another post.

Warren Powell was indeed a creditor, the above is just more evidence of Blomfield’s complete skulduggery when it comes to stealing other people’s hard earned money. Of course the Official Assignee and crown lawyer did not have the benefit of sighting the email (above). They had been fed a completely different story, not just by Blomfield however.

Crown solicitor Kirsten Wakelin, Meredith Connell

Crown solicitor Kirsten Wakelin, Meredith Connell

Auckland lawyer’s Greame Hare, Mike Alexander and Bruce Johnson had all been co-conspirators in a scam designed to defeat the Official Assignee and Blomfield’s creditors. The aforementioned lawyers had all engaged in unethical behaviour at best. Each of the lawyer’s produced sworn documents, fully aware that what they had attested too was wholly false, in order to have Blomfield’s exemption reinstated.

They also played an import part in manufacturing a much larger ruse through which both the Official Assignee and the Ministry of Economic Development might appear unreasonable if they did not reinstate the exemption and allow an apparently completely independent entity, a company, Bell Jr Limited, to continue contracting Blomfield.

The picture is painted beautifully by Auckland lawyer Greame Hare in a whole raft of emails to crown solicitors Kirsten Wakelin and Gareth Neil, followed up of course by Bruce Johnson, Mike Alexander, Paul O’Connor and of course Matthew Blomfield himself:

Click to view entire document

Click to view entire document (very important email thread)

Click to view the entire document

Click to view the entire document

Regular readers will have noted that Blomfield in the last paragraph of his email of the 28th June (above) to Gareth Niel he uses a rather tidy little technique, pretty much the same as that which he employed for the sake of Justice Asher:

“I have endured two years of attacks from John Price, Warren Powell and Marc Spring because of assisting another government department (which I am not able to talk about as I am sure you have worked out) – Matthew Blomfield

Blomfield is of course referring to the false and malicious allegations he himself had made earlier to the SFO with respect to Warren Powell and Hell Pizza, the subsequent SFO investigation having cleared both parties (this is covered in Act I). What was it about that investigation that Blomfield was unable to talk about? Perhaps the fact that he had lied through his teeth? What on earth made Blomfield believe that Gareth Niel had worked it out?

It’s a technique where you try to turn the lime light on someone else, casting shadows where none exist; Blomfield is a master of the stratagem, as can be seen with the way he has delt with others that he has financially wrecked. The case of Boris and Jean Yelcich is just one of many examples. 

Between them Blomfield and his mates managed to pull a massive swindle, the type of fraud that any professional con-man would have been truly proud of. They had managed to convince Crown Law, the Official Assignee and of course the media that Matthew Blomfield was a reformed character, that he had some how changed.

They had also managed, in the process to paint Slater and his informants as being out to get Blomfield. That it had all been a nasty vindictive hate filled campaign. In fact to this day Blomfield has successfully managed to continue the ruse, with yet another masterful performance for Joe Karam, and another for Justice Raynor Asher, and the idiots all bought it hook line and sinker.

But it was all a complete fabrication, a ruse that Blomfield has been using almost since the day he was bankrupted. The horrible truth is that Bell Jr Limited was not the independent Company that everyone had been led to believe. Graham Hare had never interviewed Matthew Blomfield for a job as claimed. There was no “contracting” involved, the whole story was complete and utter crap.

Just how much did Auckland businessman and IT guru Paul O'Connor know?

Just how much did Auckland businessman, Bell Jr Limited share holder and IT guru Paul O’Connor really know? If the documents are to be believed, absolutely everything.

LF has always suspected that something had been concealed behind the layers, the various company structures, and that Blomfield had to have been involved. Our suspicions grew stronger when we managed to collar Graeme Hare on video, although we also knew that Hare had not been completely honest but there was enough to piece together what had likely occurred.

Concealed in the BlomDumps file was one very interesting and exceptionally incriminating email. It had been written by none other than the solicitor who had screwed Warren Powell by “misplacing” the aforementioned loan agreement. Solicitor Mike Alexander, the lawyer that had also pleaded with the Official Assignee, Anthony Pullan, on Blomfield’s behalf, first in 201o, when Pullan and the MED were asked to grant the exemption and then again in 2012, to reinstate the exemption following Slater’s complaint to the Official Assignee.

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 3.47.33 pm

Click to view entire email thread

The email in question was sent to Greame Hare, Lawyer and businessman who had also pleaded with the OA, to let his company continue to engage Matthew Blomfield as they desperately needed his many talents, and also Paul O’connor who had likewise sent the OA letters attesting to Blomfield’s many talents.

The email is damning, in fact it’s arguably the smoking gun that the OA would have had two years ago had the Serious Fraud Office thought to investigate Slater’s original complaint.

Had the SFO in fact bothered to obtain a search warrant, then raided the offices and homes of Matthew Blomfield, Bruce Johnson and Mike Alexander amongst others, and seize papers and their computers, as they did in the case of Hell Pizza, they would have had more than enough evidence with which to charge Blomfield and his co-conspirators.

Click to view entire document

Click to view entire document

Blomfield had in fact owned and controlled Bell Jr limited since it’s incorporation.  He had also effectively been acting as a company director throughout his bankruptcy and beyond without the Official Assignee even suspecting. Blomfield’s ownership had in fact been fraudulently concealed through a number of vehicles. He had also been acting as a director of Blomfield Trust Limited, controlling the company’s day to day management and the financial transactions. His defacto partner, Rebbecca Blatchford, had only ever been a front, a proxy, behind which Blomfield’s controlling hand had always been concealed.

Through these two entities, and various other corporate vehicles, Blomfield and his three co-conspirator’s had concealed his real income and assets thus defeating the Official Assignee and Blomfield’s creditors, 3.5 millon dollars worth of debts.

Of course it could be argued that the arrangement, as set out in Alexanders email never eventuated, that argument however does not hold much water given the various digital video and audio recordings LF holds of Graeme Hare’s confessions and of course various other incriminating evidence LF has. Documents such as bank statements that demonstrate beyond doubt that the company structure that was proposed in solicitor Mike Alexanders email of Thursday the 22nd December 2011 was a done deal when Graeme Hare, as had been agreed, transferred $25’000.00 into the bank account of Blomfield Trust Limited a week later, Blomfield then transferring $9’000 of those funds into another related account:

click to view entire bank statement

click to view entire statement

The issue of Blomfields “interrelated” companies seems to be a recurring theme. Especially corporate entities where Blomfield’s control has been well and trully concealed. We mentioned earlier that LF was interested in deals that had been done in the of Rebbecca Blatchford, Blomfield admitting that Blatchford had not been the genuine beneficiary of transactions, that she had in fact been a little more than proxy.

We also mentioned the issue of two personal loans that Powell had advanced Blomfield totaling $42’000.00 and that Blomfield had been falsely asserting the sum had been for wages and that a Mr Chris Houghton had been appointed Powells company Abraham Black limited. It would seem that Mr Horton might have been chasing the two loans. It also seems to us that Mr Horton may well be on to the same thing LF are investigating, the possible theft of one hundred thousand dollars ($100’000.00) from a property deal involving Abraham Black Limited and businessman Carl Storm and his now collapsed Storm Group, two companies in particular is of interest to LF,  Bridge Street Holdings Limited and Plan Z Investments Limited

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

There is another issue with respect to 7 Rame Road, Greenhith, the property that Powell had advanced the $30’000.00 dollar loan on. LF has discovered that this property was likely “ring fenced” so as to conceal it from the Official Assignee by transferring ownership of the property to Blatchford’s father, Neil Anderson, using what looks to have been a sham contract for sale and purchase and a shonky refinancing tool.

We suspect that these very suspicious transactions could well account for an email thread between Blomfield and John Price, a liquidator that at first supported the removal of Blomfields special expemption and who, on the evidence, Blomfield may have managed to corrupt. In the emails both men are seen discussing the option of what appears to be an attempt to remove the reciever Mr Horton, no doubt to defeat his investigation into the funds and assets that are as yet unaccounted for, including, we suspect, the Rame road property:

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 6.18.51 am

Click image to view entire email thread

LF will be bringing readers more on the “deals” that were done using Blatchfords name and why we believe that Cameron Slater was 100% right to bring the public’s attention to Matthew John Blomfield. Why Slater was completely  justified calling Blomfield a fraudster. Slater’s assessment was little different to LF’s, we have however obtained significantly more eveidence than Slater was handed, evidence that had however always been available had the Serious Fraud Office actually seen fit to comply with their statutory duty.



Note: If you are a liquidator, receiver, creditor or debtor looking for specific information always check the items listed in the area below as not all available documents appear in the body of our article’s.
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