Mike Sabin – What about the sexual assault charges – Who paid the ferryman and what with?

Peppers Carrington Resort

Peppers Carrington Resort, about the only qualification Mike Sabin has to run this joint is that he can probably play golf, but not well enough to be paid the salary of a 5 star resort CEO

Latest Updates (5th April 2016): New Zealand Herald stunt fails, but the fascist state rolls on

The New Zealand Herald ran another story on Mike Sabin yesterday, all very brief really, more like an advertorial. The story was focused solely on Sabin having been employed to run a 5 star luxury resort. There was nothing whatsoever about the sexual assault charges he is facing, not that there would be because the New Zealand mainstream media are sycophants and frankly can’t be trusted any longer to provide news let alone the truth:

Mike Sabin’s new job at luxury resort

Former National MP Mike Sabin has picked up a job as the head of a luxury resort in Northland.

Mr Sabin has been appointed chief executive of Peppers Carrington Estate, a five-star, 1000-hectare resort on the Karikari Peninsula.

The former MP for Northland will be in charge of plans to redevelop the property into the largest five-star resort in the country.

Chinese real estate giant Shanghai CRED purchased the business from US businessman Paul Kelly for $28.7 million in 2013, and planned to market it to wealthy Chinese tourists.

Mr Sabin resigned as Northland’s MP in early February.

Mr Sabin’s resignation forced a by-election, which National lost to New Zealand First’s Winston Peters.

Before he entered Parliament in 2011, Mr Sabin was a policeman and founded an anti-methamphetamine company called MethCon.

Source: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11433148

Apart from the obvious failure to report on the sexual assault allegations Sabin has been facing since December, a story that LF brought readers months ago, and one which fellow Australian journo Derryn Hinch brought his readers late last month with his own story A Kiwi Conspiracy”, on the eve of New Zealand’s Northland by-election, there are a number of serious questions that New Zealand Herald Journo Issaac Davison could have asked but didn’t, obviously for reason’s known only to himself and of course his editor.

ex-cop, ex-MP - Mike Sabin

ex-cop, ex-MP – Mike Sabin – Your table is right over here Mr Chan

One question should have been directed at Sabin himself. What qualifications or experience does Sabin hold that would in anyway make him a suitable candidate to run a five star luxury resort? We’ve done a little research today and for the life of us we can not find one qualification that would make him suitable, not one. Has Sabin ever worked in tourism, hospitality or even marketing before? The answers no

Mike Sabin was a cop for most of his working life, before that he had a brief stint in the armed services, after the police force he ran a very small company, spruiking himself and his half-arsed opinions on Methamphetamine, a self-promoting spiel that was far removed from what others, more qualified, might term scientific, a business model he came up with whilst still employed in the New Zealand Polices notoriously corrupt Northland drug squad, come to think of it no one has bothered to actually ask the questions around why Sabin left the police.

Sabin’s people skills are straight from the New Zealand police academy’s textbook, Jesus Mary and Joseph Sabin even looks like a thug, complete with the intimidating “once were warriors” tattoo

Absolutely nothing in Sabin’s resume, either professional, experience or personal qualities even comes close to the skill-set required to run a 5 star hotel or resort.

LF did a little phoning around today, we spoke with a number of recruiters in the industry who asked not to be named and then just roared with laughter when we listed Sabin’s unique skill-set. The up-shot was that not one of the agencies were prepared to put Sabin forward to a client, even for a first interview.

That then begs the question, who was it exactly that handled the marketing of Mike Sabin and his “qualifications” to the new owners of the 5 star Chinese owned Northland resort? A true master at sales whoever they were.

That brings us to yet another question, we have already established that most employers in the hospitality/tourism industry would not even consider giving Mike Sabin an interview, let alone putting him forward as a suitable candidate for the position of CEO of one of their high-end clients properties, so why didn’t the Heralds Isaac Davison question Sabin’s miraculous appointment? After all Sabin landing that job is right up there with the immaculate conception and walking on water!

Knowing that Sabin was all but useless and completely unqualified for the position, on top of which he is currently facing 12 sexual assault charges, a nightmare marketing problem should the resorts Chinese customers get to find out (who’ll be running the resorts creche), so just why was it that this Chinese international real estate investment company saw fit to hire him?

Had someone written him a glowing reference, was something lost in the Mandarin to English translation? Or was it simply that the New Zealand National party have done another of their now notorious deals with a Chinese owned company? No doubt promising unlimited access to government, Ministers, ministerial approvals, anything they want provided that they gave Sabin the high paying job that we now know he has. Does that sound more like it? LF certainly thinks so, now perhaps the New Zealand Herald should do their job and dig for the corrupt political deal that almost certainly came with the job!!

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  • Christopher Wingate says:

    Most of you don’t understand power- You think the system runs on honesty and that if any wrong were being committed then reports would be written and those doing the wrong would be held to account. A former policemen best explained the system of “cover-ups and promotion”- saying the two work together. He said in Police College you would learn all the good things- “about justice, honesty, doing the right thing”. Then after a few years in the job you make a serious mistake and it gets covered up. Just as others around you cover up for you, it’s expected you do the same. And that by participating in the cover-up actually gets you in the line for promotion because others know you can be relied on. If you don’t play that game your career is over and you will be ostracised and there are thousands upon thousands of whistle blower stories that have come to light that prove that. That same mentality operates throughout government. People who become Ombudsmen’s, Judges, Barristers and Lawyers, Police, Commissioners of Inquiry, Cabinet Ministers, Department Heads, are all subject to that same unspoken rule and pretending the systems of government work with perfection….. Which is required to maintain public confidence……Even though the public are being fed fiction. See the problem? It gets its teeth from Crown immunity- Get rid of that and we have honesty running our nation instead of crooks.

  • Atihana Johns says:

    I am from the said pininsular. That block of gum field was sold privately in 1868 an changed hands many times since. Now Shanghai Cred has it. Why Mr. Sabine is the CEO is a mystery but his bosses must have been persuaded by a govt policy to assist the north in such big developments.

  • voicemyheart says:

    Where’s John Campbell when you need him?

  • Isopo Samu says:

    I agree – Someone has got something or promised the Chinese or as part of a deal that involved this group resulting directly in Mike Sabin handed the CEO’s job at this EXCLUSIVE resort. Jobs for the boys.

  • Mike Sabin get a top job with a large Chinese property investment company with interests in Northland, I smell Judith Collins and her token husband David Wong Tung, Sabin would have impressed Judith with his display of strength in the face of adversity while being punished for being a bad, bad boy her dominatrix dungeon!

  • mary_a says:

    The 20 April has been and gone. So why isn’t the ‘prominent NZer” court case being reported through msm? Or are suppression orders still in place to protect Natsy hierarchy, namely Key? Seems like a media blackout to me, if the case is underway. Yet another Natsy cover up!

    • It would seem that the Government and the Police are planning something underhanded as usual, although they’ may have run into a few time consuming hurdles, such as the victims refusing to be bought off, or the police are having difficulty discrediting their evidence. What ever the reason the up-shot – the suppression order would have been extended prior to expiring if the MSM have not reported. The appeal may have resulted in a reserve decision, delaying the matter – http://www.whaleoil.co.nz/2015/03/prominent-new-zealander-loses-name-suppression-appeals/

      • Interestingly enough, there was a very small article in todays’ printed BOP Times, reporting that a ‘Prominent New Zealander’, who was facing 12 charges of indecent assault, yesterday appeared before a District Court (location suppressed), and had had his trial transferred to the High Court (No location or date given). It also reported that ‘heavy suppression orders surround the case’. I can find no trace of this article on their website however. Hmmmm…….

      • Did you get a screen grab Robby?

      • be interesting to see if the Newstalk NZ webshite comments get editied where they name Sabin – and yep i got a screen grab

    • The silence is corruption at its very best

    • Rather predictably a diversion in the form of “PonyTailGate” popped up.

      No Matter. Perhaps the South China Morning Post will ask questions. Maybe.

  • Pug Taylor says:

    Sorry if you thought I was trolling. I didn’t realize the name suppression had been broken, usually doesn’t happen till after the court case has finished.

    • Who cares when it usually happens Pug!! Bad law is bad law, even more so when it’s been framed and implemented without public support, as has been the case with most of this governments controversial civil rights abusing laws. In this case the victims and the voting public would have been far better served had the courts allowed the naming of the offender and the media reported it.

      As it stands the fact that they haven’t will only have placed the victims under enormous pressure, perhaps even the possibility that they’ll be “persuaded” to recant their statements or worse, withdraw the complaint. In this case that possibility is made even more likely given the fact that the two alleged victims are minors and immediate family.

      Those unique circumstances are more than likely the only reason the Courts assisted the government in concealing the names and details of the offenses in the first place. Of course this particular case has a far more dangerous political dynamic. The accused, Sabin, was a high flying politician who ran in an election whilst under criminal investigation, whose parliamentary leader also permitted him to continue chairing a law and order parliamentary committee, the audacity and hypocrisy is simply astounding.

      Lets not also forget that Sabin MP is the same ex-cop that wanted to deprive Kiwi’s accused of an offense of their right to silence (“5th Amendment” equivalent). This case should have been exposed from day one and John key called on his further contribution to the slow destruction of the democratic and judicial process in New Zealand!!

      On the issue of the orders expiration – it is LF’s understanding that Sabin MP’s suppression order would have been extended with an application from Sabin’s legal team prior to the expiration of the existing order – of course the mainstream media would have been reporting it, given their expressed interest.



    • Pug – why do you think LF exists? Duh

  • Two more troll comments have been deleted, foolish “NativeAgent” and “Pug Taylor” thought it worthwhile to waste their time and ours.

  • BrucieB says:

    you pose a range of good questions … but, just like the Herald, fail to attempt to find the answer to any of them. kinda destroys your argument, guys.

    • Whats wrong BrucieB – can’t you recognize rhetorical questions when they hit you in the face? Mmmmmm, trolls like you “BrucieB” are to be featured in an up coming LF post that deals with how the New Zealand police and various other Kiwi government entities employ people just like you to patrol the web, attempting to diminish material that endangers their various agendas.

      So BrucieB would you like to point out to your fellow readers exactly what it was you thought you might achieve with your comment? No? We thought not.

      As for the questions on Sabin, well we were the first to let Kiwi’s know that Sabin had actually been accused of child sex offenses then charged, that’s while clowns like you BrucieB were busy trying to sell Kiwi’s on the idea that the assaults were “just a case wife bashing”, almost as if that were nothing to worry about

      Of course unlike the Herald LF will eventually let our readers know whats going on, rest assured we always do mate. Will you be hanging around for that BrucieB? Or will you and the other well paid Kiwi police trolls finally begin to realize that your employers strategy just ain’t working no longer? Perhaps you’d be better off redecorating the shit-house underneath that rock of yours?

  • Whiti Awarau says:

    Beads of sweat drip from the brow of John Key, as he attempts to defuse this “home made bomb” that he thought he had decommissioned, way back in 20th of August 2014, now its set to go off in his trembling hands, because he now faces question time from Winston and the house demanding a full investigation, which will likely trigger the ignition…….it will go down in history as New Zealands own Watergate scandal.

    • Ed Thompson says:

      What’s happened to REAL reporting!!! To Scared?? Campbell Live!!!!! Carnt wait until Winston gets stuck in!!! Only Honest Man to Front up!!Are we turning into a Communist BLOODY STATE!!!

      • WHO DARES WINS says:

        Let’s hope you’re right about Winnie, and he continues to ‘shine the light’ on some of these low bastards in our society. My only fear is they will sucker him in with the promise of some cushy diplomatic posting overseas – only criteria: S.T.F.U. !!

    • Mr Vindictive says:

      Reptiles don’t sweat

  • Clinton Rangi says:

    Maybe they are hiring Sabin for his methamphetamine expertise. Isn’t China one of the main sources of meth products/supplies (Contact pills/pseudoephedrine)?….

  • Its just another cultural appointment because the Chinese like to have some local big wigs that they can pet,
    Any locals been on the private beach?

    • Serious ??? They want some Big Wig pedophile ?. They are repaying a huge favour to someone more like. He is toxic and unqualified to manage a lemonade stand.

  • Leigh Hilary wild says:

    Sounds like some kind of dodgy colt !

    • Paddy Field says:

      And you need to be real careful of those dodgy colts – they can have a habit of backfiring on people!!

  • so riddle me this – it is QUITE clear that Sabin is up on charges relating to a sexual nature yet he gets this job. A simple search on Google brings up the charges, so how can a Chinese Company let him into this role? Smells of a full cover up coming as there must be some sort of assurance in place he will be found not guilty. Is Winklemann the Judge?

  • I suggest LF look at the links between Blowers and Sabin. Both worked in the Northland drug squad at the same time. Blowers was moved to the child-protection unit and “there were no suspicions about the missing drugs” in early 2012. …..at the same time Sabin was Northland’s MP and would have been developing the “personal issues” that lead to his resignation.
    Blowers scored a government paid 80K job with ACC after resigning from the Police during investigations and still regains his Police super while in jail. Sabin still gets his pay out for being Northland’s MP and now scores this high paid resort job.

  • Lauda Finem hits the nail on the head once again. Since Key can’t it’s a relief that someone can. I was going to suggest that this resort erect a sign at the gate saying “No Children”, but most of these resorts cater for the narcotic and paedophilic needs of their essentially lawless clientele. Key as tourism minister has clearly worked out that the child prostitution business that thrives in Indo China and other parts of Asia is a lucrative dollar earner that is hardly being exploited at all in New Zealand. Think it through. Who better to set up a child sex ring than a former cop? And a former cop from one of the most corrupt parts of the country’s corrupt police force. If you had asked the recruiters for the child procurement industry if there was someone who was perfectly qualified for a leading role in that business, you would have got the answer as to why the appointment was made. A deal has been done with the judiciary- home detention, with a gucci bracelet. Most of the white collar criminals in New Zealand get home detention in a luxury resort. They have to sit there in their leather armchairs distraught at being deprived of the state house where they were raised by their solo parent penniless mothers.

  • Lindsay Kennard says:

    A interesting thought … On April 20 2015, are 12 serious charges going disappear into mysterious world this is Justice New Zealand style

    • What charges, Our PM ,Sergeant Schultz, say’s ‘he knows nothing, and see’s nothing.’
      Meanwhile, a NZ high court judge is overseeing Britains own high profile child sex ring.
      The British public should be demanding her return to NZ, since its clearly obvious why.

    • Greg says:

      And didnt they just disappear, what some Judges get rewarded on Monday.

  • Appalling yet again, JK and his Natz lower the bar to another bottom for decency in NZ.
    We have NO fourth estate in NZ, it’s own by rich entitled people who want a right wing Govt and will do ALL they can to facilitate matters.
    I guess money speaks more than credibility and honour in China, if this lot are any thing to go by.
    The NZ Herald is a pitiful excuse for a newspaper and anyone that reads it has to think long and hard about what message they’re sending the corporate money counters. ……………………Mind you, I use it for garden mulch, so it isn’t a COMPLETE waste of effort by the printers.

  • Jane Therese Tock says:

    Having read this article I am horrified finding yet another disreputable individual being rewarded for dispicable behaviour! Questions should be asked of Isaac Davison about his method of reporting although probably he is just another puppet dancing to the tune of the piper ! I would be interested if someone is going to pick up the banner surge forward and reveal all !

  • Fiends in high places says:

    You can bet Mr Sabin will be the only ‘Northland Iwi’ allowed through the gates of what will be an exclusive Chinese International Resort.

    • Steven Wilkinson says:

      Don’t worry, surly the iwi’s pangore will have free access.

    • Now we know why Ian Fletcher resigned, Brand Key’s old school chum, he obviously he couldnt stand the stench coming from the Beehive.
      Incidentally what is he doing now, he was suppose to be taking care of family stuff.

  • I hope he is not the babysitter

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