Blomfield strikes again: more lies, more deceit, with the NZ courts seemingly happy to indulge.

It’s now officially spring and Lauda Finem is back. First up well be bringing readers a series of posts, updates on the Blomfield case and the many attempts of the New Zealand courts to use Blomfield’s false allegations to shut down legitimate reporting and comment.

LF became aware that Blomfield had contacted twitter two weeks ago and again falsely claiming that LF tweets were subject to the laws of New Zealand and it’s (no jurisdiction) court orders, we kid you not.

There also seems to have been a variation made to the original order of the New Zealand court; Justice Woodhouse and the Court now falsely claiming jurisdiction over the Telstra email accounts of Australians, but more on that in the next post.


Kiwi blogger Cameron Slater has filed to have Blomfield’s spurious defamation claims thrown out, Blomfield having failed to advance his case in over five years. Slater’s application is scheduled to be heard in April 2017

Naturally, as is always our habit, we have published the correspondence below. It is undoubtedly in the public interest and certainly should be of interest to bloggers everywhere, not just New Zealand; particularly if bloggers or citizen journos are considering taking on the New Zealand Government, it’s thoroughly bent police or any of the country’s other corrupt Govt agencies;

Date: 13. Feb 2017 19:02



We are writing to inform you that Twitter has received a court order [attached] regarding your Twitter account, @Laudafinem.

The correspondence claims that the following Tweets are in violation of the laws of New Zealand:

We may be obligated to take action regarding the content identified in the complaint in the future. Please let us know by replying to this email as soon as possible if you decide to voluntarily remove the content identified on your account.

If you believe we have contacted you in error, please let us know by replying to this email.

This notice is not legal advice. You may wish to consult legal counsel about this matter.

For more general information on legal requests, please refer to the following Help Center article:


Naturally enough we recently responded to twitter, but in the intervening period twitter hasn’t taken action as they undoubtedly realize that team Lauda Finem are not tweeting from New Zealand but rather from Australia, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany and the Netherlands, as we have always maintained is the case;

Dear Sir Madam,

The so called court order relied on was granted without jurisdiction and is subsequently of no interest to us. Being Australian citizens resident in the Netherlands we are not subject to New Zealand law nor any order of it’s courts.

We have been made aware that late last year the plaintiff, Blomfield, filed false claims asserting that we are based in New Zealand, a false claim which will have been completely disproved by now.

We would suggest that you seek the original of NZ lawyer Andrew Gilchrists report to the New Zealand court, the contents of which we are confident will establish this fact beyond any doubt.

It should also be noted that the plaintiff has used a variety of false claims on numerous occasions, using the New Zealand courts, against other media organizations and NZ based bloggers, over a period of 5 years, during which time he has verily failed to take any of these purported “defamation’s” to a substantive hearing.

In short Mr Blomfield is a time waster who has apparently been using the NZ courts to stymie legitimate journalism, criticism, consumer warning and comment; failing to carry through on any of his threatened defamation torts primarily because he wouldn’t be sucessful.

We are additionally aware that in another case the victim, NZ blogger Cameron Slater, has applied for a strikeout subsequent to Blomfield’s failure to complete another defamation claim in over five years. That Application had is first call-over on february 22, 2017 and is due to be heard again in April.

Not withstanding, as aforesaid, we are not located in New Zealand, are all foreign nationals, and as such, not subject to New Zealand’s laws or it’s Courts. In short, yes you made an error in law.

As a footnote, you should also be aware that neither Blomfield or the NZ courts have served Lauda Finem with any legal documents, claims or evidence in support or these spurious allegations, as is required under the laws of most Western jurisdictions, including New Zealand.

Kind Regards

Team Lauda Finem

Next up we ask the question; what’s really going on at the New Zealand High Court, why is Justice Woodhouse humoring Kiwi fraudster Matthew Blomfield?

We do have the answer and it has nothing whatsoever to do with Blomfield, rather yet another attempt by New Zealand’s corrupt authorities to shut down Lauda Finem’s critical reporting and commentary, no doubt by attempting to blame a local Kiwi. Doubtless both Blomfield and Gilchrist were well aware that no one in New Zealand had ever published on any Lauda Finem platform, website, twitter or facebook prior to Blomfield foolishly trying to con Twitter.

This attempt to con twitter is of course not the first occasion where Blomfield has been caught with his trousers down, regular readers will already be aware that Blomfield tried this stunt with Google a while back, in fact late last year we exposed Blomfield for his attempt to have our material pulled from google siting an interim order given in the Slater case:

Blomfield’s Google Scam Exposed

In fact Google have now woken up to the likes of Blomfield and the bogus defamation tort scams, designed to muzzle or completely silence the media and citizen journo’s:

“Removal requests may also be philosophically troubling in many instances. According to their Transparency Report, many removal requests citing defamation originate from government agencies and law enforcement. (Albeit, it seems likely that many of these removal requests may originate from countries that do not have as strong freedom-of-speech laws as found in the United States.)”


Of course in the case of Blomfield the requests are more than just philosophically troubling, they’re a complete and utter fraud; the latest almost certainly solicited by the New Zealand police using ex-cops, aided and abetted by the New Zealand Ministry Of Justice, but more about that in a later post


New Zealand High Court Judge Woodhouse, just what is this corrupt cunt hoping to achieve?

As aforesaid it would appear the the New Zealand Court has yet again acted in want of jurisdiction, this time trying to get their hands on LF’s Australian email accounts. This is of course yet another order in want of jurisdiction, and as such unlawful, but it does however give LF some pretty extraordinary opportunities, windows that Judge Woodhouse couldn’t possibly have foreseen, involving serious allegations of New Zealand police corruption, and may eventually live to regret, again more on that in another post.

Below is the bullshit court order Blomfield included with his half-baked approach to Twitter


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  • Why are there so many Maori in The prisons . It is because the judgers are so Look after the rich and the educated , My best friends are Maori and before we started doing stats on my mates we were just that just mates ,

    If we continue to think us pakeha after more clever more intelligent .We will fall on our faces big time .Why is it when we go to war the bros come up trumps . why is it when we win in rugby they are heros .

    Why is it maori are solid in a group they look after each other ,before the do gooders start claiming child abuse . As a whole in my view they are careing for family .

    The answer is maori to lead ,Maori to rule in courts , Let most of maori out of jail a week is a long time in that place .

  • Jonathan Higgins III says:

    @goblin – It wont be long until even that Hobosexuals shadow figures out its on a sinking boat.
    It always surprises me that anyone sticks up for that clown. His supporters are going to be very dissapointed when the Bumfield chickens make it back to Brownhithe to roost.

  • H. Stottle says:

    Good to see you back Team LF. Blomfield, NZ police & courts are not the only corrupt bastards givento unlawful behaviour. The rot has spread much wider. An example is the treatment given nurse Poh Sim Roberts by Tairawhiti District Health (TDH) & the Nursing Council of New Zealand which is summarised on Wikipedia & can be viewed by Googling ncnz wikipedia. I your fight against NZ corruption I would be grateful if you would advise your other readers of this link. The corrupt Gisborne police were involved in harassing nurse Roberts & her husband at the behest of TDH. Everything is fully documented. The reason Mr Roberts has not hauled the sad fucks at the NCNZ before the High Court in NZ is his lack of confidence in receiving a fair and impartial hearing. That is the ultimate cost of corruption in the government institutions of NZ.

  • John D says:

    Great work LF to get back on to this piece of shit Blomfield. Funny how the media wankers at the NZ Herald like Matt Nippet, Dave Fisher and Shayne Currie have not covered any of the BS carry on at the High Court with Blomfield – guess they are probably paying some of the legal bills to help fund this crap to stymie the truth about them. Its like when Blomfield was attacked in his home, and the NZH ran no story about that. Why? Was Blomfield controlling the court crime reporter at the court to? Probably did not want much attention on the fabricated story he concocted

    I was in Greenhithe early in the week and saw Blomfield in the flesh – what a repugnant repulsive wretch of a human being. He looked dirty, smelly, P ridden – just a filthy scum bag.

  • Cock Goblin says:

    Looks like Blomfield just chasing his own fraud shadow – – I bet Gilchrist has run a mile. Blomfield and Gloyn have IRD88 issues – its tax time!

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