ACC Forum; David Butler’s Epitaph

Self Confessed gang member “Epitaph Rider” David Butler

Epitaph Rider Dave “gangsta” Butler threaten’s an unrelated 80 year old businessmen, in the mistaken belief that the victim was in some way associated with Lauda Finem and had the power to convince us to destroy the “supergrass” tapes.

Fully patched “Epitaph Rider” gang member (according to Butler himself) and Accident Compensation Corporation ERC beneficiary Dave “gangsta” Butler has threatened an 80 year old reputable businessman with the message we are coming to get you and it was taped, we’ve requested that the gentleman be contacted by our source with a view to providing Lauda Finem with a copy of the recording.

This Butler bloke may look stupid, disheveled and ill-kept, but it get’s much worse, the clown actually is all of that and then some.

David “gangsta” Butler, knowing the degree to which the filmed admissions to serious criminal offending contained in the “supergrass” tapes incriminates him and his forum mates,  has decided to risk all and has telephoned and threatened to “come at” an unrelated 80 year old businessmen in an extremely foolish and insanely misdirected criminal attempt to coerce and bully the team at Lauda Finem.

A seriously deranged Butler thinks that by leaving threatening messages on his victims voice mail that he will be able to stop us publishing the twelve additional hours of gripping content of Butlers particularized confessions to serious criminal conduct; as a co conspirator to ACCforum and ACCfocus website owners and operators Aaron Wislang, Douglas Weal, Kenneth Miller, and Mark Davis.

The cabals crime of choice; false accusation; their first major victim; Alan Thomas; Thomas’s alleged crimes; plotting to kill hundreds of ACC staff by way of exploding a bomb in a Takapuna car park and or driving a petrol tanker through their Queen Street offices.

Bit of history about Epitaph Rider and ACC beneficiary Dave “gangsta” Butler.

The Epitaph Riders were a quasi-notorious Christchurch motor cycle gang (which most, including Dave, did not own motorcycles) of significant criminal ill repute. Members of this group raped, robbed and rampaged Christchurch through the 60’s, 70’s and into the 80’s.  Dave Butler would have us believe that he was in the “thick of it”; “all the shit that went down”.

Wait New Zealand for the taped confessions of a really nasty criminal and what he says about his “mates” like Aaron Wislang,  Douglas Weal, Kenneth Miller, Helen Miken, Angela McCutcheon, Mark Davis, Tony Lowe, Janet Tinson, Christine Thomas, and Rod Milner and a large bevy of civil servants.  With mates like Butler who needs enemies?

The Epitaph Riders lost their last pad in 2005 and are now all but history.  We will be, through contacts, speaking to Epitaph Rider gang members to see if David “gangsta” Butler is just telling more lies in an effort to terrorize law abiding citizens.

As they say there is no honour amongst thieves and Butler candidly admits this when confessing to “ripping off’ a “much loved” mate with the assistance of ACC fraudster Colleen Limmer.  Christchurch was a seriously fucked city before the earthquake, with people like butler calling it home. This guy is really a complete scumbag psycho who needs serious prison therapy.  At 65 he might need a little bit of gym therapy to fight off the members of real modern gangs in the showers. “Gangsta” might become “Gangbangster” when Butler reaches for his “soap on a dope”.

We are working around the clock to collate and investigate the massive amount of information that has flowed into Lauda Finem about  Mr Butler inclusive of a client of Butlers who is not happy about his charging over the paint job he did on his house.  Apparently Butler gave a quote including paint and then changed his mind double dipping by separately charging the bloke for the paint.  Perhaps Colleen Limmer refused to “load up” the boot of Butler’s vehicle with paint and brushes on that occasion.

What we want Mr David Butler and his screwy criminal allies to realise is that we are over their bullshit and threatening behaviour, the game is up for the two forums, accfocus and accforum and the cabal that operates them.

Lauda Finem’s energies are now being directed at obtaining  justice for Alan Thomas, who we believe has been falsely and maliciously accused of a serious crime by Douglas Weal and Kenneth Miller, and nothing will get in the way of our pursuing that objective, that includes Butler, Weal, Miller or for that matter any other member of or

Note: The video below was disabled by YouTube on  20 April 2012 after someone in power (we suspect via YouTube partner TVNZ) falsely alleged that what amounts to an evidential tape is “somehow” defamatory. It is of course not defamatory, the truth never is, but the video does evidence criminal offending and that must be embarrassing for the National Party Government.

Lauda Finem have also taken the extraordinary step of closing our YouTube account (in protest) and will be working over the weekend to have the video evidence up and running again, this time under the complete control of so that the likes of Martin Honey and his corrupt national party mates cant touch it………so pop back soon!

Ah patience is a virtue:


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